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Monday, 23 October 2017
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Listen Rita Mahrani-Aşk Aşk Aşk


Respect My Mind (Hot Boys)

(Lil' Wayne)
What what
Check Check
Head buster set ripper
Neighborhood superstar
Going to split up
While we dispose of
Nigga broad hitter
Hot Boys soldier
Expedition flipper hell
Niggaz be terrified of us cause they know how we play
Them niggaz hide form us or catch 3 from a K (AK)
I'm just a scrub I can't scuff
I'm too light to fight
I'm too thin to win so I ride at night
Your face respect nigga
You're playing with the wrong one
I'll break your neck nigga
You're playing with the wrong gun
I use K's to wet niggaz I'm spraying the whole room
Better watch your back nigga
little one that's a wrap
Watch niggaz step up when I bust a cap
Niggaz drop like (whistle) splat
keep joking here and gone show you what I'm bout
Respect my mind or get your brains knocked out

Respect my mind or get your brains knocked out
Respect my mind and have them boys in your house
Respect my mind look we ride on chrome
Respect my mind cause we get our shine on
Respect my mind cause we that Hot Boy clique
Respect my mind nigga you can't phase this
Respect my mind look we'll ** your bitch
Respect my mind look we bout that gangsta shit

Watch me grow up
When I was small he had plan
My daddy was balling and he was the right hand man
My poppa bought us a house to keep our family secure
Livin good on a ranch in the middle of the woods
I understood at a young age my daddy would spray
Seen him slit a niggaz throat and shoot one up in the face
He'd be murder case after case he was untouchable
But he had a right hand man that wasn't trustable
Who undercover slow made deals under the table
Working for the feds round my people wearing a cable
My daddy got busted so we got left at the door
All of our shit got repossessed
And our family was flat broke
Moved back inside the projects in summer 84
(?) from Yomey and Black Zo
And I got to the point where I wouldn't smile no more
Hooked up the same nigga that handled my daddy dough
I know that he sheisty but the nigga just don't know
Swear to god I ain't bout it but the nigga just don't know
I got 2 under my belt and gone make it one more
cock the 4-4 and knock his brain out on the floor
respect my mind


Me, Wayne, Turk and Juvenile getting blunted
In a pair if white suburb 1500
No stunting counting 100 thou nigga in front of the brick
He should have knew Hot Boys wasn't bringing back shit
That's how the game going that's how the game get played
Head buster for sure sweat no hoes haters get sprayed
All week long look I'm a nigga on the grind
All year long I make you niggaz respect my mind
Every single day it's a must I tote the ** iron
Disconnect your spine leave your balky paralyzed
I use blocks to bust heads
I use glocks to play hotels to feds
Niggaz know I ain't the one to be roughed on
move when I'm coming through or you'll get stepped on
I don't give a mother ** if you got your vest on
I'm shooting through that I thought you knew that
that's how Bee Geezy do that
I ride dirty and when I ride you die
all the time you bitch niggaz gone respect my mind


Nigga respect my mind can't then stay your distance
Kill realahs like that niggaz coming up missing
I soak your spot when you rapping on me
You get hit with shots when you hating on me
Must of had ‘em whoa there
Do you think you ready for us
Disrespect my mind ** over you is a must
Come through your cut
Nigga don't spook now
Cause when you was talking bout us it was all good huh
Nigga ** all that I ain't gone talk I'm a save it
Original HB nigga I ride Mercedes
I got stacks of money and ** plenty hoes
Nigga respect my mind or I'll knock off your nose


Mars (Soulfly)

The new millennium is here
The smell of napalm and fear
All this confusion and mass hysteria
Welcome all to the new frontier
This ** hate gets bigger and bigger
Consume ourselves in nuclear fear
And let me tell you that's the real enemy
How can you kill what you cannot see
I am Mars the God of War
You bow to me like you did before
I am Mars the God of War
You bow to me like you did before
Gas masks and AK-47's
Now you won't see the gates of heaven
Blood fire destroying weather
To blow you away, blow you away forever
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Chemical warfare and the bloodlust
Sign of Mars in a time to come
Mankind has finally done
I am Mars the God of War
You bow to me like you did before
I am Mars the God of War
You bow to me like you did before

