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Saturday, 19 August 2017
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Listen Subhanallah Alhamdulillah ....


1924 (Soldier Of Allah)

The truth about the state
It wasn't always like this
Let us look back in time
History reminds us
One army
One land

One central authority
Crushing the romans
persians put in fear
The Ummah like a Lion
No need to shed a tear

When the village was attacked by the kufar
The Khalife heard
The sister cry &
Prepared for war
Attacking the city

Destroying it
from existence
Lesson # 1
Don't ever
Mess with Muslims

The Imam of the Ummah is a shield where he protects the Ummah and where the Ummah fights behind him
Where is this shield today to protect the Ummah?? What happen to this shield to honor and dignify the Ummah???
In 1917 Prime Minister of britain after entering Jerusalem stated the crusade war has ended
In the same year the french general, goro went to the grave of Salahudeen-Ayubi
Salahudeen-Ayubi, the one who 730 years prier crushed the crusades and liberated Palestine & Syria
he went to his grave in Damascus and kicked it and said wake up oh Salahudeen we hare here
How did they do this
to you and me
We turn on the TV
and all we see
is a world full of casualties
a generation in agony
our Ummah is in misery
let us go back
to beginning of the century
and review our history

from one side
to the other side of the globe
the system of Islam
Ruled over the world
They went to the Muslims
for the all their solutions
from mathematics to biology
to the advancements in technology

the kafir women
use to imitate our women
they wanted the same respect
that the Muslims sisters were given while the enemies of Islam
were trying to twist the Quran
trying to write a Surah like Allah s they all failed miserably
& many of them responded with Ashhadu -an la Ilaha Ilallah wa Ashhadu- anna Muhammadun rasullullah
Allah has challenged the humanity until the day of judgment to produce a Sura or an Aya like the Quran
And Allah assures that they will never be able to make an Aya like it
The kufar plan and work to destroy this Deen and Allah affirms that we too are planning
and if all the people of the world got together they still could not and will never be able to put even a scratch a side of a muster seeds on the throne of almighty Allah (SWT)

After failing on the battlefield
they kufar got together
and they decided to yield
they said we must change
the way the Muslims think
and sure enough

the Muslim Ummah
began to sink
In 1917 john belford
promised Palestine
to the jews 31 years later
his promise went through

brittan and france
split the Muslim lands
3 years later
Islam worst traitor
mustafa kamal
Brought the states fall

In 1920 s mustafah kammal with the help of the british becomes the hero
Hmm well this so-called hero cancels the authority of the most powerful system suitable for human beings
The khilafah!!!
he abandon all the rulings of Allah he did not stop there .
He banded the Adan in Arabic, he denied Muslim sister from obeying Allah (SWT) by abandoning the Hijab
All Islamic calendars and holidays were canceled
Yes brothers and sisters
he changes the Arabic alphabet to Latin
By doing so he made sure the next generation will be lost and have no connection to their Islamic roots
as they can not read or write all the Islamic culture that was recorded
This Islamic system sent by the Creator of alameen went from the application in life to be in museums for people to go and see in turkeyIn 1924
Our state was demolished
Hundred years of planning And their plans were accomplished
Kafirs broke our bond
Contaminated our knowledge
Better listen up
because you won't learn this in college
Beginning of the end
and the divisions began
Step by step
they divided our lands
in 1921 saudi arabia & iran next year egypt &
In 32 iraq
In 1945
jordan indonesia
Lebonen & syria
Two years later
The division of India
the Muslims took a stand
and demanded
the ruling of Islam
so they gave them pakistan
but it was only an illusion a false resolution
far from the solution
In 1948 The Jews establish their
israeli state

In 1901 the kufar went to Sultan Abdull Hamid the II and offered to pay tremendous amount of money to the Islamic State for Palestine. Sultan Abdull Hamid the II replied:
I am not going to give one inch of Palestine to the jews as Palestine is not mine give but it belongs to the Ummah and Ummah have shed blood to defend this land but if one day the Islamic State falls apart then you can have Palestine for free but as long as I am alive I would rather have my flesh be cut up then cut out Palestine from the Muslim land I will not allow any carving up while we are alive!!!!!

