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Monday, 23 October 2017
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Listen Doctor Jesus (2) - The Swanee Quintet


Evanescent Judgement of the Last Era (Axis Of Advance)

Earliest relevant records recall
An eastern double isle
It ended in the 2nd global war
It was the beginning of the earth sun era

The world would never be the same
Devastation, war and plague
When it was over, order never came
Kingdoms 'united' under a fallous blue flag

Cold countries lived in fear
Global conflict ever near
Although militarily inactive
The 3 largest nations plotted to ruin each other

The new land to the west, the old world in the centre
And the eastern plane: three incompatible societies

Idealogy the reason, the new and old lands fought
No blood was shed, but a weapons race procured
All eyes turned to these great powers
To maintain the balance of peace

No attention was paid to the eastern plane
Thought backwars, it was ignored

Revolution caused the old kingdom's fall and collapse
The new land declared itself the victor

But the weapons, naturally, still remained
And a northern alliance passed as law
The world saw unprecedented growth
In the east, mistrusting and scared men picked up their arms

My father is said to have seen the whole thing
The great death that was soon to come

The now delicate structure of stability soon fell
The fallen kingdom of old tried to make eastern amends
Peace may have lasted two weeks and one day
But the new land simply couldn't wait

Rows of earth suns burned, the sky turned black
No society survived the 2-day attack

Grave Desecration (Beherit)

We'll cause your death
We'll kill Jesus
**the dead
We'll spread evil

Grave desecration, grave desecration...

**the whores
All night long

Grave desecration, grave desecration...

I go to the graveyard all night long
I go to the graveyard ritual
I go to the graveyard ritual

Grave desecration, grave desecration...
On... Sabbath!

Lemon Water (Guttermouth)

(chorus) What in the hell is wrong with people
The deranged should be caged
What is wrong with people
It must be them can’t you see
That it couldn’t be me
Where their road ends
That’s where mine begins

There’s a giant hole in my heart
But all I have to do
Is fill it up with alcohol
It closes all the holes
It hides all my boredom
And subdues my restlessness
It enhances my personality
But makes me order 3 orders of buffalo wings
When I would normally have just one
It forces me to bob my head to songs that I really really hate
And it makes me want to strike someone at the bar
Who orders 2 waters with lemon
And once again I find myself bobbing my head to a mediocre song
When I notice 2 marginally attractive girls parking it next to me at the bar
Sipping spring water with a twist of lemon


and I’m ready to puke when a small child sits next to me at the bar
but that’s ok because to me other people’s kids are fine
so it’s no surprise that it’s parents are ordering water with lemon
and a root beer for the child
do you ever find yourself striving for perfection
with a virtually worthless attempt at it
and is that why I find myself eavesdropping constantly
sports bars are the best places to meet people you hate
not that I’ve actually met anyone
it’s just a matter of listening to their conversations and assuming that you hate them
when of coarse that probably isn’t true
because I can get along with anyone if I absolutely have to


oh here we go a couple a few tables down just ordered lunch
the guy wearing a basketball tank top is having a veggie burger with fruit instead of fries
and his husky date is just having a salad…it must be their first date
and what goes better with rabbit food than ice water with a slice of lemon
sometimes I think if I could be anyone in the whole world I would be a magician
no than I would hate myself more than I already do
but at least then I could make all of these people in the bar be more like me
or even make them befriend me but then again I could become one of them
and only then would I understand the befits
of putting a slice of lemon in ordinary drinking water


T-Shirt And Panties (Adina Howard Featuring Cam'Ron And Charlie Baltimore)

Uh, yeah

Yo, on the P to the R, R-O-N is the bomb
And when we at the bar, I'm gonna show you a star
The way I hop, the way I pop
Hold heat right too
Yo, what you think Adina, I'm
a Freak like you
And I'm gearin' TLC, I Creep like you
Leave them panties on ma, I'ma sleep right through
So pull 'em to the side, and pop the Dom
I'm ** wit' my boxers on

[Adina Howard]
Picture this I'm in my bed
Your body's hotSoakin' wet
Flowin' with the things I like to do
I'm open minded when it comes to freakin' you
Feelin' me
Wet as can be
Between my legs You're tastin' me
Boy you make it clear, you know my love will over flow
And you ain't got to worry about my clothes

