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Tuesday, 19 September 2017
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Wip Creme - Lyrics

E-Spoon - Album

My Dads A Freak

o my gosh!!! dad shut up!!!!! waaaad u say to me !!?

yo dawg i sed nuthin cuz im sumthin with nuthin ta do i sed my name is wip creme and i am 2.................plus 12 equals 14 and thats wat my math teacher told me wen i snored then ...in math cliss. speeking of ..i went i saw i even cawt a ball.........so u say my dads a freak..........well i got nuthin to say so im down wit dees e-spoon records dawg.......

yeeuh yeeuh yeeuh wat wat wat uh oh uh oh uh git down uh git down luv ya kay!!

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