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Saturday, 19 August 2017
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Listen Rita Mahrani-Aşk Aşk Aşk


Solo (Segismundo Toxicómano)

Hermano, haznos un sitio en el mundo de las masas
Ke estamos aburridos de vivir ya de esperanzas
Parece por lo visto ke a nadie importa nada
Los ideales muertos son palabras

No es política el odio social
Es dignidad y rabia
No merece la pena escuchar una verdad a medias

Si estoy solo y no tengo a nadie
Si hago noche en los hospitales
Y hace tiempo ke llevo dentro
Trozos rotos de cristales.

Dame más, kiero más siempre más
Recuérdame ke pague

He aprendido como los demás
A hacerme un mundo aparte

Llevo tres noches con sus días sin dormir
Doy rienda suelta a mi cerebro y mi nariz
Se acaba el tiempo y lo tengo ke disfrutar
Por mi ke explote todo akí os vais a kedar

Voy sin remedio hacia mi destino
Ke explote todo!! Ke Explote todo!!

Kym Vies Snivat (Slovensko Hlada SuperStar)

Viem na vlastných nohách stáť
a nič nemám dávno sľúbené

Vždy sa dajú pozbierať
rozhádzané mince
zo zeme

Bez obáv
mňa nepoblázni žiaden dav
verím v múdrosť tvrdohlavých hláv

Kým vieš snívať tak mᚠnádej
hádam príde čo má prísť

Šťastie si ťa nájde
raz ho uvidíš

Kým vieš snívať tak mᚠnáskok
svoje túžby stále bráň

Skušaj kráčať s láskou a nebudeš viac
nikdy sám

Neviem hlúpo poslúchať
a žiť zo zvyku
vietor v krídlach ešte stále mám

Sem-tam zbieram zauchá
miesto dotyku
pre iných však niečo viac znamenám

(nie) Ďakujem
o ľútosť nemám záujem

Strácam pierka ale niečo viem

Kým vieš snívať tak mᚠnádej
hádam príde čo má prísť
šťastie si ťa nájde
raz ho uvidíš
kým vieš snívať tak mᚠnáskok
svoje túžby stále bráň
skúšaj kráčať s láskou
a nebudeš viac
nikdy sám

Nech príde sem prievan
tak ako dýcham
aj spievam
do žíl sa ti vlievam
čas dáva nam čas keď chceš niečo nájsť

Kým vieš snívať tak mᚠnádej...

kým vieš snívať tak maš nádej
hádam príde čo má prísť
šťastie si ťa nájde
raz ho uvidíš
kým vieš snívať tak maš náskok
svoje túžby stále bráň
skúšaj kráčať s láskou a nebudeš viac
nikdy sám
A nebudeš tu stáť...

viac sám

Buss My Gun (Bravehearts)

[NaShawn (chorus)]
Buss my guns for the one I love
I buss my guns for the one I love
I buss my guns for the one I love
I buss my guns for the one I love

[Verse 1]
Yo' do you wanna live or do you wanna die
I'll throw you off the bridge wit a bullet in ya eye
Like a river in tha sky, you'll be floatin in tha air
Got to see ur mother cry at the wake of tha year
I'll give her a hug and tell her be strong then
Smack her in tha face wit a fourty-four long
I know I be wrong, dats how I get it on
I hope yall acknowledge the hook on this song
I got macs and tecs, snug, revovlers, oozies
I got 'em, gauge no problem, calicos, AKs,357's
nine milly's trey aint send you to heaven
I gave my lady a 380, a 22, a two five, bitch went crazy
popin forever, one for all
BraveHearted we stand nigga ** all yall

[NaShawn (chorus)]
Buss my guns for the one I love
I buss my guns for the one I love
I buss my guns for the one I love
I buss my guns for the one I love