I got my T-shirt and my panties on
T-shirt and my panties on
T-shirt and my panties on
T-shirt and my panties
Got my T-shirt and my panties on

[Adina Howard]
To your surprise
Uh, it's tight
Tighter loveYou get it right

Nothing better (ooh)
Nothing more (mm-hmmm)
Can you feel me?
Baby why don't you just

[Adina Howard]
Take your time
Tonight you're mine
We're gonna turn it out
Hit it from behind
Boy you make it clear, you know my love will over flow
And you ain't got to worry about my clothes

I got my T-shirt and my panties on
T-shirt and my panties on
T-shirt and my panties on
T-shirt and my panties
Got my T-shirt and my panties on

Bridge 2
I'm feelin' kinda **y
Now that we are all alone(Now that we are all alone)
Baby can we do the nasty
In the privacy of my own home(Baby come a little closer)
So come a little closer
I am hugged all the time, it's gone
Because tonight is special
I got my T-shit and my panties on

[Charli Baltimore]
Yo, yo, yo, yo
You can come if you want to
I'll make you cum too Yo, you butt **, laid out when you come to
Yo, when it comes to **, none's better
Then a back-shot, head wop, Lex cop a setter rock
Bring ya girlfriend, yo, Chuck's the competetor
Anyone right, you can Demi Moore price
Yeah, let her come daddy
Have Gloria freak it
Cause C. B
'More is Victoria Secrets

Bridge 3
Open the door
Take it cause I'm all alone
Got my T-shirt and panties on
Come in before
So when you get home
Got my T-shirt and panties on
I got my T-shirt and panties on! <echo>

Tru 2 Da Game (TRU)

Haaa uuuuggggghhhh
this is for all the G's ou there
we bout it bout it
and g ettes i ain't forget about y'all uuuugggghhhh
gold look like this here

today I have a half an ounce
tomorrow I'll have a key
and if you tryin' to get some ice cream
won't you call me or won't you beep me

Looked out the window
it must be the giggidy first of the month
cause everybody in the ghetto is smilin' and dressed up
Little kids havin' fun in my neighborhood
And fiends walkin' up, talkin' bout its all good
See I'm a G, ????? I got that 2 for 3
And y'all a know that I slang, that I-C-E
And everybody in the ghetto use nicknames
Like V-90, Master P, Boz, and Big Man
My little homies posted up
some hang, hang, and some slangin'
Others gang bangin'
I'm tryin' to make it out the hood with this gangsta rap
And stay TRU to the game, and put the town on the map
But haters hate me and niggas try to talk shit
Cause I done made, a dollar out of 15 cents
On the curb, posted up with them bouldas
And servin' fiends, A-1 yola
And still tryin' stay true with my frist meal
Cause in the ghetto, you got money, you might get killed
And stayin' TRU to the game, is a part of life
And if you don't player, you might lose your life

Tru 2 da game, Tru 2 da game
Ain't nothin' changed but my bank account
I'm still the same

[Silkk the Shocker]
Tryin' to have things major, they can't fade me
cash the chips like casino
Today I'm a keep it real, and chill, and get blitzed like Marino
My girl be fussin', she be tussin', constantly buggin'
Askin' me why I be hustlin'
I got money to make, so mother** it
I'm a keep it real, if it kills me
Y'all gonna feel me before I'm done
Ball till I have it all, I want the whole while
if not, I don't want none
Why I hang with the same ol' niggas
That's what they ask me
I be like, I'm the same ol' nigga
But 'stead, right now, I gets my sacks free
I gots to stay TRU fool, about my mother**in' mail
I'll be a rich**nigga, y'all gonna be visitin' me in the jail
I gots to ball, can't fall, gotta have things major
If you don't believe me, next year round this time
its Silkk up on his pager (then ask me)


[Big Ed]
Bustas can't see me, they blind
I claim TRU, I thought you knew
My foes catch elbows, cause I'm on em like a tattoo
Man I'm layin' low like the eyes of a danked out china man
Stayin' gangstafied
While I'm tryin' to make a million
But politicians run for office
They rather me bust a cap in a rat, cause they both gonna try and stop
Gangsta rap is what they call it
But I gots to come with the realness
So all my folks can feel this


