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Thursday, 21 September 2017
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Listen Dose shmasia-Panos Mouzourakis(Tzampa)


Leave Me (Unsung Zeros)

Spending time
In not so obvious places
Where no one would search for me

A little dose
Of ambivalence in attitude
As to the trends of the places
I should be

Please don't leave me
Don't tell me there's not time for me
Cause I used to be your best friend

Taking a trip down a road I've been before
These crazies want to change their personalities
For things that I deplore

The rationale of your average trendsetter's pretty hip
But the rationale of those who follow for the crowd's
Just shit

Cheerleaders & Dopedealers (Private Line)

Use your face before it gets too ugly, jump into my car
'Cause you're a heartbreaker
And the seven seconds sin-bin charge you the candy bar
Ooh yeah, feels like I could fly! It takes you up, then it stops
Head down to the underground
1,2,3,4 Gimme, gimme, gimme more!
Gimme-O, Gimme-D, D-R-U-G!
Make a quick buck and wash the dirt away
So hypocritical
Fake the big smile and be the king of the day
That's what you are!
He sells absolution for all even though
There's nothing to buy
And if you want it, sure you've got it
Sold out souls are satisfied!
1,2,3,4 gimme, gimme, gimme more!
First one's free dose
Ended up with bleeding nose!
5,6,7,8 Laid down, dominate!
Gimme-O, Gimme-D, D-R-U-G!
Where are you when I need you most?
Cheerleaders & Dopedealers
Sweet white-line-fever dream-come-true!
Come on raise the toast!
Beauty is disposable, burn out role model's clone
They'll leave you alone when the money's gone!

Discotraxx (Ladytron)

Prez gorite, prez poliata,
Pod zvezdite, nad zhitata

I know her, used to follow everywhere we'd go
and it's so sweet, now she's sleeping with a boy I know
the boy I know, knows a pretty girl in every town
and the way they look, they were made to let each other down

she got her face from the same house where she stole her clothes
on the same street, there's a dance hall where nobody goes
four to the floor, stealing cigarettes of '90s ghosts
and then at Christmas time, 'till we exceed the recommended dose

Prez gorite, prez poliata,
Pod zvezdite, nad zhitata
Shte patuvat prez noshta,
Risuvat prez denia i shte spiat do obed
Viatarat gi bruli na srebaren MZ
I shte piat gorski chai ot zlaten samovar
Litsata im greiat s ognenen zagar.

I know her, used to follow everywhere we'd go
and it's so sweet, now she's sleeping with a boy I know
the boy I know, knows a pretty girl in every town
and the way they look, they were made to let each other down

Im Wagen Von Mir Fährt Ne.. (Jbo)

Boah, ich brauch dringend was zum ficken heute...

Was is dat den Für ne Sau?

Du Drecksau!!!

Im Wagen vor mir fährt ne geile Ficksau,
sie sieht gut aus und sie scheint feucht zu sein,
ich würde sie gern lecken,
meine Finger in sie stecken,
sie ansamen,
mein Gott was wird sie schrein!

Was will der blöde Arsch da hinter mir blos,
ich bin zwar geil doch er soll lieber gehn,
jetzt öffne ich die Hose,
steck den Finger in die Dose,
und im Spiegel seh ich seinen Pimmel stehn!

Du Schlampe!!!

Jetzt bin ich geil,
fang an zu onanieren,
die Eier hoch,
die Vorhaut hin und her,
nun fahr ich in der Mitte und seh ihre Hengetitte,
spritz einmal ab,
doch ich bin noch nich leer!

Ich bin nass,
setz mich aufs Schaltgetriebe,
die Möse juckt,
jetzt brauche ich ´nen Mann,
den Knüppel in der Fotze,
an seiner Scheibe seine Rotze,
ich frage ihn ob er wohl noch mal kann!

Du Fotze!!!

Endlich bleibt sie stehn die geile Drecksau,
sie steigt aus,
ein Höschen hat sie nicht,
sie sagt ma,
"Komm ma her mal, denn ich brauche jetzt dein Sperma!",
dreimal schütteln und ich spritz ihr ins Gesicht!

Jetzt hab ich in der Schnauze seine Wichse,
es klebt total und sieht auch nicht gut aus,
er sagt ich bin ne Schlampe,
und ich sag noch fleißig "Danke!",
jetzt schluck ich es und dann fahr ich nach Haus!

Du Möse!!!
Du Luder!!!
[Im Hintergrund]
(So tschüss du billiges Flitchen, ne. Bis zum nächsten mal!)
(Hau rein du geiler Stier)
Du Drecksau!!!

Come Out With Your Hands Up (Over It)

Life is the secret that's sitting right in front of you.
Past the hand full of regret and anti-social point of view.
Yea you're sick yea you're tired, might take a heart attack to prove that
you're still alive now.
We've been here before-be here again.
Hello? Hello?? I know you're in there.

