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Tuesday, 26 September 2017
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Listen Boogie Woogie Piano Tommy Johnson


Dance Music (The Mountain Goats)

alright i'm in johnson avenue
in San Louis Obispo
and i'm five years old or six maybe
and indications that there's
something wrong with our new house
trip down the wire twice daily

i'm in the living room
watching the watergate hearings
while my stepfather yells at my mother
launches a glass across the room
straight at her head
and i dash upstairs to take cover
lean in close to my little record player on the floor
so this is what the volume knob's for
i listen to dance music
dance music

okay so i'm seventeen years old
you're the last best thing i got going
but then the special secret sickness
starts to eat through you
what am i supposed to do?
no way of knowing
so i follow you down your twisting alleyways
find a few cul-de-sacs of my own
there's only one place this road ever ends up
and i don't wanna die alone
let me down, let me down, let me down gently
when the police come to get me
i'm listenin' to dance music
dance music

Natural Born Boogie (Humble Pie)

There she is again
Steppin' out of her limousine, well
Looking like the cover of a twenty-dollar magazine
She's got it made and branded
If you know what I mean

She's a...natural born woman
Natural born woman
She's a...she's a natural born woman

There she is again watch her stop the Main Street in its tracks
Looking like Creole queen
Hair hangin' down her back
I say, don't look too long, boy
She'll make your glasses crack

She's a...natural born woman
Natural born woman
She's a...she's a natural born woman

Get your track
Yeah, natural born woman
Yeah, yeah...
Natural born woman
Yeah, yeah...
She's a natural born woman

Well, I'm sweatin' and I'm shakin'
When I'm bringin' you the news
You can do anything
But lay off of my blue suede shoes
That's why I'm standin' here today
Preachin' natural born woman blues

Well, she's a...natural born woman
Well, yeah...
Natural born woman
Well, yeah...
Natural born woman

Well, I'm looking out my back door
Wonderin' which place to go
Think I'll move on down to Memphis
Pay my money to see a rock 'n' roll show
Find me a sweet-heart Susie
Together we can lose control

Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
She's a...natural born woman
Yeah, yeah...
Natural born woman
Natural born woman
Yeah, ooh...
All right...

Cose Della Vita (Tina Turner And Eros Ramizotti)

Sono umane situazioni
Quei momenti fra di noi
I distacchi ed i ritorni
Da capirci niente poi
Gia come vedi
Sto pensando a te...si...da un po'

They're just human contradictions
Feeling happy feeling sad
These emotional transitions
All the memories we've had
Yes, you know it's true
I just can't stop thinking of you

No I just can't pretend
All the time we spent could die
Wanna feel it again
All the love we felt then

Confinanti di cuore solo che ognuno sta
Dietro gli steccati degli orgogli suoi
Sto pensando a te
Sto pensando a noi

Sono cose della vita
Vanno prese un po' cosi
Some for worse and some for better
But through it all we've come so far
Gia...come vedi
Io sto ancora in piedi perche

Sono umani tutti i sogni miei
Con le mani io li prenderei, si perch¨
What's life without a dream to hold?
Take my hand and never let me go

It's part of life together
But what future does it hold?
Sono cose della vita
Ma la vita poi dov'e

Yes, you know it's true
I just can't stop thinking of you
Questa notte che passa piano accanto a me
Cerc o di affrontarla, afferrarla
If our hearts miss a beat
Or get lost like a ship at sea
I wanna remember, I can never forget

Can't stop thinking of you
Sto pensando a noi
Can't stop thinking of you
Can't stop

Grimey (Noreaga)

Yeah nigga - part four muh'**er
Thugged out nigga (Grimey)
Neptunes - nigga what nigga (Grimey)
Violator - nigga what nigga (Grimey)
This shit is serious - type serious (Grimey)
Uh, uh-uh, nigga what nigga (Grimey)
Uh, uh-uh, nigga what nigga (Grimey)
Uh, uh-uh, part four nigga (Grimey)
Yo, yo, yo

It's like **, it's King Tut jewelry, blind fury nigga
I smoke boogies, conspiracy theory
It's like I'm Malcolm, with just the X
These bitches swear they in love but it's just the X
Niggas act like, my coke ain't long in stress
Like I don't keep two shotguns, under my chest
I flip, obsolete see I'm the king of the streets
And show muh'**ers how to rhyme on Neptunes' beats
In Miami, Pun shoulda, won the Grammy
This year I'll bring the shit home to his family
Go 'head, and keep hatin, until you receive
Mad volts in your chest plate, hard to breathe
See you a hater like Star & Buc, nigga what
And ** Tommy Boy, them niggaz just suck
I'm the ultimate, gun on my dick, hoes swallow my spit
Wanna drink every bottle I sip