All My Days (Rita Springer)

When my life is through
Lord I hope that you
Will be pleased with me
And in whatever came my way
In all that I’ve been through
I held on to you

For the voice of the Shepherd I will follow
The hand of my friend I will take
The hem of your garments I will kiss Lord
For all my days
For all my days

When in the darkest time
You have been my find
And I can’t repay
You’ve saved me with your love
Washed me in the blood
And I will obey

Here am I so in Love with serving you
Bending low to bow before the king
My desire is only just to please you Lord
My desire is simply to obey

Watch Your Back (Benny Cassette)

You gotta be careful
You never know who's around
Look over your shoulder
I'm right behind you

I see you watchin
Two steps behind me, stalkin
Knock me, tryin to stop me from my monopoly
Wait, stop and see what I do next
If you win then ... you be scared and stressed
I've seen your type, all hype
and no substance
We bang hard like snares in percussion
You can't intimidate men like me
You bring a knife to a gunfight
Winning's unlikely
Follow me, go ahead, I'm watching your shadow
The snakes in the grass get caught by the rattles
Skadattle, slam, you been defeated
You're messing with a guerilla
Who told you to beat it
Bleed it, Beep it, whatever you want
Make a million dollars
Go ahead and punt
You still get no respect
It just don't matter
Rat-ta-tat-tat and all the punks scatter

behind you
So you better (uh)
Watch your back
(watch your watch your watch your back
(watch your watch your watch your back)
(watch your watch your watch your back)
(watch your back watch your back)
(watch your watch your watch your back)
(watch your watch your watch your back)
(watch your watch your watch your back)
(watch your back watch your back)

Once in a while
Things can get drastic
Classic, cases of fools made from plastic
Livin in the city
Oppression is king
Survival of the fittest
Is a real thing
One second you're breathing
The next second you're not
One minute you're standing
The next minute you're dropped
357's or AK-47's
All tools that create 187's
A learning departure
To hell in a heaven
No matter if you're rich
Or live like a peasant
The nicest guy
Or The finest girl
Or the toughest gangster
With an O.G. curl
I live in peace
But folks still be testing me
Your best friend today
Tomorrow, your worst enemy
You never know who's planning to jack
That's why I'm trying to warn you people
Watch your back

behind you
So you better (uh)
Watch your back
(watch your watch your watch your back
(watch your watch your watch your back)
(watch your watch your watch your back)
(watch your back watch your back)
(watch your watch your watch your back)
(watch your watch your watch your back)
(watch your watch your watch your back)
(watch your back watch your back)

Can you hear me?
Can you feel me?
Can you see me?
I'm right here .. haha

(watch your back)
(watch your watch your watch your back
(watch your watch your watch your back)
(watch your back watch your back)
(watch your watch your watch your back)
(watch your watch your watch your back)
(watch your watch your watch your back)
(watch your back watch your back)
Jump Back!
(watch your back)
(watch your watch your watch your back)
(watch your watch your watch your back)
(watch your back watch your back)
(watch your watch your watch your back)
(watch your watch your watch your back)
(watch your watch your watch your back)
Watch Your Back!

Rita (Hombres G)

Nos fuimos con la reina de la ginebra.
Ella estaba en un bar, de carretera,

Pero de su nombre rita,
yo me acuerdo muy bien,
solo se que no la volvimos a ver,

Intento llevarme arriba por las escaleras,
tuvo que engancharze al cuello, mi borrachera,
estuvimos celebrando algo, no me preguntes que...
solo se que no podia estar de pie...

Fui arriba,
la cama de madera y un colchon,
Se bajo la escupidera y el calor,
empapando toda la cama de sudor....

Por la mañana desperte,
Confuso y pegajoso me duche...

Ella ya no estaba,
pero dejo algunas rosas,
en una botella vacia de vergel...

Por que Rita,
Rita es la reina de la ginebra,
te mira con una cierta tristeza,
t seguro que no la volvere a ver...
no, no, no...

