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Monday, 21 April 2014
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Listen Catholic Choir kikuyu


Everyone Hates Ned Flanders (Simpsons)

Homer: Everybody in the USA,
Hates their stupid neighbor,
He's Flanders and he's really, really lame...
Flanders tried to wreck my song,
His views on birth control are wrong,
I hate his guts and Flanders is his name.

Lenny/Carl/Homer: F-L-A-N-R-D-S,
Homer: He's the man that I hate best,
I'd like to see his house go up in flames.

Lenny/Carl: F-L-A,
Homer: His name is Ned!
Lenny/Carl: E-R-S,
Homer: That's a stupid name!
He's worse than Frankenstein or Dr. No.

Byrne: You can't upset him even slightly,
He just smiles and nods politely,
Then goes home and worships nightly,
His Leftorium, is an emporium, of woe!

Lenny/Carl: F-L-A,
Homer: Don't yell at Ned!
Lenny/Carl: D-E-R,
Homer: His wife is dead!
Everybody hates that stupid jerk!

Byrne: Springfield rocks with Homer's joyous loathing,
Filling clubs with angry Valentinos,
You don't have to move your feet,
Just hate Flanders to the disco beat.
Homer/Byrne: He's your perky, peppy, nightmare neighborino!
If you despise polite left-handers,
Homer/Byrne/Flanders: Then I doubt you'll like Ned Flanders
Or his creepy little offspring, Rod and Todd.
Todd: That's us!
Rod: Hooray!

Audience: F-L-A,
Apu: His name is Ned,
Audience: E-R-S,
Apu: He is so white bread,
Choir: A smiling moustache geek who walks with God!

86 Measures Of Game (Necro)

[Sample: Interview with Gene Simmons of KISS]
Interviewer: "Now, let's get to the studded codpiece. Do you have a sense
of humor about that? Does it seem funny to you?"

Gene Simmons: "No, not at all! It holds in my manhood."

Interviewer: (laughing) "Oh, that's right!"

Gene Simmons: "Otherwise, it'd be too much for you to take. You'd have to
put the book down and confront life. The notion is, that
If you want to welcome me with open arms, I'm afraid you're
also going to have to welcome me with open legs."

Interviewer: "That's a really obnoxious thing to say."

Gene Simmons: "No it's not! Why should I say something behind your back
that I wouldn't say to your face?"

Interviewer: "Has it come to this, that this is the only way you can talk
To a woman, to do that shtick?"

Gene Simmons: "Let me ask you something; why is it shtick, when all women
have ever wanted ever since we crawled out of caves is
"why can't a man just tell me the truth and just speak to
me plainly?" So, I do that. You can't have it both ways."

[Verse 1: Necro]
Some bitches are stupid, I treat 'em like shit
That's how you get one to eat a dick
Never be sweet to a bitch, keep it sick
They like to get dissed, they like it rough
Women are so **ed up in the head, some like to get snuffed
And they come back for more
Cause "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"
That's why they like to suck penis
Don't ever let them tell you different
Women are just as horny as men
They're just programmed inhibition
That's why Catholic school girls are the biggest sluts
Down to take it in their butts
They're always lickin' somebody's nuts
And why not? That's why God made 'em
Adam was kind of lonely, so God took one of his ribs and created 'em
Cause before that, Adam was ** animals
That's why women like to get **ed like animals
It's only natural
And don't get the wrong idea, don't think I hate bitches
I love women, that's why my **'s religious
I'm just stating facts that are down to take a smack
And they'll break their back bending over for you if your thing's intact
They say they're not into games
But those are the dames playing the most games
The type that'll suck on a dick for cocaine
They're acting like they're so tame
But before you met them, they **ed fifty cats, and can't remember no names
Tell them right off the bat, "I want you to suck on my sack"
And, most likely, they'll respect you and let you cum on their back