[Chorus: Pharrell Williams]
Nigga when that heat, is bustin off
And the ambulance come, and rush you off
And the witness like - we don't know dem boys
Me and my niggaz goin hey, hey, hey, hey-hey hey
Then we resume, hangin with stars
Then we live in fat houses and fat**cars
Then we drive and scream - nigga ** the law
Me and my niggaz goin hey, hey, hey, hey-hey hey

Yo, yo
I alternated with the greatest, upgraded my speech
We Violator violatin, y'all niggaz capiche?
It's unsafe like late night on (?) Beach
Drink some river ranches and get slurped at least
Let's have fun wit it, in the Bridge my niggaz dunn wit it
Niggaz had hit records, but we done did it
Pop a collar; see them chicks they like to holla N.O.!
You know them hoes already know they gotta swallow
Money like Nutty Professor - fat as **
Four gold albums; ain't none of it luck
Brad Pitt, Fight Club shit, **in you up
Since you, seem so tense release the mutts
I'm connected, the police release my cuffs
Call me Fillmore, naw nigga cause I'ma feel more
Nigga this my year, you gonna feel Nore
Money we got it but still try and feel more


[Bridge: Pharrell Williams (Noreaga)]
Type of niggarole, we must be dunns (Grimey)
Toothbrush shanks and rusty guns (Grimey)
Nigga get popped can't hush me son (Grimey)
Sellin everything 'til they cuff me dunn (Grimey)
93 Ac' ** a Range nigga (Grimey)
Saliva at the mouth of your chain nigga (Grimey)
Reynolds wrap, coke, and doo-rags (Grimey)
Never cleanin up, nigga screw that (Grimey)

You see we unbreakable, y'all niggaz is uncapable
We 2G nigga we use gats that's untraceable
Still smokin, and niggaz know how I do it
Keep big shanks, shit'll cut in half your Buick
Just me and shorty, late night in the park
And gettin so much brains I'm startin to feel smart
Off Beelzebub, feelin my love with cold heart
See these fake niggaz, my fists'll break niggaz
We switchin labels, now it's time to break niggaz
We switchin labels, now it's time to break niggaz


[Pharell Williams]
Hey, hey, hey, hey-hey hey


Violator - nigga what nigga (Grimey)
This shit is serious (Grimey)
(Grimey) (Grimey)
(Grimey) (Grimey)..

Rainbirds (Tom Waits)


Tom Waits: Piano
Greg Cohen: Acoustic bass
Francis Thumm, Stephen Taylor Arvizu Hodges & Richard Gibbs: Glass harmonica

Unplayed Pianos (Damien Rice)

Come and see me
Sing me to sleep
Come and free me
Hold me if i need to weep
Maybe it's not the season
Maybe it's not the year
Maybe there's no good reason
Why i'm locked up inside
Just cause they wanna hide me
The moon goes bright
The darker they make my night

Unplayed pianos
Are often by a window
In a room where nobody loved goes
She sits alone with her silent song
Somebody bring her home

Unplayed piano
Still holds a tune
Lock on the lid
In a stale, stale room
Maybe it's not that easy
Or maybe it's not that hard
Maybe they could release me
Let the people decide
I've got nothing to hide
I've done nothing wrong
So why have i been here so long?

Unplayed pianos
Are often by a window
In a room where nobody loved goes
She sits alone with her silent song
Somebody bring her home

Unplayed pianos
Are often by a window
In a room where nobody loved goes
She sits alone with her silent song
Somebody bring her home

Unplayed piano
Still holds a tune
Years pass by
In the changing of the moon

Be Easy (T.I.)

Ay, where the piano at shawty?
Y'all ain't neva seen a dope boy play the piano and rap at the same time
have you?
I'ma show you somethin', dig this..

[Verse 1]
I'm 22 and a vet in the game
Say I'm, supercoo', still a threat at the same
Time, rhyme bout the times I invested in 'caine
Pleasure and pain in every aspect of the game
I'm the answer to yo prayers if you prayin' for change
So, I dare you compare us and say we the same
When I'm, climbin' the ladder, they stuck in the same
Mindframe, they accomplishments are nothin' to gain
Eventually, see I'm outta yo range
Except this rose gold glow from my wrist and my chain
I entertain young niggaz who slang
Like a picture, no frame, see it's simple and plain
My shit bang, spit flames, put niggaz to shame
Flow so insane, lyrics sick and derranged
Now you can't, mention my city unless you mention my name
T-I-P-I-M-P, I'm the man

