, keith, murray, "every, pick, microphone, drug, [verse, one], rockin, packin, stackin, anyone, askin, blastin, phase, swingin, peter, parker, mother**, shop, wreck, goddamn, barber, forget, dreams, fans, hugged, dope, said, rhymes, drugged, told, once, here's, flashback, "you, came, asscrack", stop, frontin, paid, only, mic/mike, wrecked, fought, grade, nothin, lyrical, lies, cause, startin, draw, flies, five-year, old's, newborn, chicago, could, make, illa, noyz, robin, leech, display, stylish, thats, rough, haven't, shaved, days, listen, these, words, heed, squeeze, more, mc's, none, sick, final, dumb, niggaz, [eminem], smith, wessy, layin, alley, messy, family, lookin, your**on, sally, jesse, squash, beef, breathin, leavin, skull, split, steven, seagal, flat, detroit's, house, offended, hear, city, badmouthed, pull, missin, than, edit, stick, kids, tryin, grill, sprayed, twenty-seven, bullets, ribcage, guage, empty, pockets, jack, i'ma, send, flyin, rocketpack, murder, chips, chocolate, snack, into, crib, lock, ten-year, standin, block, gats, livin, nowadays'll, flocked, bats, where, from...yaknow, what'm, sayin?, that's, detroit, wouldn't, though., less, [hush], songs, without, there, careers, generation, we've, passed, glasses, r's, labels, binoculars, jockin, yours, groups, follow, trends, unoriginal, usin, loops, transcend, ghost, town, million, rappers, need, slow, evualute, situation, rest, killers, jefferson, dealers, joint, nobody's, touchin, hush, you'll, you?, coincidental, rhyme, even, worse, instrumental, phone-tapper, backbone, talkin, clique, pack, chrome, your**gone, nowhere, think, twice, **in, 1/4, ruckus, episode, fair, tribe, called, quest, george, clinton, funkadelic's, "let's, people":, "everthing, city"8x, q-tip:, miss, lane, fast, barely, knows, name, struck, fame, benz, rides, friends, keep, beeper, purse, ends, rollin, checkin, spots, winks, cops, props, touch, hangs, loot, makes, papes, gutter, tried, doubt, highly, because, business, oriented, egos, dented, sweet, scented, meant, distractions, hurt, alert, jerked, queen, feats, thrive, compete, beats, drive, justified, had, feed, ooh, listenin, doo-wop, word, gunshotsthat's, heard, chorus4x, kahuna, wish, sooner, instead, later, much, greater, roster, imposters, sell, buddah, **y, ruler, motive, promotive, plus, needed, duckets, fill, buckets, supplied, squeezy, life, missing, action, fatal, attraction, bitches, dare, plan, plot, upon, riches, damned, brotha, cards, swell, would, wasn't, cousin, booty, cutie, elaine, kinda, tear, care, mattered, money, splattered, shade, blame, holdin, flamer, society, taught, tame, clip, salute, hunny, heres, troop, top..., quest, theory, lost, song, difranco, opened, bank, account, nine, oldi, closed, eighteeni, penny, i'd, saved, blood, urine, numberand, sitting, room, playing, toysand, exercise, freedom, choicei, their, handheld, signsi, picket, linesthey, gathered, comingthey, shouted, crossi, "why, home?just, alonei'm, lostyou, fish, water, wetbut, tell, isn't, perfect, yet"and, bored, were, obsceneon, denim, thighs, magazinei, he'd, mein, fact, near, shoulder, touching, minei, growing, older, linebut, life's, best, worst, timesand, fierce, fluorescent, offered, hand, holdshe, stability, calm, crushing, palmthrough, pinch-pull, wincingmy, smile, unconvincingon, sterile, battlefield, sees, casualtiesnever, heroesmy, heart, absolute, zeroand, lucille, sounds, meyeah, mine, relatively, tragedythe, profile, country, looks, hard-nosedbut, line, persisted, clinic's, closedthey, pounding, fists, reality, hoping, breakbut, leads, mistakesyes, sacrifice, choiceno, choice, difranco, lyrics, albums, artists, mp3, concerts, lyric, videoMp3, Music, Download, Lyrics, Concerts, Tickets, Live, Video, DVD, Free, Dicography, Mpeg, Buy, Song, Band, Artist, Album, Tracks, Collection, Archive, Events, Search, CD" />
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Sunday, 20 April 2014
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So Close To Falling (Herbert Grönemeyer)

