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Monday, 23 October 2017
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The Busters - Lyrics

Stompede - Album

Ubangi Stomp

Well, I rocked over Italy and I rocked over Spain

I rocked in Memphis, it was all the same

Till I rocked to Africa - rolled off the ship

Seen them natives do a hard looking skip

I parted the weeds and looked over the swamp

And I've seen them cats doing the Ubangi stomp

Ubangi stomp - reggae roll

Beats any stomp that you've ever been told

Ubangi stomp - Ubangi style

When it hits it drives them Ubangis wild

Well, I looked the chief, he invited me in

He said "hey big jam session bound to begin"

He handled me a tomtom, I picked up the beat

That crazy thing shivered down to my feet

I rocked and rolled I skipped with a smile

I've done the Ubangi stomp, Ubangi style

Well, I rocked all night and part of the day

Had a good rocking time with the chiefs daughter May

Was making good time and she give me the no

When the captain says "son, we've got to go"

I said "that's alright man, you go right ahead,

I'm gonna Ubangi stomp till roll over dead"

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