Now is the time to come out with your hands up.
We've got the whole place surrounded.
Neighbors are dialing the nine and the one, one.
Now is the time to talk it over.

Been here before- Be here again.

Feed it and feed it. You're idleness is a black hole.
Gravitation is lethal; wish you would learn to take control.
Yea you're sick, yea you're tired, might take ten-thousand volts to pick you up
off the flat line.


Been here before; be here again. Been here before- In some other tense.

Yea you're sick, yea you're tired,
might take a lethal dose to get some truth outta you now.
We've been here before, now we're breaking in.
Hello? Hello?? I know you're in there.


Now's a good time to talk it over.
This is the sound of your wake up call,
you know you only get one call.
Wake up call.

A Cause Des Garcons (100 Proof (Aged In Soul))

Tu d�©connes on va pas te faire
Encore un plan grocacom
De quel plan tu causes?
Tu oses, câ??est toi quâ??a commenc�©,
T'es vraiment trop conne
�? pas grand chose tu d�©connes
Tu vois, lui, me trouve super bonne!

�? cause des gar�§ons
On met des bas nylon
On se cr�ªpe le chignon
�? cause des gar�§ons
Et du qu'en dira-t-on
On flirt sur tous les tons
�? cause des gar�§ons
On salue pour de bon
�? cause des gar�§ons

Carabine c'est le mot qui m'vient
Quand je pense �  mes copines
Et moi j'ai ma dose!
Sans �ªtre de tes doses
De chim�¨res
Faut qu'on te bassine
Tout �§a pour un mec de frime
Tu d�©prime, jâ??te le laisse
Câ??est ton style


Câ??est la faute des ma
Des magazines
Les Maries, Les Claires
Les Marie-Claire
Les Figues, les Macdo outre-claire
Les Femmes dâ??aujourdâ??hui et dâ??hier
Câ??est la faute des ma
Des magazines
Les Maries, Les Frances
Les Marie-France
Les femmes pratiques qui en ont pas marre
Des cosmo vogue et tout le bazar

�? cause des gar�§ons
On se presse le citron
On fond comme des gla�§ons
�? cause des gar�§ons
J'mens tu mens nous mentons
On glisse comme des savons

�? cause des gar�§ons
On se pousse pour de bon
�? cause des gar�§ons

�? cause des gar�§ons

Rock Star (Non Phixion)

"And now it's time bring out the headliner for the evening..."
"Very Special... Please welcome to the stage..."

Escape from New York, but I be on some Brooklyn bullshit
I pull clips as fast as I dose chicks with ope **
Call me Necor, set the coke surviving the sticks
Got my name all in your mouth like your liable to brick
Click me on the tube, chain swinging down to my shoes
Light up the room, african boom, spark it and zoom
Disciple of rock, the type to range rifles and cops
I'm spiteful, fake's get left shaking like Michael J. Fox

(Ill Bill)
?? the age affected me through accupuncture
Gangster and hustler murderer and kidnap a suspect
Wrap her in ??, with Blood red to Crip blue
My shit's to colorful, running through with a hundred goons and maniacs
If a bitch like to suck dick, she a brainiac
Bust up in they mouth piece, see how they react, take it back
Like a instant replay, live in the PJ's, watching my Uncle freebase
Analyzing the angles on a fiend's face
I learn to love my trees lace, the way the PCP taste
The way it make me see things, old school dice spot bills and sheep skins
As I write, yes I'm rocking Iceberg jeans and Tims
Thinking where I'm going be in 2007
Either a house in the Hamptons or a house in Heaven
I be chillin on the beach in the South of Venice
Or merking the President live on Channel 7

[Chorus: DJ Premier scratches] - repeat 2X

"Coming through rocking"
"Wild like Rockstars who smash guitars" (Inspectah Deck)

(Sabac Red)
I be Brooklyn till I die don't even question it twice
My crew's nice, late night at the corners we shooting dice
It's like, summertime in New York, jeans, shorts, tims, ??
Tanktops to roofies, groupies acting loosely
Who'll be, in a black drop, with his hat cocked, that can't block
Puff on the stove, get spit in snapshots
I'm trying to live, feed the kids, drive some whips, handle biz
Own a crib, do my shit, in the streets, that's how it is

(Ill Bill)
If I say Rockstar, I'm talking about rocking the mic
My shit's hot like the rock fiend dropping a pipe
These cats are idiots, with raps so pussy they catch period's
I'm serious, my life is like a drug experience
A ** movie with no plot and I'm the only guy in it
Like Vivid video's with Kobe Tai dime bitches
Ill Bill rap crusader, chilling in the black Navigator
Canarsie to Pennsylvania
"Who...Who smash guitars"

