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Friday, 20 October 2017
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Blaze Ya Dead Homie - Lyrics

1 Less G In Da Hood - Album

U Can't Hurt Me Now

You're about to hear a tale of an indestructible man, he's dead and hes PISSED. He's roamin' the streets at night lookin' for ways to DIE. Should you encounter him, the undead, the deadest zombie, do yourself a favor and get the FUCK OUT...

Verse 1 (Blaze):

B to da L to da A Z E

Bitch muhfucka you can't hurt me

If ya break my legs then I'll break 'em back

Relax & kick back in a bed 'a thumb tacs

Matter of fact, you could slit my throat

Spill blood on my leather psychopathic coat

I'ma laugh in your face, you can't kill a dead man

You can try. . . I'm serious you can

Under my jersey, bullet holes

'Bout the size of a ?

You betta step up off me

Pale face with the maggots all around

I leave a couple/few off in each and every town

My legs falls off every other day an' shit

But I'ma try super-glue I hear it really sticks

So who you lookin' at, an' whatchu wanna do?

You can try to kill me, I'm fo' sho' go'n kill you...

Chorus (Jamie Madrox & Blaze)

You, you can't, you can't hurt me now

(There ain't shit you can do)

Ain't nothin' stoppin' me from killin you

(Nothin' you can do) x2

"Smelly motherfucker! Get offa my lawn, you're scarin' mah damn kids!"

Verse 2 (Blaze)

I ate a pack of firecrackers

(did it make you sick?)

When i piss sparks shoot straight outta my dick

??? while I stab you with a knife

But you can't take somethin' that I don't have 'n' that's life


That's right, I'm more than a ghost

I still ?? on the corner by the light post

I can't walk the walk but I break jaws

And get with more ho-ho's than santa claus

I been electricuted, it ain't do shit

accept ??

I get ran down, and I get back up

Chase 'em down like a crack head


My eyes swell up and I can't see straight

Then I dive off the overpass, drop to the interstate (?)

Who you lookin' at, and whatchu wanna do?

You can try to kill me, I'm fo' sho' go'n kill you


Verse 3 (Anybody Killa)

Yo, this Anybody muthafuckin' Killa. This crew don't feel pain, we Psychopathic, we can't be hurt, especially my dead homie Blaze. Tell me.....HOW THE HELL A DEAD MUTHAFUCKA GO'N DIE?!


I drink pink Crystal cause I like the taste

And ?? the police till they mace my face

Went to the White House, pissed on the grass

Stepped to the President's wife to get some ass

Eat halloween candy, blades in the center

(man how many pieces you eat?)

I can't remember

My tongue got cut but I sewed it back

I rap like...(jibberish)

And it's still phat

This mothafucker tried to stab me in my love handle

So I blew his lights out like a fuckin' candle

If you shoot me you better bring a cannon

In the end I'ma be tha last G standin'

Can you imagine bleedin' every day?

Wrappin' up wounds and holes with duct tape

Who you lookin' at, and whatchu wanna do?

You can try to kill me, I'm fo' sho' go'n kill you

Chorus (repeat until end of song)

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