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Saturday, 21 October 2017
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Hank Snow - Lyrics

The Singing Ranger, Vol. 3 - Album

Moonlight And Skies

Oh come hear my story of heartaches and sighs

I'm a prisoner who's lonely for his moonlight and skies

I have a sweetheart who's waiting for me

Back in old Oklahoma I'm not far from Shawnee

Her lips like the cherries her little heart cries

Daddy please come back to your moonlight and skies

My pal's name was Blacky a lad with true heart

A robbery we'd planned so decided to start

I went to my darling with tears in her eyes

She said daddy don't leave me your moonlight and skies

I laughed at her pleading youth must have it's way

And said I'll be back in a couple of days

The next scene was fatal with a shot through his heart

Old Blacky died sending love to his sweetheart

Go tell her go tell her I send her my love

I'll meet her in heaven with the angels above

That night I was captured out under the stars

Now I have life to linger behind these iron bars

You'll find me at my window as the day slowly dies

I'm dreaming of my darling and my moonlight and skies

Oh pale moon is shining it's shining so bright

And lovers are strolling by my window tonight

Their laughter so merry brings heartaches and sighs

To a prisoner who's lonely for my moonlight and skies

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