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Monday, 23 October 2017
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Listen Raja Nadeem Akhtar And Raja Qamar Islam Pothwari Shair


Pump Your Fist (Cappadonna)

[Featuring Killa Bamz Tekitha]
[Killa Bamz]
Uhh yeah what uhh yeah
Darts of armored warfare Deep the rhyme Caprice
Deep in levels alibi havin rebel could play
this competition for pounds in the state of permission
Conversation bout this kid Killa Bamz
You want defense man to man location Shaolin New York
It ain't nuthin to talk or walk
Get dark son economic times to fault
Style is mangohead stagnated from soft
What the ** you thought, we was given support?
Live from Beatdown, Shaolin success, bypass the rest
Move sixty deep, Dutch with the charm
One hundred, twenty arms, designed to unleash bombs
Holdin dart guns in palms
One hundred divine cyphers, Killa Bamz
I pack the dart gun hate to see another death in the fam
Uhh, yeah, what
pump up your fist (3X) if you love this shit
pump up your fist (3X) if you love this shit
Y'all confused and amusing, transfusion I'm bruising
Meth-Tical illusions, salutin my blade
Tongue blade of fury, nurse the wound leary weary
Teary fear me, clearly, the pearl drop
Time stop, holdin shop, shockwave be brave
Ghetto came style is maim out to lunch
Out to crunch munch rhyme foods, my life reflect the jewel
My life control the cruise, ten deadly touches too
Grip the Dutches move, swing rough to cut ya
is the one to seek philosophy in crutches
You disbelieve, in the T
Truth Equal King Islam Truth Heard Alive, TEKITHA
Bust the cypher on the Gods, bust the cypher on the Gods
pump up your fist (3X) if you love this shit
pump up your fist (3X) if you love this shit
Vanglorious darts, brown skinned with the pen
Pioneer shift from the beginning to the end
Whatever I do, y'all imitate -- try to come close
but can't come straight; I branch out
Terrorize scenes, split tracks, split hats
Bare facts, guns, crazy funds, a thousand sons
that'll rain on your gang, you're too plain
My dope is uncut, high level high like a plane
Bigger bite bigger mic underground beneath these streets
W-T-C, leaky leak
Time meet, Chi meet, ain't nuttin sweet
Pakistan, Iran clan is like Christ
Word to Poltergeist, smash every tape
Deep thoughter, out of order, off
Seven thirty, bugged like psycho from the Bronx
Wild like fat pen child to be the rap Lawrence Martin
Eyes like lills, mescaline pills
Three bills worth of darts, pump the heart
Bottom of the chart, slug art closin you in once again
It's the all time great, demonstrate, vocabulary execution
Executive approachin, Tang a demonstration
Pillage Incorporated, first place
A thai clean like a plant, eight time writer champ
Lamp on the beatbreak, camp on verses
Cheat on producers, men go working
Rhymes make a mill-in, born Park Hill'n
Internal lyrics, expose the profane
Vote for Cappadonna and your whole life'll change
pump up your fist (3X) if you love this shit
pump up your fist (3X) if you love this shit
pump up your fist (3X) if you love this shit

Concrete Jungle (Wu-Tang Clan)

*bees buzzing*

[Prodigal Sunn]
Ladies and gentlemen: Sunz of Man
Uhh, Jungle of Concrete
yo, yo

[Chorus x4]
In the jungle, we gotta rumble with the bees/wee
Ain't nothin sweet, we gotta eat

[Timbo King]
Yo, we come from starvin days, runnin up in Dr. J's
Rock away, so the mega trades, diggin, pockin days
Yo, the aids wasn't in, calm braids all trimmed
Army suits snatched and Timbs
You'se a friend, snatch a gem

[Prodigal Sunn]
I spent a lifetime of doin crime, hustlin dimes, guzzlin wine
Smugglin wives, one of a kind
Under the sunshine, movin as one mind, the genuine
Star child, Allah's style, many say their barber's wild
When I element the foul, prowl, upon the weekend of sweet
I gotta eat, generate with the heat, demolish beats
Collectin sheets, war with beast, Islamic warrior
Livin the mass hysteria, the bomb shell of America
Swell competors, explicit lyrics from the editor
Realistic predator, the rhyme writer, climb heights
Rhymes ignite, MC's reputation, blown out of sight
On the mic device, my crew get nice, shoot dice
Doin callistetics, young diplomatics with automatics
The asiatic, ** a fanatic, I split his attic
You don't want no static, I make you carriage for the rabbits

