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Thursday, 21 September 2017
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Aerosmith - Lyrics

Adam's Apple - Album

My Girl

my girl, she breathes hellfire

and my girl, she feeds my desire

my girl Sadie she's the wind in my sails

a puss n' boots lady with a cat o' nine tails

comin' after you honey, feet don't fail me now

my girl, she's bareback rider

and my girl, she's Lady Godiva

she's a full-time lover no mon ami

sweeter than honey from a honey bee

and it all rubs off on little old me-oh-my

slippin' in and out of love (4x)

my girl, she smokes barbed wire

and my girl can't get no higher

I made it with the lady with the one-track mind

diamonds in the rough they're so hard to find

day after day, the same old grind and grind and ...

my girl (8x)

my girl

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