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Friday, 23 March 2018
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Take Me To The Top (Motley Crue  ) 
Take Me To The Water (Rage  ) 
Take Me To Your Heart (Michael Learns To Rock  ) 
Take Me To Your Heart (Nylons  ) 
Take Me To Your Heaven (Charlotte Nilsson  ) 
Take Me To Your Leader (Desert Sessions  ) 
Take Me To Your Leader (Incubus  ) 
Take Me To Your Leader (Newsboys  ) 
Take Me To Your Leader (Samson  ) 
Take Me To Your Leader (Hanzel Und Gretyl  ) 
Take Me To Your World (Tammy Wynette  ) 
Take Me Under (O-Town  ) 
Take Me Under (Three Days Grace  ) 
Take Me With You (Prince  ) 
Take Me With You (Whitesnake  ) 
Take Me With You (Kylie Minogue  ) 
Take Me With You (Joan Weber  ) 
Take Me With You Rare (The Scaries  ) 
Take Me With You When You Go (Tracy Byrd  ) 
Take Miss Lucy Home (Molly Hatchet  ) 
Take My Advice (Kym Sims  ) 
Take My Anthem (Live  ) 
Take My Bitch (Too Short  ) 
Take My Blood (Rage  ) 
Take My Body Close (The Outsiders  ) 
Take My Breath Away (Berlin  ) 
Take My Breath Away (98 Degrees  ) 
Take My Breath Away (Emma Bunton  ) 
Take My Breath Away (Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey  ) 
Take My Breath Away (Copeland  ) 
Take My Chances (Barlowgirl  ) 
Take My Hand (The Cab  ) 
Take My Hand (The Creepshow  ) 
Take My Hand (Dido  ) 
Take My Hand (54-40  ) 
Take My Hand (Shawn McDonald  ) 
Take My Hand (Wayne Toups  ) 
Take My Hand (Shakra  ) 
Take My Hand (Axxis  ) 
Take My Hand, Precious Lord (Elvis Presley  ) 
Take My Head (Amen  ) 
Take My Heart (Lisa Stansfield  ) 
Take My Heart (Kool & The Gang  ) 
Take My Heart (Al Martino  ) 
Take My Heart (Jake  ) 
Take My Heart (Jacky James  ) 
Take My Heart Back (Jennifer Love Hewitt  ) 
Take My Heartch (Corey Hart  ) 
Take My Hunger (Inkubus Sukkubus  ) 
Take My Life (Love & Kisses  ) 
Take My Life (Sarah Brightman  ) 

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