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Wednesday, 18 October 2017
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Listen Mabuhay Singers: Ang Bol-anon


Only Teething (The Charlatans)

I've been lookin' to save the city,
Looks like the biggest thing
And now you seem like you're not
So real as the songs you give

So you pack up your bags and leave
To what seems like a better dream,
It's alright we're only teething, only young

Yeah, since you came,
Last week to say you're on your way,
You don't have to say good luck
'Cos I don't need it babe

The occasional sin
Is like your music my friend
And the singer he don't look me in the eye

Is there a soul in young things,
Or in the people you meet
I know you're obviously misbelieving,
What you're saying is only right

Yeah, since you came,
My sweet to say, you're on your way,
You don't have to wish good luck
'Cos I don't need it babe

Meanwhile, you're only dreaming,
Me I've got something to see in,
A heartache's as good as you feel it,
And now you're on your own

I know I've been loosing you
And it looks like I'll use you too,
It broke in a million pieces overnight

I've been to the promised land
And I shook the almighty hand
Who said it's alright
You're only teething in my eyes

Yeah, since you came,
Last week to say you're on your way,
You don't have to say good luck
'Cos I don't need it babe

For Tonight (Flowing Tears)

For a while sunlight has faded
For a while the liveboats have passed
For a while children corroded
And all we see is utopian grasp

For tonight I feel not sorry
For tonight a cigarette for god
For tonight don't dare to call me
'Cause I'm not here.
I'm out for a walk.

For a life, for god and the nation
For a life forget how to love
For a life walking courageous
And all we fear is the heaven above

And for now I drink to the faithless
To the weak, the crippled, the tall
And for now, tomorrow and anon
Don't you now I don't care at all?

The Blues Man (Hank Williams Jr.)

I'm just a singer
Natural born guitar ringer
Kind of a clinger
To sad 'ol songs

I'm not a walk behind
I'm a new note finder
But my names a reminder
Of a blue's man thats already gone

So I started drinking
Took things that messed up my thinking
I was surely sinking
When you came along
I was alone in the hot lights
Not too much left inside
But she changed all that one night
When she sang me this song

Hey baby I love you
Hey baby I need you
Hey baby you ain't got to prove to me
You're some kind of macho man
You wasted so much of your life
Running through the dark night
Let me shine some love light
Down on the blues man

I got so sick from speeding
All the stuff they said I was needing
If I was to keep pleasing
All of my fans

I got cuffed on dirt roads
I got sued over no shows
But you came and took all that old load
Down off this blues man

Hey baby I love you too
Hey baby I need you
Hey baby I do get tired
Of this traveling band
I'm thirty years old now
Nights would be cold now
If you had'nt't stuck it out
With this blues man

I'm thirty years old now
Nights sure would be cold now
If you hadn't hung around
With this blues man

Balada (Zeljko Joksimovic)

Nisam te terao vatru da diras
i nisam hteo da zadajem ti bol
sama si trazila pricu u meni
a to je opasno, srce je to...

Prva si pocela, prva si pitala
zasto sam tuzan kad se budim
i ja sam priznao sve sam ti rekao
da gledam nju dok tebe ljubim...

Prva si pocela, prva si pitala
sad budi hrabra daj ne placi
sa tobom ostajem, sa njom ne rastajem
vise od tebe ona znaci....

Zasto si trazila kljuc moje duse
to je opasno, srce je to....

Prva si pocela....

Our Singer (Pavement)

I've been waitin'
Sun comes up
The skies won't sink my soul
I've dreamt of this
But is never comes
But it never comes
The risin'
The natures dry
I've been dreamin'
Traced out but dreamin'
The sun comes up
The blisters burn my soul
I'm dreamin'
Of something now
Of something now
Of the risin'
The natures dry
And all the groovey ones (?)

