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Saturday, 19 April 2014
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Listen Pashtoo muhammad shafi attan


Ill Kebab (Outlandish)

Why you treating me so wrong
When all I try to be is so strong
Don't want me to maintain
Please stop messing with my brain, my baby

Yeah yeah yeah
Let's get it on
To the early morn'
Yeah yeah yeah
Let's break it down
Baby, break it down

I gotta bad name
Being the bad man I am
Doing bad thangs
Hang around with
My bad friends, bad clan
Doing bad stuff
Me and you all the same
Time to get rough

Quien lo hizo no lo se
No fui yo, pero al final
La historia me absolverá
Porque no estuve yo en el lugar
De todos lados me disparan
Los malos hábitos se acaparan
A mis errores ellos me amarran
No solo tengo cosas malas
Soy humano igual que todos
No soy perfecto igual que todos
Vulnerable como todos
Quiero que me traten como a todos
Quien tiene la respuesta
Por que no comprendo lo que hacemos
En el fondo yo soy bueno
Quien lo hizo nunca sabremos

Who did it?
I don't know
It wasn't me, but at the end
The history will absolve me
Cuz I wasn't at the current place
From all sides I get blamed
And the bad habits can be monopolized
To my errors they attach me
Like if I only have bad things
I'm human, like everyone
Not perfect, like everyone
Vulnerable, like everyone
I just want to be treated like everyone
Who got the answer?
Cuz I don't get what we're doing
In the bottom, I'm good
And who did it, we'll never know


I'm feeling low so you know I got to go
I can't stay any more
No longer will I mourn
I feel the rain and the pain
Creeping under my skin
You ain't my friend cause
You haven't been where I've been
I've been places
Seen faces
Unsolved cases
Kids on streets with no shoelaces
So how the hell you gonna go off by telling me
It's gonna be alright
So please let me go
Islam B let 'em know


Boo be calling me
Like what ever she wants
As long as she don't call me home
Mamma wouldn't like that
Cuz that's a no no
So say my name is Mo
And let's do this happy hour on a low
See my real name be Muhammad
But nobody really has to know
But anuff's said and let's do this right
In your crib by the TV light
Get you real high screaming my name
Dreaming 'bout me while you´re doing your man
Thinking that I might come back to you
But I lied too
Played you cool
Girl, stop calling me
You better stop
See you did it
Just to get a rep

Baby Phife's Return (A Tribe Called Quest)

featuring Consequence

The mad man Malik makes MCs run for Milk of Magnesia
Maybe that'll ease ya
Master of this microphone mackin, master as in great
I'll have your brain goin in circles as my style tends to ovulate
I'm makin moves, never movies, that's why y'all MCs lose me
Retrace, won't, so your stubborn like groupies
Kid, you know my flava, tear this whole jam apart
** around and have your heart, like Jordan had Starks
While you playin hokey pokey, there's no time to be dokey
Cuz I come out to play every night like Charles Oakley
Dissin around with wack rhymin
You lose your grip from chalk climbin
Let me take this time to say R.I.P. to Phyllis Hyman
Who never got the props that she damn well deserved
But see me, you don't wanna see me, cuz all MCs are gettin served
The nerve, for you to even step to the Phifer
I'll bumrush your set and crush your whole cypher
Reserve, a spot for me in hip hop's hall of fame
Cuz rappin ain't no game, big up your head and maintain
Yeah, Queens forever in this piece crushin any beef
Ain't nuthin sweet, the bakery's across the **in street
Phife Dawg, swingin it back and forth just like Aaliyah
Makin moves on your heart like that trick Tamia
No doubt about it, I love hip hop to death
But yo Tip, bring in the chorus cuz I'm losin my breath

A, yo, you know the deal when the diggy Dawg is on the scene
We got the fiend bumpin straight from the borough Queens
You know the deal when the diggy Dawg is on the scene
We got the fiend bumpin straight from the borough Queens
You know the deal when the diggy Dawg is on the scene
You know the deal, ha, you know the deal

