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Thursday, 19 October 2017
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The KGB - Lyrics

Huevos Rancheros - Album


It all happened in the Oaktown (oaktown), the oaktown(oaktown), the oaktown (oaktown). It happened in the Oaktown (oaktown), the oaktown (oaktown), the oaktown (oaktown).

Im bout to bounce motha fucka let me grab that mic, i wrote a verse in the herse that i must resight, this is a messed up story bout to twerk your mind, im takin it way back, to the way back, to the I was a little bit younger, a whole lot dummer, flyin in my ride which i bought that summer, had it locked down, dropped down, rollin with the top down 67' chevy in the oaktown, broke down, set my choke down, put my dope down, hood began to smoke now, and what now, and woah now, and here come the cops, fresh from the doughtnut shop, i tried to hind yall, all i heard was pop, pop, pop, i kid you not. the fuzz was out shootin' at me, they shoutin' "freeze motha fucker, freeze motha fucker, freeze!" and then a little green light came down from the sky, it flashed so bright it just about burned my eyes, soon as i looked up, i got took up to a space ship in the trees, i wouldn't lie, this really happened to me!

up in the Oaktown (oaktown), the oaktown (oaktown), the oaktown (oaktown). it all happened in the oaktown(oaktown), the oaktown (oaktown), the oaktown (oaktown)

verse two i came to in a operating room, i was strapped to a table, like wrapped in metal cables, and these little green men are all speakin chinese like,(people in background pretending to speak chinese), yo what the fuck that mean? and on the wall they had a tecni-color t.v screen, it was the channel 7 news and they were talking bout me, but when i checked my face it looked cold in space, somebody must have cloned me, i've been replaced. and whats worse, i must be cursed cuz my clone did a crime, up in a 67' chevy that looked just like mine, i said "oh shit! im bout to throw a fit, what my momma think when she hears about this" you know i broke loose, and i broke fourth, keep me team and the kung-fu, took that space ship back to earth and i crashed in the mother fuckin' dirt yall... and you know where i landed boys and girls??

I landed in the Oaktown(oaktown), the Oaktown(oaktown), the oaktown (oaktown), i landed in the oaktown(oaktown), the oaktown (oaktown), the oaktown(oaktown).

I, I, got to get to the t.v station, got to get some information, need to figure out whats been happenin', whats been crakin', crakalakin', yall know i gotta clear my name but, they puttin some shit in my brain and, all of a sudden im feelin straannggee, and then i walk up to a strangling, he was lookin at me strangely, he said my name is wybot, and im a evil robot, you betta say you prayers boy, you about to get chopped, and then he chopped, chicka-chop-chop, he dropped my head right off, and rolled in to a parking lot, and got eatten by a big black dog, and now im off to the cemetary buried in the ground, but you know they'll lay me down in the Oaktown(oaktown), wooh, that right, im dead

it happened in the oaktown(oaktown), the oaktown (oaktown), the oaktown(oaktown), it happened in the oaktown(oaktown), the oaktown(oaktown), the oaktown(oaktown), the roll it up in smoke town(oaktown), the oaktown(oaktown), the oaktown (oaktown), it happened in the oaktown (oaktown), the oaktown (oaktown), the oaktown (oaktown), ahhh....hah, wooh, i swear i wouldn't lie, i always tell the truth about shit like this, i mean it, i swear, every word of its true baby...

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