In 1960's
somolia & nigaria
kuwait & algeria
In 1964 Came the PLO
yasar arafat
The us scarecrow
a great declined
In 1969
When the west was training Muslims scholars for hire
Jews were setting
Al-Aqsa mosque on fire!
Let us recall 1970
For those who don't remember
That was the year
That we had black September
The king of jorden
& yaser arafat
Began their plot
Shot after shot
Muslim blood spilled
As innocent Muslims were killed
Communism attacked
but Muslims fought back

The sincere Mujahideen of Afghanistan fought and pushed back the Russians
and then They started to fight among themselves
Khomaine became in power with the promise of ruling and raising the Ummah to a level of dignity
But his promise never went through soon after iran and iraq went to war
And millions of innocent Muslims died for 10 years Muslims killing Muslims
Over what!!!??? What else !!! the agenda of the west!!! at the end there were no resolution
Today iran is very much open to democracy and reformation
and the Muslims in iraq continue to suffer .
SubhanAllah! . where is the Amir of the Ummah??!!!! ..

Another decade gone
But we still don't have Islam
Take a look at the gulf
And the killings of sadam
Over million Muslims died
But no one answered their cries
In the 1990's
The Muslim genocide

Bring back Islam!
Bring back Islam!
Bring back Islam!
Bring back Islam!

It s year 2000
And nothing has changed
Past generation has aged
Let us write the next page
It s time for us to change
It s up to you & me
Either we make history
or we become history

Nikmat-Mu (Zikraa)

Tiada kata secantik bahasa
Untukku tutur tanda syukur
Kering lautan menjadi dakwat pena
Namun tak sudah tak terhingga

Tapi ianya mesti dizahirkan
Sebagai tanda terima kasih
Dengan ucapan dengan perbuatan
Hati bersyukur dan berserah

Ucapan di bibir Alhamdulillah
Perbuatanmu di jalan Allah
Nikmat diterima kau **ng untuknya
Mengabdi diri berbakti dengan manusia

Sungguh-Mu Tuhan tiada tandingannya
Pemurah-Mu tak kira siapa
Hatta mereka yang menderhaka
Yang bertaqwa nikmat tidak terhingga

Malunya daku pada-Mu Rabbi
Nikmat kau beri tidak terperi
Amal diriku cuai dan lalai
Namun harapku tetap tinggi

Lagu : Kamal Halim
Lirik : Monaz
Solo : Hasnul Jamal
Hakcipta : Marzuq Prod.
Lirik Nasyid...Hayati...Insafi...Diri...
Mahu Lagi? Layari...http://wewr.cjb.net

Tell Shorty (Too Phat)

Tell shorty I love her
Tell shorty I need her
Tell shorty not to cry
My love for her
Will never die

Verse 1 [Malique]
Remember Jenny?
The witch who
Really drove me delirious
And ever since
I never took a gurlie serious
Well I was heartbroke
And straight up revengeful
Looked up in the mirror
Saw some playa' potential
I started workin' out
Just like a mad man
Learned some rap slang
Even started off a rap band
I called it Too Phat
Now anybody heard of 'em?
I don't know why
But some gurlies
Are crazy over 'em
The story goes
I met all kinds of creatures
Some dime pieces
Some fly chicks wit' fine features
Some were ugleeeh
Some were so so
But the "hey, he's just a friend" type
Is a no no
'Cause through experience
It's not worth it
It's uncool
And any guy
Who fights over a gurlie
Is a dumb fool
You feelin' me?
This little Bill Bellamy
Now all the shorties
Wanna chill with me
I was like
Damn, I never felt great till lately
Makin' all the gurlies
Who date me
Hate me
And usually I'll be gettin'
Those who I planna'
Except for two model chicks
Noarlene and Hannah
But then aaa
I had Nana, Nini, Susan
Make 'em fall in love
And at the end
I confuse 'em
I get bored
And dump 'em
No reason gave
Just get a friend to go tell 'em
This what I said
Now lie it...

