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Monday, 23 October 2017
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Mystikal - Lyrics

I Got The Hook Up Soundtrack - Album

Shake Somethin'


featuring Mia X KLC

Chorus: [KLC and Mystikal]

Twerk somethin'

Shake somethin'

Twerk somethin'

Shake somethin'

Twerk somethin'

Shake somethin'

Bring that ass over here

Twerk somethin'

Shake somethin'

Twerk somethin'

Shake somethin'

Twerk somethin'

Shake somethin'

Shake that ass over here



You think I can't see you over there shakin' your ass

Watchin' you bouncin' your tities, I almost dropped my glass

I can't be trippin' on a big ol' booty

I'm supposed to be a star

When you see them tanks, you know who we are

You on a mission with your pussy

You after my papers, straight asshole naked on your way to my table

So I played it cool, and tried to act surprised

Knowin' damn well I've been watchin' this bitch from the side of my eye

She looked my in my face and said "Don't I know your name?"

You out the South, y'all bout it, you wanna get entertained?

I said B, I'm not tryin' to be too much, but I'm chillin' tonight

My mouth said no, my dick's sayin' fuckin' right

Man fuck all that shit, I ain't bout to pay this woman to party

Till she turned around, bent over, her pussy hung on my body

Damn, you know what bro, this pussy might be worth somethin'

Go ahead girl, handle your business

Twerk somethin'

Chorus X2

[Mia X]

There's gonna have to be a whole lotta big bills wavin' in the air

To make me shake it work it twerk it, take a nigga there

To the sky, get 'em racked up

Tryin' to have relations, dick at atten-hut

What, what

Whoa now daddy, love to love ya baby

But you know you gotta pay me, prolly got a old lady

And a few rug rats at home to feed

But you tryin' to run that line

What you think, you Gineuwine the bachelor

I'll pass you like you don't exist

And part my ass like the red sea, and tell you to kiss

You be the same nigga known to get your fuckin' mack on

And call the wife, it's so precise, and say you won't be back home

Mama's sunshine all in your face with that southern wine

Rodeo style till your toes curl and I'll be

Laying in the gap so picture perfect

Now do you really wanna see a bitch twerk it?

Chorus X 2

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