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Thursday, 21 September 2017
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Listen Hussain aseer


Charmschool (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

E=mc squared so I've heard,
This is charm school, how to pull a smart bird,
Love to dance with a skank with a stiff in my pants,
You're thinking romance while I'm thinking "are they implants?"

Girl, you're better looking than my missus,
Want to give you deep love,
And then shower you with kisses,
On your pink parts, cos this Newport clart,
Is into Charm School like Da Vinci to art,
This is a Hussain education it involves **, draw and a Playstation,
Pushing your buttons, now you're thinking that I'm tender,
Like Craig David with a hidden agenda.

So I step to her, and say "what's up?"
I'm not much too look at but girl you're in luck,
It's not all about looks, confidence or personality,
Wide ons, hardons, loving a bit of rubsies.

Adam’s charm school,
(down the bus station)
Adam’s charm school,
(getting education)
Adam’s charm school,
(when the bell starts ringing)
Adam’s charm school,
(he don’t care if you’re minging)

He’s the G with the CSE,
A real A* plus and they teach you for free,

P. Xain
Charm School,
Skills to rob tills,
NVQ’s, to City And Guilds,

Double detention but it don’t matter,
I got my fingers stuck in the dinner ladies' batter,


The bell's for you, not for me,
I graduated from charm school back in 1983,

Adam Hussain, I needs another lesson,
And when the bell rings, we’re going on a session,
And have a little wager to see who can pull,
The most birds, I’ve lost count, I’ve got my hands full,

2 Hats
This charm school,
Where I learns from the master,
To get my finger in, just a little bit faster,
In and out, up and down, there’s no complication,
A GLC baby's what you get for graduation,

It’s a simple course and it won’t involve revision,
Just 12 pints of lager in a nightclub on a mission,
His teaching style is more than just particular,
And if he likes your bits then he’ll get extra-curricular,

P. Xain
I went to the university of life and the school of thought,
But I forgot all of the important things what I was taught,
Oh son, you gotta learn,
That if you take 12 pukkas you’re bound to gurn,

Adam’s charm school,
(down the bus station)
Adam’s charm school,
(getting education)
Adam’s charm school,
(when the bell starts ringing)
Adam’s charm school,
(he don’t care if you’re minging)

Take time to study and invest,
If you follow the charm school rules you'll be impressed,
There's no exams and it don't involve money,
Just a never-ending urge to try and get yourself some cunny,
Think style, charm and finesse,
Mix it up with Adam and then chuck him some breasts,
Add confusion, ladies, and 27 beers,
Then wait down the clinic till the test results clears.

Smooth! Like a pane of glass,
I'm gonna kick your**if you try and skip my class,
I'll be your knight in shining armour,
Smoking marijuana,
Whispering sweet nothings cos you knows that I'm a charmer.

Top class, you're free to enrol,
Like Pandora's box to Adrian Mole,
Or the Bee Gees, for whom the bell tolls,
Give it a shot cos every hole's a goal.

Adam’s charm school,
(down the bus station)
Adam’s charm school,
(getting education)
Adam’s charm school,
(when the bell starts ringing)
Adam’s charm school,
(he don’t care if you’re minging)
Adam's charm school,
(it's like Jamie Oliver to chips)
Adam's charm school,
(so it's fingers on lips)
Adam’s charm school,
(when the bell starts ringing)
Adam’s charm school,
(he don’t care if you’re minging)

To All The People (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

To all the seat slashers traveling on Newport transport
To all the shoplifters banned from the town centre
To all the draw dealers under surveillance by the authorities
To all the bad boys carrying concealed weapons
To all the kids smoking fags at break-time
To all the people who got a producer for driving offences
To all the people traveling on trains without paying, pretending to be asleep or hiding in the toilets
To all the acid casualties down St. Caddacks
To all the people down Wetherspoons on a Monday drinking a fukin' pound a pint, aw wicked
Respect to the chip butty crew

The Names (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

Mr Love Eggs, Raphael De La Ghetto, Chon Benwa Balls, 38DD Killer
Benny Blanco, Adam Hussain, Billy Webb, Mystikal, Mike Balls, Burnside, Maggot, Stressed Armstrong, Mr Compact, Lloyd Ganja 99, Dippenah, Lee, Dirty Bob, Bobby Sauce, Skippy, Certical?, 2000AD, GanjaBizness, King Jacko, Dai Texas, Mad Keith, The Rock, Carl from Risca, Frankie Lodge, Charlotte from Scarlett's, Woody, Kerry Smithson, Sarah Bornes, Garaaa, The Red Boy, Tim Westcountry, Vince Pernail, Eugena Genius, Showbiz

Respect to the the glc, you knows it safe.