Tell shorty I love her
Tell shorty I need her
Tell shorty not to cry
My love for her
Will never die

Verse 2 [Joe Flizzow]
Yo, I ain't never been the type
To break a woman's heart
But sometimes
I sing 'em this song
When it's time to part
When it's time to go
No you can't be with Big Joe
I tell 'em trust me girl
In due time you'll know
Rather break if off early
Before they in too deep
Before I lose interest
Before I start to cheat
See I don't like that
I play my game
With some respect cat
Leave 'em still loving me
So later still can tap that
Some szex with the ezex
No strings attzached
Y'all playaz feeling me?
See I like dzat
These o's think
I'm a celebrity?
And I'm gonna
Write them a song
On my next CD
Well you right 'cause
This song is about you B
Or how it's about to be
I love you girl
But it ain't meant to be
I know that don't make sense
I took your innocence
Babe I promise that
We'll still be friends... What
Might be a lame
And cowardly reason
To get away
But I got that ish
A lot way back in the day
Ain't gon' lie say
I ain't never got played
Ask my homie K-Laid
I've been down
And been betrayed
We called 'em the ish
That's every man's unicorn
The one that got away
Left you with your heart torn
But know I'm on my feet
Life is sweet lets get in on
And when it's time to exit
That's it
Peep this song
I'm sorry shorty...

Chorus (2x)
Tell shorty I love her
Tell shorty I need her
Tell shorty not to cry
My love for her
Will never die

Please don't tell my shorty why
Please don't tell her it's a lie
Tell her that she's still a dime
Yeah that's why she can't be mine
Baby bye bye hugs and kisses
Fly lies, love and misses
You can't be my Mrs.
So goodbye!

Verse 3 [Malique]
Yo, whuttup cheeky
I'm Liquey
A tad picky
Specialize in heartbreaks
And 2 inch hicky
That's how I picked up
This curly chic Asha
Last year
Walked passed her
At Mc D's at the cashier
Nearly crashed her
Didn't know she had a man
Till this dude called me up
I said, "I'm just a friend!"
Then I met this really cute thang
Sarah, a VJ
The problem is she in Jakarta
Me in PJ
Came Catherine, a model
A stunning looker
When she caught me
With her bestfriend Luna
It shook her
Luca, Stephanie, Daphne, Janice
Rachel, Kimmy was the president's niece
To all the hearts that I broke on tour
At least 5 in Indo
And 4 in Singapore
But back home
You know I got scores for sure
Just tell me
What type you lookin' for
I had a chick in showbiz
She liked to slow kiss
But I dumped her
She had halitosis
Hana, a half Japanese chick
Friends with Shukri
Bed wrecker
Made me go "Yukkuri, yukkuri!"
Cookery expert
MILF named Yuzi
Chilled wit' her two kids
In their jaccuzi
The Jaguar chick
I met at the red lights
Gimme ten seconds flat
Imma get my mack right
Now the list it goes on
Till the break of dawn
Yeah I'm strictly white lyin'
When I'm singin' this song
Young playaz sing along
To shoo pigeons
Who either plain wack
Or love you
For wrong reasons
Like the chicks
Who only want me
Cause I'm po**r
Not because that I'm simply
A fly fella'
So to all the hearts I broke
I mean many
Don't blame it on me honey
Blame Jenny...

Tell shorty I love her
Tell shorty I need her
Tell shorty not to cry
My love for her
Will never die

Verse 4 [Joe Flizzow]
I'm lookin' for a ride or die chick
Down *** chick
That drive her own whips
Had Monique
Fly trick
Used to buy me force kicks
Loved to watch pawn flicks
But couldn't really suck it
Had to kick her out quick
Met a half Latin chick in Ipoh
Her mom was from Rio
Company CEO
But damn she had BO
Adios senorita
Then I met Anita
But messed around with Rita (Ain't that her sista?)
I'm the type of kid
That could give Stella
Her groove back
Never drop corny lines like
"Baby, you're Too Phat"
Don't do that
I drop conversations worthwhile
That stimulate minds
And tend to generate smiles
Operate with style
How I do is hard to say
Call me Big J
Hugh Heffner protegee
See I ain't met a girl
That could get down with me
And blow my mind
That's why I still
Play around you see?
Ya'll think
I got a thing for flings?
Well you wrong
See until I meet
The girl of my dreams
I'll keep my game strong
Keep my game fly
Keep telling white lies
Never deal with a trick
To say my bye bye's
Somebody please tell shorty
That it's over
Somebody go tell shorty
That I love her
This is for the better
Believe my story
It ain't you
It's me shorty
Believe I'm sorry
C'mon now...

