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Friday, 18 April 2014
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Listen Tommy jepisa


Swingin' (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

Well, she was standing by the highway
In her boots and silver spurs
Gonna hitchhike to the yellow moon
When a Cadillac stopped for her
And she said, "Hey, nice to meet you, are you goin' my way?"
Yeah, that's when it happened
The world caught fire that day

And she went down swingin'
Yeah, she went down swingin'

Well, she was over twenty-one
In trouble with the law
And it didn't faze her none
She called her mother-in-law
And said I need a little money
I knew I could count on you
After that night in Vegas
And the hell that we went through

We went down swingin'
Like Benny Goodman
Yeah, we went down swingin'

Moonlight on the interstate
She was 'cross the Georgia line
Looked out the window feeling great
Yeah, it had to come in time
And she said I'm never goin' back
She said at last I'm free
I wish ma could see me now, she'd be so proud of me

She went down swingin'
Like Glenn Miller
Yeah, she went down swingin'
Like Tommy Dorsey
Yeah, she went down swingin'
Like Sammy Davis
She went down swingin'
Like Sonny Liston

The Golden Age Of Grotesque (Marilyn Manson)

All our monkeys have monkeys
We drive our deathcrush diamond Jaguar limousines
We're not fantastic mother**ers,
but we play them on TV.
It's A Dirty Word Reich,
Say what you like.
It's A Dirty Word Reich,
Say what you like.
And we aim to depress
This is the Golden Age of Grotesque
And we aim to depress
This is the Golden Age of Grotesque
The devils are girls with Van Goh's missing ear
You say want you want but filth is all that they hear
And I've got the jigger
To make all of you bigger, so
"Ladies und Gentlemen...drop your pissroom bait
And make sure you're not late, you tramps and lunatics."
Here's A trick that's gonna make you
And we aim to depress
This is the Golden Age of Grotesque
And we aim to depress
This is the Golden Age of Grotesque
It's A Dirty Word Reich,
Say what you like.
It's A Dirty Word Reich,
Say what you like.
So my Bon Mots, Hit-boy Tommy Trons, Rowdy rowdies,
Honey-fingered Goodbye Dolls:
"Hellzapoppin, open your Third Nostril,
Put on your black face and your god is gone."
And we aim to depress
This is the Golden Age of Grotesque
And we aim to depress
This is the Golden Age of Grotesque
We sing:
La la la la lala la
We sing: la lal la la la
La la la la lala la
We sing:
La la la la la

Labels (The Genius/GZA)

Intro: RZA

Lot of people, you know what I'm sayin, they be gettin misinformed
thinkin everything is everything, that you could just get yourself
a little deal, whatever, youknowhatI'msayin you gonna get on you
gonna get rich. And all these labels be trying to lure us in like
spiders, into the web, knowhatI'msaying. So sometimes people gotta
come out and speak up, and let people understand, that you know you
gotta read the label you gotta read the label if you don't read the
label you might get poisoned...

Lyrics: Genius

TOMMY ain't my mother**in' BOY
When he fake moves on a nigga you employ
Well I'll EMIRGE off ya set, now ya know God damn
I show LIVIN LARGE niggaz how to flip a DEF JAM
And RUFF up the mother**in' HOUSE
Cause I smother you COLD CHILLIN' mother **ers are still WARNER BROTHERS
I'm RUTHLESS my clan don't have to act wild
That shit is JIVE, an old SLEEPING BAG/PROFILE
This soft comedian rap shit ain't the rough witty
On the reel to reel it wasn't from a TUFF CITY
Niggas be game, thinking that they lyrical surgeons
They know their mics are formed at VIRGIN
And if you ain't boned a mic you couldn't hurt a bee
That's like going to Venus driving a MERCURY
The CAPITOL of this rugged slang, is WU-TANG
Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game
I DEATH ROW an MC with mic cables
From EASTWEST to ATCO, I bring it to a NEXT PLATEAU
But I keep it phat though
Yo, I'm hittin' batters up with the WILD PITCH style
I even show an UPTOWN/MCA style
Who thought he saw me on 4TH & BROADWAY
But I was out on the ISLAND, bombing MC's all day
I bone the secret out a bitch in a sorority
So look out for A&M, the abbot and the master
Breakin' down your PENDULUM
As I fiend MC's out with a blow that'll numb the
a-ppendix, I'm holdin more more weight than COLUMBIA
Index INTERSCOPE, we RCA. clan
That's comin' with a plan to free a
slave of a mental death MC don't panic
Throw that A&R nigga off the boat in the ATLANTIC
Now who's the BAD BOY character, not from ARISTA
But firin' weapons released on GEFFEN
So duck as I struck with the soul of MOTOWN
You're Dirty, like that Bastard
It's gettin drastic