[Verse 2]
Yo' stop playin I'm layin for my dawgs
I would die for, cabbage patch this niggas
Souls in the sky more, shots rang, glocks bang,
Hot thangs, leave 'em wit his watch and rang
Stop and aim, I'm ? top soil get my rocks off
For my family, you a corpse, what you thought
For my seeds I even let the wrong man bleed
Sit there wit tha right one and give 'em three
See me, don't think cause I'm on tv
Dat a nigga won't massacre ya family
I love guns, and bustin 'em off for loved ones
Get it done, big or small one even for funds
I love cash, for loot, I kill yo' ass
Brains through tha roof of tha coupe
I watch the blood splash
And I hate most dudes dat aint my blood
and I buss my guns for the one I love

[NaShawn (chorus)]
Buss my guns for the one I love
I buss my guns for the one I love
I buss my guns for the one I love
I buss my guns for the one I love

[Verse 3]
I buss guns for the ones I love
I leave a nigga leakin for somethin
Them guns straight quicker and quicker
He seek its comin, my nigga jung
jumpin on niggas,da shells is dumpin
No fingerprints,shoot again these mutha**as don't make sense
sayin dat me and my niggas can't win, why
See tha guns pointed at ya face
Plus ya clique surrounded cause they fake
They die, see my attitude, bust a
mutha**a for food, now I'm mad at you
Hit you then I toss tha tool
Never sober, shoot niggas and run 'em ova
Gee Wiz, Bh, I'ma test a QB soldier
I run away wit yo' head in my arms
like ? them mutha**as take to tha streets
Them BraveHearts, shootin on these
mutha**in faggots
Go 'head nigga pull ya gun I'ma grab it then

[NaShawn (chorus)]
Buss my guns for the one I love
I buss my guns for the one I love
I buss my guns for the one I love
I buss my guns for the one I love

Afghan Gangsta (Afghan Pashtun)

"Afghan Gangsta"

I'm Afghan Gangsta from Afghanistan
I was raised along with RPG, wars and AK gun
Fought with every men who opposed me
The only thing I could see was being G
I ain't here to show off
But if I don't I'll be turned off
A lot of my men are killed or taken away
Occupiers never fight using bear-hand fight way
I know better what they up too
That's to destroy my Afghan crew
I see all this terrible scenes on the TV
I want to turn away so I don't see
But if do that I'd be off like others
I can't stand when they search my women
Nothing can be done coz they got tied up men
This tied up men are beaten up
Most of the time they under smaching up

My Block (Remix) (2Pac)

Police Dispatcher ..

He's headed out a window
The man with the bag is running like a son of a bitch
We have people with bags running across, running to the East River, the East River
And we have four people parking behind the eastern runway
(Ugh, take a ride, to my block (my block))
OK it looks good, your clear now
(That's right)
(We're on my mother** block)

[Verse 1]

They got a nigga, shedding tears
Reminiscing on my past fears
Cause shit was hectic for me last year
It appears that I've been marked for death
My heartless breath
The underlying cause of my arrest
My life is stressed
And no rest, forever weary
My eyes stay teary for all the brothers that are buried in the cemetery
Shit is scary, how black on black crime legendary
But at times unnecessary
I'm gettin' worried
Teardrops and closed caskets
The three strikes law is drastic
And certain death for us ghetto bastards
What can we do when we're arrested, but open fire?
Life in the pen ain't for me, cause I'd rather die
But don't cry through your despair
I wonder if the Lord still cares for us niggas on welfare
And who cares if we survive?
The only time they notice a nigga is when he's clutchin on a four-five
My neighborhood ain't the same
Cause all these little babies goin' crazy or they sufferin in the game
And I swear it's like a trap
But I ain't given up on the hood it's all good when I go back
Hoes show me love
Niggaz give me props
Forever hop, cause it don't stop
On my block


Maybe life is but a dream
Hard times is all we've seen
(On my Block)
Every block is kinda mean
But on our block we still plaaayyy
(My Block)
(Heh heh heh)
But on our block we still plaaayyy

[Verse 2]

Now shit's constantly hot, on my block
It never fails to be gunshots
Can't explain a mother's pain, when her son drops
Black males living in hell, when will we prevail?
Fearing jail but crack sales got me livin' well
In a sense I'm suicidal with this thug's life
Staying strapped forever trapped in this drug life
God help me, cause I'm starvin, can't get a job
So I resort to violent robbings, my life is hard
Can't sleep, cause all the dirt make my heart hurt
Put in work, and shed tears for my dead peers
Mislead from childhood where I went astray
Till this day, I still pray for a better way
Can't help but feel hopeless and heart broke
From the start I felt the racism cause I'm dark
Couldn't quit, the bullshit make me represent
Hit the bar and played the star everywhere I went
In my heart, I felt alone out here on my own
I close my eyes and picture home
On my block


