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Wednesday, 16 April 2014
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Listen Dose shmasia-Panos Mouzourakis(Tzampa)


Lazy Line Painter Jane (Belle And Sebastian)

Working the village shop
Putting a poster up
Dreaming of anything
Dreaming of the time when you are free from all the trouble you're in

In the mud, on your knees
Trying hard not to please
Anyone, all the time
Being a rebel's fine
But you go all the way to being brutal

You will have a boy tonight
You will have a boy tonight
On the first bus out of town
On the first bus out of town

Let's see your kit for games
All the girls look the same
You are challenging style for running miles
You're running miles in some boys jumper

Boo to the business world!
You know a girl who's tax free on her back and making
Plenty cash
While you are working for the joy of giving

You will have a boy tonight
You will have a boy tonight
And you hope that she will see
And you hope that she will see

You will have a boy tonight
Or maybe you will have a girl tonight
And you hope that she will see
And you hope that she will see

You are in two minds
Tossing a coin to decide whether you should tell your mum
About a dose of thrush you got while you were licking railings

But you read in a book
That you got free in Boots
There are lotions, there are potions
You can take to hide your shame from all those prying eyes

Lazy Jane, all the time
Painting lines
You are sleeping at bus stops
Wondering how you got your name
And what you're going to do about it

You will have a boy tonight
You will have a boy tonight
And you hope that she will see
And you hope that she will see

Rattlehead (Megadeth)

Well, Here I come
Stand up and plant your feet
Listen I'm letting off steam
Now throw your hands in the air
Let loose I don't **in care

Rattle Head
A dose of metal you need
To bang your head til you bleed
It's time for snapping some neck
Slashing, thrashing to Megadeth

Rattle Head
You, Your head, is pounding with pain
Winning, sinning, beginning
Feeding, the needing for bleeding
Bashing, smashing, crashing
Fraying, annhilating you!


There's someone back in the shadows
You feel though you can't see his eyes
He'll bash your head if you cross him
Ain't quite your average guy
Don't wear no leather to "fittin"
Don't wear no spike to be "cool"
Don't want no woman beside him
Just make it fast, Loud and Rude
Rattle Head


I'm a Rattle Head
Rattle your Goddamn Head!

The Conversation (Motion City Soundtrack)

Do you remember how we met?
Silhouetted by the lights...
You were drunk and tried to take a mental picture with your hands
I was thinking about that
And a bunch of other things
Stop looking at the floor...
I need to pour out this expansive dose of words.

I can't explain...
I need to be alone.

I know the timing isn't great
But these things, you just can't plan.
I just need a little time
So I can find myself again
'Cause I get buried underneath
All the things they think you are
And I'm too tired to pretend it doesn't hurt
To be left out

I had a pocket full of dreams
But I gave them all to you
Now I think I want them back
So can you tell me if I'm crazy or confused?
Don't ever change
The way you are
I've never loved anyone more.

Live And Undrugged Part I & II (Public Enemy)

Ridenhour - Young

Live And Undrugged Part I
Its been a long time
Since the rhyme rode
A rough road
I'm riding rhymes & givin
A dose of brotherland
Never said I wasn't good at it
Cause I'm a static addict
No fear you gotta
Know I had it
If you know better
Spose to do better
So I know like Al Green
We gotta stay together
Knock, knock...who's there
Where? overhere
Da boom kids knockin
Bang and they outta here
The dopemans livin at home
They dont understand
But they can
They can can
If I dont say it
I'm a sucka parlayin it
Don't really matter
When the flow fatter

But I dont dont
& duck bob an weave
Will deceive a street corner
And the 40 thieves

They bring em in
You do em in
He bring em in
You do us in

Smell em knockin da/boom
Hear em hittin nat/boom

I'm comin atcha
Live and uncut
An undrugged
These days they be thinkin I'm bugged
Livin I be kicken it

Hard instead of lickin it
Down domination on the overground

Tell me what we be
Seekin is self preservation
A nation of millions
Gotta go wit a feelin
Uncle Sam be gatt Uncle Tom
And when it comes to drugs
Uncle Tom gotta bomb
Can I get a pop
Till the muthafukas stop
Sellin nat shit
That make the hoody drop
No more easy gettin over
For da cracka in the back

Yo its over
Number 1 wit a bullet
He pull it what I do now
Cant out run it or duck
Or get a new Chuck
Up against the wall
Wont confess yall
I mo move & I'm gone
An so I guess yall
Lemme tell you so lend me a listen
I'm missin a life
If I aint givin up an**kissin
No television or movie style
No buckwild thinkin
Cause I dont know what he drinkin
But he better act quick
Cause I'm gettin quicker
3 mo seconds to go
I hope he hold da trigga
If he do dat
The gatt iz outta his hands