Read the label and say it loud
Another Wu banger
Thirty-six chambers, to your area
Yeah, the RZA, phat tracks on a disc
Rza razor rza razor sharp
Another Wu-Tang production kid, comin at ya

Grimey (Noreaga)

Yeah nigga - part four muh'**er
Thugged out nigga (Grimey)
Neptunes - nigga what nigga (Grimey)
Violator - nigga what nigga (Grimey)
This shit is serious - type serious (Grimey)
Uh, uh-uh, nigga what nigga (Grimey)
Uh, uh-uh, nigga what nigga (Grimey)
Uh, uh-uh, part four nigga (Grimey)
Yo, yo, yo

It's like **, it's King Tut jewelry, blind fury nigga
I smoke boogies, conspiracy theory
It's like I'm Malcolm, with just the X
These bitches swear they in love but it's just the X
Niggas act like, my coke ain't long in stress
Like I don't keep two shotguns, under my chest
I flip, obsolete see I'm the king of the streets
And show muh'**ers how to rhyme on Neptunes' beats
In Miami, Pun shoulda, won the Grammy
This year I'll bring the shit home to his family
Go 'head, and keep hatin, until you receive
Mad volts in your chest plate, hard to breathe
See you a hater like Star & Buc, nigga what
And ** Tommy Boy, them niggaz just suck
I'm the ultimate, gun on my dick, hoes swallow my spit
Wanna drink every bottle I sip

[Chorus: Pharrell Williams]
Nigga when that heat, is bustin off
And the ambulance come, and rush you off
And the witness like - we don't know dem boys
Me and my niggaz goin hey, hey, hey, hey-hey hey
Then we resume, hangin with stars
Then we live in fat houses and fat**cars
Then we drive and scream - nigga ** the law
Me and my niggaz goin hey, hey, hey, hey-hey hey

Yo, yo
I alternated with the greatest, upgraded my speech
We Violator violatin, y'all niggaz capiche?
It's unsafe like late night on (?) Beach
Drink some river ranches and get slurped at least
Let's have fun wit it, in the Bridge my niggaz dunn wit it
Niggaz had hit records, but we done did it
Pop a collar; see them chicks they like to holla N.O.!
You know them hoes already know they gotta swallow
Money like Nutty Professor - fat as **
Four gold albums; ain't none of it luck
Brad Pitt, Fight Club shit, **in you up
Since you, seem so tense release the mutts
I'm connected, the police release my cuffs
Call me Fillmore, naw nigga cause I'ma feel more
Nigga this my year, you gonna feel Nore
Money we got it but still try and feel more


[Bridge: Pharrell Williams (Noreaga)]
Type of niggarole, we must be dunns (Grimey)
Toothbrush shanks and rusty guns (Grimey)
Nigga get popped can't hush me son (Grimey)
Sellin everything 'til they cuff me dunn (Grimey)
93 Ac' ** a Range nigga (Grimey)
Saliva at the mouth of your chain nigga (Grimey)
Reynolds wrap, coke, and doo-rags (Grimey)
Never cleanin up, nigga screw that (Grimey)

You see we unbreakable, y'all niggaz is uncapable
We 2G nigga we use gats that's untraceable
Still smokin, and niggaz know how I do it
Keep big shanks, shit'll cut in half your Buick
Just me and shorty, late night in the park
And gettin so much brains I'm startin to feel smart
Off Beelzebub, feelin my love with cold heart
See these fake niggaz, my fists'll break niggaz
We switchin labels, now it's time to break niggaz
We switchin labels, now it's time to break niggaz


[Pharell Williams]
Hey, hey, hey, hey-hey hey


Violator - nigga what nigga (Grimey)
This shit is serious (Grimey)
(Grimey) (Grimey)
(Grimey) (Grimey)..