Yo, the more degrading I get, the more these ladies get wet
It's only busted bitches that can't take what I said
Well ** busted bitches, they make my dick limp
They're useless to a sick pimp like me who needs his gratification instant
But one thing ugly bitches are good for
Is being good friends that'll lend you money when you're poor
So shout out to the homely, and my deep condolences to you bitch
Cause honey, for the rest of your life, you'll be lonely
And I know some of you are sayin' "Necro ain't all that"
But yo, men don't even have to look good as long as they rap
Mother**ers that are fat will have you on their lap
As long as he convinces you he's an emotional cat
And if he's a cold person that got money
Most broke bitches will take the cock in their tummies
They're not dummies
Money turns bitches on
Once you're broke, the bitch is gone
Money'll have a bitch in a thong stripping to songs
It'll have a bitch in a ** getting shitted on
I want so much money I could get any girl to sit on my schlong
But I've been broke for centuries
And haven't had a problem yet getting a girl to bend to the knees

I guess that's how you know you got game
I could be broke and bummy and still get the same as a cat that's got fame
I know cats that trip, they're practically paying the bitch
And they can't even play with the clit
Cause she's saying some shit
Portraying like she's afraid of dick
Because you're too stupid to realize she was created to lick
She's playing you quick
She'll hold out on the pussy the longest possible time she can make you wait for it
Cause once she gives it up, you might diss the slut
And she's thinking like business, son, "let me milk everything out of this schmuck"
She don't give a **, 'cause most men are foul
And we're down to ** any girl in their bowels, we get around
So we're looked at as bank accounts
Amounts, like a quarter-pound or an ounce, but bitch, my checks will bounce
Not sayin' all women are like this
But yo, I got no problem with it
I'll pay the price if she got the right tits
I see nothin' wrong with payin' for a tight clit
If I'ma pay for anything, I might as well pay to excite my dick
I've paid for worse things, you should pay for something that'll last
Like a French maid with a fat ass
If I had mad cash, I'd open up a whorehouse
Honestly, I had this bitch in my crib frontin' so I threw her out
She wasn't suckin' dick correct, the bitch was wrecked
She should've known that when she hit the deck
Not to stop suckin' until she whipped her neck
After all, I bought her a beer
And you'd think she'd be grateful enough and able to stuff a cock in her mouth
And make sure I'm taken care of before walkin' in here
But no, so I threw her out in the rain with no dough in the freezing cold

Skeez and do what you're told
Cause once a slut gets old, you'll be payin' me to suck my pole
Cause when a man gets old, he blossoms
But when a woman gets old, she starts rotting
There's not too many options
Just plenty doctors with operations and lotions
Liposuction and face lifts and Noxema for old skin
You can't escape demise by taking some weight off your thighs
It's a law of nature to die
You patronize Death when you old bitches use a facial cream that says it age defies
These companies are playing games of lies
That's why these 85-year old billionaires are taking wives that are 25
So what's my point?
You bitches better lick up
Before corrosion eats your lips up
And they aren't soft enough to dick suck

[Sample: American Pimp]
"It ain't easy, man. It may look glamour like this, because you see me ride ya dig?
Snakeskin down to the floor, ya dig? I'm tellin' you, it may look easy, but you're
gonna have to work to get to this category, baby. See you at the top."

Alleluia (Dar Williams)

Ron and Nancy got the house but Sid and Nancy rule
I died eight years ago; I'm still a legend at my high school
I stole a Chevy and I wrapped it round a tree
But that's OK 'cause no one's gonna make the next century
I'm up in heaven now they say I'm here to stay
Where the clouds are really puffy and the angels sing every day

The cafeteria's got everything, it's gonna drive me mad
Cause it looks just like a big Hawaiian party that my mother had
It's like the worst Elvis film I've ever seen
Technicolor luau all on technicolor green
There's camping trips and donkey rides and singing round the fire
And they signed me up for surfing
But they can't get me in the choir

But there she was this morning getting fitted for her wings
Leather boots, magenta hair, and saying nasty things
I'd say she was an angel but it's stupid and it's obvious
I said you'll hate it here 'cause we're the only ones like us
It's crypto-fascist mania, it's silicon deliria
Yeah, she said, you're right, but I like the cafeteria

Hey God, we're the bad kids, we're so nasty, mean and vile
God looks like a guidance counselor, God's got that smile
God says, how could this be, that's really odd
I guess I'll have to check my records, silly me, you know, I'm only God

The waves are perfect and the sun will always shine
But there's got to be more to death than surfing all the time
I know the signs of self-destruction so I try to stop each new kid
Don't be like me, forever young, forever stupid
Yeah, I found love here, but I'll bet you'll find it there
Where they don't always make the same joke,
"Gee, you make a heavenly pair."