Rave it up


yeah those were the names, f*ckin you knows it. Respect aaaaaah

Word is born, peace to your mother providin she pays me that forty five quid i lent her for that draw, slag

Safe as f*ck, respect due, f*cking knows it. Safe.

If you've previously listened to, if you've heard the name mentioned, or if you've taken part in any activities involved with this music, you're now officially a member of the goldie lookin chain ya shithead

You f*ckin knows it.

"You have 4 messages-
Message one: I don't know where you are, but I've been banging on this door for fcuking five minutes! I wish you wouldn't piss me about like this! Not when I'm not well!
Message 2: Yeah dis is Ice-T- 1990!
Message 3: Oh! we're going to barry da na da na da na na Oh! back to the island! da na da ndanana Oh! we're gonna go on the log-flume! da na na na na Oh! on a fcuking wicked GLC tune... Yeah!
Message 4: Adam Hussain's gonna bring you some pain, unless you give me a ring- it's your clart hussain! Ta-ra
End of messages, to delete all messages- press delete" *beep*

Nine Carat Habit (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

Chain! (Xain?)

Shoutin' out massive to the GLC crew
Biggin' up, Dipper Nan
King Jacko
Dirty Bob, AKA, Bobby Sauce (?)
Playing the beats on the Newport Streets
Y2K +1

Respect to all the Maindee boys
Thats Lee, Lloyd Ganja 99,
You knows your safe
And the man, boy, fcuking Balls.
Hardest man in soccer violence
fcuking had you in a fight, innit clart?

You knows it Clart

?? for the year 2000, plus 1

You fcuking knows it!

Right, here we go.
Theres loads of people, here with shouts tonight
We got a new, extra special guest, Eugene da Genius
In the house, hes safe as fcuk,
He smokes loads of fags, drinks loads of booze

Got Stressed Armstrong,
Hes a crazy motherfcuker
Hes got two pairs of legs, two arms
Hes great as fcuk

DCI Burnside, hes on the case 24/7
Takes some.. gets evidence..
Hes fcuking safe as fcuk.

Then we got our favourite, Adam Hussain
Hes not going to fcuk you up
Hes gonna touch you up, then let you go.
Hes safe as fcuk
Hes off with a bit of killing (??!!)
You knows it

The we got Billy Webb
Whos crazy as fcuk
Ands hes just sitting in a car, having a loveley drink
you knows it

Then 2000AD
AKA 2Hats
You knows it

And finally P.Xain
Whos making a rave
and having a cup of tea, and a fag


And Hussains in the house tonight,
Look at me strange, and well have a fcuking fight.
You thinks your hard?
Well I thinks your not!
Just cuz you say you grew up in fcuking ??
You knows I knows Cardiff better than you
Dont you know fcuking GLCs there too?
You smokes some Bud, and sit back down
You dont wanna make me fcuking drown
But if thinks Im the one to blame,
Ill swing you round the room with my goldie lookin' chain

Safe as fcuk, yeah

P.Xain,GLC you fcuking knows it

My chains wicked, its made of fcuking gold
Ive had it 9 years, but its really fcuking old
Every time I wear it down the fcuking job center
The kids look at me and they feel a bit better
This shits so good cuz Im looking fcuking fly
But if you looks at me, Ill poke out your fcuking eye

You fcuking clit!
You knows it!

Nine Carat Habit
Ill snap you like a rabbit
Cuz when you see my chain,
you know you wanna grab it

now my name is P. Xain
and I wears loads of gold
I nicked it off my gran,
cuz shes fcuked and old

Now Im on the run, with the GLC crew
And I called up 2Hats to see what to do

Sell it down Pill, get a fcuking good price
get a wicked pair of trainers and a tracksuit thats nice

I got a nine carat habit
feeling bold
Representing gold double Os

Mr Ts got nothing on Hussains gold habit
Put gold in my face and you knows ill fcuking grab it
I loves my chains, i loves them quite alot
gives me some weed, and Ill lose the fcuking plot

Suck my fcuking dick, and ill hit you with a brick
But never say that im not fcuking sick
Say Im fcuking cool, drink the mushroom brew
And get down with the GLC fcuking crew

Wearing gold chains till theyre coming out my brains
(If i was Saturn ,then the radio would have no rings ) (??!!)
Giving loads of presents, to loads of fcuking kids
I nick it from the parents to fund this crazy shit
When I wear a gold chain
I never get hit
Noone gives me crap, and noone gives me shit
I feels fcuking wicked, and my shells wicked too
Everybody knows Im in the GLC crew


Nine carat habit!
He'll snap you like a rabbit!

