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Monday, 21 April 2014
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Listen Hussain aseer


LSD (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

Adam Hussain
i took loads of them fukin' fukin' mushrooms and fukin' that....them halucinagenics, innit
and i fukin' lost it, dinni, this is the way it fukin' goes......

safe as fuk, i've took an acid and loads of times, it's made my arms stretch three times longer than they normally are, i feel like i can fly up in the air, and my mother's really funny when she walks in the room all worried, like....innit.........

P. Xain
i've had flashbacks, i've had all the shit, i thought i was at Woodstock in, er, '69, i fukin' didn't know what was goin' on, but really i was just down Pil, it was a fukin' terrible time, don't take the LSD if you've got a weak mind, you knows it, stay safe, look after yourself,
GLC, you knows it........

soon as you see the colours, you're there, son......innit

Adam Hussain
i was at a party in Pil the other night
a clart gave me a trip, he said they were alright
i looked him up and down and gave him the Hussain frown
he was pretty fukin' safe, not you're average razz clown

he had something sweating in his greasy fukin' paw
but it was made of paper, it didn't smell of fukin' draw
he got them from a bloke called Lloyd Ganja 99
i heard he took five and said that he was fine

now it's my turn to take the micro-dot
how was i supposed to know i'd lose the fukin' plot?
the room started spinning so i put them in my belly
i suppose it happens after eight fukin' jellys

i chucked a massive whitey as i saw the melting walls
i took a step back and fell over Ben-Wa-Balls
my eyes started to dilate and i felt fukin' great
after the ninth fukin' trip, i started to hallucinate

in the corner was my mate they call Boy-Balls
i stared at him hard and didn't recognize him at all
i made my way outta the room, i didn't fukin' stall
i began to freak out and walked into a brick wall

Mike Balls
gotta take some more, gotta push it to the edge
Blanc was on his**boffin' in the fukin' hedge
wrecked up on trips, his mind's in bits
his bowels are loose and i think he's got the shits

Adam went over to Eggsie to see what he thinks

fukin' go to the toilet, a couple of drinks
you start feeling fine if your minds are on the blinks
if you feel fukin' funny then you better not think
otherwise you'll panic and you're ring-piece'll stink
it's obvious for all to see that you're out of your head on LSD


P. Xain
block the rock, leaving you shell shocked
getting bigger and harder and that's just my cock

he buys loads of draw by the ounce and the block
but he prefers taking acid cos it makes his mind rock

Adam Hussain
i'm losing my head, i'm losing my mind, man
my last fukin' trip got swallowed by my gran

P. Xain
i lost my grip when i took the trips
so i (?) window and i beat him with a stick

Adam Hussain
everyone started laughing at the clart they call Hussain
but they soon fukin' stopped cos they knows that i'm insane
it's time to go home, it's time to go to bed
it's only half past nine but my brain's outta my head

P. Xain
i've been taking ecstasy since i turned fifteen
but i had to give it up cos it made me fukin' mean
i took the LSD and i thought it was great
but i didn't realize it would make me hallucinate

Adam Hussain
i was persuaded to stay, i didn't even go
by a bloke who owed me loads of fukin' blow
'fuk this shit,' i said, as i hit him with a brick
the last trip started to make me fukin' sick

i boffed on the floor and went out the door
Eggsie said, 'come back and take some more'
i think i needs help, get me a fukin' medic
the sky outside was looking proper fukin' psycadellic

the monkey's on my brain and i'm goin' insane
cos i took too much acid with my goldie lookin' chain
the monkey's in my brain and i'm goin' insane
cos i took too much acid with my goldie lookin' chain

i'm outta my mind, Adam, i can see the colours, i can fukin' seeeeee.....G.....L.....C......

Adam Hussain
get me to St. Caddicks, i need to see the quack
now i'm seeing flashbacks of Bert Backarack

oh, alright, i'm outta my head on E
i much prefer takin' my favourite drug, LSD

it gets me really wrecked and makes me feel really crazy
my eyes start swirling and my body feels lazy
i looks at the floor, i looks at the wall
i think to myself, 'i feel like someone called Paul'
because that's not who i am, but that's what it does to you
it makes you feel like you're something else, like a rabbit or a tree

P. Xain
big shout to all the fukin' GLC crew, you knows it, safe as fuk

shouts out to all the people with swirly eyes and crazy arms all wriggling round all over the place, they're all dribbling, man, it's craizeeeeeeeeeee