[Mr. Serv-On]
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord that my momma will never weep
and let her live in peace and stop spendin' a hundred G's up in her sleep
When will it stop
I guess when they leave me lyin' on the block
With tears on my glock
A pocket full of lemon drops, laughin' at crooked cops
I guess I'm doin' what I gotta do
As long as I stay TRU, until they put me through
I know its a shame, things'll never change
I hope I live long enough to see my daughter spell my name
I'm TRU 2 Da Game


[Master P]
still the same
Master P, the whole TRU click (y'all gonna feel this)
TRU to the gizame (tru to da hood)
money can't change you, it just can make you
(never forget where i came from)
No Limit Records, Down South Hustlers (independent black owned)
and the West Coast Bad Boyz
and I told y'all, I can drop something anytime I want to
Y'all done realized by now, the haters done fell off
Cause they ain't TRU 2 da game
I could never forget where I came from
I'm from the ghetto
But I won't ever change
Cause I'm TRU 2 da game, believe that
Keepin' it real, keepin' it real
Never sell out, can never sell out
TRU 2 Da Gizame

No Angel (It's All In Your Mind) (No Angels)

This miss untouchable, it's all in your mind

Call me innocent, colour me pure
I'll be anyhow you want to paint me,
I'll give you fragile and I'll show you demure
Picture perfect there's no mistaking

I'm good as gold,
You know what I mean,
So don't be fooled
even tho' I'm sitting pretty

There's no angel inside of me,
It's all in your mind,
What you get boy ain't what you see,
Ain't that a surprise?

You treat me like you think a gentleman would
My God ya trying so hard to please me
You´re Pussy-Footin 'cause ya think that you should
Why make this difficult? Could be so easy

I'm bitter sweet
You know what I mean
so don't be fooled
even tho'' I'm sitting pretty

There's no angel inside of me
it's all in your mind
what you get boy ain´t what you see
ain't that a surprise?

This squeaky clean, this goodie two shoes
boy is of your design
This is untouchable is all in your mind
no perfect saint,
No holier than thou or whiter than white
This miss untouchable is all in your mind

There's no angel inside of me
it's all in your mind
what you get boy ain't what you see
ain't that a surprise? (2 Mal)

There's no angel inside of me,
ain't that a surprise?
There's no angel inside of me,
it's all in your mind!

Meet You There (Busted)

I'm waiting for the perfect time 2 call you back
Cos I remember saying
Don't wanna know the truth
Can't handle that
And I try 2
Just forget you
But I dont know how
If only I knew how

Its written all over your face
Such a painful thing to waste
Tell me now
Where do we go
Now the futures not so clear
I cant believe weve ended here
Wheres the world that doesnt care
Maybe I could meet you there

I'm sorry
If I slagged you down
I meant no harm
But when I heard the stories
I said things I didnt mean
Should have stayed calm
But sadly
You got angry
And it breaks my heart
You're so mad at me

Its written all over your face
Such a painful thing to waste
Tell me now
Where do we go
Now the futures not so clear
I cant believe weve ended here
Wheres the world that doesnt care
Maybe I could meet you there
Maybe I could meet you there
Maybe I could meet you there x 2

Maybe I should meet you there

What's Up What's Happening (Souljah Slim)

What's Happening with you Slim Baby
Aight It's the Nigga they call Souljah Slim
With 9 8s ya heard me
Back up in this bitch with dis man's ¿bounce? shit
For the real Souljahs and the real Souljettes
Shit Get Real

Now when i say What's Up y'all say what's out
Now WHAT'S UP what's happening
WHAT'S UP what's happening
Now the name of this shit is called what's up what's out
Now WHAT'S UP what's happening
WHAT'S UP what's happening

(Souljah Slim)

I told alot of talk that i retired from ¿bounce?
But that don't mean it stops like the nigga nigga
**in holes pop
Open up shop
Close down shop that's had it
Open from 9 'o clock
Non-stopping til the early morning
We got the niggas that playin cool
But there ain't nuthin wrong with representing where you from fool
Me, Myself I'm from Uptown
Representing Projects
Where you from? Uptown
I hear ya shakin down
If you down with this shit
Repeat after me and go
If you down with this shit Repeat

