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Thursday, 19 October 2017
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Listen Funeral plans, Jeremiah Yocom, Gary Yocom, Redemption Road Church, Pentecostal music


1989 (Less Than Jake)

Let me give you some insight into my insides
I haven't been this confused in such a long time
You can't believe I've spent just losing my mind
I can't believe that 10 years have really gone by
It's been a long time
Had a plan for every year I've been alive
A million more I've built up inside of me
There's a million more that I have bottled up
And that I've **ed up
Do you feel like the hard times are mountains you've climbed lying awake
It still feels like it's '89 it's been along time
Those mindless days the plans that I've made
The countless mistakes all the times I've changed
Through the years I faced all that's kept me sane
every single day

Respect My Mind (Hot Boys)

(Lil' Wayne)
What what
Check Check
Head buster set ripper
Neighborhood superstar
Going to split up
While we dispose of
Nigga broad hitter
Hot Boys soldier
Expedition flipper hell
Niggaz be terrified of us cause they know how we play
Them niggaz hide form us or catch 3 from a K (AK)
I'm just a scrub I can't scuff
I'm too light to fight
I'm too thin to win so I ride at night
Your face respect nigga
You're playing with the wrong one
I'll break your neck nigga
You're playing with the wrong gun
I use K's to wet niggaz I'm spraying the whole room
Better watch your back nigga
little one that's a wrap
Watch niggaz step up when I bust a cap
Niggaz drop like (whistle) splat
keep joking here and gone show you what I'm bout
Respect my mind or get your brains knocked out

Respect my mind or get your brains knocked out
Respect my mind and have them boys in your house
Respect my mind look we ride on chrome
Respect my mind cause we get our shine on
Respect my mind cause we that Hot Boy clique
Respect my mind nigga you can't phase this
Respect my mind look we'll ** your bitch
Respect my mind look we bout that gangsta shit

Watch me grow up
When I was small he had plan
My daddy was balling and he was the right hand man
My poppa bought us a house to keep our family secure
Livin good on a ranch in the middle of the woods
I understood at a young age my daddy would spray
Seen him slit a niggaz throat and shoot one up in the face
He'd be murder case after case he was untouchable
But he had a right hand man that wasn't trustable
Who undercover slow made deals under the table
Working for the feds round my people wearing a cable
My daddy got busted so we got left at the door
All of our shit got repossessed
And our family was flat broke
Moved back inside the projects in summer 84
(?) from Yomey and Black Zo
And I got to the point where I wouldn't smile no more
Hooked up the same nigga that handled my daddy dough
I know that he sheisty but the nigga just don't know
Swear to god I ain't bout it but the nigga just don't know
I got 2 under my belt and gone make it one more
cock the 4-4 and knock his brain out on the floor
respect my mind


Me, Wayne, Turk and Juvenile getting blunted
In a pair if white suburb 1500
No stunting counting 100 thou nigga in front of the brick
He should have knew Hot Boys wasn't bringing back shit
That's how the game going that's how the game get played
Head buster for sure sweat no hoes haters get sprayed
All week long look I'm a nigga on the grind
All year long I make you niggaz respect my mind
Every single day it's a must I tote the ** iron
Disconnect your spine leave your balky paralyzed
I use blocks to bust heads
I use glocks to play hotels to feds
Niggaz know I ain't the one to be roughed on
move when I'm coming through or you'll get stepped on
I don't give a mother ** if you got your vest on
I'm shooting through that I thought you knew that
that's how Bee Geezy do that
I ride dirty and when I ride you die
all the time you bitch niggaz gone respect my mind


Nigga respect my mind can't then stay your distance
Kill realahs like that niggaz coming up missing
I soak your spot when you rapping on me
You get hit with shots when you hating on me
Must of had ‘em whoa there
Do you think you ready for us
Disrespect my mind ** over you is a must
Come through your cut
Nigga don't spook now
Cause when you was talking bout us it was all good huh
Nigga ** all that I ain't gone talk I'm a save it
Original HB nigga I ride Mercedes
I got stacks of money and ** plenty hoes
Nigga respect my mind or I'll knock off your nose


Black Jesus (Kane & Abel)

featuring Master P Silkk the Shocker

(Master P)
Like 2Pac said only God can judge me
But I think only black Jesus can help me

Verse 1 (Kane)