Adam Hussain
fukin' massive shout out to J-Mez, he's a fukin' safe clart in the 'Port, you fukin' knows it

P. Xain
yeah, P Xain, fukin' respects to Ben Wa Balls, Mr Love-Eggs that is, aka, Raphael-De-La-Ghetto, and other stuff, you knows it, Walshy, fukin' all the 'Port

if you takes enough acid, you can actually fly through time and space
er, this is the closest a lot of people'll get to it but, er, safe as fuk...GLC

i feel special.....yeah, man, like Keith Chegwin's love children

Through Space And Time (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

Alright, hands up, give me all your money,
Rob a till and get away in a Nissan Sunny.
I brought a kebab, I'm fcuking annoyed,
I brought it down Pill and it gave me typhoid

Rizla, fags, draw, cup of tea,
The only way to chill in the GLC
I used to take loads of drugs and go out to a rave,
But now I jus' listens to Chas and Dave

Molecular dysfunction occurs mainly at this junction,
Fcuked up and unruly I brings cantankerous rambunction,
The GLC style brings forth chaos without function,
Snapping your neck like you're straight out of Trumpton,
Disabled and shit, unable to move, you better fcuking dance to the GLC groove.

Parallel universe like Doctor Who,
Destroying the world and my tracksuit is blue.
It's been a long time, I shouldn'ta left you,
With the dole cheque that I had to get you,
You spent it on getting wrecked out of your brain,
But now you're totally fcuked by the Goldie Lookin' Chain.

Thats right, Raphael de la ghetto, he knows it
This is P Xain fcukin keeping it real, you knows it


Interstellar travel isn't always necessary,
But rolling in my car gets me as far as Leeds or Bury,
When I gets to the place, I spread the word some more,
I leave all the girlies screaming 'FCUKING ENCORE'!

Newport's fcuking lush, it's not a nightmare,
You know I loves chillin in John Frost Square,
But to be wicked you gotta act the part,
My mum buys my tracksuit from fcuking Primark.

I got a turbo tardis GTi,
It goes 40mph in the fcuking sky,
I looks for Klingons, but not up my arse,
I'm an intergalactic rass-clart who smokes grass (LOL)!

I likes to think I travel thru fcuking space and time,
But most of the time I'm wrecked out of my head on fuking wine,
I get so drunk from the Thresher's cheap booze,
It's loads of fun, like drinking meths, you can't lose.

Eggsy fcuking knows it, Hussain does too, <-- sounds like 'poo xain' ??!!
Some of you bastards haven't got a clue,
Listen to our shit, you knows it's fcuking great,
Get a copy off 2-hats and give it to your mate.
It's the way the Glc likes to function clart,
Not by selling it in them fuking pop charts,
I said our crew's growing, I meant it before,
Get out there blaah, and copy a few more. <---poss. bra, not blaah
It's original crew, aint no time for pap,
It's time to put Newport back on the map.

Shopmobility, Shop Shop-mobility x2

Shopmobility that's the one for me,
I nicked it from my gran when she was watching tv,
I gets to ride round, it's sound, for free
And everybody said, 'he's in the GLC!'

I sat at home with the dog and a brew staring at candles
Wearin' a tracksuit with socks and sandals
I parks nearer town and I don't pay no charge,
Because of my gran's disabled parking badge

Are you from 'Port, its running thru my veins
Ben Wa Balls has fcukin got it, so has P Xain
We're all psycho, like fcuking Norman Bates,
Fcuk with one of us and we'll seal your fate.

The Goldie Lookin' Chain, is fuking so strong,
Its like Jeff Capes turning a Mini over on Record Breakers,
With Roy fcuking Castle!

New And Improved (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

Fukin' safe fukin' you knows it, innit

It's time to kick it once more from the boys who toke draw
Don't mess with us clarts cos we're fukin' hardcore
You thought the chain were ill, now we're fukin' much sicker
These tunes'll need more than a parental warning sticker

Ben Wa Balls is back, and as mad as can be
He'll break your fukin' face like Mo-hammed Ah-li
But let's talk about me, Adam Hussain
One of the maddest looking fu'kers from the Goldie Lookin' Chain

'Don't Blame the Chain' really started the ignition
Now ever fu'ker gives us the deserved recognition
The chain are back again like we said before
You know the crew who likes to smoke the fuk'n draw