Mrs. Rita (Gin Blossoms)

You can see it in her letters on the paper with her pen
Her response is getting stronger I think she's coming round again
Tell me Mrs. Rita what's it say in my tarot
Read my palm and tell me why do lovers come and go
Is she coming round for me once again, around or was that just the end
I just hope she's coming round again
I've been keeping myself busy with my books and with my tapes
Every day's much better since I've slowed my drinking pace
There's no swimming in the bottle it's just someplace we all drown
I lost myself in sorrow lost my confidence in doubt
Is she coming 'round for me once again, around or was that just the end
I just hope she's coming round again
Get in the car and drive through town
Down the block and back around
Pretending that she's there with me we drive
Gone forever...
My patience keeps me plaintive my high hopes keep me alone
My lover's will is shaken I wish she would just come home
So tell me Mrs. Rita what's it say in my tarot
Read my palm and tell me why do lovers come and go
Is she coming round for me once again, around or was that just the end
I just hope she's coming round again

Stick N Move (Dayton Family)

{Bootleg}I got some bad news for you Tony.
{Tony}Whut choo got?
{Bootleg}We lost the whole shipment.
{Tony}Whut you mean?
{Bootleg}We lost the whole shipment. The Columbian Drug Cartel
intercepted the whole
{Tony}Those **in' guys every **in' time that happens! I
told you **az to Stick N Move N get tha ** outta there.
I see lots of people gots to die tonight ** (Fading).
(Bootleg) Part 2, 19 mutha**in 96, Bootleg tha
mutha**in' rap Kapone, Ghetto E, & my nigga Shoestring, gonna
Stick N Move & bust up yo**fo' tha 9 6
My memories get haunted by events in tha past, had an outlet to
be free from dirty visions at last. A brothaz out here stalking,
but bitch you aint no. I've been poppin' window panes, my brain
aint tha same no more, movin' just like a criminal, but my mind
still carries me. I'm seeing the bloody images of tha tools that
bury me. Skeletons they walk with me, while holding my right hand.
My mother be weepin' N cryin' while I box with a deadman. Loc
tha AK, spot a family & kill 'em all. Take a butcher knife, &
spill some blood on tha **in' wall. Murder, you bitches better
understand, ** a plan, bring tha bitches down right where they
stand. If you ever do that again, I wouldn't advice you to. 44
is good to go when I'm busting caps at fools. Takin' you hoes to
school. The books N desks, no crooks or police sketch. You bitch
& no arrest. You can try yo mutha**in' best to stop a villian
on a killing spree. I'm living it so **in' hard & so easy.
Murder to tha first degree, gotta represent dividend, president,
flint, is sweet to me like peppermint. You'll never find my
fingerprints, so watch me getaway, murder victom, killer though,
free to strike another day. Hurryed to runaway, to get some Yahjl
back where I stay, tha fedz are like mosquitos in tha alley way.
I'm goin' to tha thang, take tha pain, cuz I'm a ghetto champ.
Steal a quarter, & my whole neighborhood is like a prison camp,
food stamps & drug dealz is all a nigga know. Strut & Kokane,
got me addicted nigga pass tha blow. Pass that. Grab my glock
to make my getaway smooth. Close your eyez, no surprise, bitch
boom. Stick N Move...
CHORUS Mov'n N Mov'n out, take that cocaine out your house,
sight that any. Here no evil see no evil, bitch N I done got away.
Mov'n N Mov'n out, take that cocaine out your house, sight that any.
Here no evil, see no evil, bit
(Shoestring) Gangsta from tha streets. Mutha**a
dont make me bust ya, buck ya down. Quick to bury your**&
then I bust some, whut tha ** you quick to put it down N away.
Silencers be equipped so mutha**a there be no sound today.
Bring you to war, so playa haters lock ya door. AK 47 locstas
case up off tha floor. Riddlin' bout not can bout all tha stashes.
3 killaz with masses, all we leave is ashes. Take ya shit &
dashes, move away in tha caskats, fo' a murder got me breakin'
out in rashes. So we can reach N feel your ass, like hoes reachin'
fo' ya clothes, ain't no rump fo' ya toes. People with ammo is
creepin' down my block, str8'n with a glock, followed by a hollow
point shot. Betta watch yo aaass, a killaz creepin' up from tha
past, finger fast, & you be seein' **in' last. I'm a killa, so
dont ** with this Grim Reaper, gonna go peep her, don't wanna
hit you with this street sweeper. Down where I'm callin, niggaz
sellin' now you swellin'. Put it on them bitches, cuz they always
tellin'. Click tha stick, so we be screamin' **-A-lot, little
state which you aint never saw from tha straw. So whut tha **
us hustlaz thinkin? Drinkin? Thinkin? Been thinkin better **
your mutha. ** that nigga with Shoestring. Slap it across your
hands & watch ya screamin' my polos bloody, my case was lookin'
kinda muddy. Stub with this bald head, ** you dred, leave you
dead, thru tha swamp. I'm so high, bitchin, tension, still kickin'
slim shit. S to tha H to tha O-E String 96 puttin' trix playin'
duece with dicks off that ass. So skutch me as I drop my grooves
as I pop that clip nigga lots. Stick N Move...
(Ghetto E) Ughhh, rat a tat to tha tat, I'm gonna
take him out his misery. Put his**in a box & leave him as a
memory. See when you sleep, that's when we creep. Get on your
toes, knock you off your feet, damn, beep, N damn I peep. then
I know him or I, so I got him. Master Mass took my shit, then I
shot him. Left him bloody with no money. Cut his pocket, cocked,
seen his head, dropped it, popped it. Now I was rollin' like a
mutha**in' bowling ball. Who's 10 whut? I'm sending him to tha
graveyard. Time to play, Eric Dorseys on another mission, I called
him Tony, Cody's in tha kitchen. Them niggaz talkin', conversation
on tha phone. Killa gone grabbed my chrome, I'm in his home.
That get it gone, put him in a headlock till I heard him choke.
So I used my kane, whip & slit his throat. Jody Jody's dead, now
this shit is smooth. Makin' money to get paid, Eric Dorseys on
tha move.

