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Tuesday, 26 September 2017
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Kirlian Camera - Lyrics

Pictures From Eternity - Album

The Ice Wing

I see your body laying down

what are you doing ?.. You're joking...

I hear you laughing I hear you laughing

so, come, wake up it's time to go

why don't you move your legs

I'll tell you a story in your room

when we'll be back home

so, don't you be so uncertain

can you remember me?

I will take you in my friendly arms

and I will see you in the sun

we will go everywhere you want

and you'll smile forever

it's time to kill the sea itself

and every breath of life

I don't want to see anymore

those faces all around

and I will eat their pulsing hearts

under the rain of glory

so don't you be so uncertain

can you remember me ?

the time has come to kill the light

arrogant witness of the skies

the icy wing is rising up

to kill awfull horizons

so don't you be so hesitant

the CORRIDOR is shining

please don't you be so scared

can you remember me ?

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