Big up pop Duke, that's where I caught my athleticism
My mama, no doubt, that's where I got my lyricism
My nana, that's where I got my spiritualism
As for Tip and Shah, they made me stop from smokin izm
Now, when I'm with some cheese, I be lettin off gism
Writin rhymes since Daddy Kane and Biz Mark was on Prism
I gotta brave heart like the one named Shirley Chisholm
As for my late twin, boy, I wish I was with him
Got the Lightro in the back talkin bout (come on, get him)
And when it comes to rhymes, no doubt, I flip em
Sucka MC in my path, hey main, I say we ship him
Money please, your rhymes are wack, say word, this geek is trippin
Just because my name is Phife, my man, I'm never slippin
I got the type of flave to have your**straight bitchin
For those who act cute, see I got them on mute
Have you walkin through your projects in your birthday suit
Cuz your style is off loot, so I played him like a flute
If youse a sucka MC, then it's you I rebuke
My style is, everday all day, similar to water
Crushin MCs as if my name was Sargent Slaughter
Keep shit hotter...than a sauna
Or better yet, the hormones on your Christian daughter
Hey, I tried to warn her
My sounds the type to kill, like the grill on Lauryn Hill
So all ya sucka MCs, y'all best go chill
Bout to go to Union Square so I can see my care bear
Singin good stuff in my ear, runnin fingers through my hair
Represent the Zulu Nation with illy rap creations
Just keep shit hotter than Death Row-Bad Boy confrontations
Chillin with Fudge Love because he represents the Haitians
Ya naw'mean

Word up
I just wanna big up everybody for supportin A Tribe Called Quest
Through the years
This be the fourth LP, you know what I'm sayin?
Tip, Shaheed and Phife, Beats, Rhymes and Life
Featuring my man, you know what I'm sayin, Consequence
192 is the area where we represent, for the ladies and gents, ha ha
You know what I'm sayin? Big up Shaheed Muhammad, that's my man
Christine, you know what I'm sayin, word life (fading out)
The Abstract Poetic, rockin this track
Bouncin it all over the place, in your face
You know what I'm sayin? My man Lightro...

Robbin Hood Theory (Gang Starr)

[Intro features Elijah Shabazz from Muhammad Mosque No. 7]
Peace Brother Elijah
Hey peace Guru how you doin?
I'm maintainin
Just been thinkin though man
about the situation for today's youth man the seeds man
What's your opinion on that?
Mmm that's strange I was thinkin the same thing
Somethin I read in the holy Qu'ran how it says
"Has thou seen him who belies religion?
That is one who is rough, to the orphan."
And no matter what we say our religion is
whether it's Islam, Christianity
Juddaism, Buddha-ism, Old School-ism or New School-ism
If we're not schooling the youth WITH wisdom
then the sins of the father will visit the children
And that's not keepin it real...
that's keepin it -- WRONG
Chorus: Guru
Now that we're gettin somewhere, you know we got to give back
For the youth is the future no doubt that's right and exact
Squeeze the juice out, of all the suckers power
And pour some back out, so as to water the flowers
This world is ours, that's why the demons are leary
It's our inheritance; this is my Robbin Hood Theory... Robbin Hood
Verse One: Guru
I seek Sun, deceive none, for each one must teach one
At least one must flow and show the structure, of freedom
It's me Dunn, cause petty things we don't need 'em
Let's focus to create somethin great, for all that sees them
They innocent, they know not what they face
while politicians save face genius minds lay to waste
If I wasn't kickin rhymes I'd be kickin down doors
Creatin social change and defendin the poor
The God's always been militant, and ready for war
We're gonna snatch up the ringleaders send em home in they drawers
But first where's the safe at? Let's make em show us
and tell em hurry up, give up the loot that they owe us
We bringin it back, around the way to our peeps
Cause times are way too deep, we know the Code of the Streets
Meet your defeat; this is my Robbin Hood Theory... my Robbin Hood
Verse Two: Guru
I floss my rhymes like dentals, my mental's presidential
from the wild ghetto districts to the plush resedential
Essential, would be the message that I send you
I meant to, elevate at every venue
Pops told me to pursue what is true, and nothing other
And nowadays I pave the way for troops of my young brothers
Necessary by all means, sort of like Malcolm
Before it's too late; I create, the best outcome
So I take this opportunity, yes to ruin the
Devilish forces **in up my black community
And we ain't doin no more interviews
til we get paid out the frame, like mother**in Donahue
We're taking over radio, and wack media
Cause systematically they gettin greedier and greedier
Conquering turfs with my ill organization
Takin out the man while we scan the information
You wanna rhyme you best to wait son
You can't even come near, if you ain't got our share
You front on us this year, consider yourself blown out of here
Yeah... by my Robbin Hood Theory
Verse Three: Guru
God is Universal, he is the Ruler Universal
For those who can't follow that spells GURU when in my circle
I see all sides of my culture...
Design my thoughts like a sculpture
And chumps they wanna get with me cause I'm another entity
I'm sent to be, leadin the army of the century
Mention me, and snakes will retreat, eventually...
... due to my Robbin Hood Theory