Six in the morning and I see the sunrise
Wish I died in my sleep didn't want to open my eyes
To see this world so **ed up for me
And my family worked so hard but can earn a decent salary
these bills keep whooping a nigga**
Spent my whole check trying to dress with class
I found myself having to smoke weed just to chill
Both my parents got killed and I ain't cried still
All my niggas getting shot, peoples mama's smoking rock
And who the hell can stop these **ed up cops
They like to overseaers and we like the slave bitches
Offer pussy to a nigga even though they got AIDS
You jumping in that pussy thatn you diving in the grave
White man build the prison and the niggas come through
Like the mother**ers giving out free barbeque
Lock a nigga up for life and say ** you
Most of ya'll ain't make it pass the 12th grade
That's why you making minimum wage or slanging rocks for chump change
Alot of people died for the right to vote
We don't use white devils taking nigga land and missuse it
On top of that I think my uncle on crack
My boy Quay Shaun took a slug in his back
>From another black now he in the coma trying to make it back
Come on come on
My old lady think she pregnant I ain't got no cash for her
She probably ** another nigga I wouldn't put it past her
My mind got me murderous like John Doe
Bitch**niggas trying to play me like a hoe
And now I'm rolling round ** on a steel dick
Bout to pull the trigger end it cause I'm tired of this bullshit
Know what I'm saying grown men don't cry
But the ghetto got me wheeping like a bitch I'm gone die on my knees


Black Jesus tell me why this world so **ed up
Allah, tell me why this world so **ed up
Black Jesus tell me why this world so **ed up for me
For me a nigga

Verse 2 (Abel)

They say that I was dealt some bad cards in this game of life
But before I take my trip I'm gone leave with them stripes
Sending dime bags of weed, toting nines til nose bleeds
My nerve so bad I had to pop one of those b's
I had to strap my jimmy hat or catch this double mint disease
See the devil in a crack pipe pointing at me
I seen a nigga shaking just lke he caught the holy ghost
But he really scored a gram of heroin for 80 bones
I got them stones, if you take a hit you can't resist
Now I'm crying, I think one of my brothers on that shit
Do you care if you live or die, really I don't know
But if there's hell below I think we all gonna go


Verse 3 (Master P)

Tell me is this heaven, is this hell
I ain't LL, but all I hear is funeral bells
The ghetto's trying to kill me, a born loser
A born hustler my uncle's a drug user
I'm from the projects or should I say the 3rd Ward
Where fools into killing and fiends walk like androids
Hooked up with the twins or should I say Kane & Abel
Trying to keep some change in my pockets, some food on my table

Verse 4 (Silkk)

You know what P your right
Cause Silkk was on the block like last night
Niggaz doing anything from selling drugs
to sell mugs smoking that glass pipe
I'm from a messed up city where niggas don't live long
they parents out-live they kids
Rest in peace to my homie they like split his wig
Now who won't walk that last mile to they death
Imaging taking a deep (inhales) that was your last breath
Just imaging your mom was prostituting your mom was smoking
Imagine your eyes don't close imagine your eyes don't open
I be like trying to keep the world and stay TRU
There's too much drama in my hood, gotta stay cool

Verse 5 (Master P)

As I lay me down to sleep
Black Jesus if you real, take me out this ghetto g
Cause its crazy its wicked
I got niggaz on every block trying to get a meal, ticket
They killing they murder
Little kids in 3 inch girdles
And life is just like Pac Man
Niggaz gumping up niggas but who gone be the next man
To lose his shoes, I mean lose his life
Who gone think twice, dying in this ghetto life
Cause in the White House, politicians run the country
But where I'm from in the ghetto's its bout drug money
Ice cream slanging
Niggas banging red and blue everybody's hanging
Niggas bout it, little kids get rowdy
But will I make it out this ghetto, I doubt it

(Kane & Abel talking)

I think the devil trying to get me to sell my soul
He keep on walking with me, he keep on talking with me
I think the devil's trying to get me to sell my soul
He trying to temp me with the bitches and money

Black Jesus black jesus if you feel me
Than save me and my ghetto people

Salt & Pepper (Kaizers Orchestra)

Kaizers Orchestra - Salt & Pepper

Lyrics written by Janove Ottesen.

Kvitt pulver, revolver
En eim av bensin her
Du skimter silhuetter bak en blå gardin
De skjelver i lyset av stearin
Kom an inn

Her sitter eg på en plan
En plass i Tigerstaden
Du trur det ikkje før du får sjå det
Du kan bli den neste som går ut på båre
men det kommer an på et par små ting

Du gjer meg di hånd
Du kan få alt du ber om
Ti laken for alt
fem for pepper og fem for salt

Gje meg salt og pepper

Min plan har ligget på is
Min plan har sprukket
Det er rett før det kommer en eksplosjon
Eg beklager men det går ikkje
Eg har en revolusjon i min pose
men det kommer an på et par små ting

From the album "Evig Pint",
released February 3rd, 2003.