Maybe life is but a dream
Hard times is all we've seen
(On my Block)
Every block is kinda mean
But on our block we still plaaayyy
(My Block)
(Heh heh heh)
But on our block we still plaaayyy

[Verse 3]

And I can't help but wonder whhyy
So many young kids had to die
Caught strays from AK's in a driveby
Swollen pride and homicide, don't coincide
Brothers cried for broken lives, mama come inside
Cause our block is filled with danger
Used to be a close knit community but now we're all total strangers
Time changes dust to stone, them crack pipes
All up and down the block exterminating black life
But I can't blame the dealers
My mama's welfare check, just bought the next man chrome wheels
Shit's real, I know ya feel, my tragedy
A single mother with a problem child, daddy free
Hanging out pickin up game, sippin cheap liquor
Gamin the hoochies hoping I can get to sleep with herrr
It's a man's world, staying strapped
Fantasies of a nigga livin phat, but held back
Pipe dreams can make the night seem hopeless
Wide eyed and losing focus
On my block


Maybe life is but a dream
Hard times is all we've seen
(On my Block)
(What's up to all the homies?)
Every block is kinda mean
(When I first got some pussy was when I got it was at 112th and 7th avenue)
(On my mother** block)
But on our block we still praaayyy
But on our block we still praaayyy

[Verse 4]

And block parties in the, projects
Lasting a way past daylight
A young nigga learned to break night
Used to play fight, with my homies but they stuck in the pen
I send them ends, but it's tough on a friend
In my mind, I see the same mother**ers ballin
Alcohol will make the lazy nigga slip and fall, miss his call
I know the young niggaz understand this
Growing up in this world where everything is scandalous
I reminisce on the fast times, past crimes
Trying to cop a slice of pizza with my last dime
Can't explain, just what attracts me to this dirty game
Gold chains, some extra change, and the street fame
And what's strange is everybody knows my name, swear they all know me
And lots of cash make a nigga change
I hit the green just to maintain
Feelin pain
For all the niggaz that I lost to the game
From my block

That's right

(Maybe life is but a dream)
(Hard times is all we've seen)
Rest in peace to all the mother**ers that passed away
From all the blocks where I'm from
(Every block is kinda mean)
(But on our block we still praaayyy)
112th st. and 7th ave. in New York uptown
(But on our block we still praaayyy)
You know what I'm saying
(But on our block we still praaayyy)
183rd and ?
My Block
That's right
(But on our block we still praaayyy)
127th and ... East Side
Kent Avenue, Baltimore
(But on our block we still praaayyy)
My Block
That's right
In the Jungle Marine City
(But on our block we still praaayyy)
That's my Block
That's right
Los Angeles
That's my block too
(But on our block we still praaayyy)
Can't forget Oaktown
(But on our block we still praaayyy)
That's my block for sure

And all the other blocks around this mother**er ...

Houston, Florida, St. Louis, Tennessee, Miami, Chicago
All y'all niggaz stay kicking up dust
Represent the mother** block

De caceria (Def Con Dos)