Keep On Keepin On (Tech N9ne)

You can pray and pray for my downfall
But when I rise like the sun and I ain't
**in with yaw and I'mma keep on,(oh),keepin on (oh) Keep on (oh) Holdin on (oh0

[Verse 1]
I hear'em whisperin in corners speakin dirty talk On us 'bout how we too grown that we unknowers and my persona is rock and rollish yo nigga told us every world that quoted said I wouldn't be the one who sewed it but ha we expoled
I'm that rap nigga that you heard with 2 pac, sole,lynch and bow Wake up show with King Tech and Sway,Yukemouth,Thicker than Water,Gang-Related
Eminem,Roger Trout,MC Ren,Nigga Spice One and Nem
Hit'em with a venom sit down kill'em when I spit
When I get a bit scrilla Tech is givin nigga's shit Love who love us but them plater hatin niggas better split It's never be another tecca nina when I quit You better kneal when you hear a nigga that's real I fell 18 when I bust from a grill because (If you keep it young) Yo song is always sung so street life taught me to keep'em sprung God sent me to kill lyrical scripts the miracle whipped you Demons and Haterz who tripped
Listen I really fell My villian T-Will when he spit
** dem and anybody they go get and shit

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 2]
When the storm comsumes all the sun and moonfall on you Sodom and gomorian Gregorian chanting ru pauls extreme case of blue balls cause you bang, got fruit all in his veins what I'm saying
Is I will reign murder you all in his name
Bismallah with a fist and a pistol I dismiss the kiss from a Hiss giver, wrist sliter, male bitch or witch with a twist a Glitch man abyss swimmer
Trick, i never slide never fall never fail never the devil side ever call never hell
But i got all these motha**as prayin for my downfall but orange means time to clown ya'll
Thanks to Jenny I get the message to many The circus is comin and gunnin with plenty I heard Vell Bakardi got a poster of me burnin to get his earnins concernin not I killed'em but he ain't learned Nigga youburn me with acid or in a fiery pit, you couldn't burn me in a volcano where lava is spit you, you couldn't burn me if you damed me to hell where sattan sit the only way that you can burn me is with yo bitch nigga

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3x]
Why don't you nigga's keep yo mouth shut without us you clouts suck you doubt us and get yo mouth bust we veterans and better than you young cheesy cheddar men bouncin cross the nation and you home watchin letterman I'm the nigga that got'em listenin and I know it's sickin to know i'm the nigga that got your girlies cuchie glistenin from listenin to my shit and when I get her for christenin she splits again cause I make her spit the Nitro glycerin I'm on you callin me a old negro but I don't know a young nigga that could hold me though, plus the dough below average and I hold the glow but they want me to fall so they can say I told you so
But if I multi punks would say I just lucked up Keep talkin that shit might getcha **ed up you some Jimmy Rucker Tommy Tucker type of motha**as
Glamorized and specialized in gettin butt **ed
Nigga's think they dope and they gon try check me
I'm here to let your**know you need to respect me Cause although you ain't sayin shit You gettin on my nerves I'mma keep on keepin on muh **a that's word

I Don't Give A ** (2Pac)