Tell shorty I love her
Tell shorty I need her
Tell shorty not to cry
My love for her
Will never die

Astaghfirullah (Istighfar) (Opick)

Laa ilahaa'illa anta
Ya hayyu ya qoyyum
Subhanallah wabihamdihi
Subhanallah hiladzim

Kubuka jendela pagi di udara yang letih
Deru geram nyanyian jaman
Bersama berjuta wajah kuarungi mimpi hari
Halalkan segala cara untuk hidup ini

Nafsu jiwa yang membuncah
Menutupi mata hati
Seperti terlupa bahwa nafaskan terhenti

Astaghfirullah,astaghfirullah,astaghfirullah, aladzim 2x

Kubuka jendela pagi dan dosapun menghampiri
Suara jerit hati kuingkari

La ilaha illa anta ya
Subhanaka inni kuntu

My Mother (Yusuf Islam , Friends & Child)

(Teacher): “The Prophet Muhammad (sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam) told us that we must obey Allah and His messenger at all times. But who else did he tell us to listen to, and be close to?

(Children): “My Mother!”

Who should you give your love to?
Your respect and your honour to?
Who should you pay good mind to - after Allah,
And Rasullullah?
Comes your Mother,
Who next? Your Mother
Who next? Your Mother
And then you Father

Cause who used to hold you
And clean you and clothe you?
Who used to feed you
And always be with you?
When you were sick, stay up all night,
Holding you tight?
That’s right no other, your Mother

Who should you take good care of,
Giving all your love?
Who should you think the most of - after Allah
And Rasullullah?
Comes your Mother,
Who next? Your Mother
Who next? Your Mother
And then you Father

Cause who used to hear you
Before you could talk?
Who used to hold you
Before you could walk?
And when you fell, who’d pick you up?
Clean your cut?
No one but, your Mother, your Mother

Who should you stay right close to?
Listen most to?
Never say no to – after Allah
And Rasullullah?
Comes your Mother,
Who next? Your Mother
Who next? Your Mother
And then you Father

Cause who used to hug you
And buy you new clothes?
Comb your hair and blow your nose?
And when you cried who wiped your tears?
Knows your fears? Who really cares?
Your Mother

Say Alhamdulillah,
Thank you Allah
Thank You Allah for my Mother

Syukur (Alhamdulillah) (Ungu)

Slalu ku sakiti Engkau dengan dosaku
Ku balas segala kebaikan-Mu dengan kekurangan

Tiada pernah ku menyadari semuanya
Bahwa nafas yang ku hirup adalah kuasa-Mu

Alhamdulillah ku syukuri semua
Terima kasihku Yaa Allah atas indahnya hidup
Alhamdulillah ku syukuri semua
Terima kasih ku Yaa Rabbi atas rahmat dalam hidupku

Selalu ku tingalkan Engkau dengan khilafku
Ku balas segala kemurahan-Mu dengan keburukkan

Ghamdi (Shiekh Said Al)

