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Sunday, 22 October 2017
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Hank Snow - Lyrics

Legendary - Album

North To Chicago

I filled my ol' car up with gas north to Chicago I was goin'

Just drove ten miles and turned around I couldn't leave without you knowin'

I had to see you one last time and be with you once before I'll go

To talk with you just one more time and then I'm bound north to Chicago

Still I wish there's something you would say to make me change my mind and stay

But I guess it's gotta be this way then I guess I'm bound north to Chicago

Please don't be angry that I've come I know you didn't want to see me

I know I said I wouldn't call and I tried my best love please believe me

Well everything I own is in my car you can see I'm leavin' so you must know

I only come to say goodbye and now I'm bound north to Chicago

Still I wish there's something...

(Ah Lord that woman done me a fool of little ol' Hank

And I'm just gonna be movin' on north to Chicago yeah)

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