Ay be easy - you don't want no trouble with me
Just be easy - the drama ain't nothin' to me
Ay be easy - before you have problems just breathe
Ay be easy - you ain't worth dyin', believe me
Just be easy - you don't want yo mama to grieve
Be easy - well mind yo bizness, don't bother the G
Be easy - swear you stuntin' but you frontin' to me
Be easy - behind the scenes or behind yo ?
Ay, be easy

[Verse 2]
??? kissin'**when I came to leave
Set the standard for Atlanta, rearranged the lead
Okay, so what tha ** is fame to me?
I been plottin' since kindergarten, you'z a lame to me
I give the niggaz what they came to see
A reflection of one self where they aim to be
As you can see it ain't no change in me
And you won't meet another nigga off the chain as me
I'm so fly, no lie, don't deny it, ya feel it
So inspired by my style, decided to try it yoself
Bet you won't, meet nobody ranked as high as myself
The checks you waitin' on, homes, I can sign them myself
Tote gats, dro smoked that, now I'm high
Seats way back in the Maybach I ride
Through the streets of the westside, I slap five
And throw dubs, show love, nigga

Repeat Chorus

[T.I. talking] ("Be easy" in the background)
What it iz pimp? T.I.P., Trap Muzik, understand that?
Grand Hustle pimp! Ay, whus hattnin' Toomp?
Let's ride out homie! What it iz mayne?
P$C, Pimp Squad Click, shawty!
Uh, uh... A-Town... stay down..
Keep it pimpin', pimpin'!

Cadillac On 22's (David Banner)

It's gon' be aight though (ohh)
This one's for you, yeah!
Cadillacs on 22s...
Pimp my voice and mack these beats..

[Chorus - repeat 2x]
Cadillacs on 22s
I ain't did nothing in my life but stayed true
Pimp my voice and mack these beats and
Pray to the Lord for these Mississippi streets, hey!

God I know that we pimp
God I know that we wrong
God I know why she talk about Moet all of my songs
I know these kids are listening
I know I'm here for a mission
But it's so hard to get 'em wit 22 rims all glisten
I know these balls are talking
Lord I wanna do right
I tried to fight but these demons they comp at me at night
Like my momma, my daddy, my girl and all my boys
I lost Rachelle but I guess I still got the whining Roy
My couzins sweet, momma lay that Jason
Lord I'm praying for swacking my heart is still impatient
Keep 'em off them drugs, far away from thugs
He's still my hero but just a shell bed or what it was
Yeah smoking get a buzz, but God I hear ya calling
And shit wrong wit balling
But my soul is just stelly [steadily] balling
And the ** and the dead, and the other jail
God I'm stacking my mail but will I end up in hell?


Lord they hum Andre Jones
Lord they hum Reynold Johnson
Lord I wanna fight back but I'm just so sick of bouncing
Lord I'm sick of jumping, Lord just please tell me something
My folks still dumping my music, bumping but I feel nothing
My heart is stelly pumping
My heart is stelly breaking
Sometimes I feel like I'm faking, man
I'm so sick of taking
Maybe hell ain't a place meant for us to burn
Maybe Earth is telling just a place for us to learn
Bout yo love, yo will and grace
Sometimes I wish I wasn't born in the first place
Maybe this first base, God knocked the ball up out the park
So we can come home this world right here is feeling so dark
Feeling so cold, Lord I'm feeling so old
I dunno if I can take this world right here no more
22 inch rims on the 'Lac
I guess that was yo footprint in the sand carrying us on yo back

[Chorus] (2x)

Gi' Den Gas (L.O.C.)

Vent nu pænt nu kan du ik' ho'
Tætpakket i spandex på dit disco
F.I.P. det du vil ha so
Permanent på ligesom min tatto
Hey playboy lav lidt støj
Ups op af siden af dit hoved til du bliver skeløjet helt tilrøget
8** professionel skørtejæger
boogie på mens det regner ligesom Fred Astair
brækker et stykke af blokken af
7 shots 6 drinks så ryger toppen af
i Civic uden bagsæder i
påvirket stadig uforbederlig
så de små fisk de må holde afstand
brænd af som Sankt hans som kun jeg kan

stik mig en flask' gi' den gas
skru helt op for den bas
** af hvis du er utilfreds
gir ikke en ** hvad du siger

jo du er fræk men bliver nød til at smæk den
er bare bange for jeg sku’ knæk den
5 stoddere stive i whiskey
plus det halve af baren er mit alibi
brænder lyset i begge ender
herfra til det ender ** om det vender
i din F.I.P.G-streng so vil du ikke bange?
Hold dig fra manden som har ingenting
** en flaske hent et par stykker
af det lort der rammer som en inkasso-rykker
send den til den sædvanlige suspekt
stodderkarlen der nu er blevet skudtæt
høj promille og råber fra tagryggen
få røven ud for der er ild i mit køkken
lortet skal slukkes og du kan ikke
så gør som det halve af befolkningen og sut pik

jeg køre pisset sådan her til det slutter
ikke med samme etik som du har
råber stadig højest med mine gutter
”hvorfor rapper du ikke noget sødt?” ** dig luder
med hånden om mine nosser og Absinthe i halsen
den kontroversielle slinger i valsen
den lige-linie knækker ynden den trækker
og glansbilledet af din lille hverdag flækker