Eastside, Motherfcuker!

Intro (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

Right, It's Adam Hussain here
What happened to you on Friday clart?

fcuking Adam Hussein, fcuking Knows It
I'm Adam Hussein, I'm fcuking in the GLC

Adam Hussein here to bring the fcuking pain
Adam Hussein here to bring the fcuking pain
Adam Hussein here to bring the fcuking pain
You know I'm gonna fcuking hit you and drive you insane

fcuking get on the mic, fcuking wreck it
er, just shout general abuse down the fcuking microphone

Some people think I've got tourettes but I fcuking haven't
fcuking, yeah, Safe

Some of 'em get 'em from the market
I gets mine from Primark

I tell you what I've been fcuking 'round the world
I've been, been over the other side of here and back
And I'll tell you what I loves, I loves this place more
fcuking Newport, fcuking city innit

Right it's Adam Hussein here
I saw you in fcuking Zanzi's didn't I

New And Improved (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

Fukin' safe fukin' you knows it, innit

It's time to kick it once more from the boys who toke draw
Don't mess with us clarts cos we're fukin' hardcore
You thought the chain were ill, now we're fukin' much sicker
These tunes'll need more than a parental warning sticker

Ben Wa Balls is back, and as mad as can be
He'll break your fukin' face like Mo-hammed Ah-li
But let's talk about me, Adam Hussain
One of the maddest looking fu'kers from the Goldie Lookin' Chain

'Don't Blame the Chain' really started the ignition
Now ever fu'ker gives us the deserved recognition
The chain are back again like we said before
You know the crew who likes to smoke the fuk'n draw

We've been quiet for a while and now we're fuk'n back
Trying to shag the birds but escape the fuk'n clap
We're sick as fcuk and ryer now
The kings of 'Port hip hop so take a fuk'n bow

So if you wanna go, then bring on the action
But you don't wanna Goldie Lookin' Chain reaction

Hussain's ripping it up, Y2K style plus two, innit

Like Lillets, or Always Ultra with Wings, we're the Goldie Lookin' Chain and we're running things
Like Lillets, or Always Ultra with Wings, we're New and Improved and we're running things

This time shit's real so let me kick the fuk'n facts
With rhymes and beats so tight they'll bring you to climax
We're the hip hop kings of the P - O - R - T
Like I say clarts, we're the G L C

Benwaballs composed us some new tunes for the millenium
Xain lays the tracks and 2 Hats start the rebellion
We're fu'ked in the end but really must maintain
We're better than Vanilla Ice, we're the Goldie Lookin' Chain

Ha ha! Fuk'n Adam Hussain here aka Benny Blanco here. Clart, if you needs the fuk'n draw, you come and fuk'n sees me, innit, right? Fuk'n knows it.

This is the time so let the shit rhyme
We're the GLC and fcuked in the mind
Benwaballs skits, crazy as can be
He'll fcuk you up and down n worse than Bruce fuk'n Lee

Some clarts get birds with the muscles they can flex
But Xain gets tit-tosss spinning his decks
2000AD couldn't give a toss
As long as he gets to see the girlie's pantie-moss

Like Lillets, or Always Ultra with Wings, we're the Goldie Lookin' Chain and we're running things
Like Lillets, or Always Ultra with Wings, we're New and Improved and we're running things

This new bad-ass shit will give you a fukin' thrill
Crank up the fukin' bass and take a drive down Pil
When we started up, people thought we we're taking the piss
But we've evolved like a butterfly from a chrysalis

They've been out of the country, now for a while
Missing the fresh tunes and the fukin' free-style
Our cocks are bigger than sticks of salami
Cos we're the generals of this 'Port hip hop army

Listen to this shit and copy one after one
By this time next year it'll go platinum
Get smoked up clart, in a fuk'n haze
And demand our shit over fuk'n TJs

Oi clart, don't forget my fukin' four pack of stella and fukin' rizlas, innit, alright?