Now when i say What's Up y'all say what's out
Now WHAT'S UP what's happening
WHAT'S UP what's happening
Now the name of this shit is called what's up what's out
Now WHAT'S UP what's happening
WHAT'S UP what's happening

Now I'm not tryin to tell you nigga to put yo guns up
Yo pussy guns
If a nigga runs up the Wrong way
Yeah kill 'em
Because we're tryin 2 have a good time
You know us niggas, we annoyed
Cause them niggas starting lies
And drinkin (¿?)
And ** with the misses
They be makin ¿eddie? bounce
Like pussies that don't ** with the bitches
That be ¿smell at ya?
Cause i'm lookin for a firebred
Off red and black
(¿.............?) holler at me
When I get off the Stage BOOM
Bring a lady friend
I got a ¿pile? for her too
But right now I'm tryin to get this bitch Outragous
Now I want them niggas that are **in hoes
And twartin pussy like it's Contagious
It's like a nigga's used 2 bein 49
Big Man, a roller
Stringlinein Unknown
Then used to be at the clubs goin down
Where all the rappers get the mike and show they ground
Rest in peace Hit man, Pimp Daddy
And Daddy Jones
Kilo G Slim
And my nigga nigga
The Slum nigga
The Real nigga
He was ¿? from the front to the back, my nigga

Chorus:(fade out)
Now when i say What's Up y'all say what's out
Now WHAT'S UP what's happening
WHAT'S UP what's happening
Now the name of this shit is called what's up what's out
Now WHAT'S UP what's happening
WHAT'S UP what's happening

Whateva Man (Redman)

featuring Erick Sermon

*woman moans*
[E Dub] Microphone check one two
Aiyyo you ready to get down man?
[Red] Yo whateva man
[E Dub] You ready to get drunk as **?
[Red] Whateva man
[E Dub] You you sayin somethin?
[Red] Whateva man
[E Dub] Aiyyo
[Red] Whateva man
[E Dub] Check it Kool V

(I keeps it bangin keep it swangin
Mike type of sangin) Ohh la la la! (So what cha sayin)

Verse One: Redman, Sermon

Yo, I'm smokin herbals till it hurts you
I keep your daughter way out past her curfew
Hard far from commercial
(So what cha mean nigga)
We don't give a ** when we smoked out
In the land that's doped out [it's like that?] no doubt
From this bomb weed, I cock from the streets
Get you open like buttcheeks, from girls who be freaks
Aiyyo, can I be SWV?
You the One nigga
Rap Shogun, yes E the one
Yo, I'm rollin with a forty pack of niggaz
Get my weed from Branson cause his sack's bigger
Yo give me dap nigga
What I clap lyrically tap call back
Ferocious causin comatoses to collapse
So chinky eyed I see people wavin on a map
I make it hotter than your thermostats (beep beep beep beep)
Bomb MC's with rough megahertz so call me
Funk Doctor verbal starburst, lyrical expert
Your boombox better form a union
Cause I leave your circus overworked, word bond
Niggaz front like they want it
But I be in the five hundred with E steadily gettin blunted
Damn nigga you cool at what you spittin
So why you holdin the blunt so long politickin
Huh, I ace them blunts with the technician
of electrician, I don't got a pot to piss in
But still spend my last on hyrdroglycerin
I keep it live no jive rollin Dutches
that's Masters like the Furious Five
I, keep your crew chinky eyed, for bitches actin dog
(Can you hit it from the back?) Why not, while we toke on this

*woman moaning* (ohhh daddy... aiyeee)
[Sermon and Red harmonizing]

[Red] Yo, you ready to roll this weed up?
[E Dub] Whateva man
[Red] You ready to knock this nigga out?
[E Dub] Whateva man
[Red] Yo, you ready to get this chedda?
[E Dub] Whateva man
[Red] You ready to start this shit off?
[E Dub] Whateva man

Verse Two: Redman

I smoked with a lot of college, students
Most of em, wasn't graduatin and they knew it
You know the weed slang? Yeah boy I speak it fluent
I light your college dorm with my entourage from Newark
Bigger they come, harder they fall
That goes for, knuckleheads, MC's, pussy walls and all
I lit my first L before I started to crawl
I got my**whupped when I had my first brawl
But things changed since I was twelve years old
I specialize in wreckin mics and area codes
Now, PPP the kinda niggaz that'll bug witcha
Smoke bud witcha, later on stick a sluginya
Everything that's like green ain't the bomb bitch
I got different forms to make you lose your calm bitch
Read my lips, you ain't hittin unless you got
Ten on it, get on it, or get the ** out my cypher