Alif, Laam, Miim.
Ini ialah ayat-ayat Kitab (Al-Quran) yang mengandungi hikmat-hikmat dan kebenaran yang tetap kukuh,
Menjadi hidayah petunjuk dan rahmat bagi orang-orang yang sedia mengerjakan amal-amal yang baik
Iaitu orang-orang yang mendirikan sembahyang, dan memberi zakat, serta mereka yakin tentang adanya hari akhirat.
Mereka itulah yang tetap mendapat hidayah petunjuk dari Tuhan mereka, dan merekalah orang-orang yang berjaya.
Dan ada di antara manusia: orang yang memilih serta membelanjakan hartanya kepada cerita-cerita dan perkara-perkara hiburan yang melalaikan; yang berakibat menyesatkan (dirinya dan orang ramai) dari ugama Allah dengan tidak berdasarkan sebarang pengetahuan; dan ada ** orang yang menjadikan ugama Allah itu sebagai ejek-ejekan; merekalah orang-orang yang akan beroleh azab yang menghinakan.
Dan apabila dibacakan kepadanya ayat-ayat Kami, berpalinglah dia dengan angkuhnya, seoleh-oleh ada penyumbat pada kedua telinganya; maka gembirakanlah dia dengan balasan azab yang tidak terperi sakitnya.
Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal soleh, mereka akan beroleh Syurga yang penuh dengan berbagai nikmat,
kekalan mereka di dalamnya. Demikian dijanjikan Allah - janji yang tetap benar; dan Dia lah jua yang Maha Kuasa, lagi Maha Bijaksana.
Ia menciptakan langit dengan tidak bertiang sebagaimana yang kamu melihatnya; dan Ia mengadakan di bumi gunung-ganang yang menetapnya supaya bumi itu tidak menghayun-hayunkan kamu; dan Ia biakkan padanya berbagai jenis binatang. Dan Kami menurunkan hujan dari langit, lalu Kami tumbuhkan di bumi berbagai jenis tanaman yang memberi banyak manfaat.
Ini (semuanya adalah) ciptaan Allah, maka cubalah kamu tunjukkan kepadaKu apakah yang telah diciptakan oleh makhluk-makhluk yang lain daripadaNya (yang kamu sembah itu)? (Tidak ada sesuatu pun) bahkan orang-orang yang zalim (dengan perbuatan syiriknya) itu berada dalam kesesatan yang jelas nyata.
Dan sesungguhnya Kami telah memberi kepada Luqman, hikmat kebijaksanaan, (serta Kami perintahkan kepadanya): Bersyukurlah kepada Allah (akan segala nikmatNya kepadamu)". Dan sesiapa yang bersyukur maka faedahnya itu hanyalah ter**ng kepada dirinya sendiri, dan sesiapa yang tidak bersyukur (maka tidaklah menjadi hal kepada Allah), kerana sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kaya, lagi Maha Terpuji.
Dan (ingatlah) ketika Luqman berkata kepada anaknya, semasa ia memberi nasihat kepadanya:" Wahai anak kesayanganku, janganlah engkau mempersekutukan Allah (dengan sesuatu yang lain), sesungguhnya perbuatan syirik itu adalah satu kezaliman yang besar".
Dan Kami wajibkan manusia berbuat baik kepada kedua ibu bapanya; ibunya telah mengandungnya dengan menanggung kelemahan demi kelemahan (dari awal mengandung hingga akhir menyusunya), dan tempoh menceraikan susunya ialah dalam masa dua tahun; (dengan yang demikian) bersyukurlah kepadaKu dan kepada kedua ibubapamu; dan (ingatlah), kepada Akulah jua tempat kembali (untuk menerima balasan).
Dan jika mereka berdua mendesakmu supaya engkau mempersekutukan denganKu sesuatu yang engkau - dengan fikiran sihatmu - tidak mengetahui sungguh adanya maka janganlah engkau taat kepada mereka; dan bergaulah dengan mereka di dunia dengan cara yang baik. Dan turutlah jalan orang-orang yang rujuk kembali kepadaKu (dengan tauhid dan amal-amal yang soleh). Kemudian kepada Akulah tempat kembali kamu semuanya, maka Aku akan menerangkan kepada kamu segala yang kamu telah kerjakan.