Buggin' Out (A Tribe Called Quest)

[Phife Dawg]
Yo, microphone check one two what is this
The five foot assassin with the ruffneck business
I float like gravity, never had a cavity
Got more rhymes than the Winans got family
No need to sweat Arsenio to gain some type of fame
No shame in my game cause I'll always be the same
Styles upon styles upon styles is what I have
You wanna diss the Phifer but you still don't know the half
I sport New Balance sneakers to avoid a narrow path
Messin round with this you catch ?the sizin of em?
I never half step cause I'm not a half stepper
Drink a lot of soda so they call me Dr. Pepper
Refuse to com-pete with BS competition
Your name ain't Special Ed so won't you Seckle With the Mission
I never walk the streets, think it's all about me
Even though deep in my heart, it really could be
I just try my best to like go all out
Some might even say yo shorty black you're buggin' out

Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh, uh!
Zulu Nation, brothers that's creation
Minds get flooded, ejaculation
right on the two inch tape
The Abstract poet incognito, runsss the cape
Not the best not the worst and occasionally I curse to get my
point across, so bust, the floss
As I go in betweeen, the grit and the dirt
Listen to the mission listen Miss as I do work, umm
as I crack the, monotone
Children of the jazz so, get your own
Smokin R&B cause they try to do me
or the best of the pack but they can't do rap
For it's Abstract, orig-inal
You can't get your own and that's, pitiful
I know I'd be the man if I cold yanked the plug
on R&B, but I can't and that's bugged

Buggin out, buggin out, buggin out you're buggin out (repeat 8X)

[Phife Dawg]
Yo when you bug out, you usually have a reason for the action
Sometimes you don't it's just for mere satisfaction
People be houndin, always surroundin
Pulsin, just like a migraine poundin
You don't really fret, you stay in your sense
?Comafied? your feeling, of absolute tense
You soar off to another world, deep in your mind
But people seem to take that, as being unkind
"Oh yo he's acting stank," really on a regal?
A man of the fame not a man of the people
Believe that if you wanna but I tell you this much
Riding on the train with no dough, sucks
Once again a case of your feet in my Nike's
If a crowd is in my realm I'm saying -- mic please
Hip-hop is living, can't yank the plug
if you do the result, will end up kind of bugged