light breaks on the horizon
the ebbing on the flood
finally out of the clutches
pick myself up from mud

the scales fallen from my eyes now
dark clouds pass away
no bitter taste left in my mouth
and i can breathe again

can look myself in the mirror
while shaving you from my face
and i'll not be your victim
i've escaped
all of my senses gave me good warning
every signal flashed alarm -
my mind slept under narcosis
for you seemed so soft and warm

well-schooled to be irresistible
your world's one of constant schemes
the mistress of deft seduction
too devious for me

you tempted me beyond reason
as with relish you played your game
to your rules - double cross, deceit and shame
you toyed with me in many ways

so close to falling
but by the skin of my teeth
at the very last moment
i've escaped you
from your spider's web i'm free

you sucked the air out slowly from my lungs
with each new set of your desperate lies
with kisses you wove your sorcery...
i believed you time after time

filled my vains with a tempestuous madness
loved me till i was dizzy and blind
then froze me out with dispassion
you're poison of a deadly kind -

deliberately you manoeuvred me
as your prey, the net was cast
and for your killer instinct the coup de grace
but that will never come...

so close to...

all your tricks just don't work now
i've learned to stand up staight
i've seen right through your cover just in time -
i won't see you again

The Rise And Fall Of OOO mau (Primitive Radio Gods)

Future star, red guitar, you're gonna go far
If you find a right producer
The world's your toy, super boy
The girls all faint
And you start a new religion

Four-star media whore
Backdoor encounters with Madonna
Sales fall, lose it all
The crowd moves on and you can't afford a limo

Pout and cry, fake suicide, then read a book About a past addiction
Tombstone, all you own, twenty years and no one will remember

Submitted by Michael **

Steps (Tracy Lawrence)

Little baby boy, sittin round his toys
Gettin tired of crawlin
He's pullin up on an easy chair
He's gonna try a little walkin
He's takin steps
A six year old with a new school bag
Starin down his drive
Holdin on to his mama's hand
he's going on his first bus ride
He's takin steps
A teenage boy in a rented tux
Reaching out a trembling hand
To a pretty young girl in a satin dress
Asking her to dance
Steps, some big, some small
Puttin one foot after the other
Steps, the trick to it all
Is diggin down to find a little courage
and it's okay
to be afraid
You gotta have faith
Life's all about
For 22 years she stood by a man
Who did her wrong
With a packed suitcase
And a Greyhound ticket, she's finally gone
She's takin steps
At a meeting downtown, a tired old drunk
stands and says his name
That leaves him eleven to go and he can
already feel the change
He's takin steps
Somewhere a great Grandpa says
"I'm ready to go"
Peacefully drifts off to sleep
Wakes up on streets of gold

LOUISIANA RAIN (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

Well it was out in California by the San Diego sea
That was when I was taken in and it left its mark on me
Yeah she nearly drove me crazy with all those China toys
And I know she really didn't mean a thing to any of those sailor boys

Louisiana rain is falling at my feet
Baby I'm noticing the change as I move down the street
Louisiana rain is soaking through my shoes
I may never be the same when I reach Baton Rouge

South Carolina put out its arms for me
Right up until everything went black somewhere on Lonely Street
And I still can't quite remember who helped me to my feet
Thank God for a love that followed the angel's remedy

Louisiana rain is falling just like tears
Running down my face, washing out the years
Louisiana rain is soaking through my shoes
I may never be the same when I reach Baton Rouge

Well I never will get over this English refugee
Singing to the jukebox in some all-night beanery
Yeah he was eating pills like candy and chasing them with tea
You should have seen him lick his lips, that old black muddied beak