& then he gotta deal wit a man
Punks jump up to get beat
I'm on the funky beat
Beat beat yall
Until its 6 feet
Under dirt & the mud
Here we go again
Another enemy if you
Never was a friend
Never clever
As I was in this endeavor
Never again trust a smile or grin
From comin outta da womb
To endin up in a tomb
Another sport
Caught knockin nat boom

Here go the verse that hurts
Head brother in charge
So I better get bodyguard
What can I do
Break a leg on the avenue
Where the bootleggers
They be stackin the odds
Try to be hard but they playin my cards
**in wit chicken
But I'm duckin in the lard
Been goin straight since 78
I wanna live I dont wanna be late
I head em comin at me
Runnin fast & ruff
Aint this a bitch & test for the tuff
Bang/doubt it
Without a life
I cant live without it

Live And Undrugged Part II
Rhymer in a zone
Say u wanna revolution
40 acres to 40 ounces
Plus they announcin
The mule is the one thats fooled
But I pass to be that jackass
Knockin that boom
To the tomb
Out the womb
I bet against the spread
I flipped death threats
And the 3 to the head
Never get enough
The raw, the rugged, the ruff
Oh my the jam the dunk the stuff
I got a mind thats maddes than Minolta
Hard in a rock place my corner
And the winner is
Whoop there it is
33 years without a beer or slow gin fizz
Rather get frunk off
Hearin rhymin wit biz
Rhymamatician, rumpshaker
Not a ** or a quacker
But a waker
Put my thing down
Step my shit up
Put up or shut up
Peace to the original what up
Back to the motherland
Where its warmer, transformer
Kill the informer
I hear em talkin creepin
But I'm not sleepin
My mellow I go back
Way back going, going
Before crack
And the 8 track
Still goin, gone, goodbye
To the lazy
I ain't pushing up or drivin
No daisies
I gotta remember Philly in September
Aint nuttin finer than peace
In Carolina & to the gods
Wanna be, gotta be
Starter of mo flow
Here we go the front row
As I cut the silly rhymin
Riddlin still the flow
Gettin ridda dem
Racist swazis
Cause I'm brinin kamikazes
They gotta give us where we live
We don't own
What you think is home
Its time to go up in smoke
911 is no joke
Once again friends
This enemy states fiddy states
Still say chill wait until
The right time baby
Damn the blood line
Gettin raid with AIDS
But somebodys gettin paid
Lets get it on and a on
But brothers gettin killed
Cause blunts & 40's is like
Cookies to da milk
I'm not crazy
I'm the revelation
Last days in time
The overtime rhymer
Rhymer in a zone
Right vs wrong
Good versus evil
God versus the devil
Public Enemy
Muse Sick In Hour Mess Age

A Regular Dose Of Azure (Ion Dissonance)

As a flower, she bloomed
Once her wrists were opened

I remember her scent, intoxicating

My communication with her was clearly enhance
But hers was quickly fading, discontinued and frail
Her eyes reflected a hopeless apprehension,
For a compassionate smile, a misplaced melancholy

Liquid-Azure, she stared at me...
Like when we used to drink to much cocktails
On Sundays afternoon...

I remember her heart-breaking smile, now beautifully distorted
Agony and orgasms combined, I swear

Don't worry girl, everything is going to be alright

Can't wait till she sober up and realise what is truly happening
She seem gently desperate, numb and on the verge of collapsing

But that I cannot allow
This is a Test and I couldn't get more sentimental

I'm feeling her pulse, slowing down, foreshadowing a very long and quiet season,
Of dreamlike serenity.... I'll miss her so much

(Ether died as a martyr, unknown, in a secluded asylum)

Let's Get Drunk (The Click)