We've been quiet for a while and now we're fuk'n back
Trying to shag the birds but escape the fuk'n clap
We're sick as fcuk and ryer now
The kings of 'Port hip hop so take a fuk'n bow

So if you wanna go, then bring on the action
But you don't wanna Goldie Lookin' Chain reaction

Hussain's ripping it up, Y2K style plus two, innit

Like Lillets, or Always Ultra with Wings, we're the Goldie Lookin' Chain and we're running things
Like Lillets, or Always Ultra with Wings, we're New and Improved and we're running things

This time shit's real so let me kick the fuk'n facts
With rhymes and beats so tight they'll bring you to climax
We're the hip hop kings of the P - O - R - T
Like I say clarts, we're the G L C

Benwaballs composed us some new tunes for the millenium
Xain lays the tracks and 2 Hats start the rebellion
We're fu'ked in the end but really must maintain
We're better than Vanilla Ice, we're the Goldie Lookin' Chain

Ha ha! Fuk'n Adam Hussain here aka Benny Blanco here. Clart, if you needs the fuk'n draw, you come and fuk'n sees me, innit, right? Fuk'n knows it.

This is the time so let the shit rhyme
We're the GLC and fcuked in the mind
Benwaballs skits, crazy as can be
He'll fcuk you up and down n worse than Bruce fuk'n Lee

Some clarts get birds with the muscles they can flex
But Xain gets tit-tosss spinning his decks
2000AD couldn't give a toss
As long as he gets to see the girlie's pantie-moss

Like Lillets, or Always Ultra with Wings, we're the Goldie Lookin' Chain and we're running things
Like Lillets, or Always Ultra with Wings, we're New and Improved and we're running things

This new bad-ass shit will give you a fukin' thrill
Crank up the fukin' bass and take a drive down Pil
When we started up, people thought we we're taking the piss
But we've evolved like a butterfly from a chrysalis

They've been out of the country, now for a while
Missing the fresh tunes and the fukin' free-style
Our cocks are bigger than sticks of salami
Cos we're the generals of this 'Port hip hop army

Listen to this shit and copy one after one
By this time next year it'll go platinum
Get smoked up clart, in a fuk'n haze
And demand our shit over fuk'n TJs

Oi clart, don't forget my fukin' four pack of stella and fukin' rizlas, innit, alright?

I see all this mad shit, every fcukin' day
Stretching from the gear to Pil and Allway(?)
People say we're nuts and that needs addressing
I ain't messing, clarts, this shit's got me fuk'n stressing

I ain't confessin'
to whether I smokes the fuk'n resin
But still impressin the girlies when they see me
Bouncing down the road in my low ride capri

With Lloyd Ganja in the back and Maindee Lee
Fuk with us and you'll be in the obituaries
Cos every fu'cker knows we're the GLC

Yeah, that's right, it's Adam Hussain he back and this time he's pissed off. Fuk'n you knows it. Big respect to Benny Blanco. In the house tonight.

Fuk'n knows it, that's right. Adam Hussain. Fuk'n there, in your fuk'n face. Listen to the fuk'n tunes. You fuk'n knows it, leisurewearer!

Shit To Me (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

ntro - my name is a-rape, balaclava, don't fuk with me or i fuk with your father

shit to me, shit to me, shit to me, fuk you alicia keys

justin timberlake it's time to take a fukin' break
you touched britney spears, you had your piece of cake
i'd rather put my tongue across the face of ricki lake
than sample your music by lifting your break
fuk your soul with my goldie lookin' flow
cut off your penis on the david letterman show
take a deep breath, you're goin' below
like ricky martin being raped by a dildo

chorus - j-lo means shit to me
p-diddy means shit to me
ja-rule means shit to me
fuk you alicia keys

Adam Hussain
rockin' the tempo, increase the aggro
she's got a fat**and her name's j-lo
i loves to see her dancin' and wobblin' her jelly
but the music's crap just like that cu*t nelly
when we gets hold of you we can wreck the place
clart you'll need more than a plaster on your face
i'll smash up your cd's in HMV
then i'll smash up madonnas and r-kellys

All/Adam Hussain
chorus - j-lo means shit to me.......................it's not safe
p-diddy means shit to me..................c*t fuk
ja-rule means shit to me...................yer mother
fuk you alicia keys