Louisiana rain is falling at my feet
Baby I'm noticing the change as I move down the street
Louisian rain is soaking through my shoes
I may never be the same when I reach Baton Rouge

Louisiana rain is falling just like tears
Running down my face, washing out the years
Louisiana rain is soaking through my shoes
I may never be the same when I reach Baton Rouge

Computer God (Black Sabbath)

Waiting for the revolution
New clear vision - genocide
Computerize god - it's the new religion
Program the brain - not the heartbeat

Onward all you crystal soldiers
Touch tomorrow - energize
Digital dreams
And you're the next correction
Man's a mistake so we'll fix it, yeah

Take a look at your own reflection
Right before your eyes
It turns to steel

There's another side of heaven
This way - to technical paradise
Find it on the other side
When the walls fall down

Love is automatic pleasure
Virtual reality
Terminal hate - it's a calculation
Send in the child for connection

Take a look at the toys around you
Right before your eyes
The toys are real


Midnight confessions
Never heal the soul
What you believe is fantasy

Your past is your future
Left behind
Lost in time
Will you surrender

Waiting for the revolution
Program the brain
Not the heartbeat

Deliver us to evil
Deny us of our faith
Robotic hearts bleed poison
On the world we po**te

Virtual existence
With a superhuman mind
The ultimate creation
Destroyer of mankind

Termination of our youth
For we do not compute
No !

Savage In The Sack (2 Live Crew)

{ } = Mr. Mixx in a deep voice

Intro: [Excerpt from a ** movie of a woman being **ed]

Mr. Mixx:
Yeah, bitch. I know you used to clown and talk shit in high school
when we was **in' around ... 'cause I couldn't **. But now I'm
back, BITCH! To let yo' punk**know that I can really dick 'em
down, 'cause I'm a ...

Chorus (4x): Mr. Mixx and Brother Marquis
Savage in the sack, baby, I'll break ya back, baby
It's like that from the front to the back, baby

Verse 1: Fresh Kid Ice
An original dicksmith, one of the three
Fresh Kid Ice, long dick Chinese
A savage in the morning, a savage in the sack
When it's time for ** I'll break ya **in' back
There's no time for slack, so give me 'nuff respect,
And I'll dick ya down like a Trinnie roughneck!
Throbbin' that pussy like a Tonka toy
'Cause you're **in' with a man, not a little boy
{Sho' you right. All pussy ain't good pussy.
But nuttin' don't beat that savage pussy. You know that
pussy that breathes, the snappin' pussy, that have
ya head **ed up. You know I'm a big mutha**a;
I might lay heavy, but I damn sho' can't go deep, baby.}
Let me ride that**from front to back
The one-armed bandit is a savage in the sack, baby


Verse 2: Brother Marquis
She's the baddest bitch to ever hit the matress
Very attractive, yet orally active
Beautiful but deadly; I can't let her get me
Despite all the things she does to try and tip me
Fattest (?) turd ever stinked a pair o' draws
Hot dick in a cock, smokin' head and them blue balls
The finest thing hoein', not like I ain't knowin'
** game strong, leave the savage alone
She'll turn a trick and suck a nigga-dick
And don't want a nigga to nut too quick
If you slip she'll catch ya, you're caught in the rapture
Don't fall in love when the pussy's thrown at ya
You're caught in the spell {Ha ha ha ha ... oh well!}
Savage in the sack, ** like hell
{You have to have a strong mind to ** with a savage,
'Cause it'll have ya head **ed up every time.}


{Yeah. I know y'all know who I am in here. I'm just down here hangin'
out with m' boys ... Brother Marquis, Fresh Kid Ice, and Mr. Mixx.
We're players from way back. We used to mutt out hoes together
and everything, y' know. But uh, my lil' thangs jumped off again for
me, so I'm just hollerin' at my peoples.
Y'all brothers stay strong, and
... practice what you preach. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, HA HA HA HA HA
HA HA HA HA HA ... yeah, y'all thought I was gone, didn't ya?
Yeah, I've been hangin' out since the intro, ba-by!
Flip it over. There's some mo' funky shit on the other side.
Sho' you right.}