Yo, I am not an invalid although I used to smoke the weed out
Ali Shaheed Muhammad used to say I had to be out
Schemin on the cookies with the crazy boomin back buns
Pushin on the real ?hardest? so we can have the big fun
When I left for Rosie I was Boulevard status
Battling a MC was when Tip was at his baddest
It was one MC after one MC
What the world could they be wanting see from little old me
Do I have the formula to save the world?
Or was it just because I used to swipe the women and all the girls
I'm the type of brother with the crazy extended hand kid
Dissed by all my brothers I was all up what my man did
Supposed to be my man but now I wonder cause you're feeble
I go out with the strongest and I seperate the evils
it's your brain against my mind, for those about to boot out
All you nasty critters even though you see I bug out

Buggin out, buggin out, buggin out you're buggin out (repeat 8X)

Insaneology (Necro)

[John Tardy]
Praise me, oh god, things I have done
Raise the introspect, wars I have won
Rise me, oh god, stand still the end
Send in the solace one, wars never end

My black magic creates tragic fates like back fractures upon magistrates
that disagreed with what Necro advocates
If you know thugs for 4 G's you could be coked up
Involved in orgies on top of pentagrams soaked in goats blood
With innocent maidens, reciting rituals in a menacing cadence
I'm blatantly a sadist, making me Satan's acquaintance
My sepulchral corporals disobeyin' court rules, assault bishops
Burn 'em with liquid from the cauldron on the altar with chickens

These verses are satanic like Salmon Rushdie
Reading Talmud on embalming fluid next to Muhammad, the devil told him to do it
Music made for thrashers and** bashers
We slay fascists, while I parlay puffin' LaVey's ashes
You're enslaved to Mephisto's imprisonment
Piss on Monroe's grave and christen it when I piss in it
Blasphemous like Baphomet's tits, evil like African ticks
Make the female sacrifice and suck the Capricorn's dick
You got pulmonary edema
You'll soon be buried like Gary Coleman's career, but your skull recovered by FEMA
Attackin' the mental, walkin' backwards into temple
Gold inverted pentacle, fang platinum dental
Magically create tragedy internally
Similiar to Merlin so your fragile anatomy burns in Hell
Your permanent murder's a travesty
Sincerely and personally I'm eternally HIM, his infernal majesty

[John Tardy]
It comes to me
I feel insane
I write the book of corpse
I feel the strain
Killing it comes to me
It's what I do

This shit's heavy, like the illustrations of Eliphas Lévi
Should've left you forever celibate at your Briss with a machete
Sick, demented women prance, centered in the pentagram
Enter the pit, kill a divine being like Glen Benton's band
Importing to Miami beach, no law in the streets
I don't wait for the lord to preach, 'cause God is dead, according to nietzche
Shit on Christ while the beat rocks
Blasting King Diamond during the Equinox, sacrificin' peacocks
A black Bar Mitzvah, rabinical satanis
A clinically sick cynical clique with banana clips and bandanas
If your career was killin' for Satan and now you're locked up
It's clear as day you were decieved like Ramirez
I have no physical address, I just spiritually manifest
Like mystical hat tricks, split in two in a casket and switch backwards
Sammy Davis Jr. was satanic no less
Recruiting many actors and actresses in to the C.O.S

L. Ron Hubbard thought he was Satan, you wish you were me
The scientologist gynecologist doin' abortions ritually
Free Masonry's why Michael flipped
Tom Cruise's brain is microchipped, they cleared his mind completely then recycled it
Travolta's been trapped since '75
Before "Welcome Back, Carter!" they soddered his brain open with blotters
Politician occultists hexin' humans with complex infections
That bludgeon, 'cause they hold grudges like Stryker from X-Men
It be the God like Marquis de Sade, the priesthood of Mendez
Sacrificing chicks like Lizzette Melendez
Like Trevor Perez and Sean Martin on Fenders
We're rugged thuggin' shout to my Insaneology members, DIE!!!!!!!!!