[Chorus x2]

[Hell Razah]
We've got to take what we want, let these others rappers front
Yo, take that, you ain't goin get it laid back
Best record what I say, ain't no time to playback
That's right platinum hits, yo, before the age at
Gather millions, acapella in the streets, today crack
** opinions, I'm hittin to the nights endin
A new beginin, takin over men and women
Thoughts used for sinnin, neighborhood no grinin
Thug religions, expeditions, startin for a mil
Stick the student for his intuition
Beyond college, street knowledge, got to eat knowledge
Off the tree of life, while seek wallets
Credit cards, some trust for their gods
In the Wizard of Oz, you get it all to get robbed
Price is on the food and the Earth's precious jewels
Ain't the golden rules from the golden black jewels
Steppin out the furnace, only run with fast learners
Burn cash and we stash burners
We be the underground childs, mainstream now
Sort of like Apocalypse, bloaw, blaow
Take what you own, must return to your home
Claim back your throne, we're on a higher zone
Black Lazurus, plus we're not havin it
Pass the diamonds on the wrist, we're on some take the earth shit
Demolish every tool, that y'all niggaz work with
The barcode, bio chips be short circuited

[62nd Assassin]
Here in this jungle, jungle, jungle ?
I'm livin through, your crew on the subject
The loot, I'm new improved
Plus my time piece is bullet proof
I need a bulldozer or crane, that stains like in vain
You be the blood and I be the drainin on
Forgot to burn your proper on, with the tool stone
Written, founded dead on this spot
You emergin, believe I'm the surgeon
Rhymes leave your brain on all right, double scenes
Back hand, slap you, clap thoughts, like evil raps
Play that, what it slap right back
You was seen, soak the zeen
Self esteem, so common, even suckers die
Major League, total assassinator, rhyme complicator
The devil and the sword bring death, feed Jamaica
Rain or hurricane, step on my house
Into the house on severe pain, strong like a pyramid
Nothin but various parts of the house that Jack built
The little house on the praire, I huff and I puff
And I blow your brain to a seisure
Before you step to me, you should of called off
Ceaser's father, mercy words, I'm no joke
I cancer smoke, I reply, "your brain and told"
I live for my tech 9, uzi, grenade, all cause of one rhyme
Better believe, sleeves, I buck you chicken
Make you love us, my mic around your neck to bug it

[Chorus x4]

[various talk to fade]

Heartbeat (Ice T)

Once again my friends it's time to rock it till the party ends
Rhymin' with timin' while EVIL E lets the record spin
Kickin' it hittin' rockin' just so dope it's shockin'
Because I be layin' rhymes super sly 'cause this is do or die
Make it or break it although most emcees do fake it
I'll say the ICE can't take it time to microphone bake it
Raise the heatin' level break out your coal shovel
Pump the temp I'm sweatin' like a devil
Listen to my heartbeat,it's beatin' like a wild man
But that's natural,'cause you know that I am
No punk,no chump,no fool,no toy
Try to get ill and serve you,boy
I'm on a hype tip,this ain't no ego trip
Just rollin' thick as hell,champagne I sip as well
Listen and you'll envision,this rap's metabolism
I think the beat is dope,but it's still your decision
Whether to turn it on,turn it off
Turn it up,make it loud,make it soft
EQ me with new frequencies or
Just rewind me till the tape bleeds
My heartbeat's kickin' like a saturday movie
Some say it's def,some say it's groovy
I say it's fly,you know why?
Because it's spoken by the brother,whose name is spent with the "I"
The C-E-T.,Cold Chillin' rhyme villain on the M-I-C.
With raps roarin',I'm never borin',I keep tourin'
My record sales keep soarin' and soarin'
I'll make a million,maybe two
Buy some rides,gold blow the dough on my crew
Wake up the next morning broke as hell
But not for long 'cause my records sell
My heartbeat's kickin' like a gun shot
Why not?That's who I made it for,the hardrocks
Better watch your gold when the posse breaks
Because what they want is what they take
But I'm coolin',I'm never foolin',too busy rulin'
Sucker emcees who need microphone schoolin'
Leave'em dazed,dogged,served and droolin'
By the playin' punk slayin' mac of microphone duelin'

Heartbeat(scratch freestyle)