Chorus: repeat 2X
Now drink up, let's get drunk
Le-le, le-le, let's get drunk
Now drink up, let's get drunk
and throwup in the car, let's get drunk
I'm sideways doin about a buck fifty
Drunk and on some of that top of the line high on Carlos Rossi
Drunk about a gallon to the dome, then that's the hit
Everything's blurry, burnt twisted eyes bloodshot red
Straight up on four
Don't forget about Legit though
Danked out, and full of that Cisco
Siding with the proper dame I don't know her name
But I'm lovin this part of the game (yeah)
And I'ma take her for a real ride (uh-huh)
Somewhere deep in the hillside
I got about a eighth in the coo-ler (coo-ler)
I thinks this just might do her (might do her?)
And ain't nobody gonna stop me main (yeah)
Once I gets her sloppy main (sloppy main)
Drunk as a skunk, and high as a kite
I hope I don't earl on baby tonight
Used to be sophisticated, but now she's intosticated
High society stuck up broad, violated then graduated
If we was the seven, can we get eight? (uh-huh, sure)
Just by you forgettin to say (yeah)
And then the question later, just like my big ol middle finger
Such an ignorant question, sittin in the corner blushin
It's really no problems I'ma go head and side and like I'm hecka stuck
And watch baby drink up
Mack D-Shot needin a dose of that gin
Cause I'm in it to win, as I'm tossin a ten
to plug it right, that is my mo-tive
To dig real dip, as I explose this
And watch the expression, on her face (yeah)
It gets me off as I collaborate
But that's how it goes another night, another session
But the tender straight taught me a lesson
Night number two (yeah) I know I shoulda been sober (uh-huh)
But now I'm advanced, and I'm about to bend her over
I can't get enough of that fetti for real
And now I'm hopin that she's on the pill (yeah)
Day number three, I'm well prepared
I got my Eight Ball, and I'm ready to tear
I'm stiffer than a doorknob, I do the job
Enough to tell a friend, that D got in
Here we go again, and I'm in pursuit
I gotta hit the liquor store before two
Cuz me and D-Shot big ---- and Dan
Needs us a case of them tall cans
It's not a birthday, but let's celebrate
And get hella keyed cuz it's hella late
I gotta thank God that I'm still alive
Cuz last night I died about 3:45
I hit the lights quick and I jumped in the bed
And somethin went real wrong with my head
The room started spinnin and I needed a breeze
And somethin told me nigga don't you breathe
Dehydrated, nauseated, got a bad case of hiccup
Gotta go fetch some H2R, feel like I'm fits to upchuck
Gots ta have it, looks into the medicine cabinet
Hmm, there it is, plop plop fizz fizz
Oh what a **in relief it is
Mumblin and grumblin goes my stomach growling
I'm sick as the ** I see the devil smiling
It's like a motor, I think I got a damn ulcer and shit
Every other **in day I'm tellin my sahies I quit
But you know that's drama, niggaz be barkin they**off
Life is too boring, that's why I wakes up in the morning
Pervin swearvin runnin all into the curb and
Twisted on some of that cherry flavored bourbon, yeah

Rock And Roll Widow (Three Dog Night)

Rock and roll widow, lover by trade
Lives to tell who's been made into love
Living her life, reds, beds, most every night
Widow carry on 'til the band is gone
Widow carry on 'til the band is gone
She wants no man give her his hand
She'd rather go out, rather go out, rather go out
With the boys in the band
Widow carry on till the band is gone
Widow carry on till the band is gone
Widow carry on till the band is gone
Sniff of snow to let you know
Her speed of life is in and free
She knows she pays the price to play
To share herself with fame
But when its time and faces change
She gives more love away, love away
She gives more love away
She gives more love away

Rock and roll widow, when we played last
A dose of your love, dose of your love, dose of your love
Was mine in the past
Need a taste of that magical stuff
LSMFT ain't enough
Widow carry on while the band is on

Woodie Guthrie (Alabama 3)

Another Pyschopath in Iowa
Loadin up another round
While the NRA in Columbine
Hunt Marilyn Manson down
Powder in the Pentagon
Cruel letters in the mail
Another KKK white supremacist
Cooking up a dose of race hate

Don't need no country
Don't fly no flag
Cut no slack for the Union Jack
Stars and stripes have got me jetlagged

Some baby in Afghanistan
Cryin for it's mama now
While the BNP scare refugees
Sensless up in Oldham town
Hypocrites in downing street
Pourin petrol on the flames
Septal cries asks Paddy why
Do we always get the blame

Don't need no country
Don't fly no flag
Cut no slack for the Union Jack
Stars and stripes have got me jetlagged

Sing a song for the asylum seekers
For the frightened baby on some foreign beach
Bang a gong and pray they reach safe harbour

Some mother in Jakarta
Lays down her weary head
In some free trade zone compound
Where they work you till you're dead
Hunger stalks the corridors
Famine and disease
Ive seen the multinationals walking hand in hand
With globalising marketeers

Don't need no country
Don't fly no flag
Cut no slack for the Union Jack
Stars and stripes have got me jetlagged

Sing a song for the asylum seekers
For the frightened baby on some foreign beach
Bang a gong and pray they reach safe harbour

Ghetto Quran (50 Cent)

Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh
Southside, what y'all niggas know about the dirty south?
One time

Lord forgive me, for I've sinned
Over and over again, just to stay on top
I recall memories, filled with sin
Over and over again, and again

