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Thursday, 19 October 2017
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Hank Snow - Lyrics

Legendary - Album

Crack In The Boxcar Door

A long black engine keeps a rollin' along its wheels goin' clickety-clack

She's carryin' me to war that eastern seaboard Louisiana I ain't comin' back

And I sit all alone in an empty box listen to the engine roar

And I see the world that she oughta be seen through a crack in the boxcar door

A hobo's life is a lonely life and I'm restless son of a gun

So I'll keep a riding these ribbons of steel and wait for my setting sun

And I sit all alone...

The engineer is pullin' her down and I reckon we ain't goin' to stop

And I'll be a dodgin' the man that sticks I hear him a walkin' on top

And I sit all alone...

Most folks think I'm a crazy man at all of hoboes like me

But I let the bottle that holds all the world and I'll die happy and free

And I reckon I'll die in an empty box listen to the engine roar

I'll take the last long look at ther world that I love

Through a crack in thin boxcar door

I'll take the last long look...

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