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Saturday, 21 October 2017
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Tony Banks - Lyrics

Still - Album


Dawn comes first with a shift of light

That rests on a shadow that becomes my own

What's in my head will not sustain me

What's in my heart is not enough to cope.

Shed my skin and break free of this

In search of something that becomes my own

But everthing is just coming at me

with no illusion of control.


I need providence

And I need guidance

But you're not proving that what you're providing.

I need confidence

And I need assurance

with the understanding

that's all I'm wanting.

What happens to us just makes no sense

as we try harder and harder to understand

We create barriers and then can't bridge them,

to try to possess what we can't have.

What we've come to believe is so void of hope

We make life so serious, and it's still not enough

We do this so well- with what I am told

I'm feeling so young, I'm feeling so old.



and I'm wanting

and I'm needing

and I'm giving

what I'm not receiving

and I'm wanting

and I'm needing

and I'm giving

what I'm not receiving

I have a mother who can't laugh

and I have a father who was afraid to leave

I live in a family who was second-guessed

with problems that you couldn't always see.

So I have shaky faith because things

are not that simple.

I have doubt because they've always been this way.

I have uncertainty because things should be so simple.

And because they've got to change.

And because they've got to change.

I seek to anticipate and to predict

to the point where I was sick of it.

'Cause I'm sorting out what's important to me

I'm sorting it out, I'm not calmly looking.

Intensity burned out long ago

By trying always not to get burned

Losing and finding and losing again

Cold is a pattern

I'm searching for warmth.


understanding, that's all I'm wanting (x3)

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