What Am I (Chino XL)

Yo I don't even know what the vibe is kid
All these different things seperatin us
It got me walkin this fence man
and I don't even know what side I'ma fall on B
Can't see it
Well I'm a zebra y'all
("Half Puerto Rican half black but you don't speak Spanish")
Don't call me zebra y'all
("Half Puerto Rican half black...")
Now how old are you?
About six on my BMX doin tricks
Back to Middle** with a couple of poor white trashy brats
Everything was coochie crunch till it was time for lunch
They said to wait in the back, they said that Pops ain't like black
See where I was the po**tion's mostly white
Ain't it?
They wanna see you jiggaboo with your
face painted
Be brought home by one of their daughters and their fathers
They want to see you a failure so I never
became it
Light-skinned, showed them lead, curly-headed
Called me names, I was different, I was gifted, they made me ashamed
Found out that I'm a different shade when I'm in the second grade
Abe Lincoln's play, they want me to portray a slave
My momma's face went pale she looked like she wanted to puke
Now that I know the truth I'd rather play John Wilkes Booth
Although my family came and bitched and in the play my role was
My grandma told me I was fixed my problems wasn't fixed
My family seen my views of the world distort
Moms last resort, she decided we would move to Newark
I took a deep breath leaving everything I knew behind
The country air the green grass and my piece of mind
Harassed by white cops on our way we're pulled out our car
Mistook my mom for Joanne Chessimar (?) now I'm really scarred
What am I, I'm confused, can't decide
What am I who am I what am I
Black or white, I can't identify
What am I who am I what am I
I'm confused, can't decide
What am I who am I what am I
Black or white, I can't identify
What am I who am I what am I
Culture shock, Newark's a far cry from Middle**
Broadly called projects, black eyes, regrets
Torn lives, I've never seen so many people depressed
My mental gets molested, physical takes violent threats
Stress, walkin home from school's like a terrorist test
I learned blacks could be racist too, somehow still I felt I was
Even my teachers called me half-breeds and all of that
I was scared of livin here but also scared of movin back
See where I was before I was the darkest thing they ever saw
They figured that I'm black, white around
They kick me like a soccer ball
White people didn't accept me
** you
Black people didn't accept me
** you
Puerto Ricans didn't accept me
** you
Diggin researchin my identity it gots me goin cuckoo
"I'm the yellow nigga right?
I'm tired of that. I am not passing, I am black!
I was born black, I live black,
and I will die, proud to be called black!"
So now I'm goin "Hey niggaz" at niggaz that say Chino's not black
They come to my house and tell my African mother that
In fact causin crackup they said no sister would attract to me
These same brothers got perms to get their hair like mine was
Descrimination, affects a brother's education
Hands up in black history class, they never called on my**
But wait, growin at a rapid rate
I digest their hate, it's family
Found out my father left me when I'm three
Dealt with felt if I knew my Spanish family they'd help
Every mixed person I met they mostly just kept to themself
We moved to East Orange I set it off talent shows staring
A high yellow nigga's progression, my flavor's pouring
Now how old are you?
About nineteen lettin off my steam
Used to be a punchin bag, but now I stomps, in hip-hop fiend
Now I get the goya jokes, Menudo jokes, Rico Suave jokes
But females rush me and the MC's steal up all my quotes
See what I lacks in melanin I makes up wit adrenalin
Your weak attempts at blemishin my mixed heritage I'm treasurin
Don't need caucausian acceptance just that of a human being
Laughed and spit at I don't represent cause I am not Spanish speaking
Now how many dues must I pay to win
You're angry and you're stressin that opression
but you judge me by the skin I'm in when
Adam Clayton Powell's, light-skinned and
Farrakhan the brother's, light-skinned and
Elijah Muhammad's also, light-skinned
Discrimination from my own peoples is making my temper go thin so
So stop playing me slight saying my song's aight instead of hype
Don't called me red-boned, or light and bright and damn they're white
I ain't no zebra, ain't no half of original either
Don't call me mulatto I stab you with a broken bottle
Callin your brother oreo get off it yo, now Tom consider
He could be like Chino XL, a yellow**nigga

Dugaan (Lucy Pearl Featuring Raphael Saadiq, Dawn Robinson & Ali Shaheed Muhammad)

Bapanya mahukannya jadi seorang askar,
Bukan cita-citanya,
Bukan impiannya.