2 Hats
madonna, mariah carey and whitney
give it up, you're almost 50
wycleff jean, what's goin' on?
fukin' with tom jones bra, you got it wrong
and anastacia, you're names on the list
it's next to shakira and will smiths
i've got alicia keys on her hands and her knees
feelin' the power of the GLC

All/Billy Webb
chorus - j-lo means shit to me......................fcuk off
p-diddy means shit to me.................fcukin' nothin
ja-rule means shit to me..................fcukin' shit
fuk you alicia keys

P Xain
oh, dirty, christina aguilera lookin' **y, like my ford sierra
it's got a body kit, it's lowered with a spoiler on the back
she's so fukin' dirty but her music's fukin' w**
stop startin' fuk ricky martin
smelling britneys bacon drapes without her legs parting
you won't believe the smell when she does the splits
she's got a gammy eye and two different sized tits...innit

chorus - j-lo means shit to me
p-diddy means shit to me
ja-rule means shit to me
fuk you alicia keys

Billy Webb
wile wile west ikky ikky waa waa
to will smith i say fukin' ta ta
it's gettin' hot in here like a sauna
i'll block you out with an ounce of soap bar
i'll take you out with a can and balaclava
next to go would be rapper rule-ja
and aguilera's tried to roll a cigar
and wangle the**of shakira

chorus - j-lo means shit to me
p-diddy means shit to me
ja-rule means shit to me
fuk you alicia keys

Bedsit (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

Dipper Nan
He's the Maggot,
He tucked me up-tight-shrewd-don't give a **,
The Maggot,
One in a million,
Trust my luck-I wish it was a billion.

Oh Dipper!

Dipper Nan

Give us two's up.

Dipper Nan
Oh son, haven't even skinned up,
You wanna have a word,
You are murdered,
Nine ounce habit,
You buy 1/2 quarters,
In his bedsit,
he'd wait you see.

Hello Dipper,
Do you wanna cuppa tea?

Dipper Nan
Safe, Mag, 2 sugars for me.

No problems son thats £2.50.

Dipper Nan
He's the Maggot,
He tucked me up-tight-shrewd-don't give a **,
The Maggot,
One in a million,
Trust my luck-I wish it was a billion.

Go to Maggot's bedsit-I use a special knock,
He takes ages to answer he's too busy polishing his cock,
Halves on a quarter-Maggot-What do you think?

I'll chip in a bit son but you'll have to buy some drink,

8 cans of lager and a bottle of wine,
He drinks all of his and then he drinks most of mine.

Dipper Nan
In his bedsit Maggot would make tea,
Smoke my draw-charge me £2.50,
What do you mean-you're gonna charge me?
For an horrible cup and some no-frills tea.

Oh Dipper,
This bedsit you see,
Cost me a fortune doesn't come for free,

Dipper Nan
Top end draw, when Maggot skins up.

Can I have a puff,
Can I have a line?, just an inch-er mind,

Dipper Nan
Inch bloody wide son ?
Your name's Dyson.

He's the Maggot,
He tucked me up-tight-shrewd-don't give a **,
The Maggot,
Took all my money,
Now he's in the glc think he's really funny.

Billy Webb
Maggoty boy, a right tight **er,
Sold me a paracetamol and said it was a pukka,

(Its a pukka!)

Billy Webb
He owes you a tenner,
But he gives you a fiver,
Got bare faced cheek just like Lady Godiva,
Limited seating,
He wants money for the heating,
Nothing comes for free,
This is Maggot's housekeeping.

All for me, none for you.

Billy Webb
I wanted a half but he gave me a Q.

Dipper Nan
He's the Maggot,
He tucked me up-tight-shrewd-don't give a **,
The Maggot,
One in a million,
Trust my luck-I wish it was a billion.

One man flat,
Retractable bed,
He's 7ft 4,
And let it be said,
Its tight in that flat,
But like the next of kin,
He'd even let you ** a bird in his wheely bin!
Charging power by the hour,
Trippin' in the kitchen,
Smokin' bongs in the shower,
Beware the Maggot-take heed I'm telling,
Cookin' up schemes on his baby belling.

Dipper Nan

He's the Maggot,
He tucked me up-tight-shrewd-don't give a **,
The Maggot,
Took all my money
Now hes in the GLC thinks hes really funny!

