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Saturday, 21 October 2017
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Hank Snow - Lyrics

Songs Of Tragedy - Album

Walking The Last Mile

Walking the last mile so weary and slow

It leads to the gallows from where I don't know

One step every minute each minute seems as a year

This parting is bitter when no friend is near

If I had one wish Lawd and that could come true

I'd wish I was pardoned and back home with you

I'd get on my knees Lawd and if you'd forgive

No more would I hurt you as long as I live

(The way I go on Lawd is crashing my soul

It's hard to be tied down in this prison hole)

There is one regret Lawd that tortures my brain

It's that I've been careless in causing you pain

Walking the last mile with each step of blare

Praying forgiveness from him way up there

Oh please say a prayer Lawd for it's my last keep

Please pray the great Master shows mercy on me

Perhaps in the next world on that judgement day

I'll find that the Master washed my sins away

There I'll hold my head up when my soul is free

And rest in your arm Lawd through eternity

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