Dia terlalu muda tuk tinggalkan keluarga,
Bila tiba masanya,
Pilu mula terasa.

Berkecamuk hati,hatinya sendiri,
Persoalannya kini,sampai bila mampu ku bertahan,
Mampukah ku bertahan?

Nampak ketarakah dilema di wajah ku,
Diluarnya tenang tapi tuhan saja tahu.
Nampak ketarakah dilema di wajah ku,
Diluarnya tenang tapi tuhan saja tahu.

Beginikah selalunya cinta,
Diakhiri sengsara,
Setelah dicurahkan semua.

Cuba ku dalami,
Sampai termimpi mimpi,
Namun apa yang ku jumpa,
Semuanya sama.

Berkecamuk hati,hatinya sendiri,
Persoalannya kini,sampai bila mampu ku bertahan,
Mampukah ku bertahan?

Nampak ketarakah dilema di wajah ku,
Diluarnya tenang tapi tuhan saja tahu.
Nampak ketarakah dilema di wajah ku,
Diluarnya tenang tapi tuhan saja tahu.

Ini semua dugaan Nya,(2X)

Tremendous (Brotha Lynch Hung)

(*Verse 1*)
Off the rossi twisted, I'm not yo average package, snatch it,
too bad ya had to miss it, english keeps me lifted, we can take a,
one good leg to kick it, my walkin til I'm cripled,
talkin sick wit it, top of shiznit,
til it get noted that I'm liquid,
quick we bustin on all you rivals, all about survival, liabale,
to burn up every bible, cuz ain't no **in wit my style, dial
cuz I'm zoned up out my mind,
an based on the notion that it's kill a nigga nine times,
sonic boom like Guile,
Dr. Doom proper room wit space,
cuz I'm off the wall like Michael, my ice cream like Dryers, I is,
certified fifty,
nifty, won't it be one hella've sight to try an get me,
sticky as a ???,
I be leavin crips wit shit g's,
english go over to mickey's,
incredible like bitch be tryin to pull sixty-six point sixty,
victim full of fish, cook 'em shook 'em like yhatzee,
I'm mo hated than a nazi,
scorchin niggaz is my posse, try to stop me.
Brotha Lynch keeps me tremendous,
talkin keeps me tremendous,
X-Raided keeps me tremendous,
an these be my brothaz an they keep me in this,
Big Nation keeps me tremendous,
Capone, an Silouette, keeps me tremendous,
annihilation keeps me tremendous,
now these is scorchin niggaz an they keep me in this
(*Verse 2*)
I got some shit to blow my mind,
that I juss can't shake,
juss give me yo microphone an funk-beta beat, watch me eat these
niggaz up like Jason,
chasin you through camp pistol lake
like a wolf on crank hit the dank,
the tank up, put on the make-up
an come back to life like Brandon Lee,
hit the corner, wit a four-four loner,
on a one way trip off that water,
run fo yo life, the mic rock hard,
I'm **in wit no grease no love fo the police,
watch for the boner, bend over, swig the ole-e, the microphone fling,
the leather chrome green, ??? can't seen, like death on Halloween,
like a hollow tip, smoke somethin mean,
built the mic, an the drink one for you an one for me, an call me
Superflex, cuz like that mic I'm breakin necks,
run train tracks, like stand by me,
lookin for any dead body,
I'm grip like a pitbull, leave yo brain gone like Muhammad Ali,
stun all these ridaz,
creepin up by the minutes, sky's the limit,
super-duper storm trooper, gotta watch my back like Martin Luther,
see me comin wit my bright lights out, tremendous,
that's what six is all about.
Black flags keeps me tremendous,
Dickey saggin keeps me tremendous,
Beleini Way keeps me tremendous,
do or die double E, nigga deep up in this,
Old English keeps me way twisted,
tequilla lime keeps me way twisted,
gets me in the mood to handle unfinished biz-ness,
intoxication keeps a nigga in this.
(*Verse 3*)
I mix my gin wit my Ole E, tremendous,
hit 'em all up, get 'em all up, out they suspendaz,
wit my big bad automag, toat tag,
for that meet 'em bottomless I betta be glad, I got 'em this,
straight, heated glass, drag a ninja wit my pants saggin, gaggin,
I'm sick music made, sicker than a pit in shit, I'm wit sick,
tall Ken an Fig, dicks big, got you fiendin fo the sickness,
Free weed gets me tremendous,
juicy clits get me tremendous,
loose lips gets me tremendous,
Swartzenagger an you know I'm in this,
My nigga six he got me in this,
tall Ken, I told ya I'm in this,
my nigga Fig, I'm glad you in this,
I put that on my mama I'm a make my grip.
Swartzen-nigga, all the way to represent
ya know, it's the way we gonna do it,
nine-seven, an forever, fiends is talkin,
can't even knock our hustle cuz we're tremendous.
An ya best believe that.
Swartzen-nigga, that's right give it to ya here,
Mr. Caine an I'm out.