I don't give a **
They done push me to the limit the more I live
I might blow up any minute, did it again
Now I'm in the back of the paddy wagon
While this cops bragging about the nigga he's jackin
I see no justice
All I see is niggas dying fast
The sound of a gun blast
Then watch the hurst past
Just another day in the life 'G'
Gotta step lightly cuz cops tried to snippe me
The catch, they don't wanna stop at the brother man
But then they'll have an accident and pick up another man
I went to the bank to cash my cheque
I get more respect from the mutha-**in' dope man
The Grammy's and the American music shows pimp us like hoes
They got dough but they hate us though
You better keep your mind on the real shit
And ** trying to get with these crooked**hypocrites
They way they see it, we was meant to be keep down
Just can't understand why we getting respect now
Mama told me they're be days like this
But I'm pissed cause it stays like this
And now they trying to send me off to Kuwait
Gimme a break
How much shit can a nigga take
I ain't goin' nowhere no how
What you wanna throw down
Better bring your guns pal
Cuz this is the day we make 'em pay
** bailin' hate I bail and spray with my A-K
And even if they shoot me down
There'll be another nigga bigger
from the mutha-**in' underground
So step but you better step quick
Cause the clocks goin' tick and I'm sick of the bullshit
You're watching the makings of a physco-path
The truth didn't last
Before the wrath and aftermath
Who's that behind the trigger?
Who'd do yah figure!?
A mutha-**in night nigga
Ready to buck and rip shit up
I had enough and I don't give a **

Niggas!, isn't just the blacks
also a gang of mutha-**as dressed in blue slacks
They say niggas hang in packs and their attitude is shitty
Tell me, who's the biggest gang of niggas in the city
They say niggas like to do niggas,
Throw me in the cuffs with just two niggas
A street walkin' nigga and a beat walkin' nigga with a badge
I had to shoot yah and the pass for the blast take his cash
And bash his head in dump him at the dead in
And that's just his luck
Cause a nigga like me
don't really give a **

Walked in the store what's everybody staring at
They act like they never seen a mutha **er wearing black
Following a nigga and shit
Ain't this a bitch
All I wanted was some chips
I wanna take my business else where
But where?
Cause who in the hell cares
About a black man with a black need
They wanna jack me like some kind of crack fiend
I wonder if knows that my income is more than
His pension, salary and then some
Your daughter is my number one fan
And your trife**wife wants a life with a black man
So who's the mac in fact who's the black jack
Sit back and get fat off the fat cat
while he thinks that he's getting over
I bust a move as smooth as casanova
And count another quick meal
I'm getting paid for my traid but its still real
And if you look between the lines you'll find a rhyme
AS strong as a **in' nine
Mail stacked up niggas wanna act up
Let's put the gats up and throw your backs up
But the cops getting dropped by the gun shot
Usta come but he's done, now we run the block
To my brothers stay strong keep yah heads up
They know we fed up
But we they just don't give a **

They just don't give a **

I gotta give my ** offs

** you to the San FranCisco police department
** you to the Marin County Sheriff department
** you to the F.B.I
** you to the C.I.A
** you to the B-u-s-h
** you to the AmeriKKKa
** you to all you redneck prejudice mutha **as
And ** yah
** Y'all
Punk** sensitive little dick bastards
2paclypse mutha **in' know
Y'all can kiss my**and suck my dick
And my uncle Tommy's balls
** Y'all
Punks, punks, punks, punks, punks

Alone (Tommy Dorsey)

Alone with a sky of romance above
Alone on a night that was meant for love

There must be someone waiting
Who feels the way I do
Whoever you are, are you, are you...

Alone on this night that we two could share
Alone with your kiss that could make me care

And when you come I'll promise to be your very own

Alone with a heart meant for you

Mobsta's (Kool G. Rap)