Get a Grip (Semisonic)

Get a Grip

Lonely boys and you lonely girls
Here at the end of the lonely world
You're finding out
If there's someone to cry about

Lonely girls and you lonely boys
Playing alone with your lonely toys
Well don't be blue
If there's no one to play with you

Get a grip on yourself you know you should
I got a grip on myself and it feels good
Get a grip on yourself take my advice
I got a grip on myself and it feels nice

When the lights come on and the party's through
There are always a few with nobody to do
Well now don't despair
You'll eventually get there

And meanwhile all of you lonely ones
Here's what to do while you wait for the sun
To rise above
The loneliest kind of love

Get a grip on yourself you know you should
I got a grip on myself and it feels good
Get a grip on yourself take my advice
I got a grip on myself and it feels nice

And it feels nice
And it feels nice 4x

If you're looking for someone to get a grip on you
First you gotta get a grip on yourself it's true

We Shine (Da Ruckus)

[Featuring Eminem]
Real *echoes*
Chorus: samples 4X
"Bust it rugged shine like a gold nugget" (what they know about
"When I bust on the mic I bust a real hard rhyme" > Keith Murray
"Every time I pick up the microphone I drug it (what they know about
"When I bust on the mic I bust a real hard rhyme" > Keith Murray
[Verse One]
I'm rockin shit packin shit while stackin shit
If anyone steps up askin shit, I'm blastin shit
You gone phase me, but swingin like Peter Parker
Mother** the shop, I'll wreck the Goddamn barber
Forget your dreams about being with fans hugged up
You couldn't be a dope MC if you said his rhymes drugged up
I told you once, but you forget so here's a flashback
"You couldn't be shit, if you came out my asscrack"
Stop frontin kid, you know you ain't paid
And the only mic/Mike you wrecked was that kid you fought in first
Ain't nothin lyrical about you but your lies
So cut the shit, cause its startin to draw flies
You're played like my five-year old's newborn toys
Don't know shit about Chicago, but I could still make Illa Noyz
Like Robin Leech I display stylish ways
Thats rough like my face when I haven't shaved in days
Listen up, all these words take heed
When I cock and squeeze, no more MC's breathe (none)
I'm sick of this, here's my final dis
** you dumb niggaz you ain't shit like this
Chorus: 2X
My Smith and Wessy got you layin in some alley messy
Got your family lookin for your**on Sally Jesse
We squash beef in the mo', when you ain't breathin no more
Leavin your skull split like Steven Seagal
Let the cat out, flat out, Detroit's a mad house
So I don't get offended when I hear my city badmouthed
We quick to pull the gat out and set it
And leave you with more shit missin than a Lil' Kim radio edit
Stick up kids be tryin to live paid
You get your grill sprayed with twenty-seven bullets in your ribcage
Get the guage, cock it back, empty your pockets, Jack
Or I'ma send you flyin like a rocketpack
Murder you for a bag of chips and a chocolate snack
Break into your crib still your shit and lock it back
Ten-year old kids be standin on the block with gats
Just for livin nowadays'll get you flocked with bats
Where I'm from...yaknow what'm sayin?, that's some old Detroit shit
y'all wouldn't know about that shit, though. Less you come
to my city, ya know what'm sayin? See where we live,
cause we shine
Chorus: 2X
MC's put Detroit up in they rap songs
Cause without us there careers wouldn't last long
So like a generation we've been passed on
Now its our time to shine, put your glasses on
Got these A & R's and labels with binoculars
Lookin in, jockin us and not jockin yours
Too many groups follow trends, unoriginal
Usin loops that transcend every bitch in you
Don't ever try to say this is a ghost town
One million rappers in this bitch, they need to slow down
Evualute the situation, all the rest are killers
Fly hoes out on Jefferson with the drug dealers
Two years in the joint, nobody's touchin Hush
Try to say you'll put us down, but your under us
Now who the ** are you? its just coincidental
When your rhyme your even worse than the instrumental
Your just a phone-tapper with no backbone
Talkin shit, I got a clique that only pack chrome
Have your**gone, nowhere to run, when we hit
Next time you'll think twice of who you **in wit
Chorus: 3 and 1/4