In the bedsit,
I hide my secret,
Wanking in a sailors costume,
thats where I keep it,
With all my treasures, the things I collect,
I steal your ** pants if you shit'em when you're wrecked
Please come and visit, but dont come again,
I dont like women and I **in' hate men,

Dipper Nan

Mushrooms on toast, his favourite treat,
Didnt wash his clothes, warts on his feet,
Had to move away, dont have to see him,
Hes a little shit, never stop the thieving.

He's the Maggot,
He tucked me up-tight-shrewd-don't give a **,
The Maggot,
One in a million,
Trust my luck-I wish it was a billion.

He's the Maggot,
He tucked me up-tight-shrewd-don't give a **,
The Maggot,
Took all my money
Now hes in the GLC thinks hes really funny!

In his bedsit Maggot would make tea,
Smoke my draw, charge me £2.50.

In his bedsit Maggot would make tea,
Smoke my draw, charge me £2.50.

In his bedsit Maggot would get high,
Use a Giro for his supply.

In his bedsit Maggot would get high,
Use a Giro for his supply.

Billy Webb

Threw Big Ben outta the window innit

Dipper Nan

Wicked! Knows It!

..hates Maggot

My... back me up out there

Maggot is a shit.

I want you all to know:

Mike Balls backs me up,
Eggsy backs me up,
2Hats backs me up,
Hussain backs me up,
Everybody backs me up,
Billy backs me up,
Xain backs me up,
The world will back me up.

Maggot ripped me off for years, years, and he still will rip me off.

He'll rip you off, hell rip all of you off.

** him off, wheel up, wheel off.

£70 a week I give him, in the snakepit.

No Joke (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

No Joke

'alright clart! i saw you in fukin' Zanzi's dinni? what happened to you on Friday, clart?'

'aw, you're never gonna believe it, man! it's so unsafe, i got busted for havin' the well known rave drug, speed, innit!'

'you're fukin' jokin' me, son...tell me more about it'

'serious, it all started out like this, man...'

Pig: This interview is being tape recorded and it may be given in evidence if your case is brought to trial. At the conclusion you will be provided with a copy of the tape and a form explaining what happens to the tapes. We're in an interview room at Newport Central police station, can you give your full name and date of birth, please.


I'm Chon Ben-Wa Balls and i'm goin' up the walls
I went out with my mates to see the waterfalls
No, really, i'm lying, i went to a club
And i got some crazy rave drugs and start to get wrecked up

Next thing i know, i'm in the bad end of town
I'm getting wrecked up and the police start to frown
They pulled me aside, saw the bag of speed
They even busted me for 'avin a toke on some weed

It's crazy, it's shit, i want to go have a good time
Next thing i know, i'm talking to PC59
He tried to do me for havin' loads of crazy fukin' drugs
I just wanted to get mad and cut a few fukin' rubs


Chorus -
It ain't no joke, it's a poor mans coke
I got busted by the law while i was havin' a toke
It ain't no joke, it's a poor mans coke
I got busted by the law while i was havin' a toke

Adam Hussein

I takes loads of drugs, i does 'em all the time
My mother threw me out the council house outta my mind
Now i'm on the streets with the GLC crew
And i takes the ecstasy to my fukin' nan too(?)

The police sat me in a cell
In there was Ben-Wa Balls as well
Smoked some draw and took some pills
And asked a bloke in a dress for some fukin' cheap thrills, innit


'GLC, maximum pressure, you knows it, 1983, the year it all started, respect, you knows it, Ben-Wa Balls, Loveggs, fukin' Billy Webb, Adam Hussain, respect, Two Hats, knows it'

Pig: That concludes the interview. Is there anything else you wish to add or clarify in connection to what you have said?


Yeah, fuk you, i do's what i gotta do
If it involves drinking beer and sniffing fukin' funky glue
Then i'll do it, you can't stop me cos i'm feelin' fukin mad
And if you tries to fuk with me i'll get you beaten up by my dad

'Big shout out to Woody who sold me the draw, Johnny Seko(?), all the crew, fukin' safe'

'Big shout out to Carl from Risker, he sold me the fukin' draw, he's safe, oh, and Charlotte as well, in fukin' Scarletts, wicked'

'Shout to Mad Keith who sold me the fukin' speed and the draw, you knows it, he can fukin' sort you out'

'Yo man, shouts to Terry Smithser(?) who got me 39 ounces of weed in under half an hour! you knows it!'