Sundown On The Empire (Reverend And The Makers)

It's like when Britney left the Disney Club
Cos she's a lioness and not a cub
At the end of an era, the future's no clearer
When the taxi comes to pick her up
It's like Angie leaving the queen Vic
Trepidation, feeling a bit sick
At the end of an era
As Walter and Vera
Are coming up to wave her off

Its like when ginger left the other four
The same when Brad an Jen got divorced
It wont be the same now
There's nothing to gain now
From Staying round here no more

It's like the pub around closing time
Muhammad Ali in the Berbic fight
There int no pretending, she knows that its ending
She's made her mind up booked the flight

This bird has flown, how it seems that she's outgrown all she knows
It's the Sundown on the Empire
This bird has flown, how it seems that she's outgrown all she knows
This bird, has flown

Like co-pilots on your final flight
You were Morecambe, but she was wise
She got a ticket, as she couldn't stick it
She'll be in Falaraki by midnight

It's like when Britney left the Disney club
Cos she's a lioness and not a cub
At the end of an era, the future's no clearer
When the taxi comes to pick her up

This bird has flown, how it seems that she's outgrown all she knows
It's the Sundown on the Empire
This bird has flown, how it seems that she's outgrown all she knows
This bird, has flown

Heaven Is A Halfpipe (O.P.M.)

If i die before i wake
at least in heaven i can skate
cuz right now on earth i can't do jack
with out the man up on my back

now heaven would be a dj spinin dub all night long
and heaven and would just kickin back with Jesus packing my bong
and if you don't believe in Jesus then or Muhammad or budha too
and while the world is warring we just sit back and laugh at you

singing If i die before i wake
at least in heaven i can skate
cuz right now on earth i can't do jack
with out the man up on my back

now when most think of heaven they see those pearly gates
but i looked a little closer and there's a sign that says do not skate
so if you wanna come to my heaven we all gonna have a ball
cuz every one you know is welcome and we got no gates or walls

singing If i die before i wake
at least in heaven i can skate
cuz right now on earth i can't do shit
with out the man **in with it

and then i got to the gate
pulled a list that i'd been callin fate
i'm sorry friend you can't come in
you got a list here that doesn't end
your mad cuz i smoke dope
you teachin any classes in how to cope
i'll find a place to rest my head
i'd rather be alone now that i'm dead
like christian hossoi way back in 87
we'll be bustin christ air's until we get to heaven
think i really care that i missed biology
got my education in stale fishology
with all your rules you got to chill
I'm gonna twist out like mike mcgill
gonna twist out cause i got the skills
like schooly-d i smoke the kill
bust out old school airs front side air
method air judo air
i don't care no i don't care i don't care i don't care


A nice pashto attan song by muhammand shafi.

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