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Monday, 23 October 2017
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Take Me In Your Arms (The Doobie Brothers  ) 
Take Me In Your Arms (Lil' Suzy  ) 
Take Me In Your Arms (Artension  ) 
Take Me In Your Arms (Charity Brown  ) 
Take Me In Your Arms (rock Me) Dvd (Rainbow Butt Monkeys  ) 
Take Me Now (The Cars  ) 
Take Me Now (David Gates  ) 
Take Me Now (Justin Timberlake  ) 
Take Me Now (Shakra  ) 
Take Me Nowhere (The Offspring  ) 
Take Me On (A-Ha  ) 
Take Me On The Floor (The Veronicas  ) 
Take Me Or Leave Me (Rent  ) 
Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand  ) 
Take Me Out (Anna Tsuchiya  ) 
Take Me Out Of The Dark (Gary Valenciano  ) 
Take Me Out To A Dancehall (Pat Green  ) 
Take Me Over (De/Vision  ) 
Take Me Over (ATB  ) 
Take Me Slow (Bitza Featuring Vanessa  ) 
Take Me Somewhere Nice (Mogwai  ) 
Take Me Swiftly (Dangerous Toys  ) 
Take Me Ta Mars (The Flaming Lips  ) 
Take Me There (Blackstreet  ) 
Take Me There (Blackstreet & Mya  ) 
Take Me There (Mudhoney  ) 
Take Me There! (Watermark  ) 
Take Me There (Rascal Flatts  ) 
Take Me Through (Days Of Worth  ) 
Take Me To A Dream (Kelly Price  ) 
Take Me To Fly (Staccato  ) 
Take Me To Heart (Quarterflash  ) 
Take Me To Heaven (De/Vision  ) 
Take Me To Her (Bloodymary  ) 
Take Me Tonight (Kim Wilde  ) 
Take Me To The Backseat (The Donnas  ) 
Take Me To The Bonuslevel Because I Need An Extralife (Dee Clark  ) 
Take Me To The Broadway (Gonzales  ) 
Take Me To The Church (Lauren Christy  ) 
Take Me To The City (Ace Frehley  ) 
Take Me To The Clouds Above (LMC vs U2  ) 
Take Me To The Hospital (The Prodigy  ) 
Take Me To The Hospital (The Faint  ) 
Take Me To The Kaptin (Prism  ) 
Take Me To The Mardi Gras (Paul Simon  ) 
Take Me To The Pilot (Elton John  ) 
Take Me To The Riot (Stars  ) 
Take Me To The River (Talking Heads  ) 
Take Me To The River (Eva Cassidy  ) 
Take Me To The Time (De/Vision  ) 
Take Me To The Top (Cheap Trick  ) 

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