Ketchup de color de sangre,
carne picada devorada por el hambre,
rodajas de pepino, aros de cebolla,
carne de cañón que mastican las señoras.
Los viejos, los niños, los mozos y las novias,
muy entretenidos moviendo el bigote,
comiendo hamburguesas y helados de colores.
Hablan, mascan, se lanzan perdigones,
y rascan el cartón para ver si ha habido suerte,
y sale la cara del payaso sonriente.
Y toca menú con batido de regalo,
gorra de visera con su nombre bordado.
Ronald (McDonald) aplaude, también los camareros.
Todo es estupendo hasta que YO llego.
Porque hoy su destino tiene otro color:
El negro del acero de mi Kalashnikov.
AK-47: Odio y venganza de excombatiente.
Un arma en cada mano, granadas en el pecho
y en la cara pintados los colores del infierno.
No puedo ver a "Charlie" pero sé que me vigila
y también sé que esta gente es la culpable de mi ruina.
Con 30 balas por cargador hoy no seré yo el perdedor.
Y ya estoy de nuevo en el campo de batalla,
pero aquí es mucho mejor, porque nadie me dispara.
Apunto al montón, aprieto el gatillo
y escucho ráfagas mezcladas con gritos,
lamentos, lloros, alaridos.
Veo en el aire la estela del casquillo.
Los chorros de sangre, los cráneos abiertos
y las listas de precios salpicadas por sesos.
Unos se esconden, otros se escapan
y al final se resignan menos uno que me ataca.
Duran muy poco los héroes caseros.
¡Cuanto más se resisten más me divierto!
Mañana habrá luto en la oficina de correos.
Visto y no visto: cargadores vacíos
y cartas de póker para los caídos.
Resuenan sirenas en el fondo de la calle
y me acerco a una ventana pisando cadáveres.
Un megáfono me dice que me rinda.
Tendré que empezar a matar policías.
Y más munición, encenderme otro puro,
y buscar un rehén que me sirva de escudo.
Ha habido suerte, debajo de esa mesa
hay una embarazada haciéndose la sueca.
Y con ella delante nadie me dispara,
así que soy yo quien empieza a dispararles.
Caen fiambres sobre el asfalto.
Así ganan medallas los funcionarios.
¡ALTO! Que sin querer
he estrangulado a mi única rehén.
¡MALDICIÓN! ¡Menudo fallo!
Que ahora vienen a por mí los que visten como Rambo.
Un arma encasquillada y en la otra ni una bala
y gas lacrimógeno que cae por la ventana.
Les lanzo hamburguesas y pepinillos
y me acerco a la barra sorteando los tiros.
Pero se acabó, ha cambiado mi suerte.
Descubro un rayo láser posado en mi frente.
Apuro en el habano una última calada
y un 'Viet-Cong' me dice "sayonara".

És Mais Que Uma Mulher feat. Rita Reis (Boss Ac)

És mais que uma mulher, és uma santa,
Por mais palavras que use, nada adianta,
Tudo de bom em mim foste tu que ensinaste,
Deste o que tinhas, nunca cobraste.

Quantas vezes quis partir e acabei por ficar,
A última coisa que quero no Mundo é fazer-te chorar,
Sei que hás-de estar a meu lado quando mais ninguém estiver,
Darás o teu amor quando mais ninguém me quiser.

Sofro com os problemas dos outros, sou como tu!
Digo-te para não seres assim mas, sou como tu!
Acho que a tua bondade às vezes é um defeito,
Para veres alguém feliz és capaz de abdicar de um direito.

Tiras pão da tua boca se isso for preciso,
Foi por ti que se inventou o paraíso,
Não escutaste mas a tua sabedoria é infinita,
Nunca foi escrita, todos os dias é dita.

Bendita és tu, sozinha criaste uma família,
Cinco filhos homens e uma filha,
E dessa tua filha nasceu este teu neto,
Destes-nos amor, comida, educação e um tecto.

És mais que uma mulher para mim,
O meu amor por ti é incondicional, (incondicional)
(és mais que uma mulher para mim, és uma Santa!)
E quando mais ninguém me amar,
Sei que vais estar aqui para me abraçar.

Como podes ser tão frágil e ao mesmo tempo tão forte,
Não esperaste por ninguém, fizeste a tua própria sorte,
Admiro-te, admiro-te com todo o meu coração,
Não houve obstáculo algum que te desviasse da tua missão.

Dou por mim a queixar-me, mas depois lembro-me de ti,
Paro e penso e percebo que afinal eu nunca sofri,
Passaste por coisas que nem consigo imaginar,
E és tu que me fortaleces quando me sinto a fraquejar.

Foste mãe, foste pai, professora e amiga,
Tantos anos de fadiga, ainda assim és rapariga,
Linda e sempre o hás-de ser,
Tu sentes o que sinto sem ser preciso dizer.