13 anni (Tiziano Ferro)

Artista: Tiziano Ferro
Album: 111
Titolo: 13 Anni

Avrebbe chiesto solo
Un attimo di pace
Avrebbe chiesto solamente di ascoltare ancora
Un filo suo di voce
Che dice
Me ne vado piano piano piano piano...
Tu prendimi la mano
Io parto e non ti porto con me
D'ora in poi pensa solo a te
Avrebbe chiesto solo
Di perdere un po' i sensi


Sarebbe stata sola
Dispersa tra le stelle
Oppure Dio l'avrebbe messa a vivere in compagnia
Delle anime più belle?
Cadere stanca ormai stremata tra le braccia
Degli angeli più attenti
Che dolci la raccolgono
E disattenti tendono la mano


Ed io che ascolto ancora
E sempre ci ripenso
Al camminare morbido e al tuo affetto regalato
Avvolto nel silenzio
Risento flebile il candore tenero
Geloso nella mano
E 13 anni passano
Perché la vita è un attimo

Here Come The Lords (Lords Of The Underground)

[DoItAll] Hey yo Funke wake up!
[Mr. Funke] Huh?
[DoItAll] Turn your radio up!
[Mr. Funke] What?!
[DoItAll] It's us!
[Mr. Funke] It's US?!
[DoItAll] Yeah listen to the cut!
It's our style!
[Mr. Funke] Our style?
[DoItAll] Your style
[Mr. Funke] Stop brother
[DoItAll] Aiyyo nigga wake up "let me show you some thin!"
Listen to the way they flip the metaphors and phrases
Listen, listen, it's drivin me CRA-ZY
Cause everytime I do a style and flip it kind of simple
Brothers say, "That's fat," and do it on the demo
From a demo to a promo now a hit on the radio
Next thing you know, they'll be doing our video
[Mr. Funke] Same one?
[DoItAll] Same one! Concepts, whole nine
And crazy similarities to the whole rhyme
I'm not worried though (why?) I'm flippin hits from the grill
And in the underground only real stays real, so umm
check the skills, the skills are kinda ill and yo
Here Come the Lords, cause we're here to make a kill!

(Here Come the Lords) 7X

[Mr. Funke] Aiyyo, Marley!
[Marley] Aiyyo whassup knocka?
[Mr. Funke] Do you hear these suckas tryin to clock the Lord Chief Rocka
[Marley] Yeah I hear em, they're just a bunch of clones on your bone
[Mr. Funke] Hold up, I'm tryin to figure out where could they get my style from
Aiyyo wait a minute, remember the tape you shopped around a while back?
[Marley] Yo what, wasn't that your boys?
[Mr. Funke] Now they got our stuff down pat!
[Marley] Yo man don't sweat it, just show em why they call you Mr. Funke
Yo Lord Jazz, pass me some of that Brass Brass Monkey

[Mr. Funke]
Here Come the Lords, Here Come the Lords, Mr. Funke don't you see me?
I told you we were comin, you suckas didn't believe me
The Skipper, my Lords style stick like Jack the Ripper
I'm hangin other rappers like your girl hangs on my zipper
Lord Jazz, hit me one time, make it funky
Stop being stingy knocka, pass that Brass Monkey
I step, off a stage, everyone knows, who I am
Grab the mic like Teddy Riley and I _Jam_ (chicka, aawww, Jam)
Give me the mic and watch me wax that***horn sample*
Keep the camera moving cause I'm kinda fast *horn sample*
You can trip, you can flip, you could even slip or dip
but you'll never ever rip, Funke style as good as this
Because you sound like you're drugged, you might as well be a singer
Your whimsy couldn't touch me if your name was Sticky Fingaz
So when I come around, don't try to be down, don't try to be down
Just dig the sound, cause here comes the Lords of the Underground

