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Sunday, 22 October 2017
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Hank Snow - Lyrics

The Singing Ranger, Vol. 3 - Album

You And My Old Guitar

I could never be lonely I could never be blue

As I go through life if only I'd have my guitar and you

Why should I ever worry why should I feel sad

We travel along in a hurry sharing the good and the bad

Whenever I'm up you're near me giving me happiness

And when I'm down you cheer me nothing is better than this

Here we go just we three oh how happy we will be

I'll hook my ladder to a silver star and climb with you and my old guitar

Over the land we wander first here and there

But I never stop to ponder if the clouds are dark or fair

In a one horse town or city no matter where we are

I'm happy if I have with me you and my old guitar

We'll travel the roads together leading to lands afar

Singing in all kinds of weather and strumming my old guitar

Here we go just we three...

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