I see all this mad shit, every fcukin' day
Stretching from the gear to Pil and Allway(?)
People say we're nuts and that needs addressing
I ain't messing, clarts, this shit's got me fuk'n stressing

I ain't confessin'
to whether I smokes the fuk'n resin
But still impressin the girlies when they see me
Bouncing down the road in my low ride capri

With Lloyd Ganja in the back and Maindee Lee
Fuk with us and you'll be in the obituaries
Cos every fu'cker knows we're the GLC

Yeah, that's right, it's Adam Hussain he back and this time he's pissed off. Fuk'n you knows it. Big respect to Benny Blanco. In the house tonight.

Fuk'n knows it, that's right. Adam Hussain. Fuk'n there, in your fuk'n face. Listen to the fuk'n tunes. You fuk'n knows it, leisurewearer!

You Knows It (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

from the dawn of time they came, travelling silently down through the centuries, devoted to the ancient code of leisurewear and smoking draw, upon completing their journey, they assembled in the spiritual epicentre of all things safe and thus began the task of converting all unsafe un-believers

'ere we go, feel my fukin' flow
like john luc piccard from star-trek, the show
We're living life hard and smoking on the joe
page three model giving my cock a blow

i'm not square but you're wrecked if you tangle
with a chain like mine that goes fukin' jingle jangle
I know all the bouncers, i never have to wait
they even gives me all the fukin' draw they confiscate

sit down and rest your bones
put the GLC loud on your fukin' headphones
show us a bong and smoke two cones
and have a game of snooker down fukin' Capones

some people believe hip-hop's from Harlem
fcuk that we're coming live from St Balam
keepin' it raw for the tricky third album
Keeping it slick for the nuns in Llantarnam

chorus -
you, you knows it and you're safe as fuk......innit

my mind's filled with electricity
i wanted to do this shit since the age of three
but then i didn't know about the GLC
so i bought a fukin' chain and jumped from a tree

to the floor, then learnt to smoke draw
i met up with my mate, P Xain and some more
we got wrecked and went fukin' mad
and made a few songs that upset my dad

some of them were sick and some were insane
and we lost a band member who's name was Hussain
he went away for a week and a day
and he hasn't come back so his rhymes, he can't say

Adam Hussain did too much cocaine
there were too many drugs running through his veins
two thousand pounds overdrawn on his statement
now he's doing cold turkey in the fukin' basement

i got drunk and was sick in the bogs
and on the long walk home through (?)
i go's down town to the talisman
to sell ectasy from the back of a van

delivering lyrics that'll cut you like a razor
traveling at the speed of light, just like a laser
fuk with your head, didn't mean to phase ya
i like dressing up, spa - trainers, tracksuit and a blazer

chorus -
you, you knows it and you're safe as fuk......innit

suckin'(?) and smokin' marijuana
having a drink and dancing in Cubana
i go's down there with a girl called Alana
apparently she works in Havana

i go's down town with no apprehension
i go's to the shop and i buys ten Benson
and the guy behind the counter, he asks us to mention
i'm in the GLC and they're out of the question
he says, 'get out, you make me feel sick'
so i walks away and calls him a prick

i go's down the leisure-centre and uses the gym
and afterwards i have a swim
i got thrown out for smokin' the draw
and lying on the ladies changing room floor
they said, 'get out, son, you've done this before
you even got caught ** on the M4'

they were sick, but they were right
he was sick in the mind but he had a good night
the GLC, they're fukin' intense
but they can make a hundred quid outta fifty pence

you feel the pressure, it feels fukin' intense
but the GLC makes loads of fukin' sense
when you think about it, it makes loads of sense
but when you don't think about it, i don't make no sense

chorus -
you, you knows it and you're safe as fuk......innit

it's like a foreign language, like german or dutch
you listen for a while but you don't know much
so you sit down for a couple of hours, you see
it starts to make sense, it's the GLC

it's all about having tracksuits and chains
and getting wrecked and fukin' puking out your brains
or blasting your ring with loads of weird shit
cos you're fuked up on drugs and you fukin' love it

if you wanna converse then you gotta learn the lingo
it's a game like darts or some bingo
traveling in a car fast down the road
the GLC, it's like a fukin' code

it gets you into places that make your mind explode
like the women's bogs up the fukin' Toad
Don't stop it AND save a few quid on barbers.
it was fukin' murder from the start
the GLC are like fine art
i gotta say, you knows it, clart

chorus -
you, you knows it and you're safe as fuk
you, you knows it and you're safe as fuk
you, you knows it and you're safe as fuk
you, you knows it and you're safe as fuk......innit

goldie lookin' chain, safe as fuk for the year 02, respect to the Maindee boys, GLC, back once again,
the Pill massive, Steady crew, Beechwood Posse, Risca, Alway, Barrack Hill, Baneswell, Handpost, Belle view, Massive respect to Lloyd Ganja 99, safe as fcuk, you knows it!