Vou ao fim do Mundo, só para te ver sorrir,
E peço a Deus que nunca te venha a desiludir,
Eu amo-te do fundo do coração,
És mais que uma mulher, és uma santa!

És mais que uma mulher para mim,
O meu amor por ti é incondicional,
(és mais que uma mulher para mim, és uma Santa!)
E quando mais ninguém me amar,
Sei que vais estar aqui para me abraçar.

Menjaga Hati (Yovie & Nuno)

Masih tertinggal bayanganmu
yang telah membekas di relung hatiku
hujan tanpa henti seolah bertanda
cinta tak disini lagi kau telah berpaling

Biarkan aku menjaga perasaan ini
menjaga segenap cinta yang telah kau beri
engkau pergi aku takkan pergi
kau menjauh aku takkan jauh
sebenarnya diriku masih mengharapkanmu
ooh oooh

Masih adakah cahaya rindumu
yang dulu selalu cerminkan hatimu
aku takkan bisa menghapus dirimu
meskipun kulihat kau kini diseberang sana


Andai akhirnya kau tak juga kembali
aku tetap sendiri menjaga hati


Sejujurnya ak masih mengharapkanmu
oooh ooohh

Stranded On Death Row (Dr. Dre)

[Featuring Bushwick Bill Kurupt Rage RBX Snoop]
Intro: Bushwick Bill
Yes it is I says me
And although me
By morning three cause they're weak
Yes yo! I'm in the house now for sure
Because I wanna talk about the hearts of men
Who knows what evil lurks within them
But lets take a travel down the blindside
And see what we find on this...
Verse One: Kurupt
Stranded on Death Row, so duck when I swing my shit
I get rugged like Rawhead Rex with fat tracks that fits
The gangsta type, what I recite's kinda lethal
Niggaz know, the flow that I kick, there's no refill
I'm murderin niggaz, Yo, and maybe because of the tone
I kicks my grip, the mic and kick shit
Niggaz can't ** with
So remember I go hardcore, and slam
Nuff respect like a sensei, ba-bash like Van Damme
So any nigga that claim they bossin
What don't you bring your**on over to Crenshaw and Slauson
Take a walk through the hood, and we up to no good
Slangin on things like a real ho
G should, I'm stackin and mackin and packin a ten so
When you're slippin, I slip the clip in
But ain't no steady tripppin
Cause it's Death Row, rollin like the mafia
Think about whoopin some ass, but what the ** stoppin ya
Ain't nathin but a buster
I'm Stranded on Death Row for pumpin slugs in mother**ers
Now you know you're outdone
Feel the shotgun, Korrupt inmate cell block one
Verse Two: RBX
No prevention from this mention of sorts
Your're a victim, from my driveby of thoughts
No extensions, all attempts are to fail
Blinded by the light, it's time you learn braile
From the lunatic, I death like arsenic
When I kick up wicked raps
That the grain will hit the scratch
With treachery, my literary form will blast
And totally surpass the norm
Not a storm, plural, make it, many storms
When I'm vexed, I fly leg necks and arms
In this dimension, I'm the presenter
And the inventor, and the tormentor
Deranged, like the hillside strangler
MC mangler, tough like Wrangler
I write a rhyme, hard as concrete
Step to the heat and get burned like mesquite
So what you wanna do
The narrator RBX, cell block two
Verse Three: The Lady of Rage
Rage, lyrical murderer
Stranded on Death Row
And now I'm servin a lifetime sentence
There'll be no repentence
Since it's the life that I choose to lead
I plead guilty
On all counts let the ball bounce where it may
It's just another clip into my AK
Buck em down with my underground tactics
Facts and stacks of clips on my matress
Bed frame there's another dead pain
Layin lain with the shame, who's to blame
Me, the lady of Rage
On when I'm comin from the D-E-A-T-Hin
R-O-W takin, no shit
So flip and you're bound to get dropped
It's 187 on mother**ers don't stop
Handcuffed as I bust there'll be no debate
It's Rage, from cell block eight
Verse Four: Snoop Doggy Dogg
And yo steppin through the fog
And creepin through the smog
It's the number one nigga from the hood
Doggy Dogg
Makin videos, now I stay in Hollywood
Bustin raps for my snaps now they call me Eastwood
Dre is the doctor and my homey little nigga
Warren G is my hand and my hand's on the trigga
Shootin at the hoes with the game that I got
Sent to death row cause I wanted to make a quick one servin my rocks
And I'm still, servin for mines, peace
To my mother**in homies doin time
In the pen and the county jail
Mobbin with your blues on, mad as hell
And you say yeah ** the police
And all the homies on the streets is all about peace
And it's drivin the cops crazy
But ain't nuttin but a black thing bay-bee, uhhh
No I'm not flaggin, but I'm just saggin
I betcha don't wanna see the D-O double G
And you can't see, the D-R to the E
Or my mother**in homey D.O.C.
You know you can't ** with my mother**in DJ
That's my homey and we call him Warren G
Yeah, and you don't stop
Doggy Dogg break em down with the mother**in DoggPound
That's the only way we'll beat em man
We gotta smoke em, then choke em
Like the mother**in peter man
It's like three and to the two
And two and to the one
Cell block four peace Doggy Dogg's done
Outtro : Bushwick Bill
Yo, now you know the path I'm on
You think you're strong, see if you can travel on
Cause only the weak, will try to speak
Those who are quiet, will always cause riots
There's three types of people in the world
Those who don't know what happened
Those who wonder what happened
And people like us from the streets that MAKE things happen!

