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Thursday, 21 September 2017
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Pinkard And Bowden - Lyrics

Live Show Video - Album

Friends In Crawl Spaces

I made quite a splash

I hacked and I slashed

My way to the top of Page One

The cops even checked

But they didn't suspect

I was carving up fellers for fun

Yes, I never thought

I'd finally get caught

I hope that they all rest in peace

'Cause I'm locked away

What more can I say

'Cept what I told the police

Aw, I've got friends in crawl spaces

I've got arms and legs and a few faces

Stashed all around

In different parts of town

Well I met 'em in bars on a friendly basis

Now I got 'em in jars and flower vases

Oh, I've got friends

In crawl spaces

[Musical Interlude]

I know I was wrong

I just don't belong

I guess you've heard that one before

But the guys they all dig me

I'm like Eleanor Rigby

There's a face in a jar by my door

I must be insane

Got an abnormal brain

What else could I do to get laid

The guys that I date met a terrible fate

They ended up lightly sautéed

Aw, I've got friends in crawl spaces

Every shape and size and all races

All blood and guts

Man, I must be nuts

Well, I got one that'll really kill ya

I'm the poster child for necrophilia

I've got friends

In crawl spaces

(Aw, We're really cooking now)

Well, I've got friends in crawl spaces

I'm the queer that made Milwaukee famous

Oh, I've got friends

In crawl spaces

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