Chorus 1x

Break with me your out, bang you with shells and heaters out
Blast off the terrorist, blow bombs and speakers out
Hookers and bricks, gutter cats, bitches and pimps
Cripples and Gimps, ex-cons, pushers and tricks
Street poet, speak the essence, what's realer than this
Up in the club smoked out coke, the feeling of Cris
You lighting the wrist, Richard Simmons fro with a pick
Taking my record label hostage if they stompin my shit

(Sabac Red)
I remember them cold nights and long lines for clubs
Now it's strictly V.I.P., free drinks and drugs
Pounds and hugs, getting back rubs, be them Underground thugs
Stay street but got new found love, take a Continental, driver rental
Travel the globe, Non Phixion to the end worldwide we rock shows
Explode from out the projects, Glenwood to Drysneck
Hold your drink up, and make a toast to how the gods get

[Chorus] - 2x

24 Hour MC Verse (Tonedeff)

24 Hours From Now, I'll be still around
Digging up potholes, then kill ya sound to fill the ground
My skill abounds over yours in comparison
Cause you square and It's embarrasing
You can talk to the hand like Mr. Garrison
Your strategy is to pass time
Figured that if I posted first, then you could get in the last line
Praying that you'll surpass mine, with a punchline and a crass rhyme
But I be Def with the language without the hand signs
I put em up and you can't climb the edifice
Cause I'm phatter than Cameron Manheim with the rhetoric
I'm a landmine to stepping degenerates
And I'm bettin I'm even better when edited
When it gets into repetetive doses
you'll be beggin' for more like I was a medical sedative
I'll pull your card and leave ya discredited
You see, my style is like a family reunion, because it's all relative
You're outta your element, in America with a peso
You can't deliver your own rhymes, like a pantomime at a stage show
You gonna need backup. coming up with another production
You're style is akin is to your site
you're whole flow is under construction
Been a cartoonist since birth
Since your sweating my records
go check the package because I dissed you on the insert
You're better off as a comic
Cause Punchline artists get framed splattered
and hung like a painting from Jackson Pollack
So, crack your wallet, cause your raps are squalid
Cause you suck more than ** starlet's mouth
in a black hole with a vacuum on it
So, swallow it whole, nigga, pride & all
Show the same ignorance that made Master P decide to ball
And actually since your stal I'll win with apathy
Cause I'm a threat veiled as your teacher like the aliens in the faculty

Victims (Acrostichon)

you are so changed since i met you
vague moments seem to come more
why do you use it; throwing your life
tearing your friends and family with

first on party's, now you can't miss
your daily dose
an egoist or just a stupid bastard
don't you see there's more to live for
you seem to be content, but are you ?

why ? are you thinking only about yourself
how ! can you live like this; you only have yourself
when ! will you realize, when will you realize
victims ! why can't you see

sometimes i wonder why people use drugs
started as a game now there's nothing left for you
it isn't cool; it doesn't solve problems
you just create other ones you don't see

your body and emotions are like a shrinking nut
surrounded by a haze of unreality
creating your own perfect chaos
neverending ignorance

That's The Way I Wanna Rock N Roll (AC/DC)

Party gonna happen at the union hall
Shaking to the rhythm 'til everybody fall
Picking up my woman in my Chevrolet
Glory hallelujah gonna rock the night away

I'm gonna roll roll roll
I'm gonna roll roll roll
I'm gonna take this town, turn it around
I'm gonna roll roll roll

Now there's a blue suede bopping on a high heeled shoe
Balling round together like a wrecking crew
Oh be bopper lubba baby what I say
You gotta get a dose of rock and roll on each and every day

We're gonna roll roll roll
We're gonna roll roll roll
We're gonna take this town, turn it around
We're gonna roll roll roll

I'm gonna blow up my video
Shut down my radio
Told boss man where to go
Turned off my brain control
That's the way I want my rock and roll
That's the way I want my rock and roll

That's the way
Ooh that's the way I like my rock and roll
That the way I want my rock and roll

That's the way
That's the way
That's the way I want my rock and roll
That's the way
That's the way
That's the way I want my rock and roll
That's the way
That's the way
To rock and roll!
Roll, roll, roll,
I'm gonna roll, roll, roll
I'm gonna take this town, turn it around,
I'm gonna roll, roll, roll

I'm gonna roll, roll, roll
That's the way I want it
Roll, roll, roll
Gotta hear it loud
Gonna take this town, turn it 'round
Gonna roll, roll, roll

Blow up my video
Shut down my radio
Told boss man where to go
Turned off my brain control
That's the way I want my rock and roll
That's the way I want my rock and roll

That's the way I want my rock and roll


Edw tha vreite tin studio version paidia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTKeiRn9lEo.

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