Vi Tager Fuglen PÃ¥ Dig (Malk De Koijn)

Det ´ samme side af samme sag
Samme lag
Samme flag
Samme slag
Samme dag
Og lad os bare sige jeg er død
Ikk´ mer der i det selv samme kød
Har blaa krop men kan godt staa op
Luften er hed men ikk´ en draabe af sved
Kolds** - fire ben og en hale
Langt væk kan jeg høre en gal hund sige

(sig hvaad)
Kom ind og faa din dang dang
Hop op spring ind
Sving din dingeling
Kom ind og gør din dang dang
Hop op spring ind
Gør din ting ting

Kradser paa mit hundehus
Katten den er hundevaad
Og du kommer for at faa noget
Snuser mig frem kutten er varm
La´ mig slikke dine søde ben
Du venter spændt imens jeg henter en pind eller to
Saa læg dig paa ryggen og spred dine pumasko

Tæve jeg ka' digge din duft
Du ka' faa mit jern til at gløde
Til de kalder mig for røde
Klokken viser løbetid hvad med noget spas
La' os hyle mod en fuldmaane og alt det der jazz
Bab en bette høne til en hunni blir skief
jeg ka´
jeg ka´
Snif´din rief
Som et brunsviger bageri bebbe
Sit rul rundt
Gør dig klar til at knæbbe

Savner eet ben at sutte paa
Tar min kutte paa
Natten er en fløs det ik´ for sent at faa min boogie paa
Snuser mig frem
Sjatpisser mig vej frem
Til et hundehus af typen man bare ik´ ka sige nej til
Undskyld hvis jeg gør
Hvis jeg bruger min ene fod til at klø mig bag mit øre
Hvis jeg hopper op af din veninde
Slikker hendes kind
Og boller hendes ben

Jeg sjasker dig en gylden sø
Og midt i den faar du en ø
En læderbøf du ka´ stikke et flag i

En magtbundt af en bidsk vagthund
Kryber hyler
Da jeg viser bisser
Min mørkerøde tisser
Saa bjæf vov køter log´
Gi den hund en scene
Dækker dette beat lissom jeg gør med mine ben

Ta'r kuk aben ud som Tyson
I Argentinas raa bokselov ghettoskov
Drama drama Dønamik vov
Jeg er ude med mine tænder i de bedste laar

Min hæl er forbundet til mit ben
Er forbundet til min arm er forbundet til min fod
Er forbundet til mit hoved er forbundet til min pæk
Er forbundet til min sæk er forbundet til min nak nak

Det´ det optimale malk i en verden af Zerox
Springer ud i lortet som nordmænd paa skihops
Baby du skal ud paa det gulv og gi den gas
Inden du blir gammel som Grandmaster Flash

Hip hop happy rap stik en mand en scene
Se ham fukke op fordi han mangler det gen
Han tror han staar og rapper men han staar bare og crapper
Laver kruseduller naar han tror han staar og tagger
Hvad fa'n skal det egentlig til for
Stik mig det kødben
Du har ikk' nogen at spille for
Vi har den sovs dine kartofler de er vilde for
Hund eller kat det er røven som du sniffer

Hvad skal jeg lave naar jeg bli'r død?
Kalde mig for Jesus
Snakke klogt og score tøser paa et tehus
Kro rock Krans og Beckerlee Franz
Dance i hotpants og ud af min Sct. Hans
Trækker jeg den røde traad
Og ud kommer en bred baad
Og en roof paa størrelse med en gud der siger poof
Og skriger til min gril
Jeg vil ud ud ud

Mine props de gaar ud til gud og ham Sofus
Hans det bløde pindsvin der bor ude i Fokus
Saqib laver teknik og "hokus pokus"
Har du en hundeskaal med Malks nye opus

Der ikk' et problem jeg ikk' ka´ fiks
For jeg har lommerne fulde af kiks
Saa hvis din mama laver pøller selvom hun ved
At du meget heller´ vil ha burger med hash
Jeg sagde skyl den pølle ud i
Sagde skyl den frækkert ud i
Sagde skyl den muggert ud i dit skæg

(gentag omkvædet med læderbøffen)


Tommy Johnson - you ain't gonna believe this one! Tommy Johnson plays boogie woogie. An amazing pianist. Plays boogie-woogie piano music incredibly!

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