This conglomeration is just a demonstration
Of rap's penetration to the core of our nation
Some rappers get down with toy commercial sounds
I had my choice,I chose the underground
Like me or hate me,now if you want you can rate me
My beat is by ISLAM,the cut's by the great E.
My heartbeat is kickin',it's kickin' louder and louder
It's gettin' deffer and deffer,I'm feelin' prouder and prouder
Not robbin' or killin',just mic illin'
Break out the Dom and pop the corks
Catch a flight to New York
Hit the L.Q. watch RED spin,"IT'S CLOSED"
Brooklyn strikes again


Once again,my friends,it's time to rock it till the party ends
Rhymin' with timin',while EVIL E lets the record spin
Kickin' it,hittin',rockin',just so dope it's shockin'
Because I be layin' rhymes super sly,'cause this is do or die
Make it or break it,although most emcees do fake it
I'll say the ICE can't take it,time to microphone bake it
Raise the heatin' level,break out your coal shovel
Pump the temp,I'm sweatin' like a devil
Listen to my heartbeat,it's beatin' like a wild man
But that's natural,'cause you know that I am
No punk,no chump,no fool,no toy
Try to get ill and serve you

Boy(fade out)

Cienzia Asesina (Soziedad Alkokolika)

¿Por ké no te rajas los huevos? deja a
los bichos en paz ¡¿Kién te ha dado
deretxo pa' animales torturar,
humillar y asesinar, con salvaje
crueldad?!, puto científico loco, me
gustaría verte a ti igual, dentro de
una jaula, ahogándote en tu propia
mierda, ¡verás ke risas! te arrancaría
la piel, te pondría electroshocks y así
ibas a experimentar,
ké sufre un animal.

¡Sólo sois asesinos! no mereceis vivir,
no a la viviseccion ¡No!, ¡no!, ¡NO!
ellos sienten el dolor, como tú y como yo
Teneis la mente enferma, y el corazón
es pa' vosotros sólo un músculo ke por
desgrazia aún late en vuestro interior.

Y tienen morro de decir ke todo es por
el bien de la humanidad, ¡Puta humanidad!

Cuatrocientos millones al año mueren
víctimas de experimentos sin razón,
kuatrocientos millones de animales ke
esos carnizeros matan por sus intereses.

Teneis la mente enferma y el corazón
es pa' vosotros sólo un órgano que
por desgracia aún late en vuestro interior.

Utilizan animales pa' probar nuevas
armas pa' mirar a ver cuánto tarda la
carne en arder, o pa' ver cuanto dura
en pie, con los sesos al aire
¡No a la viviseccion!!

Top O' The Morining To Ya (House Of Pain)

She won't come just when you want it
Ya see I'm Irish but I'm not a leprechaun
You wanna fight then step up and we'll get it on
You gotta right to the grill I'm white and I ill
A decendant of Dublin with titanic skill
I ducked and I swing next thing your jaw's broken
Punk I ain't jokin' you can bet you'll be chokin'
On a fist full a nothin' meanwhile I'll be puffin'
On a fat blunt run punk, you don't know the half
Tryin' to talk shit, man, please don't make me laugh
These Irish eyes are smilin', I'm buckwildin'
The House Of Pain is pumpin', start jumpin'
Freak it, funk it, back seat junk it
If you can't get with it, you'll wind up sweatin' it
Then you'll get a beatin' just like an egg
It's so hard to run when you've got a broken leg
But we can have a run off, the House Of Pain'll come off
We got the cake that you're tryin' to get a crumb off
The Irish stylee, the Celtic jazz
No one has it, just us that's it
If you try to take it, I got a big shileighly
I don't have dreads cause I shave my head daily
You call me a skin head, I call you a pin head
Yo, where you been man, just like the tin man
You got no heart, here comes the good part
I pick 'em, buck 'em, cut 'em up, and buck them down
No **in' around
Home boy ya get clown like Krusty, trust me
You shouldn't play, and by the way
Top o' the mornin' to ya

(What's the hassle man?) Top o' the mornin' to ya (2x)
(Hey, are you givin' us a hassle man?)