The Recipe (Mack 10)

featuring Binky Boo Kapone CJ Mac Techniec

[Mack 10 talking]
Yo Mack 10 with just a few of the Hoo Bangin affiliates.
CJ Mac Binky Mac Boo Kapone and the homie Techniec.

[Mack 10]
Now here we go it's the show stopper noodle knocker
Gung ho 1 O fo sho the door clocker
I keep it rough with that red or blue shit
Hoo Bang crew shit Recipe new shit
It's off the hinges and my friends is
Rollin twelve cylinder Benz's with the chrome 20 inches
So ** all the haters and the non believers
Punk niggas and bitches, hood rats and divas
Now platinum's automatic gangsta rap fanatic
No static shit with the radio and watch em add it
Hoo Bang affiliates in that**like a thorn
What's your favorite song? Don't hate, sing along
I'm blindin niggas slowly with the iced out rolly
Leave your shirt holy with the glock pistol-ly
So, hang around for the go down
Hip-hop classic bound as I clown, house to town
And have it my way, jewlery parvay
Mack 10 got your hottie hot as the Mojave
Want the Recipe? Then you fellas best to be
Down to push a key and chip a nigga for me

No bustas, no peace
Rock the black fleece, Techniec
In the gray off Caprice, dogs stay off the leash
Peep this, my click's nothing but heat bitch
Kick flows, stay on your toes, stay away from hoes
I know bitches that turn you on and turn on you
Kiss the hook**nigga, pull a burn on you
That ain't the way I do thangs I Hoo Bang
So more niggas, more bigger, more heat, ready to blow triggers
Show niggas, Recipes, hoes, guns and funds
Blowfish, big **, dubs and hunds
With nothin but redrumin when the heat start hummin
Empty the tech nina till these niggas stop comin
Young innovative, Long Beach native
This holocaust bust off and make it demostrative
You niggas don't want test me
Dynamic on my right connect to the left of me
Form the Recipe

[Hook:] X 2
If you ain't in this for the money what you in it for?
We got the Recipe, best to be, in it for the dough!

