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Saturday, 21 October 2017
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Jump Little Children - Lyrics

Magazine - Album


Scene one.

Curtain up.

See the couple, coffee shop

Beatniks beating out beebop

Rainy day, skies are grey

But the couple feeling gay

Boy is laughing at her joke

Girl, embarrassed, takes a smoke

She should quit, yes she knows

But she's happy as she blows

Down the cafe, through the bar

Pass the hippies and the jars

Of the bean that they drink

Everyday, every week

They should quit, coffee's bad

Makes you crazy, fucking mad

But they say in defense:

(With a pause for suspense)

"It's the stuff of the gods

Sexy smart hot rods!

Roller coaster! Hurricanes!

Super-sonic jet planes!"

They should quit, yes they know

But where the hell would they go?

They're like me, in a bind...

Don't you see?

Love ain't blind

I could make a habit out of you

Scene two.

Same play

Same people

Different day

In a car with no top

No speed limits, no cops

Girl is driving, she's the queen

In control of this machine

She is talking much too loud

Excited by the sound

They are screaming, buzzing hard

Open road, super car

What they need is some speed

105 is the key

Life is short, so they say

Carpe diem, seize the day

Unlike me, in a bind

I don't get it, love ain't blind

I could make a habit out of you

Scene three.

City streets

Buying shit, selling too

Need a fix or some food?

Or some sex? There's a whore

Looking beautiful but bored

Like to drink?

There's a bar

Need a lift?

Take my car

A stop for every whim

Your heart's desire lets you in

In this city, in this scene

At this party you are queen

You're addicted to the lights

To the sounds, to the sights

To the pleasure, to the pain

The hot nights, the cold rain

To the smoke, to the drink

To the buzz, don't think

To danger to the fear

To the speed, it's fifth gear

All the time, night or day

There is no choice, it's just the way

You should quit, yes you know

But where the hell would you go?

You're like me, in a bind

Now you see

Love ain't blind

I could make a habit out of you

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