Pig: That white wrapping is exhibit MAC1, it is a piece of paper containing amphetamine, or what you believe to be amphetamine


Chorus -
It ain't no joke, it's a poor mans coke
I got busted by the law while i was havin' a toke
It ain't no joke, it's a poor mans coke
I got busted by the law while i was havin' a toke

knows it...GLC...

2000AD, aka Two Hats, you see
Got busted for takin' the fukin' ecstasy
Gurning like a bitch, be on coke if i was rich
But i gotta go to the toilets cos i got a bit of an itch

I takes the drugs but i don't have fights
So why did the bastards read me my rights?

Pig: You bought it in TJ's last Friday for five pounds and you were going to use it for your own personal possession, is that correct?

Wrecked Up (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

.....Quick, get his wallet, we're off down the fukin' Spar, c'mon!
Quick...draw on his face, man, draw on his face, clart.
Get his willy out, get it, man, take a photo and send it to fukin' Woman's Own, haaa....
Leave it, man...i'm fukin' wrecked!

Ben Wa Balls came round and smoked loads of draw
Next thing I know, he's asleep on the floor
What's goin' on? I just had a bong
I feels light headed, this can't last for long

If you can't take the blow then I think you better leave
I think you better know and you better believe
This kid's serious, I gotta go home
I look really mashed, I'm as white as a bone
I'm all mashed up just like Eddie Kid
I can't move my arms and i feel like a flid

Look at you, clart, you're in a right fukin' state
I can't believe you just chucked up over my mate
I told you not to have that last fukin' hit
And your leisuresuit smells of fukin' shit
Get out the house and fuk off home
You stupid twat, that was a pure skunk cone

It's not clever to get wrecked and have shit dripping out of your ass

Now my name's P Xain and I smoke for Britain
But I smoked a bud and now I'm trippin'
I feel fukin' wicked like Terry Wogan
Like Crocodile Dundee 2's Paul Hogan

I'm fukin' mashed, I needs to go home
I feels fukin' wrecked and I'm white like a bone
I gotta lie down, I gotta do it soon
If I don't do it fast then I'm gonna puke in the room

I smokes loads of weed, I'm on my fukin' knees
All I need now is a quarter pounder with cheese!
I needs to put my jacket on and get my trouser suit
But I can't pick up my trainers coz I've been sniffing glue

I've been smokin' a bong for far too fukin' long
Coz after a while, I feels like a mong
So pack that chong and give me a hit
Hussain's tracksuit never smells of dog shit
I smoked half a pound of Li-Ganga's fukin' gear
So go fuk yourself if you says that I'm a queer
Give me a phone coz I'm going fukin' numb
I gotta get back or my nan will start to moan
So see you boys soon, laters clarts
I'm off to pull some Newport fukin' tarts

Shout to your neighbours, shout to the ravers
Shout to the people who do loads of favours
For you, and the GLC crew
Safe as fuk, you knows it

Time to go home, son
Fukin' time for the taxi to come
I said this kid's right, I gotta get home
I feels really mashed, I'm white as a bone
I gotta get out but I can't fukin' move
Shit, that draw's strong, I've bust my groove

Shout out to Carl from Risca, he knows he's safe, He knows the score coz you knows he sells me the fukin' draw

G-G-G-Goldie lookin' chain

Goldie lookin' chain

Respect to all the people who've got a bit mashed in the past and dirtied themselves and had to go and clean themselves up

Bang In Your Face (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

So, er, I heard, you boys wansta join the 'ckin GLC then
What's your 'ckin names, boys?

I'm known as Mystikal
Fukcin Tim Westcountry splew, innit, fukcin safe

You serious man? you got some crazy names!

If you wanna join the GLC, you gotta have 3 things,
Thats draw, rizla, and fags.
If you've got 'em, you're in.
What do you reckon, Adam Hussain?

Safe as fcuk....

It was a dark dark night and things didn't seem right,
I was approached by an old man, I thought he wanted a fight
He started asking me these questions I just didn't understand,
When I looked closer at him he had his penis in his hand

I was sick, I was repulsed, I had to get away,
I wasn't into this shit, cos I knows I'm not**
I started to run, I didn't know where to go
So I got down to the West Country and smoked loads of blow.

GLC, watch out for the shopping trolley crew, you fukcin knows it
Shaftsbury massive

Looking back, I kept looking back,
He was creeping up and dressed all in black
With a trendy suit and a sw&#11179;y hat
I knew he was a legend but he looked like a twat.