I dreamed that I was at a club scene where all the thugs be
Every criminal mug be living in luxury what the ** G?
That must be Bugsy in the black tux over there with Lucky
Bring my heater niggaz might try to slug me
Take me out in back of the club and buck me and touch me
I felt a hand tug me then turnin around I peeped the lovely
Fly face fat**gave me a glass of bubbly said
"Compliments of Bugsy " then took me across the persian rug to plug me
He shook my hand and hugged me; thought he would do me ugly
but he dug me, pockets chubby said, "Nino where them drugs be?"
Over there by the derby, buy they dirty devils from me
to keep my paper sturdy, yo word G
I ain't afraid to get my hands dirty, you heard me?
I be D and ** all that living thirsty, so Nino
do his out in Jersey, showin no mercy, with Frank Nitty
who else and, some nigga with a Babyface that they called Nelson
Bad for your health, Machine Gun Kell' and your Dillinger
Death messenger, known to carry the six cylinder
Look for my army, fatigues to Giorgio Armani's
Holdin the Tommy, no one can harm me; Will and Tommy
tried to alarm me and quote, he turned to smoked salami
Dead as a mother**in zombie, full of my ammo
With Bugs Mirando, against the grain so, gotta send him
over the rainbow, he must be brain slow, caught him down
at the train po' in Santo Domingo, left him for dead
Two bullets in his Tango, like how that movie Shane go
Frank Costello, hostile fellow, he murders while remainin mellow
but most of the niggaz on his team was yellow
Cold blooded veins flowin with red Jell-o
There's Joe Adonis, had mad dramas, won't hesitate
to put you in pajamas, fly hooker fine as the Pocahontas
Beauty queen you'll wanta pok-her-hiendas
Frank broke a promise between the organized crimers and old timers
Costello gotta go six below, nobody voted no
to veto, so they hit him with a hollow torpedo
Up in his torso, he ain't a boss so, he can go
without ever lettin the whole police force know
Lex Diamond was scheamin on Capone's scroll
Wanted to own his whole zone, it leaked out
They shot him at a pay phone
with the big chrome, his whole wig blown
Blood flowin from out his flesh and bones
At the wake at the funeral home it's havoc
Family got hit up with automatics
Non-stop static inside the rackets
Jack McGern was burnin split Joe Adonis cabbage
The underworld was goin savage
Pretty Boy Floyd was non-void, unemployed, he destroyed shit
with the Infamous click, wasn't to be toyed with
Mad jealous of all the liquor sellers
Shinin with wine cellars, turn em from hood dwellers to Goodfellas
Me and Nitty was like bank tellers, nothin niggaz could tell us
We drove all over, I pushed a shiny yellow Testarossa
Moved on it closer get the toaster
Started to feel like death was closer, I hit Capone hard
Murder him and his bodyguard in they car and dust the chaffeur
Beef over, I blew him like a supernova
Niggaz nicknamed me, The Black Cobra
The Lady Casanova, yo I'm even deadly when I'm sober
Act like you got a chip on your shoulder
And blast the two right through your boulder
Money you didn't know they shoulda told ya
Nigga you **in with a soldier, wake up and smell the Folgers
Niggaz out here done lie in piss to cover up the odor
Operations from here to Minnesota to Dakota
But yo here comes Greasy Thumbs, who wants to get the easy funds
He whispered in my eardrum
"Let's take over the entire city, and split the dough
Me you and Frank Nitty and Siegel and that'll make the bank pretty"
No doubt before we go we gotta murder John Torre
Yo get all his territory dough and end the story yo

Come Kill Me (Cam'ron)

Yo Weez wasup man
Yo word man, you hear them niggas man,
them niggas is pussy man, word man
What happened? What happened?
Yo them niggas is dead man, we gon kill them niggas man
T-Today, I...
Straight like that today man
We gon murder them niggas man
Assed out man
I heard they do they thing though
Son don't worry about that man, we gon do our thing nigga
Yeah I'm feelin that let's go kill them niggas man
No doubt

You wanna kill me come and do it I don't give a **
Diplomats live it up, clak, clak, give it up

Yo check it out now, uh, yo, yo

[Verse 1]
Yo subliminal thoughts, 107th street, criminal court
Pissy drunk up in here, Gordon, Gin the court
It's like a biscuit, judging my dick though, case acquitted
When it's dough I do whatever it takes to get it
So, chain danglers, are in danger
When I skate wit ya ice like the Rangers, assume later
Boss bitch though, goin out like Tomb Raider
Booth razors, a few blazers, who raised him
He speak Eboni-, me and my goddaughter C-Hanni
Come through with the mean Tommy, ask you if you seen mommy
And she three feet behind me
Why my whole life is like the repeat of Gahndi
Me and G O D, from C O C, like got dough C O D
A S A P, A S A P
Play me, you crazy, and your mother**fat
So I laid her on her stomach bust your brothers on her back
Never rubber on or cap, I'm a raw specialist
Make me more devilish, me and my whores never kiss
Though, mother**er we was prone to die
Just my green top, yo we own inside, mother**er