(Luqman menasihati anaknya dengan berkata): "Wahai anak kesayanganku, sesungguhnya jika ada sesuatu perkara (yang baik atau yang buruk) sekalipun seberat bijih sawi, serta ia tersembunyi di dalam batu besar atau di langit atau pun di bumi, sudah tetap akan dibawa oleh Allah (untuk dihakimi dan dibalasNya); kerana sesungguhnya Allah Maha Halus pengetahuanNya; lagi Amat Meliputi akan segala yang tersembunyi.
"Wahai anak kesayanganku, dirikanlah sembahyang, dan suruhlah berbuat kebaikan, serta laranglah daripada melakukan perbuatan yang mungkar, dan bersabarlah atas segala bala bencana yang menimpamu. Sesungguhnya yang demikian itu adalah dari perkara-perkara yang dikehendaki diambil berat melakukannya.
"Dan janganlah engkau memalingkan mukamu (kerana memandang rendah) kepada manusia, dan janganlah engkau berjalan di bumi dengan berlagak sombong; sesungguhnya Allah tidak suka kepada tiap-tiap orang yang sombong takbur, lagi membanggakan diri.
"Dan sederhanakanlah langkahmu semasa berjalan, juga rendahkanlah suaramu (semasa berkata-kata), sesungguhnya seburuk-buruk suara ialah suara keldai".
Tidakkah kamu memperhatikan bahawa Allah telah memudahkan untuk kegunaan kamu apa yang ada di langit dan yang ada di bumi, dan telah melimpahkan kepada kami nikmat-nimatNya yang zahir dan yang batin? Dalam pada itu, ada di antara manusia orang yang membantah mengenai (sifat-sifat) Allah dengan tidak berdasarkan sebarang pengetahuan atau sebarang petunjuk; dan tidak juga berdasarkan mana-mana Kitab Allah yang menerangi kebenaran.
Dan apabila dikatakan kepada mereka (yang ingkar): "Turutlah akan apa yang telah diturunkan oleh Allah" mereka menjawab:" (Tidak), bahkan Kami hanya menurut apa yang Kami dapati datuk nenek kami melakukannya". Patutkah mereka (menurut datuk neneknya) sekalipun Syaitan mengajak mereka itu (melakukan perbuatan yang menjerumuskan mereka) ke dalam azab api neraka yang marak menjulang?
Dan sesiapa yang berserah diri bulat-bulat kepada Allah (dengan ikhlas) sedang ia berusaha mengerjakan kebaikan, maka sesungguhnya ia telah berpegang kepada sim**n (tali ugama) yang teguh dan (ingatlah) kepada Allah jualah kesudahan segala urusan.
Dan sesiapa yang kufur ingkar, maka janganlah engkau (wahai Muhammad) berdukacita tentang kekufurannya itu; kepada Kamilah tempat kembalinya mereka, kemudian Kami akan memberitahu kepada mereka tentang apa yang mereka telah kerjakan. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui akan segala (isi hati) yang terkandung di dalam dada.
Kami akan berikan mereka menikmati kesenangan bagi sementara (di dunia), kemudian Kami akan memaksa mereka (dengan menyeretnya) ke dalam azab yang amat berat.
Dan sesungguhnya jika engkau (wahai Muhammad) bertanya kepada mereka (yang musyrik) itu: "Siapakah yang menciptakan langit dan bumi?" Sudah tentu mereka akan menjawab: "Allah". Ucapkanlah (wahai Muhammad): "Alhamdulillah" (sebagai bersyukur disebabkan pengakuan mereka yang demikian - tidak mengingkari Allah), bahkan kebanyakan mereka tidak mengetahui (hakikat tauhid dan pengertian syirik).