Corazón De Tiza (Radio Futura)

Y si te vuelvo a ver pintar
un corazón de tiza en la pared
te voy a dar una paliza por haber
escrito mi nombre dentro.

Tú lo has hecho porque ayer yo te invité
cuando ibas con tu amiga de la mano;
se acababan de encender todas las luces,
era tarde y nos reímos los tres.

Y si te vuelvo a ver pintar
un corazón de tiza en la pared
te voy a dar una paliza por haber
escrito mi nombre dentro.

Luego estuve esperándote en la plaza,
y las horas se marchaban sin saber qué hacer,
cuando al fin te vi venir
yo te llamé por tu nombre,
pero tú no dejaste de correr.

Y si te vuelvo a ver pintar
un corazón de tiza en la pared
te voy a dar una paliza por haber
escrito mi nombre dentro.

Me parece que aquel día tú empezaste a ser mayor
me pregunto ¿Cómo te han convencido a ti?.
¿Te dijeron que jugar era un pecado
o es qué viste en el cine algún final así?

Y si te vuelvo a ver pintarte los labios
y es que vas dando besitos por las paredes
y se te pone todo blanco, sí
se pone todo blanco, ei

se pone todo blanco y dime qué ves
lo pintas al derecho y lo pintas al revés
es el nombre de una artista
con su cara de revista
lo pintas primero y lo borras después
al revés dice Roma y al derecho dice amor
primero es el aroma y después la flor
pero luego todo el ramo yo te quiero, yo te amo
y me muero desespero y devoro mi sombrero.

Se llamaba Carmen, se llamaba Lola
se llamaba Juana, nunca estaba sola
se llamaba Rosarito, se llamaba Raquel
se llamaba Carlota y jugaba a la pelota
se llamaba Sofía, se llamaba Brigitte
se llamaba Rita y se hacía la bobita
se llamaba Jenna, se llamaba Marilyn
eres tú la más bonita, pastillita y a dormir.

Con olor de violeta, con olor de jazmín
si me das una peseta entrarás en el jardín
y verás todas las flores, mariposas de colores,
estrellitas en el cielo con guirnaldas en el pelo
y vapores de seda y fulgores de carmín
y te digo mi secreto que que si en un rincón te meto
y te tapo los ojos y contamos hasta diez
estás como en el cine y empezamos otra vez.

Que si te quieres venir conmigo al cine
de las sábanas blancas

porque te gusta estar escondida en lo oscuro
y es que vas dando besitos por las paredes.
Y si te vuelvo a ver pintarte los labios.

Y si te vuelvo a ver pintar
un corazón de tiza en la pared.

Y si te vuelvo a ver pintar
un corazón de tiza en la pared...



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