Everything Is Fair (A Tribe Called Quest)

chorus (George Clinton from Funkadelic's "Let's Take It to the People"):
"Everthing is fair when you're livin in the city"(8X)

Lookin at Miss Lane, it was the fast lane
Barely knows her name, struck by fame
She just got a Benz, she rides with her friends
Gotta keep her beeper in her purse to make ends
Rollin down the block, checkin out the spots
She winks at the cops, always give her props
She knows she's the woman, can't nobody touch her
Hangs out for the loot, makes her papes from the gutter
Tried to make my moves on Miss Lane, she called me young boy
Told her not to dis me I just want to be your love toy
You young boy, my love toy, I doubt that very highly
Just because you rhyme don't mean I'll let you try me
Business oriented, egos never dented
Always sweet scented, if it's business, she meant it
Distractions never hurt, always did the work
Always was alert, she never got jerked
Queen of the feats, thrive to compete
Love the funky beats while she drive down the street
She was justified, couldn't get a job
Had to feed her family, so she had to play, then rob
Pullin out the ooh wop, listenin to doo-wop
You don't have to say a word
(gunshots)That's all ya heard


She's not a big kahuna, wish I met her sooner
Instead, I met her later, my love is much greater
Put me on her roster, to rid her of imposters
And to sell the buddah for the **y drug ruler
Love is my motive, now I'm drug promotive
Plus I needed duckets to fill up my buckets
Supplied me with the squeezy to make my life easy
Now I'm missing action for this fatal attraction
But don't you let me catch you with your joint up in these bitches
And don't you even dare to plan a plot upon my riches
Cuz if you play me out, I think I'll let ya be
I'll be damned if I let a brotha try to gas me
I played my cards well, try to live swell
For the G, I would sell, cuz I was deep in hell
But then I really wasn't, she had a fly cousin
Who would give me booty on the side of my cutie
Elaine, she kinda new, that I would do the do
But she didn't tear, I did my work with care
That's all that really mattered, he money never splattered
As long as she was paid, she was in the shade
You can't really blame her for holdin on a flamer
Society taught her, but they didn't tame her
A ten clip salute, hunny heres a troop
She will never stop until she reach the top
Top, top...

Lost Woman Song (Ani Difranco)

i opened a bank account when i was nine years old
i closed it when i was eighteen
i gave them every penny that i'd saved and they gave my blood and my urine a number
and now i'm sitting in this waiting room playing with the toys
and i am here to exercise my freedom of choice
i passed their handheld signs
i went through their picket lines
they gathered when they saw me coming
they shouted when they saw me cross
i said, "why don't you go home?
just leave me alone
i'm just another woman lost
you are like fish in the water who don't know that they are wet
but as far as i can tell the world isn't perfect yet"
and his bored eyes were obscene
on his denim thighs a magazine
i wish he'd never come here with me
in fact i wish he'd never come near me
i wish his shoulder wasn't touching mine
i am growing older waiting in this line
but some of life's best lessons are learned at the worst times
and under the fierce fluorescent she offered her hand for me to hold
she offered stability and calm and i was crushing her palm
through the pinch-pull wincing
my smile unconvincing
on that sterile battlefield that sees only casualties
never heroes
my heart hit absolute zero
and lucille, your voice still sounds in me
yeah mine was a relatively easy tragedy
the profile of our country looks a little less hard-nosed
but you know that picket line persisted and that clinic's since been closed
they keep pounding their fists on reality hoping it will break
but you know i don't think there's one of them that leads a life free of mistakes
yes i'm not going to sacrifice my freedom of choice
no you can't make me sacrifice my freedom of choice
no you can't make us sacrifice our freedom of choice


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