Allah jua yang memiliki segala yang ada di langit dan di bumi; sesungguhnya Allah Dia lah jua yang Maha Kaya, lagi sentiasa Terpuji.
Dan sekiranya segala pohon yang ada di bumi menjadi pena, dan segala lautan (menjadi tinta), dengan dibantu kepadanya tujuh lautan lagi sesudah itu, nescaya tidak akan habis Kalimah-kalimah Allah itu ditulis. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kuasa, lagi Maha Bijaksana.
(Bagi Allah Yang Maha Kuasa) soal menciptakan kamu semua (dari tiada kepada ada), dan soal membangkitkan kamu hidup semula sesudah mati, tidak ada apa-apa sukarnya, hanyalah seperti (mencipta dan menghidupkan semula) seorang manusia sahaja. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mendengar, lagi Maha Melihat.
Tidakkah engkau memerhatikan bahawa Allah memasukkan malam pada siang dan memasukkan siang pada malam (silih berganti), dan Ia memudahkan matahari dan bulan (untuk faedah makhluk-makhlukNya)? Tiap-tiap satu dari keduanya beredar untuk suatu masa yang telah ditetapkan. Dan (ingatlah) sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui dengan mendalam akan apa yang kamu lakukan.
Bersifatnya Allah dengan penuh kekuasaan dan luas ilmu pengetahuan itu kerana bahawasanya Allah Dia lah sahaja Tuhan Yang Sebenar-benarnya, dan bahawa segala yang mereka sembah selain dari Allah adalah palsu belaka. Dan (ingatlah) sesungguhnya Allah Dia lah Yang Maha Tinggi keadaanNya, lagi Maha Besar (kekuasaanNya).
Tidakkah engkau memerhatikan bahawasanya kapal-kapal belayar di laut dengan nikmat Kurnia Allah, untuk diperlihatkan kepada kamu sebahagian dari tanda-tanda kemurahanNya? Sesungguhnya yang demikian itu mengandungi keterangan-keterangan dan bukti (untuk berfikir) bagi tiap-tiap (mukmin) yang tetap teguh pendiriannya, lagi sentiasa bersyukur.
Dan (orang-orang yang tidak bersifat demikian) apabila mereka dirempuh serta diliputi oleh ombak yang besar seperti kelompok-kelompok awan menyerkup, pada saat itu mereka semua berdoa kepada Allah dengan mengikhlaskan kepercayaan mereka kepadaNya semata-mata. Kemudian bila sahaja Allah menyelamatkan mereka ke darat maka sebahagian sahaja di antara mereka yang bersikap adil (lalu bersyukur kepada Allah serta mengesakanNya). Dan sememangnya tiada yang mengingkari bukti-bukti kemurahan Kami melainkan tiap-tiap orang yang bersifat pemungkir janji, lagi amat tidak mengenang budi.
Wahai sekalian manusia, bertaqwalah kepada Tuhan kamu, dan takutilah akan hari (akhirat) yang padanya seseorang ibu atau bapa tidak dapat melepaskan anaknya dari azab dosanya, dan seorang anak ** tidak dapat melepaskan ibu atau bapanya dari azab dosa masing-masing sedikit pun. Sesungguhnya janji Allah itu adalah benar, maka janganlah kamu diperdayakan oleh kehidupan dunia, dan jangan ** kamu diperdayakan oleh bisikan dan ajakan Syaitan yang menyebabkan kamu berani melanggar perintah Allah.
Sesungguhnya di sisi Allah pengetahuan yang tepat tentang hari kiamat. Dan Dia lah jua yang menurunkan hujan, dan yang mengetahui dengan sebenar-benarnya tentang apa yang ada dalam rahim (ibu yang mengandung). Dan tiada seseorang pun yang betul mengetahui apa yang akan diusahakannya esok (sama ada baik atau jahat); dan tiada seorangpun yang dapat mengetahui di bumi negeri manakah ia akan mati. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui, lagi Amat Meliputi pengetahuanNya.