Yo, when you hear talk of the southside, you hear talk of the team
See niggas feared Prince and respected Preme
For all you slow mutha**as I'm a break it down iller
See Preme was a business man and Prince was the killer
Remember, he used to push the bulletproof BM, uh huh
This here get ya seasick, I sat back and peeped shit
The roll with Easy Rider and they ain't get blunted
Had the whole projects workin for fifty on five-hundred
As a youth, all I ever did was sell crack
I used to idolize cat
Heart me in my heart to hear that nigga snitched on Pat, how he go out like
Rumors in the hood was ?? was snitchin
I ain't believe that, pa, he helped me cop my first GSX-R
Had the four-runner, the Z, the 5 and the 3
Used to drive his truck through the hood draggin jet skis
From Gerald Wallace to Baby Wise, don't be suprised
Of how freely I thought of names of games who dealt with pies
Like L-A-N-Y's, L got shot in the neck, then told us connect
Them niggas who shot 'em got 'em for ten bricks
**in Dominicans, turned around and gave 'em more bricks


That first verse is just a dose of the shit that I'm on
Consider this the first chapter in the ghetto's Quran
I know a lot of niggas that get dough like Remmy and Joe
And Prince and Rightous from Hillside with the mole on his nose
Throughout my struggles through the hood, I started learnin
Life's a bitch, with a pretty face, but she burnin
Man I'm a get cheese like Chaz then run through wips like Cigar
Gamble all the time like country-curly head Prince and Tata
Po-po under pressure too, they know what they facin
Go against crews like B-Bo and killers like Patty Mason
A lotta niggas I know been corrupted since birth
Enticed to rob nuns for fun, for everything they worth
I know some cats that hail at old complexes like Cooley Wall
Together niggas stand and divided they fall
Round here, shook niggas they keep it in motion
Come around here with your rollie you can get robbed like Ocean
Lord knows, Tommy had loved and sold
Helicopters, Rolls Royces with Louie VaTonne interior
Might sound like I'm fantasizin, but son I'm dead serious
Montanna was no dummy, brought Benice to watch the money
Had money out the ass, he politic like the Asian
FEDs couldn't catch him dirty so settled for tax evasion


Yo, rest in peace to Rich and Ron, money what they was about yo
The twins was some queens but got crazy cream with Alpo
Throughout my time I heard tales of Himey, Frenchy, Jamaican Pauly, Ducky
Rodney Bump and Chick, shit
A lot a niggas flow the way I flow
but ain't been in the game all their life so don't know who I know
Writin rhymes is the best way I express how I feel
If I ain't rich by twenty-six, I'll be dead or in jail
Comin up I heard sippin to much booze'll leave you confused
And if you watch the news you see playas in this game that lose
I'm forgettin Lefty and Jazz, Pretty Tony and Lance
Head Lou, Mel son, Troy and E Money Bags
And a conversation over shrimp and lobster
And Benny Hiners heard Chico stopped boxin, and started robbin diners
Shout out to Clanvis and Clutch, Bob Dre, Black Will
If the flow don't kill you the Mac will


Can't You See? (Total)

(featuring The Notorious B.I.G.)
You just don't know what you do to me...

Rap by Notorious B.I.G.:
Give me all the chicken heads
From Pasadena to Medina
Bet Big get in between ya
Then pick the prognosis, doses
Blends and Bends like Twizzlers
Biggie's fitting to hurt
What's under that skirt?
(Slow down, n*gga, you're killin 'em)
Who fillin 'em with octane?
Got 'em gassed up
'Bout to get blast up, sup
The last one, word to your mother
Brother, listen
I've seen it when he kissed 'em at the way
Made his body shake
The high tide it 8 50 I's smoke tank
Rap terror whore crow and terror, true
Fly by the rivers but this is conspicuous
Bad Boys slipped in ninety-five ridiculous
My rap's rhymes is like land mines
One step, ka-boom, black suits fill the room
To whom it may concern, Junior Mafia's the click
Act up, I'll have my honeys Total bust your sh*t

Verse 1:
In the middle of the day now baby,
I seem to think of only you.
Never thinking for a moment baby,
That you'd be thinking of me too, yeah.
So I can't wait for the day,
That we can be together,
I can't let you walk away.
Oh, can't you see, you and me,
Were meant to be, oh baby,
And there's nothing left to say.

Oh baby can't you see,
What you do to me?
Our love was meant to be,
You were meant for me.

Verse 2:
Every time I see you,
I get this feeling, oh yeah.
Telling me you are the one,
Oh, what a feeling.
I can't wait for the day,
That we can be together,
I can't let you walk away.
Oh, can't you see, you and me,
Were meant to be, oh baby,
There's nothing left for me to say.

Repeat Chorus

You take me away, so far away,
Oh what you do to me, oh, oh.
I wanna be alone together,
Somewhere just you and me, oh, oh.

Repeat Chorus to fade

Our love was meant to be,
Our love was meant to be.
(Repeat to fade)


Edw tha vreite tin studio version paidia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTKeiRn9lEo.

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