Some say he's evil, and he looks really dodge,
But he's a legend and his name's Frankie Lodge

Fukcin' respect to the GLC, knows ya safe, the fukcin lot of you.
Fukcin' even One Step
Fukcin' safe as fcuk

Watch out for all them crazy old men with bags,
Those crazies are lookin' for you

The name is Mystikal, you know the score
Kicking back large, smoking the draw
Leave all the girlies begging for more
Hit the old man... he hit the floor
But he wasn't knocked out, he gave a shout,
And charged, like an underworld lager lout

Well, my name is Mystikal, so I speak in the style of the medieval
druid, thank you

Fukcin serious clart? Fukcin serious? You fukcin serious as fcuk,
innit? Fukcin serious serious.

You know what? I think you boys are actually in.
You qualified with such an exciting story of.. brave stuff, in the
face of... violent stuff
So get your fags and your draw and your rizlas and lets.... (get on it...?)

Rafael, down the ghetto, saying respect to the Newport Bus Station massive
And all the people who hang round chillin' in the town centre

Youknowsit, GLC, fukcin safe

Big shout out to Ferris's chip shop, and the fukcin kiosk by the bus station

113 aye, 113, tidy!

Woe betide anyone who crosses the GLC,
it's like stepping into kiosk 113.

Real. Fresh.

It's the one for you, it's the one for me.
Yes, it's the fukcin GLC
Don't mess with you, and don't mess with me
Don't mess with the fukcin GLC

Big respect to all people who be using Newport centre via the gift
of ShopMobility. Or alternately having Stannah stairlifts. Big up to
those people who use automated devices.


Adam Hussain here, bring the fukcin pain,
You know I'm gonna fukcin hit you and drive you insane,
You're a fukced up fukcing c*nt
Smokin on a big fat fukcin blunt.

Out of the GLC, you knows I'm fukcin safe. Adam Hussain, Adam
Hussain, fukcin insane.

Nine Carat Habit (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

Chain! (Xain?)

Shoutin' out massive to the GLC crew
Biggin' up, Dipper Nan
King Jacko
Dirty Bob, AKA, Bobby Sauce (?)
Playing the beats on the Newport Streets
Y2K +1

Respect to all the Maindee boys
Thats Lee, Lloyd Ganja 99,
You knows your safe
And the man, boy, fcuking Balls.
Hardest man in soccer violence
fcuking had you in a fight, innit clart?

You knows it Clart

?? for the year 2000, plus 1

You fcuking knows it!

Right, here we go.
Theres loads of people, here with shouts tonight
We got a new, extra special guest, Eugene da Genius
In the house, hes safe as fcuk,
He smokes loads of fags, drinks loads of booze

Got Stressed Armstrong,
Hes a crazy motherfcuker
Hes got two pairs of legs, two arms
Hes great as fcuk

DCI Burnside, hes on the case 24/7
Takes some.. gets evidence..
Hes fcuking safe as fcuk.

Then we got our favourite, Adam Hussain
Hes not going to fcuk you up
Hes gonna touch you up, then let you go.
Hes safe as fcuk
Hes off with a bit of killing (??!!)
You knows it

The we got Billy Webb
Whos crazy as fcuk
Ands hes just sitting in a car, having a loveley drink
you knows it

Then 2000AD
AKA 2Hats
You knows it

And finally P.Xain
Whos making a rave
and having a cup of tea, and a fag


And Hussains in the house tonight,
Look at me strange, and well have a fcuking fight.
You thinks your hard?
Well I thinks your not!
Just cuz you say you grew up in fcuking ??
You knows I knows Cardiff better than you
Dont you know fcuking GLCs there too?
You smokes some Bud, and sit back down
You dont wanna make me fcuking drown
But if thinks Im the one to blame,
Ill swing you round the room with my goldie lookin' chain

Safe as fcuk, yeah

P.Xain,GLC you fcuking knows it

My chains wicked, its made of fcuking gold
Ive had it 9 years, but its really fcuking old
Every time I wear it down the fcuking job center
The kids look at me and they feel a bit better
This shits so good cuz Im looking fcuking fly
But if you looks at me, Ill poke out your fcuking eye

You fcuking clit!
You knows it!

