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Saturday, 21 October 2017
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Deaf Goat - Lyrics

Knock Em' Dead - Album

Oak Valley Plantation

Come on inside

Come on inside

We'll take you by the hand

Walk around the plantation

With me tonight

Crunch through the leaves

Follow me into delight

Crack open the door

And the lady in black gonna settle the scores

Flyin' candles

Room of suicide

Handed a glimpse of your own demise

The photo shows a girl

But not in the mirror

Hallway of illusions

But the smell's unclearer

Come on inside

Come on inside

I'll take you by the hand

Vacherie, Louisiana

Above ground coffins


Come inside the house

And feel so spacious



Death in the room


Demons laugh as you walk my way

Off into the ocean

From the plank they say

Come on inside

Come on inside

I'll take you by the hand





With life

I see her

Oh, in my thoughts everyday

Oh, in my chants to stay

This plantation's not alone

I am not alone

In my ear, evil moans

She's wearing black

Throwing candles

Flaming up my mind

With psychedelic handles

The trees, they grow

My legs, so slow

Reaction, nothing

My arms, won't fling

Can't scream

Can't scream

I won't scream

And I won't scream

Come on inside (the attic)

Come on inside (owwww)

Let evil flow your way

Come on inside (smells so bad)

Come on inside (these waters won't budge)

Let demons brighten your days

She ever so haunts me from what I saw

She ever so haunts me from what I heard

She ever so stabs me with evils claw

She ever so gives me feelings absurd

Come on inside (I swear you'll be fine)

Come on inside (Be burned with feelings divine)

I'll take you by the hand

Come on inside (the lady in black)

Come on inside (Louise Roman for track)

Don't be afraid

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