Greetins, salutaions
Peace to the nations of Zulu and Islam
Crack the bottle, rev the throttle
Put the gear in, now you're stearin'
Like Mario Andretti
So let me kick it, cause I can make a wicked
Noise like a cricket
Rubbin' his legs, my rhymes are like eggs
I'll keep layin' 'em, I'll keep sayin' 'em
This is the House Of Pain, we're far from plain
But we're not fancy, Ron and Nancy
So just say no, but I say go
Straight to hell, I kiss and tell
So if you're a ho, all my friends know
What you gotta say, let's hit the hay
And have no delay, and yo, by the way
Top o' the mornin' to ya


Extra extra, read all about it
How could ya doubt it?
Now scream and shout it!
The House Of Pain soon will reign
Over the hip hop scene and like golden green
I rip shit and back flip like a Jedi
I roll with the groove and I'm smooth and you can bet I
Come correct and get respect when I'm flowin'
Collectin my dough, I got you're girlfriend ho-in'
And how do I know that she's funk?
I know she's broke cause yo, the T's hung like a
Shetland pony, gettin' paid like Sony
So never ever try to play me out like a phony
Cause I can get real thick like a bull with Mark Toneil
And by the way, top o' the mornin' to ya


The Bitch In Yoo (Common Sense)

(Yeah for your nation...
for your nation...)
Verse One:
A bitch nigga wit an attitude named Cube
Step to Com wit a feud
Now what the ** I look like dissing a whole coast
You ain't made shit dope since AmeriKKKa's Most
Wanted to cease from the Midwest to the East
On the dick of the East for your 1st release
Your lease is up at the crib house niggaz get evicted
And videos wit white boys talking you get Wicked
Natural Born Killa, nigga you natural born God
Look, read listen, got the nerve to say you rob
Hyprocrite, I'm filling out your Death Certificate
Slanging bean pies and St Ide's in the same sentence
Shoulda repented, on the 16th of October
Get some beats besides George Clinton to rock over
Rap career is over, better off acting
What trouble I see, you're managing WC and Wack 10
You backed in to a four corner hustla
Lying on your dick, said you was **in her
Use Higher Learning, don't take my words out of text
Went from gangsta to Islam to the dick of Das EFX
It'll take the Nation of Millions to Hold Me Back
From giving you mouth shots or hit wit the pipe Ralph got
When sucker ain't around, it's your Friday, it was good
I wasn't salty, she was wit the Boyz N the Hood
I see the bitch in you when you don't speak your mind
The bitch in you, looking me in my eyes lyin
I see the bitch in you, simply hard, you find
The bitch in you but yo it's coming out
Verse Two:
Up on this rap shit, Cube, I'm calling out
I break in and smack niggaz that's in the Slaughterhouse
This ain't no East coast, West coast, none of the above
I'm from Chi, I went to Cali, niggaz gave me love
There's a thin line between the fake and the real
Grafted**nigga, I see through your Glass Shield
Had skills once upon a time on this project, yo
I'm a have ta wreck a Ho'shea
I heard a ho say you her favorite rapper
(So what) so I had to slap her, ugn
And violate you, a Muslim drinking brew
Your nigga ain't no Mack 10, he's a 22
I seen you, you ain't say shit to ATL
Cube, I like that diamond charm, I might cuff it, then sell
It out, like you sold Kam and Threat
A year ago, you wasn't talking shit about the West
Guess you knew you're shit was done plus the one got you cable
Hoo Bangin, you ain't banging shit but the table
And the Circle Madd, ain't got no choice but to fight
Ain't none of y'all muthafukas got a chance on the mic
Anytime you come out, yo, I'm a talk about you
Until you let that bitch in you, walk up out you
Any last words before I hit the switch
From the immortal words of one, a bitch is a bitch

Kääpiöt (Kylähullut)

Mitenkä sä jumalauta jaksat kiertää noi kaikki raksat
Koukeroita seinään vääntää, joita ei voi suomeksi kääntää

Kurahousut ja järjetön palttoo, sprayhuuruissa koko poppoo
Yläikäraja viisitoista, seinään vääntää yhtä ja toista

Ja sotketaan, ja riemun kirjavaks koko patsas vaan
Ja sotketaan, ja riemun kirjavaks koko talo vaan

Nää kääpiöt jaloissa pyörii, spraypurkkien kanssa hyörii
Kun kesäkuumalla pipoa pitää, nii kuupassa kuhisee ja ideat itää

Tagi sinne ja tagi tänne, kuhan saa sotkee, ihan sama minne
Eilen seinään maali uusi, nyt siin on jo sotkuja kuusi


Ja sotketaan, ja riemun kirjavaks koko patsas vaan
Ja sotketaan, ja riemun kirjavaks koko talo vaan

Janji Tuhan Pasti Berlaku (Shoutul Amal)

