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Thursday, 19 October 2017
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Hank Snow - Lyrics

Just Keep A-Movin' - Album

Love's Game Of Let's Pretend

Your ribbon in the summer breeze entwined in curls of gold

And the robin red brest's voice did sweetly blend

With a little schoolmate chior as they sang oh promise me

When I wed you in love's game of let's pretend

The kid next door was parson and the church was make believe

For a wedding ring a hairpin I did bend

And while flowers along the wayside was my childhood bride's bouquet

When we married in love's game of let's pretend

Little did I think that day that somewhere along life's way

That the game of let's pretend again we'd start

But you cheated in the game and you drew another's name

Then the hand of fate dealt me a broken heart

On a pillow wet with tears I'll keep dreaming through the years

So forever let me be your closest friend

Though each vow you cast away you were mine in childhood days

When Iwed you in love's game of let's pretend

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