[Red] You ready to roll this weed up?
[E Dub] Whateva man
[Red] You ready to rob this niga?
[E Dub] Whateva man
[Red] You ready to ** bitch?
[E Dub] Whateva man
[Red] You ready to guzzle this liquor?
[E Dub] Whateva man

(E Dub harmonizing again)

Respect My Mind (Hot Boys)

(Lil' Wayne)
What what
Check Check
Head buster set ripper
Neighborhood superstar
Going to split up
While we dispose of
Nigga broad hitter
Hot Boys soldier
Expedition flipper hell
Niggaz be terrified of us cause they know how we play
Them niggaz hide form us or catch 3 from a K (AK)
I'm just a scrub I can't scuff
I'm too light to fight
I'm too thin to win so I ride at night
Your face respect nigga
You're playing with the wrong one
I'll break your neck nigga
You're playing with the wrong gun
I use K's to wet niggaz I'm spraying the whole room
Better watch your back nigga
little one that's a wrap
Watch niggaz step up when I bust a cap
Niggaz drop like (whistle) splat
keep joking here and gone show you what I'm bout
Respect my mind or get your brains knocked out

Respect my mind or get your brains knocked out
Respect my mind and have them boys in your house
Respect my mind look we ride on chrome
Respect my mind cause we get our shine on
Respect my mind cause we that Hot Boy clique
Respect my mind nigga you can't phase this
Respect my mind look we'll ** your bitch
Respect my mind look we bout that gangsta shit

Watch me grow up
When I was small he had plan
My daddy was balling and he was the right hand man
My poppa bought us a house to keep our family secure
Livin good on a ranch in the middle of the woods
I understood at a young age my daddy would spray
Seen him slit a niggaz throat and shoot one up in the face
He'd be murder case after case he was untouchable
But he had a right hand man that wasn't trustable
Who undercover slow made deals under the table
Working for the feds round my people wearing a cable
My daddy got busted so we got left at the door
All of our shit got repossessed
And our family was flat broke
Moved back inside the projects in summer 84
(?) from Yomey and Black Zo
And I got to the point where I wouldn't smile no more
Hooked up the same nigga that handled my daddy dough
I know that he sheisty but the nigga just don't know
Swear to god I ain't bout it but the nigga just don't know
I got 2 under my belt and gone make it one more
cock the 4-4 and knock his brain out on the floor
respect my mind


Me, Wayne, Turk and Juvenile getting blunted
In a pair if white suburb 1500
No stunting counting 100 thou nigga in front of the brick
He should have knew Hot Boys wasn't bringing back shit
That's how the game going that's how the game get played
Head buster for sure sweat no hoes haters get sprayed
All week long look I'm a nigga on the grind
All year long I make you niggaz respect my mind
Every single day it's a must I tote the ** iron
Disconnect your spine leave your balky paralyzed
I use blocks to bust heads
I use glocks to play hotels to feds
Niggaz know I ain't the one to be roughed on
move when I'm coming through or you'll get stepped on
I don't give a mother ** if you got your vest on
I'm shooting through that I thought you knew that
that's how Bee Geezy do that
I ride dirty and when I ride you die
all the time you bitch niggaz gone respect my mind


Nigga respect my mind can't then stay your distance
Kill realahs like that niggaz coming up missing
I soak your spot when you rapping on me
You get hit with shots when you hating on me
Must of had ‘em whoa there
Do you think you ready for us
Disrespect my mind ** over you is a must
Come through your cut
Nigga don't spook now
Cause when you was talking bout us it was all good huh
Nigga ** all that I ain't gone talk I'm a save it
Original HB nigga I ride Mercedes
I got stacks of money and ** plenty hoes
Nigga respect my mind or I'll knock off your nose



Living Legends Of Gospel Vol 1 review Legendary quartet singers come together to pay tribute to one another in song and performance. Living Legends Of ...

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