LSD (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

Adam Hussain
i took loads of them fukin' fukin' mushrooms and fukin' that....them halucinagenics, innit
and i fukin' lost it, dinni, this is the way it fukin' goes......

safe as fuk, i've took an acid and loads of times, it's made my arms stretch three times longer than they normally are, i feel like i can fly up in the air, and my mother's really funny when she walks in the room all worried, like....innit.........

P. Xain
i've had flashbacks, i've had all the shit, i thought i was at Woodstock in, er, '69, i fukin' didn't know what was goin' on, but really i was just down Pil, it was a fukin' terrible time, don't take the LSD if you've got a weak mind, you knows it, stay safe, look after yourself,
GLC, you knows it........

soon as you see the colours, you're there, son......innit

Adam Hussain
i was at a party in Pil the other night
a clart gave me a trip, he said they were alright
i looked him up and down and gave him the Hussain frown
he was pretty fukin' safe, not you're average razz clown

he had something sweating in his greasy fukin' paw
but it was made of paper, it didn't smell of fukin' draw
he got them from a bloke called Lloyd Ganja 99
i heard he took five and said that he was fine

now it's my turn to take the micro-dot
how was i supposed to know i'd lose the fukin' plot?
the room started spinning so i put them in my belly
i suppose it happens after eight fukin' jellys

i chucked a massive whitey as i saw the melting walls
i took a step back and fell over Ben-Wa-Balls
my eyes started to dilate and i felt fukin' great
after the ninth fukin' trip, i started to hallucinate

in the corner was my mate they call Boy-Balls
i stared at him hard and didn't recognize him at all
i made my way outta the room, i didn't fukin' stall
i began to freak out and walked into a brick wall

Mike Balls
gotta take some more, gotta push it to the edge
Blanc was on his**boffin' in the fukin' hedge
wrecked up on trips, his mind's in bits
his bowels are loose and i think he's got the shits

Adam went over to Eggsie to see what he thinks

fukin' go to the toilet, a couple of drinks
you start feeling fine if your minds are on the blinks
if you feel fukin' funny then you better not think
otherwise you'll panic and you're ring-piece'll stink
it's obvious for all to see that you're out of your head on LSD


P. Xain
block the rock, leaving you shell shocked
getting bigger and harder and that's just my cock

he buys loads of draw by the ounce and the block
but he prefers taking acid cos it makes his mind rock

Adam Hussain
i'm losing my head, i'm losing my mind, man
my last fukin' trip got swallowed by my gran

P. Xain
i lost my grip when i took the trips
so i (?) window and i beat him with a stick

Adam Hussain
everyone started laughing at the clart they call Hussain
but they soon fukin' stopped cos they knows that i'm insane
it's time to go home, it's time to go to bed
it's only half past nine but my brain's outta my head

P. Xain
i've been taking ecstasy since i turned fifteen
but i had to give it up cos it made me fukin' mean
i took the LSD and i thought it was great
but i didn't realize it would make me hallucinate

Adam Hussain
i was persuaded to stay, i didn't even go
by a bloke who owed me loads of fukin' blow
'fuk this shit,' i said, as i hit him with a brick
the last trip started to make me fukin' sick

i boffed on the floor and went out the door
Eggsie said, 'come back and take some more'
i think i needs help, get me a fukin' medic
the sky outside was looking proper fukin' psycadellic

the monkey's on my brain and i'm goin' insane
cos i took too much acid with my goldie lookin' chain
the monkey's in my brain and i'm goin' insane
cos i took too much acid with my goldie lookin' chain

i'm outta my mind, Adam, i can see the colours, i can fukin' seeeeee.....G.....L.....C......