(Here Come the Lords) 7X

Well umm, open up the doors and yell, Here Come the Lords
Yell it loud yell it loud, let me hear it from a crowd
I packs em, _In the Closet_ like Michael Jackson
And love to hear the girls go OOH when I'm rockin
So catch it, no stutter in my flow but I wrecks it
And caught you on the dillz from my jam called _Check It_
Check it check it check it check it microphone check it
Yeah, you went wild, cause your moms digs my records
So come on, I'm takin you where the sun don't shine
The underground, but everything is fine
I rhyme, copacetic, unless it gets hectic
Your vocal chords'll get CRACKED, you gets no chloraseptic
So hit em, so chill, chill man chill
I know who used to be but now who's _Top Bill_
Well it's me, and yes, I am back by the Funke
Marley filled the House with Hits so you know The Lords are chunky
We stink, like pee-eww, funk from my shoe
But what about this funk, can two brothers like us do
but get down like James Brown and rock the whole town
Hah! And now The Lords have broke ground

(Here Come the Lords) 7X
(Here Come the Lords) 7X

* Lord Jazz cuts n scratches 'Here Come the Lords' *

Amazing Dolores (5 Chinese Brothers)

Amazing Dolores saw an angel in the trailer park
She talked to him like he was really there
Amazing Dolores has 50 years behind her
She's got two ex-husbands, she's got great big hair
Amazing Dolores was called to be a singer
A lot of folks don't seem to understand
Amazing Dolores sings the songs the way she hears them
She hears the beat of a different drummer,
She hears the tune of a pickup band
Amazing Dolores sings the words of the Holy Spirit
With a heart from rhythm and blues
Amazing Dolores, lonely voice, hallelujah chorus
There's gospel cheer and ice cold beer
Grace is where you find it here
Every Wednesday night at the Empty Glass Saloon
Amazing Dolores saved herself for Elvis
Found herself in Janis, she never sticks to the melody
Amazing Dolores hears these voices in her head
They sing along with her, she don't need psychology
Amazing Dolores knows people think she's funny
She thinks people are funny too
Amazing Dolores doesn't care what people say
This is the way it's supposed to be
This is the work she was called to do

Ramona (Guster)

Ramona, where have you been?
I couldn't go to sleep till you came in
Ramona, you're Miss Oklahoma
and you miss Oklahoma
I'll get you what you want
There were days when a refrain
Would brighten our corner of Hickory Lane
When you would sing that song for me
Just like your favorite singer
Why'd you have to be so nice?
A wink and a girlish smile
And why'd you have to punch my eye?
That was something
but I still want you to stay
When I was younger and thought of myself
I never dreamed I'd become like this
A snap of your fingers,
and end to the arguments
Anything for you, love
There were days when a refrain
Would brighten our corner of Hickory Lane
When you would sing that song for me
The only one you know
But I know now, not at the start,
We're going to pieces, we're falling apart
So won't you sing that song for me
just like your favorite singer?

Sugarolly Mountains (Jim Diamond)

Here I go again
Looking back on yesterday
Oh the games we played, Oh the innocence
The sun it always seemed to shine
Autumn spring right through winter time
Oh and my family and friends of mine,
Filled me so full of confidence
And oh and run like the wind
Free at last my young heart would sing

I lived my dreams out on, the sugarolly mountains
While looking down on mo mean city, way below
So many dreams up on, the sugarolly mountains
One day I'd be a rock and roll singer
The next I'd be building boats

And turning back another page
The school yard and the football game
Oh how we laughed through the purple haze
Playing on the radio
Arithmatic geography, They all just seemed to sail by me
I just thank God for the poetry
And that ringing bell I called liberty yeah
And oh I'd run like the wind
Free at last my young heart would sing yeah

And when you world is closing in
You've got no place to hide
Just close your eyes, count to ten
Climb on up and stake your claim


A Visayan folk song by Pauline Sevilla. Filipino Pilipino Philippine Tagalog Visayan Bisaya Cebuano Philippines Pilita Corrales Corales Matud Nila Usahay ...

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