Hampstead Girl (Dream Academy)

Hampstead girl on Parliament Hill
Drinks in the situation
Hamstead brown not dressed to kill
In a thousand variations
And her blue eyes
See those dark shadows in the sky
And her choir like voice
Cries for Love
And you'd do anything you could
Just to bring back the smile to her face
Take all the blue out of her eyes
And fill up the empty space
With love and affection
Take all the grey out of this town
Give your protection
If she'd just turn 'round
Outside she smiles at the people
But inside she cries
hampstead girl in the Vale of Health
With a hundred imitation
Hears the magic in the church bells
But still longs for invitations
And you'd like to take her with you
But the time is never right
And so you lose her
When you go back down to the other side of town.

Jeane (The Smiths)

the low life has lost its appeal
and Im tired of walking these streets
to a room with its cupboards bare
I'm not sure what happiness means
but I look in your eyes and I know...
that it isn't there

We tried and we failed
We tried and we failed
We tried and we failed
We tried and we failed
We tried...
Oh Jeane...

There's ice on the sink where we bathe
So how can you call this a home
when you know its a grave
Yet you still have that greedy grace...
as you tidy the place
but it will never be clean...

We tried and we failed
we tried and we failed
we tried and we failed
we tried and we failed
we tried...

Gash on the nail
its just a fairytale...
and I don't believe in magic anymore, Jeane...

but I think you know,
I really think you know
Oh yes I think you know the truth, Jeane

No heavenly choirs not for me
and no not for you
because I think you know
I really think you know
I think you know the truth
Oh Jeane

we tried and we failed
we tried and we failed
we tried and we failed
we tried and we failed
we tried....

Junk Culture (I Am Kloot)

stepping into small life nowhere england
shaking hands with the big town life idiots
i was, trying to pick up some ordinariness
from the shopping bag, inspirational choir

picking up a detail from a muscle magazine
whilst talking to someone else's wife
and wondering do i really care, about sheet metal workers?
caught you looking though your shop window reflection
shop window reflection
shop window reflection
shop window reflection

some run down amusement arcade humour
like cheap beer and instant coffee was pouring out,
over the city's pavements
calling closing time on that cinema queue fervour

thursday night on the railway lines
as life and death burnt away in the distance
and, a billion TV screens close their weary eyes
don't you know me?
i know you
i know you
i know you
i know you, i know you

The Model (Belle And Sebastian)

I will confess to you
Because you made me think about the times
You turn the picture on to me and I'll turn over
The vision was a masterpiece of comic timing
But you wouldn't laugh at all
And I wonder what the boy was thinking
The picture was an old collage of something classical
The model with a tragic air
Because without a doubt he'd given up the fight
The ghost of somebody at his side

I will confess to you
Because I didn't think about the message
As I walked down the alleyway it was a sunday
And all my friends deserted me because you painted me
As the fraud I really was
And if you think you see with just your eyes you're mad
'cause Lisa learned a lot from putting on a blindfold
When she knew she had been bad
She met another blind kid at a fancy dress
It was the best ** she ever had

I'll send a dress to you
Because it's needing badly taken in
But I was so embarressed when I missed your party
It was me that paid for it eventually
Because you know how much I wanted
To meet your friend the star of stage and local press
The dream of all the bowlie boys that hang around here
And I'm no different from the rest
I'm not too proud to say that I'm okay with
The girl next door who's famous for showing her chest

You're not impressed by me
But it's a funny way for you to tell me
A whisper in a choir stall
The man was talking about you simultaneously
Frankly, I let my heavy eyelids flutter
Because I have been sleeping badly lately
I know you were historical from all the books I've read
But I thought you could be bluffing
And with this chance I've missed I feel remiss
It's days and months before I see you again

Act Of The Apostle Part 2 (Belle And Sebastian)

I’m bored out my mind
Too sick to even care
I’ll take a little walk
Nobody’s going to know
I’m in senior year
It gives you a little free time
I’ll just use it all at once!

Took the fence and the lane
The bus then the train
Bought an ‘Independent’ to make me look like I got brains
I made a story up in my head if anybody would ask
I’m going to a seminar!