[Binky Mac]
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Gettin closer to God tryin to clutch what I can't touch
Time to get paper in the wind like a caper
Hoo Bangin affiliate, niggas it's gonna take ya
Flossy**Rolex that's iced to the sickle
Bitches up on the pickle since the bank roll tripled
Now nigga what? When you see Binky Mac, throw it up!
Most underrated nigga that's hated, now give it up

[Boo Kapone]
I ride for connect gang, die for connect gang
Throw up spot slang, watch and let my nuts hang
Down with the 1-O, meet me in the jungle
Fly, gettin high by the mother**in tunnel
A sick**nigga, that's how I gotta be
Smack my Bitch Up, like my name was Prodigy
Two glocks, four fifths and ak's
Cut off khakis, house shoes and murder braids
I stay flamed up, never been tamed up
My little homie died last year, I hit his name up
For the 99 I'm yellin redrum
Quick to hit you up with two fingers and a thumb
I smash fools cuz cash rules, like Castro
You want these **in slugs fast or slow, hoe?
Oh, I got the 44 for all y'all BJ been day hoes
Get wet up with the dress oh fo sho

[Hook] X 4

[CJ Mac]
Mother**ers better know, want LA, you must see me
** the niggas frontin on tv
City locked, got the key to the streets baby
Better know who to greet 'fore you creep baby
Hear me talkin bout gangbang niggas sport red and blue
Like a missle pierce stomach tissue
Top 20 mother**er you, make a nigga wanna muzzle you
We kidnap for snaps, big hitter big stacks
Pool hall nigga made good
Gangbang nigga got rich and stayed hood
Dome shots, playa, you play about domein me
Jumpin on the knee, it's too late, you're shot, plow!
** around and get your channel changed
Handle thangs with the German
Hit the sherm-an
Leave em squirm-an
C Mac, twista get rich
Ain't nobody gon snitch, we's Hoo Bangas bitch
Check this style playa, check this technique
Check the way I ride or walk playa
Check the way I ride or speak
I stay suited and booted, bandannaed and tatted
Cris don mowed up, Mac don blowed up, got em sewed up
Nigga who bangin? Who's sangin?
All this cheddar round me, niggas think I'm through bangin
But nah, Hoo Ridas bust straps and love dough
If you ain't in this for the cheddar what you in this for?
You know?

[Hook] X 4

Po**tion Control (Company Flow)

[El P]
You and your whole ** canned crewmen'll end tepid
So when I Pearl Harbor don't let me catch you intrepid
I'm telling you the wishbone be broke in my favorite crumbcake your
Enterprise and see Indelibles the number one feel bad crew of the
Just give me one reason to splash I should let the flag half mast
Take time to wallow
Company Flow the toughest penis sucky sucky
So of course in an attempt to defend you end up unkempt
Plus this agent get orange E-L-P-F-C-F rock for you
First cousin to sling red dye number five be the potion
In the subterrain warden for a gem of fate like stop motion
Best to get ak-a-nickulous
Our masks aren't intangible
Auto man verse mandible
We answer to no one, we 911
Silent alarm this is harm fear the duck of learning
El-P phase through these walls like vision
Choked in the shallow water, a bad executive decision
Release the crack and please put down your skin flutes
How could you...mother**ers think ya
To this mercenary sunblock 2000 burner
All of your knowledge is truant
Unlearn all of the shit and then over time you become fluent
Send a ** storm
After I present enter the spectrum your career's never no more
Enter the rectum
And at twilight we'll skip stones and laugh about your poems
But a blood-red book when the others got funcrushed is a spot
The terror fabulously gets hot
Co Flow mossie
Walt Disney meets Kaiser Soze
There will be no grand comebacks unless Lazarus or Kotter
Inflicted bitch styles in a cave with stigmata
We're locked in a box but you can't say Jack
Trying to paint them ** red doors black
Like that spilled milk spoiled
When Bill Gates and Ted Turner rub each other down with olive oils
Company Flow ** please
Bitch put away the ** piteous punchlines
Blue Blockers break under the red light, belittled by my design
I don't try to be different I am
So inevitably my style will survive when your now turns to then
El-P, vastly crapaphobic
3-2-1 contact never no more that's a promise
You hold toast, well I hold Thomas
Golden nooks and crannies
Win my ticket raffle off the recycled thought shopping spree winner
Congratu-**-lations, I dropped it now you got it
But it's only a matter of time before Waldo gets spotted
Pulled out of the crowd and martyred, a good old fashioned stoning
My children, the professional has left the ** building
Until but for now
You can't get run at night
Curfews is issued in the daylight x2
Po**tion Control
Until but for now
You can't get run at night
Curfews is issued in the daylight
[Bigg Jus]
Like gargling, even in the nights we rip shit up
The two franchise players that make your whole squad look butt
Who brought the March Madness competition till October
Got you thinking that shit became a bit little harder
These niggas is ** soldiers
Indelible mercenaries that's why ballin' gets me on the nutsack
The murderous intellect highly infections on contact
You need to come quicker than that
To snatch the cheddar from the mousetrap
Small timer, it takes crazy engineering
To ** with anything from quantum physics to thought transmitters
Next up be that over .400 switch hitter
Out the park kingpin Dave couldn't do Justice
Pound for pound it be these 2000 rap slugfests
Hardcore when future emcees fight future wars
But for now I'm fighting a squad of super-whores
Butt-** invincible Co Flow skills for take-out
Where you can get the beef broccoli with extra duck sauce
The quick draw intend to keep cops reaching for the bearclaws
Come meet the Coney Island intruder hit the arts way after midnight
Had a scheme for a burner etched out tonight in graphite
Apply the same ideology of b-boys to men to the mic
And scratch the sounds like a quarter inch bolt broken off
Co Flow coming at you from every verse payola shit
Got stations blessing me off two thousand for every song minute
Secretly teach background voclas in R&B clinics
Until but for now
You can't get run at night
Curfews is issued in the daylight x2
Po**tion Control
Until but for now
You can't get run at night
Curfews is issued in the daylight
Po**tion Control x6

