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Thursday, 21 September 2017
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Song By 4 - Lyrics

Album Unknown - Album

Give Me Back My Fantasy

Sorry didn't mean to call you,

But I couldn't fight it,

I guess I was weak and couldn't even hide it,

And so I surrened just to hear your voice,

I know I said so many times I said I'm gonna live without you,

Maybe someone else is standing there beside you,

But there's something baby that you need to know,

That deep in side me,I feel like I'm dieing,

I have to see you,It's all I'm asking,


Baby,give me back my fantasy,

The courage I need to live,

The air that I breath,

(Living without you)

My worlds' become so empty,

The day's are so cold and lonely,

Each night I taste the dearset of pain,

I wish I could tell you I'm feeling better everyday,

That it didn't hurt when you walked away,

But to tell you the truth I can't find my way,

That deep inside me I feel like I'm dieing,

I Have to see you,It's all that I'm asking,


Repeat Chorus:


Repeat Chorus:

Sorry didn't mean to call you,

But I couldn't fight it,

So I surrened just to hear your voice.

Dedicated to the love and the biggest

heartache of my life,Brian.

I still love you!!

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