You wanna kill me come and do it I don't give a **
Diplomats live it up, clak, clak, give it up
We gon ball till we fall, gon ride in the five
Keep pies in our eyes, stay high til we die
You wanna kill me come and do it I don't give a **
Diplomats live it up, clak, clak, give it up
We keep a clip in our shit, keep a brick on the trip
Keep a chick in the whip, gettin licked the six

[Verse 2]
Ayo they used to call me "Work Out"
Cuz before I brought my work out, I used to work out
Niggas wanna make deals, na na I want work out
Now murk out, before you get cursed out
Bangin they fun, same as the sun
Hidin from the church when you slang to the nuns
Chumps come through with giraffe and orangatang guns
Vetty vest, you petty theft, you seem soft
I'm seven judges up in Supreme Court
Mean thoughts all over a teen porch
Wait, don't have to tell you shit
Matter fact, pat him down, who the hell you wit?
Yo you wack money, wait around all day for pack money
Get a gold chain talkin bout you bout to have money
But everything's gonna to be all right, why
Cuz every ring's gonna be all ice and
You wanna kill me come and do it I don't give a **
Diplomats live it up, clak, clak, give it up


[Verse 3]
This nigga with the ice mug stuntin? [He won't bust nothing]
Yo, talkin bout he gon' touch somethin [He won't bust nothing]
Yo sayin that he too much frontin [He won't bust nothing]
Yo, he just a fake thug bluffin [He won't bust nothing]
And his man with the ice grill frontin [He won't kill nothing]
Yo, he outside with the mil frontin [He won't kill nothing]
Talkin bout he some real somethin [He won't kill nothing]
Sayin yo I'ma kill something! [He won't kill nothing]
Not a collecter of Picasso, but everybody in my scepter got dough
Neglect a rock row, go to charve and not dough ho
But Hector, Comancho, mi amigo rockin in the side bitch
?Maxin out to Marvin?, can't know it
That's why I keep the BLAM BLAM loaded
Club grand open, next week we grand close it, come and kill me

Get the ** outta here! This shit is **in closed!
Get the ** outta here mother**er I'll kill you!


Him Or Me (3rd Storee)

You have got me thinking
Something's going down
Cause lately here you aint been much around
You've been hanging out

Baby what's on your mind
Maybe some other guy
Girl it aint really about no mystery
Now it's really not hard to tell
It's just something that I can feel
And my honey aint being straight with me
Oh is it...

[3rd Storee]
1- Is it him or is it me
Tell me what's it gonna be
Think it's time you deal straight up
Get real, it's now girl or never

You say that I'm tripping
Play me like I'm wrong
Keep this up and I might be gone
Before we end this song

Baby what's up with you
Was you thinking that I'm your fool
Girl we gotta clear up this mystery
If you're gonna be down with me
Then you gotta be ‘round just me
Aint about to just let you dis on me
Oh is it...

Repeat 1 (2x)

Now it's now or never, I'm much too clever
Taking trips around the world it don't matter, whatever
The price may be, it's either him or me
It dress fresh at the toe in my latest Tommy
Laugh with you, he don't even walk with you
Talk with you, he don't do the things I do
Are for you, you know that my love is true
And I do anything you want me to come on

Repeat 1

What he got that I don't have
Do he do his thing do he ever make you laugh
Do he ever make you smile make you feel proud
Make you wanna put yo hands up scream loud
Why you wanna keep a brotha like D waiting, anticipating
While he out on the street mad playa hatin'
He steady stating, that you and him will be together
I guarantee you go with him you'll fall like a feather

Repeat 1 till end


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