Adam Hussain
get me to St. Caddicks, i need to see the quack
now i'm seeing flashbacks of Bert Backarack

oh, alright, i'm outta my head on E
i much prefer takin' my favourite drug, LSD

it gets me really wrecked and makes me feel really crazy
my eyes start swirling and my body feels lazy
i looks at the floor, i looks at the wall
i think to myself, 'i feel like someone called Paul'
because that's not who i am, but that's what it does to you
it makes you feel like you're something else, like a rabbit or a tree

P. Xain
big shout to all the fukin' GLC crew, you knows it, safe as fuk

shouts out to all the people with swirly eyes and crazy arms all wriggling round all over the place, they're all dribbling, man, it's craizeeeeeeeeeee

Adam Hussain
fukin' massive shout out to J-Mez, he's a fukin' safe clart in the 'Port, you fukin' knows it

P. Xain
yeah, P Xain, fukin' respects to Ben Wa Balls, Mr Love-Eggs that is, aka, Raphael-De-La-Ghetto, and other stuff, you knows it, Walshy, fukin' all the 'Port

if you takes enough acid, you can actually fly through time and space
er, this is the closest a lot of people'll get to it but, er, safe as fuk...GLC

i feel special.....yeah, man, like Keith Chegwin's love children

Number One (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

Adam Hussein and P Xain

I f*ck'n love fags man
So... er.. so... so what fags you got man? What you smokin' then?
I got fukin', I got Marlboro lights man, they come, look, in they're own f*ckin' box look
That's gold on it, I like a gold...

P Xain

Lyrical devastation, across the nation
Safe as fuk and that's no exaggeration
The beats keep rockin' and the bass'll hum
Get down f*ck'n Embassy Number 1

I came round your house, to borrow some towels
I smoked a John Player and it loosened my bowels
Like a bullet from a smoking gun
F*ckin' ten. Embassy Number 1.

Suckers to the side, I know you hate, My B & H
Mike fcukin' loves it.

Adam Hussein

Smokin' fcukin' fags is really really great
Chuffin on the Reg, having a laugh with your mates
Cheap fags made by some bloke in Albuquerque
I'll smoke Embassy Regal, sometimes even a Berkeley

I'm never gonna stop, I loves 'em too much to quit
Best fag o'the day in the morning, taking a shit
And having a cup of tea and reading the Sun
Despite the chills when your bum gravy starts to run

P. Xain

10 Reg I fcukin' loves it
It's great to smoke a Regal when you're taking a shit
Or with my nan in a council flat
My girlfriend can smoke fags in her twat

I fu'ked her in the arse then she sucked my dick
I spunked on her face, she had shit on her lips
She's a bit mad and she drinks loads of cider
She'll show you her ** for under a fiver

Suckers to the side, I know you hate, My B & H
You're gonna get yours
Suckers to the side, I know you hate, My B & H
You're gonna get yours

Adam Hussein

You get duty paid, they come in celophane
Loving duty free when you're on the fcukin' plane
To Morocco, the Algarve or in a tent at Blantarnum,
Just make sure you bring me back a fcukin' carton

I got an 80-a-day habit, smoking these cigarettes
Twat, shit, c*nting, bollocks, fuk me I do have Tourettes
They're really quite pricey you'd have to agree
But I love smoking them with the GLC

P. Xain

I do things that are highly illegal
See me in McDonalds smoking on a Regal
I got a suitcase and a camping chair
Selling fags down John Frost square

I wear a tracksuit, I look so fly
I goes down the Spar, I buys 20 Sky
Sovereign, Silk Cut or Malboro Red
Remember Kids, don't smoke in bed

Ten Embassy Number One
Ten Embassy Number One

Adam Hussein

Two pound forty can get you a surprise
A packet of ten Silk Cut King Size
By 'em from the co-op, or even the Spar
Smoking 40 tabs off yer head at Zanzibar

Then on to the Slowboat for some fried duck
Trying to speak Chinese when I'm all pukka'd up
Didn't pay for it so I started to run
Still smoking a fcukin' Embassy Number One.