I’m a genius
A prodigy
A demon at Maths and Science
I’m up for a prize
If you gotta grow up sometime
You’ve to do it on your own
I don’t think I could stand to be stuck
That’s the way that things were going

The bible’s my tool
There’s no mention of school!
My Damascan Road’s my transistor radio
I tune in at night when my mum and my dad start to fight
I put on my headphones
And I tune out
I am devout
The girls are singing about my life
But they’re not here, they’ve got the wild life

If you want to find out, find out
You got to look them in the eye
That’s why my only choice
Is find the face behind the voice….

She asked the man if the service was open
“Not today, just the choir from the radio”
“Couldn’t I sit in? I’ve come all this way”
“Will you bugger off, I’ve got work to do.”

The city was losing its appeal
God was asleep
He was back in her village, in the fields

“Oh, if I could make sense of it all!
I wish that I could sing
I’d stay in a melody
I would float along in my everlasting song
What would I do to believe?”

Ten Fold (Machine Head)

Check check check check!

Ten fold, Ten fold, We grow ten fold, Ten fold, Ten fold!

We got these so-called friends,
Claiming way too hard to have all that.
When it comes down to it,
It's them who's talking the most.
They got a problem with us,
Cause we tell it how it is.
Well listen up, mutha**er's we're telling you how it is.
If you're a friend, then say good things behind
all of our backs.
I hear too many tall tales,
Gettin' told like they're all fact,
But I hear way too much info,
On half the shit that ain't even close,
Flyin' around cause everybody's tryin' to boast.

Rumors and drama
Are all that gets told
While we just grow
Ten fold. Ten fold.
We grow ten fold.
Ten fold. Ten fold!

Oh, but you'll come to me now,
Like I ain't hearin' all your squakin'
It's your friends been tellin' me
All that shit you keep talkin'.
You won't get nadda from me,
Not a crumb,
Not a dime,
Not a ticket,
Not a pass
It's the end of your free ride...
You thought The Burning Red sucked?
** you, and your bitch!
I spilled my goddamn guts,
This shit's as real as it's gonna get.
Cutting you out of my life,
So go on sing me a choir,
I wouldn't piss in your**if your shit was on fire!

Rumors and drama
Are all that gets told
While we just grow
Ten fold. Ten fold.
We grow ten fold.
Ten fold. Ten fold!

Always the whispers are flyin' around,
And keep pouring from that hole,
That you call a mouth.
But we follow our instincts,
Don't care what gets thrown.
Ignoring the rumors,
While our powers grow...

Ten fold, Ten fold, We grow ten fold, Ten fold
We grow ten fold, Ten fold, We grow ten fold, Ten fold! Grow tenfold.

Ten fold, Ten fold, We grow ten fold, Ten fold
We're Ten Fold!

Brooklyn Pride (Lordz Of Brooklyn)

[Verse One: performed by ADMoney]
Cause I'm cruisin' down the ave system thumpin'
Brooklyn buddah batch yo is what I'm tokin'
I take a lot of pride in that Brooklyn shit
I didn't make it up I was born with it
I got the Saturday night fever
The bars and pizzerias
The tinted up windows cuisettes with their feet up
Drive to the bridge take it for a climb
I'm on top of the world lookin' down with Brooklyn pride

Hey Goombaa, where you at
Yo I'm cruisin' down the ave in my black cadillac
Hey Goombaa, where's it at
I got the Brooklyn pride that's where it's at

[Verse Two: performed by ADMoney]
I'm from Brooklyn baby respected by all
You can tell my freegin' style from the writin' on the wall
It's all about the kid in the tattoo parlor
Gets his name on his arm and a heart for his mama
Well it's the Lordz of Brooklyn and I sport it on my vest
I love a Brooklyn girl in a Catholic school dress
Never talk to a cop, drag down the block
I got my brother on my side check the style that he rocks

[performed by Kaves]
It's Kaves the crooner, I should have been here sooner
I'm live from Bensonhurst, livin' like The Honeymooners

[performed by ADMoney]
Never run never hide to the day that I die
I'm a Lord and I roll with that ol' Brooklyn pride



The best of catholic kikuyu choir.

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