I'm Too Much (Chubb Rock)

I'm coming around the mountain when I'm coming
I'm coming around the mountain when I'm coming
Because I came around the town
And everybody knows my sound is profound
and I'm worth every pound
The fourth LP and consumers don't sweat or fret
Just go purchase the cassette
The album comes on wax and on CD
And hits hard from Ft. Greene to Chelsea
Walk through The Color Purple then through the Black Rain
Always succeed cause I always use my brain
Married my one and only fly cutie
And always keep my same booking agent Rudy
My pal partner Sal and my main man Al B. Sure!
I'm sure the friendship is secure
Your advice about the miec is always in me
And B Sure! Peace to little Quincy
And the Miss give a kiss and insist the Miss pump her fist
And catch the gist of this *singing*
I'm Mr. Chubb Rocker... I'm Mr. Fun
I'm Mr. Smooth Rapper... I'm Mr. Number One
Friends call me the Chubbster, any mic that I touch
Seems to melt in my clutch... I'm too much
Because I take a snake and shake and bake the flake
Until I say for goodness drake
Don't make no more damn mistakes
And then I dunk a skunk, hunk, a punk who drunk some junk
And sunk into the soup of life mixed with conch
But I don't know what to do or what to say to him
if he wants to h it me, let him destroy his kidney
I don't care, no te ars for fears, give the kid another beer
let him lose another year
How can you do that, he knew that brew that, pursue that
Walk down the street I'll just say "Who dat?"
Walk the other way, looking at him makes me say
Had a good complexion, now he looks gray
I can't leave him alone because I'm civilized
I don't want him drinking no more St. Ide's
So my man, I got the plan
You see the cyst growing on your wrist
Connected to your fist, feel the gist of this
And while you feel the gist of t his
Go to the party and pump ya fist because *singing*
I'm Mr. Chubb Rocker... I'm Mr. Care
I'm Mr. Good Rapper... I'm Mr. Brand New year
Friends call me the Chubbster, any person I touch
Seems to change in my clutch... I'm too much

Angelina (Gary Brooker)

My temper's boiling like a thermal mire
My heart is burning like a forest fire for you
Sticking pins all over my effigy
The pain's no worse than the witch's heart you left with me
How can you fail to see my point of view
Or are your eyes a bitch's brew?
At first I thought you came from paradise
then you split my world in two, but I love you

So tell me it another way
listen what I have to say
Don't leave me for another day
Tell me that you're here to stay

There's something odd about the way I fell
Could it be those potions that you mixed up Oh so well?
You spin your web but like a spider's mate
I served your purpose but for me it's not too late
You cut me deep but hat is how I learned
You're just my cup of gruel
Familiar faces that you left with me
Are they meant to be so cruel? 'Cos I live you

So tell me it another way
listen what I have to say
Don't leave me for another day
Tell me that you're here to stay
That's all the words you have to say
Tell me it another way

Give Me Something To Remember You By (Gary Brooker)

A quiet night here in my home
Was interrupted by the 'phone
The caller said he'd got my name
from someone found out in the rain
'You've got it wrong, it can't be me.
Who could I know? I'll come and see.'

Her clothes were wet, her body hurt
Her face was white and smeared with dirt
They saw her floating from the wreck
Clutching something round her neck
That's when I knew that it was you
What could I say? What could I do?

Hang on Rose
Help is round the corner
Hang on Rose
It's not your time to go
I read your note
I'm running to your rescue
Hang on Rose
There's something you should know

A quiet night here by my fire
Becomes a turning-point in life
I've made it up, I'm by your side
My sight was blinded by your eyes

Hang on Rose
Help is round the corner
Hang on Rose
It's not your time to go
I read your note
I'm running to your rescue
Hang on Rose
There's something you should know

What can I say, What can I do?
Can't stand to lose someone like you.
I'm with you

Wake Up (Clinton Fearon & The Boogie Brown Band)

Wake up
And take your stance
Wake up
While you've got the chance
Wake up
And take your stance
Wake up
From ignorance
For much too long
We've been separated afflicted
But we can work it out
For much too long
We've been tricked and mislead
But where there's a will there's a way
We've been given a shapeless mass
And a bag of tools
We've been given a sacred plan
With a golden rule
Ways and means and how
To live together as one
But there's a reason
Why we just can't get on
In the element of greed
There's no compassion
It makes no sense to gain the world
And lose your soul
Come together
And don't wait too long
Oh brother brother sister
Wake up
And take your stance
Wake up
From ignorance

Bound By Hurt Dissolved (Love Outside Andromeda)

You wear another man's lips,
I find I'm looking back,
Wanting to follow your footsteps,
(A very Clever plan of attack).
I was never good at lying,
And once hoped we were the same.
I do not look at you sideways-I do not think I am a saint.

Bound by hurt dissloved,
So you are free to go,
I pray my hurt dissolves,
I set you free please go.

I called on hope for once,
Please god get the better of me.
See you 'round sailor- although you weren't built for the sea.
I called on hope for once,
Let god get the better of me.
You know you move like a traitor,
And will not take my love from me.

I called on hope for once.
Please god get the better of me.
See you 'round sailor- Maybe you were built for the sea.
I called on hope for once,
Let God get the better of me.
You know you move like a traitor,
And will not take my love for me.

