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Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Negura Bunget - Lyrics

'N Crugu Bradului - Album


Poarta-a vintului incet deschide, aspru suier 'ncet purcede

Iarna incuiata, codru inverzit.

Alb si negru sa-mpleteste, timpu tainic daspleteste

Picatura pica, piatra sa daspica,

Hora sa-nvirteste, apa daspleteste, ghiata inchegata,

Da vechi timp purtata, din miaz munte da piatra;

Samn ca timpu sa porneste. Dalasine. Si p' ales fagas.

La-ndasitu codrilor, in glasu vinturilor,

Si-n umbra pietrii, chip sfrintat, 'n munte, 'n 'nalt Ceahlau

Ce din gheata inghetata, lua forma ce-i fu data. Vesnic!

Chiparus... prin para si foc, vijelios... joc;

Ca prin foc sa arza, dincolo sa treaca, prin jar si cenusa

Sus pe calea cea apusa, ce-a alesului fagas.

Frati blajini, rohmani! Din aievea fiind, da dupa apa Simbetii,

Dupa brazda lu Novac,

Din scorbu pamintului, al din naltu muntelui,

Muntelui caruntului, s-al bradului,

Bradului, viteazului.

La virfsori da munte, la bradui marunti, la stina batrina,

Unde iarba creste, da-n patru sa-mpleteste,

Cerbu runcului, fiara cimpului, s-a pamintului, agale-n plai coboara...

Toti copaci in calea sa, crengile-s pleca

Coarnele-i margaritare s-impunzatoare

Laganat purtat, spre al tainic loc, fagas.

Cum urzica sa nunteste, sa-nunteste s-nfloreste,

Din intins cuprins da lume, scaun da lege sa aduna

Vorba sa o spuna, raspicat si pentru tati.

Legea bitii si cea fricii. Drept!

Pieptu ursului brazdat,

Da Focu Viu, da dupa Strimba Oilor

In mijlocu poienilor, si-n mijlocu padurilor,

Flacara-i rasfringe, si din foc si singe

Mugur verde da brad, imbucat, insingerat... s-ntrupat... dascatusat.

D-aci, incotro... dincolo...


[English translation:]

Open gates of wind, a whistle slowly crawling in

Locked winter, greened forests.

Black and white are blending secretly untwining time

The drop falls, splitting the rock,

The round dance starts to circle untwining waters; the strong ice

Which has long traveled, from the rocky mountain's heart;

A sign: the beginning of time. By itself. On the chosen path.

At the forest's heart, in the wind's whispering,

In the rock's shadow... a sculptured face on the heights of Ceahlau Mountain

Which, from icy ice, took the shape it had been given. Forever!

Pepper... through flames and fire, stormy... game;

Burned in fire, through embers and ashes, crossing beyond

Upwards on a faded path - that of the chosen path.

Kind-hearted brothers, rohmani! Coming from the real, from beyond Apa Simbetii,

Beyond Novac's furrow,

From the heart of the earth, in the mountains high,

The grayish mountains, and of the fir tree,

Fir tree... the brave!

In the mountains high, through the small firs, at the old sheepfold

Where the grass grows, interweaving four by four,

Stag of the defrosted realm, beast of the fields and of the earth, slowly descending...

The trees in his way they all bend their branches

His goading antlers like pearls

Swinging gait... towards the secret place - the path.

Stinging nettle sprouting, and blooming,

From the vastness of the world a law is taking shape

To utter the word, bluntly, and for all.

Law of the club and of the fear. True!

Furrowed bear chest,

By the Living Fire, from beyond Strimba Oilor

At the heart of the clearings, at the heart of the woods,

Its flame throws back, and from fire and blood

Green fir's bud, gobbled up, stained with blood... embodied... unchained.

From here, to where... beyond...

The path!

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