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Wednesday, 18 October 2017
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Hank Snow - Lyrics

Old And Great Songs By Hank Snow - Album

Texas Cowboy

Boys I was born in Texas State,

Many years ago,

I've rode on ev'ry range and plain,

There's no place I don't know

I love to swing the lariat,

That's all I'll ever do,

I'm a two-gun singing cowboy

And I've never had the blues.

For I hop on my old Pinto,

And o'er the plains we ride,

Just swingin' in the saddle,

My guitar hangs by my side

Old Pinto's always willing,

As for me I'm never sad,

You'll find there beats an honest heart

In this old Texas lad.

I sleep out on the rolling plains,

My blanket for a bed,

Waiting for the break of day

To ride out to the herd

I'll mount my old cow-pony,

Wear my boots and Stetson too,

And ride all day on Texas plains

Beneath the skies of blue.

Now when my cheque of life I cash

For the land beyond the sky,

I'm goin' to ride old Pinto out

Across that Great Divide

I'll ride the last great Round-up

Far across the Golden Plains,

Well boys, I hope you liked my song,

I'm on my way again.

O lee ay lee o, lee ay lee ay lee o, lee ay lee ay lee o, lee o dee hee,

O ay lee o, lee ay lee o lee o, lee o lee ay lee o lee o dee hee.

O lee ay lee o, lee ay lee ay lee o, lee ay lee ay lee o, lee o dee hee,

O ay lee o, dee o lee, ay lee o, dee o dee hee.

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