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Sunday, 22 October 2017
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Hank Snow - Lyrics

Country And Western Jamboree - Album

Loose Talk

So long we've been married last burden we've carried

Though fate kept us humble and made our love true

But plans that we'd make up someone seems to break up

Oh darling what else can we do

We may have to leave here to find piece of mind dear

Some place where we can live a life of our own

For I know you love me and happy we could be if some folks would leave us alone

When I go out walking there's lots of loose talking

They say we're unhappy and we'll break apart

But darling it's not true because I still love you and I do it all of my heart

We may have to leave here...

They say you are leaving that you are deceiving

But you tell me they say the same about me

But we'll show them there on that loose talk we'll do harm

And hope that's the truth they will see

We may have to leave here...

If some folks would leave us alone

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