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Monday, 23 October 2017
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Hank Snow - Lyrics

The One And Only Hank Snow - Album

Spanish Fireball

I met a girl in Laredo down in Mexico

While I was makin' the rounds

Down in a dim cafe she does the swing and sway

That's the talk of the town

I never learned her name

But she's called the Spanish Fireball

While she kept rhythm with her hips

From her ruby lips bame a love song so bright

And as she rhumbaed by the fire in her eyes

Looked like flames in the night

T'was then I understood why she's called

The Spanish Fireball

I finally asked her for a dance

And I got the chance holding her closely to me

While we were cheek to cheek I grew too weak to speak

And it was plain to see

That I had fallen in love with this

Cute little Spanish Fireball

She wore a ruby braclet and a blue white diamond

Upon her little brown hand

She made a perfect date and in her Cadillac eight

Love began to expand

I played the part and gave my heart to

The Spanish Fireball

We wandered out beneath the stars

While the old guitars strummed a Mexican tune

And as I stole a kiss I knew too well that this

Would all end too soon

'Cause I must go away and leave

My Spanish Fireball

As that old moon was sinkin' low

I heard the whistle blow my train was pulling in sight

And so we kissed goodbye

The tears were in her eyes as I left in the night

But someday I 'll go back and claim

My Spanish Fireball

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