Hanya Pada-Mu (Zikraa)

Allahu Allah ampunilah kami
Pimpinlah kami ke jalan yang Engkau redhai
Hamba yang lemah dengan dunia
Kurniakanlah taufiq hidayah menghadapinya

Hanya pada-Mu kami serahkan
Tiap sesuatu Tuhan kuasa menentukan
Dengan ucapan Alhamdulillah
Kami bersyukur kerana beriman
Kehidupan ini penuh ujian
Nikmat dunia yang mengasyikkan melalaikan
Selamatkanlah agama kami
Peliharalah amalan kami iman kami
Dari duniawi
Allahu Allah

Lagu : Kamal Halim
Lirik : Kamal Halim
Solo : Hairul Anwar Ali
Hakcipta : Marzuq Prod.

Anak Ayam (Freak To The Beat ) (Too Phat)

( Verse 1 )
( Malique )
Now Imma kick a lil' som'n funky for the fellas
And all them phat ladies who been actin overzealous
That tell us that Whutthadilly? was really the best one
And they could hardly wait to check out the next
So i bless 'em wit this phat verse fatter than tractors
A kiddy kinda voice a contributory factor
On how i let my phat words affect the fat gurls
They start moonwalkin' backwards until they back hurts
Now check this hella fancy you in a frenzy
And how you and your frens be, jumpin' like chimpanzees
I know our fans be wantin' us back so bad
So Imma kick a track and let you lay back and check
This easy playa, songs you bump to on your CD player
Tiggedy tellin' all the sleazy, cheesy haters see ya later
Gimme' the piece fo paper with the funky ball point pen
Some people they ready to battle but to busy to make an appointment
Oink oink man just take a look at the biggy phat wanna be tupac
He hattin' me up the rooftop cause my group is too hot
Your crew not, some fool said that my music abusive
Just like this but now youthink my coo’ish amuses
0, 1, 2-0, 1-2 is how we do
We make the crowdthe rowdy rowdy hooooo

( chorus )
wo-o-oh Malique and Joe again
They on the radio wo-o-oh
Blastin thru your fat momma’s stereo-o-oh
Don’t wake your neighbors you gotta keep it
Low-o-oh wo-o-oh wo-o-oh
To all the playaz in the club, freak freak to the beat
All the honeyz show me love, freak freak to the beat
Everybody throw it up, freak feak to the beat
Freak freak freak to the beat

( verse 2 )
(Joe Flizzow)
Biggedy back up in this b’nez again ya dream womans dream man
The type that ain’t gotta open doors and hold hands
To show love but I get down for sure love, ya know love
Neva hold off on gracious boos, that’s unheard off
WORD ain’t it never or ever occured
I be pullin’ stunts they kinda crazy and absurd
Joe Flizzow, Malique clockin’ boos in scoo’s and herds
When I’m grabin’ microphones they grabbin’ my shirt
We contemplating sometimes we complicatin’
Amazin’ phrasing got ya gazin tryina be chasin’ the Dragon
They call me Joe dragon and I don’t mean to brag on
But Jzow got this hands on experience
To make ya hunny
Got delirious
I’m seriously silly so Whutthadilly? You got beef wif’ me
Really ?
You gotta be jokin’ don’t try to provokin’
Joe and Malique we hot and we smoking

( repeat chorus )

( Verse 3 )
( Malique )
Yeah yeah we ain’t thru until we take you fools on
Journey back to the old skool
When it was all about love and brotherhood
And everything was crazy cool
Check, we usta wear white Nike air Force sneaks with the
Fly grey nike air sweaters
And at the little playground next to the school is where
Everybody get together
Check it out, we usta drink and chill out in the park and
Freestylin’ from the top of the dome
Then everybody would party at Moomoo’s crib because the
Mommy and daddy ain’t home
Check, see I be chillin’, Joe be chillin’
Whole Phat Family be chillin’
And I still got it, love for thee
Sukers that’s down with me

( repeat chorus

Zapin Kesyukuran (Hijjaz)

Subhanallah Maha Suci Allah (2X)

Subhanallah Maha Suci Allah
Alhamdulillah Segala Puji Bagi Allah
Allahu Akbar Allah Yang Maha Besar
Segala Pujian Hanya Untuk Mu

Tuhanku Yang Maha Esa
Hamba Mu Ini Selalu Melupai Mu
Ku Harapkan Keredhaan Mu
Agar Menjadi Hamba Yang Bersyukur

Subhanallah Maha Suci Allah (2X)
Diciptakan Manusia Sebaik-Baiknya
Supaya Menjadi Insan Berguna
Agar Beriman Dan Bertaqwa
Bekalan Untuk Bertemu Mu Ya Allah

Allahu Allah (2X)

Kepada Mu Kami Memohon
Ampunan Mu Ku Harapkan

Pada Mu Kami Berserah
Mohon Restu Dan Juga Keampunan
Moga Bahagia Hidup Kami
Dengan Rahmat Dan Kasih Sayang Mu

Allahu Allah (4X)
Subhanallah Maha Suci Allah


اللهم صل عليه وعلى والديه وآله وأصحابه وأحبائه وسلم.

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