One Day (U.G.K.)

featuring 3-2 and Ron Isley

Mama put me out at only fourteen
So I start sellin crack cocaine and codeine
Time to stack some paper think I'm a do it quick
Thinkin I'm a juvenile but they dont know who they messin wit, yeah
My mama's only son
But I live everyday like its my mutha**in last one
Every nigga and they mama askin why
But I'm in the game live by the game and in the game I'm a die
But if I die or should I say if I go
Bury me in Hiram Clarke next to the come and go
Cause tomorrow aint promised to me
The only thing promised to a playa is the penetentiary
So I'm a take care of my business on the smooth tip
Watch my back sellin crack and pack two clips
When ya think about that you say "it'll be on"
Its a trip youre here today but the next day youre gone

One day youre here, baby
But then youre gone (repeat)

Bun B
This world we livin in man it aint nuthin but drama
Everyone wanna harm ya in New york niggas gettin shot fo bombers
Now they got yo life in the former they in like California
Niggas who roll that hydroponic-marijuana
Gangbangin got the ghetto hotter than a sauna
Back in Orange my nigga Pop died on the corner
Behind a funky-ass dice game
I saw once before he died wished it was twice mayn
I remember bein eight deep off in Chucky crib
Lettin us act bad not givin a ** what we did
When we lost him I knew the world was comin to the end
And I had to quit lettin that devil push me to a sin
My brother been in the pen fo damn near ten
But now it looks like when he come out man I'm goin in
So shit I walk around wit my mind blown in my own **in zone
Cause one day you here but the next day you gone

One day you here baby
But then youre gone (repeat)

Pimp C
I'm up early cuz aint enough light in the daytime
Smoke two sweets get in these streets out the pop up line
Peanut holder my boulders smolder on the PA pipes
Ak loader as I get swallowed under city lights
Niggas be lookin shife so I look shife back
Cant show no weakness in these streets you'll get yo life jacked
Mayn its a trip where i stay especially for me
This bitches tryin to lock me up for the whole century
They gave my boy down in Florida Dante 19
I wish that we could smoke again and take a tight lean
My world a trip you can ask Bun B bitch I aint no liar
My man RoRo jus lost his baby in a house fire
And then when I got on my knees that night to pray
I asked God why he let these killas live and take my homeboy's son away
Man if you got kids show em you love em cuz God jus might call em home
Cuz one day you here but baby the next day you gone



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