Nine Carat Habit
Ill snap you like a rabbit
Cuz when you see my chain,
you know you wanna grab it

now my name is P. Xain
and I wears loads of gold
I nicked it off my gran,
cuz shes fcuked and old

Now Im on the run, with the GLC crew
And I called up 2Hats to see what to do

Sell it down Pill, get a fcuking good price
get a wicked pair of trainers and a tracksuit thats nice

I got a nine carat habit
feeling bold
Representing gold double Os

Mr Ts got nothing on Hussains gold habit
Put gold in my face and you knows ill fcuking grab it
I loves my chains, i loves them quite alot
gives me some weed, and Ill lose the fcuking plot

Suck my fcuking dick, and ill hit you with a brick
But never say that im not fcuking sick
Say Im fcuking cool, drink the mushroom brew
And get down with the GLC fcuking crew

Wearing gold chains till theyre coming out my brains
(If i was Saturn ,then the radio would have no rings ) (??!!)
Giving loads of presents, to loads of fcuking kids
I nick it from the parents to fund this crazy shit
When I wear a gold chain
I never get hit
Noone gives me crap, and noone gives me shit
I feels fcuking wicked, and my shells wicked too
Everybody knows Im in the GLC crew


Nine carat habit!
He'll snap you like a rabbit!

Eastside, Motherfcuker!

Short Term (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

Adam Hussain

September 1st 1983,
A Newport wreckhead lost his **in’ short term memory,
He couldn’t remember shit,
Who the ** he was or what to do with a clit,
Like a bastard kid he might've left it somewhere,
Smoking loads of bud cause he just don’t care,
Are you my Dad? My Mam or my Brother?
Cause it’s in one ear and out the **in’ other,
Love being blasé, not too concise,
Doctors said my brain was like a Muller rice,
Strong mind control means telekinesis,
**in’ strong draw leaves your mind in pieces,
To be a dopeman but you must qualify,
Had something to do but instead I got high,
Pardon sorry what?, I think I forgot,
My short term memory’s **in' gone to pot claaaaart!


My short term memory, it won’t come back to me
My short term memory, it won’t come back to me


Looking at his face no expression or emotion,
Even if a ** girl was showing him devotion,
You could tell him stuff be it truth or lie,
Cause the only thing he won't forget is how to get high,
Stop there, take a second-understand,
Smoking the weed is integral to the Band –
- of Brothers, but you knew that before,
Ask him two plus two and he'll just saw ‘draw’.

Adam Hussain

Boom! Boom! Boom! Shake the room!
Don't know the words, but I can hum the **in’ tune,
What? When? Who? Why? What’s going on?
Forgotten what I was saying, ** me this shits strong,
Doctors say it **s your mind and your follicles,
It might be true but I think it’s truly bollicles,
Thought I was at home, but I'm in town,
I’m Adam Hussein and I need a lie down clart.


My short term memory, it won’t come back to me
My short term memory, it won’t come back to me


In your head, zombie, zombie,
I got this problem with my memory,
It’s no joke, I’m not playing,
I can’t remember what we was saying,
Psychotropic drugs inside of my brain,
They made me forget the whatsername,
I got this problem, it’s called short term,
I got the memory of ejaculated sperm.

Adam Hussein

What was I saying? Nah... It's gone,
Short term memory, minds gone wrong,
Should I give up weed? Maybe I oughta,
** that spa, tick me up another quarter,
Yeah it's true, my mind is like a sieve,
I smoke weed everyday, that’s how I live,
But I’m sure this weed isn't to blame, actually says "shit" instead of weed in the lyrics
Cause my Nan’s 84 and she’s just the same!


My short term memory, it won’t come back to me
My short term memory, it won’t come back to me


Yes, what it is erm, nah, ** it, its gone.

P. Xain
Dopeman Dopeman, do you remember?
You owe me fifty quid from last September,
When I’m out, I tend to forget,
Did I know you? Or have we just met?
I should have kept a log like Captain Kirk,
Because I forgot to pick up the Missus from work,
I got this book on mental power,
I had to take special pills and toss twice an hour…

Billy Webb

Short term memory all gone up in smoke,
I dunno what you said but I think someone spoke?
Constant amazement at everyday reality,
Like Professors, with particle duality,
An alarm clock blinking after a power cut,
Or school on Saturday when I knew it was shut,
Speed, coke, pills and ecstasy,
Affecting my short term memory.


My short term memory, it won’t come back to me
My short term memory, it won’t come back to me

My short term memory, it won’t come back to me
My short term memory, it won’t come back to me

(I cant remember, I can’t remember, what it is I want to remember)


Surab qatar.

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