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Monday, 25 September 2017
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30FootFall - Lyrics

Album Unknown - Album

People Are Stupid

I'm surrounded by idiots everyday

Frustrated by the games that people play

Confused by what the T.V. says I need

Lost in space and ugly too

People act like they've been sniffing glue

Never questioning the things that they believe

Freedom of choice must be a joke

Just look at all the people that cannot cope

Well I got something I wanna say to them

There's a lot of stuff that I can do

That doesn't mean I have to impose on you

If you take offense to common sense that's your problem

I can do what I want

Listen to some Slayer and play nintendo all night long

I can do what I want

Racism sucks and so do you

If you hate somebody 'cause they're not like you

And that goes for homophobia, zenophobia, and classism too

I can sit around and masturbate

Have different colored friends that I don't hate

And it doesn't matter if you don't approve

I stick my finger up my nose

Never take a bath or change my clothes

My underarms can ruin someone's day

I can ride a float in the gay parade

Terrorize the Christian right for a day

And sing "Homophobes are just pissed 'cause they can't get laid"

I can do what I want

Go to Sunday School and read the necronomicon

I can do what I want

I can do what I want

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