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Saturday, 21 October 2017
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Hank Snow - Lyrics

Gospel Train - Album


Shopworn and aged what's left of a man

Will never be useless cause he's part of God's plan

Did you ever think of life as just a shop along the street

And yourself as a product displayed in easy reach

You laid there for some quite some time now and pondered at your fate

Then you begin to wonder if you'd hit the market late

Wealth had looked you over once and seen you at your best

But somehow you didn't fit his needs so he took one of the rest

Sweet love had read your label and you lingered in her mind

But competition caught her eye and she left you there behind

Fame had brushed the edges or the counter where you laid

And she pondered for a moment but then she walked away

Lady Luck had even picked you up but then you heard her say

I just can't afford you so I'll just have to let you lay

Then one day they marked you down put you up on sale

And you got looked over once again all to no avail

Now stained with yellow marked with age you heard a salesman state

Boss I guess I'll throw this out it's old and out of date

The keeper of the shop came then and he seemed to understand

He smiled and looked you over then held out a caring hand

Give me that I'll take it home don't throw it on the street

It's old and gray but in its way it'll help my shop complete

Shopworn and aged...

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