You wear another mans lips,
And trust had better watch her back.
We almost have the same faces,
But you're a cold, worn crimson cad.
I gave you the stars- and you gave them right back.
There's no next time or later.
The past is never coming back.

Bound by Hurt Dissolved.
So you are free to go.
I pray my hurt dissolves.
I set you free please go.

Still I Rise (2Pac Featuring Outlaw Immortals)

Dear Lord
As we down here, struggle for as long as we know
In search of a paradise to touch (my ni**a Johnny J)
Dreams are dreams, and reality seems to be the only place to go
The only place for us
I know, try to make the best of bad situations
Seems to be my life's story
Ain't no glory in pain, a soldier's story in vain
And can't nobody live this life for me
It's a ride y'all, a long hard ride

Somebody break me I'm dreamin, I started as a seed the semen
Swimmin upstream, planted in the womb while screamin
on the top, was my pops, my momma screamin stop
From a single drop, this is what they got
Not to disrespect my peoples but my poppa was a loser
Only plan he had for momma was to f**k her and abuse her
Even as a little seed, I could see his plan for me
Stranded on welfare, another broken family
Now what was I to be, a product of this heated pa*sion
Momma got pregnant, and poppa got a piece of a*s
Look how it began, nobody gave a f**k about me
Pistol in my hand, this cruel world can do without me
How can I survive? Got me askin white Jesus
will a ni**a live or die, cause the Lord can't see us
in the deep dark clouds of the projects, ain't no sunshine
No sunny days and we only play sometimes
When everybody's sleepin
I open my window jump to the streets and get to creepin
I can live or die, hope I get some money 'fore I'm gone
I'm only 19, I'm tryin to hustle on my own
on the spot where everybody and they pops tryin to slang rocks
I'd rather go to college, but this is where the game stops
Don't get it wrong cause it's always on, from dusk to dawn
You can buy rocks glocks or a herringbone
You can ask my man Ishmael Reed
Keep my nine heated all the time this is how we grind
Meet up at the cemetary then get smoked out, pa*s the weed ni**a
That Hennessey'll keep me keyed ni**a
Everywhere I go ni**az holla at me, "Keep it real G"
And my reply til they kill me
Act up if you feel me, I was born not to make it but I did
The tribulations of a ghetto kid, still I rise

Still I (still I) I rise (I rise)
Please give me to the sky (the sky)
And if (and if) I die (I die)
I don't want you to cry

[Hussein Fatal]
I stay sharp as always
Runnin ya bricks with blitz, through ya project hallways
Dumpin crews like two's, ni**a all day
Secrets of war prepare me for the worst
A life that's lavish full of cabbage or a life that's in a hearse
But now my dreams it seeems though, be placin triple beams and things bro
Diamond pinkie ring got the loot poppin out my jeans

Now I plan to keep my glock cocked
If trouble was searchin for me then why not?
Show em what I'm made of plus raised on, on my block
Chancellor Ave, where many turn to the street, thugs snatchin bags
We out for power, makin cash it wasn't fast it'll make me mad
I'm just like, pimpin
My homey on the corner with his gat tucked, in
Youngest they buckin somethin the life he leads
the life he don't need, don't we all know
He tryin to rise up and we just go doe, still he rise

Dreams of lost hope
I hit the strip broke where the fiends get coke
and still I rise now I float cowards ghost
Whenever we come around, I'm runnin down
clutchin a pound, live as sirens, duckin the sound
I used to hustle with my moms til the sun came
My homey Harm doin time from this drug game
Stolen cars, war scars, born a Outlaw
Behind bars, go to sleep just to see the stars
Freedom is ours, though we trapped on a firm block
Crackheads only ten learn to duck cops

In ninety-six my glock's my plastic, pa*sion for blastin bastards
No faces for open caskets, peelin ya cap backwards
Ya cowards ain't prepared for pistol practice
I send my missiles through your mattress
Leavin holes in your body like a cactus
While me and my crew be boppin more greens than topic
and loot to keep the seams in my motherf**kin jeans poppin
Leavin ya spleen to pick up
Half of you ni**az is softer than a Snicker
Let's go to war and see who draw quicker
and still I rise, and still I rise...

Still I (still I) I rise (I rise)
Please give me to the sky (the sky)
And if (and if) I die (I die)
I don't want you to cry

Still I (still I) I rise (I rise)
Please give me to the sky (the sky)
And if (and if) I die (I die)
I don't want you to cry

[some little kid]
Y'all ni**az fake
All day everyday
So now I got roller blades, bi**h
Thought you knew
Your mouth is rich
C'mon pops, let's go..


Live CD's available at: www.jeremiahyocom.com RRC praise & worship. 859-319-6653 Between the pages of an old family bible, I found dates of births, deaths ...

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