P. Xain

Wave your fags in the air like you just don't care
You can have afters cos I love to share
White-tipped Marlboro Lights, going out, having fights
Go to France for the day, selling fags in the night

This girl let me touch her chicken wings
When i gave her a box of 200 SuperKings
Like a bishop having ** with a nun
fcukin' Ten Embassy Number One

Suckers to the side, I know you hate, My B & H
You're gonna get yours
Suckers to the side, I know you hate, My B & H
You're gonna get yours

Adam Hussein

Buying tens and twenties to have in my joints
And getting slippers for my nan with the Focus points
Inhale, exhale, put it out, have another ciggie
Driving around listening to the Snoop, or a bit o' Biggie

Fags are great, they're really fcukin' fun
Regal, Marlboro or fcukin' Embassy Number One
Chain gang crew two thousand and two
Ten Bensons are wicked when you're smacked out on Glue

Embassy Number One

Embassy Number One

Embassy Number One

Embassy Number One

Suckers to the side, I know you hate, My B & H
You're gonna get yours
Suckers to the side, I know you hate, My B & H
You're gonna get yours

GLC Parental Warning (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

GLC parental warning feat. Ice T

'yeah yeah, this is Ice T, on behalf of the GLC, if you don't like words like: drippy willy, front bottom, runny poo, skid-mark, big brown skid-mark, big brown skid-mark in yo mommas pants, then don't listen to this mutha fukin' album'

to the GLC fans, get with our fukin' clan
we're the ones who censors tried to ban
saying our shit was far too sick
'fuk you all, clarts, suck my dick!'

now, Wa-Balls don't care so why should i
i'll chuck you out the building, lets see if you can fly
just cos we're 'Port, you thinks we're rough
and you thought that last LP was sucked(?)

you ain't heard nothing like us before
so now you says you want some more
so sit right back and smoke some draw
here it is, clart, your personal encore

it's the GLC and the word is born
all the girlies love me and they got the horn
they wanna ** me up like Mr. T
and i think it's because i'm in the GLC

i met Miss Argos up Voodoo(?)
i bought her three pints and she fuked me in the loo
her name's Jolene, she's a dirty bitch
i fuked her twice, she made my cock itch

i knows this bird, she's into bum love
she pulled the skin so hard, she pulled it off like a glove
yeah, i know the one you mean, she's a dirty slag
she only fuked me so she could smoke the rest of my fag

if you don't like this, put it away, cos the GLC's here and it's here to stay

'yeah, this is Ice T, and if you don't like this album, then get ready for the word 'fannys' comin' up'

i was pumping this bird in the back of my car
she was screaming really loads and my penis was hard
i started screaming and she did too
next thing i know we're covered in crazy sticky glue

'what is this stuff?', i asked her about
and she said, 'don't matter' and started to shout
it again and again and she loves to drink it up
she likes to eat it mostly when it's coagulated in a cup

Adam Hussain's got so much fukin' come
my balls are swollen up, firing spunk like a gun
now i knew this girl, Jolene, she's a right fukin' whore
i knew it was true when she fuked my labrador

i met Jolene when i was just thirteen
but she smashed up my cock and made it turn green
now she's living down Mays Glass(?)
and she's making me put things up her ass

if you don't like this, put it away, cos the GLC's here and it's here to stay

'yo, yo, i told ya, Ice T, recommending not to listen to the words, front bum or ass'

i can do the sun crossword cos i'm really clever
but page three's always stuck together
i loves to pump vadge in the style of an ape
i loves it when it's open and it's starting to gape
i looks inside, it looks kinda funny
so i gets my hands, and grabs her fukin' curry

Hussain's the name and i got no shame
especially when i'm shagging tarts on the game
i once had a bird and she took it up the bum
she had a blonde perm and her name was Sharon
i fuked her up the**and she thought i was pucker
she even licked my purple headed yoghurt chucker
but i had to dump her, i couldn't really complain
cos she's already given head to my clart, P Xain

if you don't like this, put it away, cos the GLC's here and it's here to stay

'if you're still listening, then god help you, cos right now i'm gonna say..cl*t rub'

fukin''ell boys, hand me the bus fare home
i met this bird and she gimme a bone
i gotta get back to her place tonight
cos her vadge is dripping loads and my penis is just right

my cock and her vadge then started to merge
then my penis started to splurge
'my name's DCI, from Sunhill
now i'm just fuking down in Pil'

i been down there fukin' three times before
i seen a bird, she's a fukin' dirty whore
she sucked my dick and made it stiff
i spunked over her ** really sticky shit

'what do you reckon of that tune there, Ice T?'

'Ice T recommends the goldie lookin' chain, take your pants off'

'that's fukin' safe as fuk, that is'

'er, Ice T, what's that TV show what you're in?'

'it's a cop show, er, i can't remember the name right now'

'what's it called, clart?'

'something like, TJ Hooker, i don't know, i-ican't remember it too good right now...jet-lag'

'i've heard that you's the fukin' original gangster, is that fukin' true or what?'








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