Oh alangkah indah hidup ini
Bila Islam bersinar kembali
Cahaya iman menyuluh tiap sanubari
Kebenaran mewarnai bumi

Kalam Allah memimpin manusia
Sunnah Rasul memandu langkahnya
Isi alam mendapat rahmat dan berkatnya
Kebatilan tiada tempatnya

Telah lama dinantikan
Bara Islam marak semula
Manusia kegelapan
Merindukan cahaya pembela

Pasti datang saat itu
Janji Tuhan pasti berlaku
Di dunia bahagia
Syurga Tuhan kekal selamanya

Pada Tuhan doa dan harapan
Daulah Islam seluruh dunia
Selamatkan kami umat di akhir zaman
Dengan iman yang terpelihara

Your Mother (Yusuf Islam , Friends & Child)

Who should you give your love to?
Your respect and your honour to?
Who should you pay good mind to - after Allah,
And Rasullullah?
Comes your Mother,
Who next? Your Mother
Who next? Your Mother
And then you Father

Cause who used to hold you
And clean you and clothe you?
Who used to feed you
And always be with you?
When you were sick, stay up all night,
Holding you tight?
That’s right no other, your Mother

Who should you take good care of,
Giving all your love?
Who should you think the most of - after Allah
And Rasullullah?
Comes your Mother,
Who next? Your Mother
Who next? Your Mother
And then you Father

Cause who used to hear you
Before you could talk?
Who used to hold you
Before you could walk?
And when you fell, who’d pick you up?
Clean your cut?
No one but, your Mother, your Mother

Who should you stay right close to?
Listen most to?
Never say no to – after Allah
And Rasullullah?
Comes your Mother,
Who next? Your Mother
Who next? Your Mother
And then you Father

Cause who used to hug you
And buy you new clothes?
Comb your hair and blow your nose?
And when you cried who wiped your tears?
Knows your fears? Who really cares?
Your Mother

Say Alhamdulillah,
Thank you Allah
Thank You Allah for my Mother

1924 (Soldier Of Allah)

The truth about the state
It wasn't always like this
Let us look back in time
History reminds us
One army
One land

One central authority
Crushing the romans
persians put in fear
The Ummah like a Lion
No need to shed a tear

When the village was attacked by the kufar
The Khalife heard
The sister cry &
Prepared for war
Attacking the city

Destroying it
from existence
Lesson # 1
Don't ever
Mess with Muslims

The Imam of the Ummah is a shield where he protects the Ummah and where the Ummah fights behind him
Where is this shield today to protect the Ummah?? What happen to this shield to honor and dignify the Ummah???
In 1917 Prime Minister of britain after entering Jerusalem stated the crusade war has ended
In the same year the french general, goro went to the grave of Salahudeen-Ayubi
Salahudeen-Ayubi, the one who 730 years prier crushed the crusades and liberated Palestine & Syria
he went to his grave in Damascus and kicked it and said wake up oh Salahudeen we hare here
How did they do this
to you and me
We turn on the TV
and all we see
is a world full of casualties
a generation in agony
our Ummah is in misery
let us go back
to beginning of the century
and review our history

from one side
to the other side of the globe
the system of Islam
Ruled over the world
They went to the Muslims
for the all their solutions
from mathematics to biology
to the advancements in technology

the kafir women
use to imitate our women
they wanted the same respect
that the Muslims sisters were given while the enemies of Islam
were trying to twist the Quran
trying to write a Surah like Allah s they all failed miserably
& many of them responded with Ashhadu -an la Ilaha Ilallah wa Ashhadu- anna Muhammadun rasullullah
Allah has challenged the humanity until the day of judgment to produce a Sura or an Aya like the Quran
And Allah assures that they will never be able to make an Aya like it
The kufar plan and work to destroy this Deen and Allah affirms that we too are planning
and if all the people of the world got together they still could not and will never be able to put even a scratch a side of a muster seeds on the throne of almighty Allah (SWT)

After failing on the battlefield
they kufar got together
and they decided to yield
they said we must change
the way the Muslims think
and sure enough

the Muslim Ummah
began to sink
In 1917 john belford
promised Palestine
to the jews 31 years later
his promise went through

brittan and france
split the Muslim lands
3 years later
Islam worst traitor
mustafa kamal
Brought the states fall

In 1920 s mustafah kammal with the help of the british becomes the hero
Hmm well this so-called hero cancels the authority of the most powerful system suitable for human beings
The khilafah!!!
he abandon all the rulings of Allah he did not stop there .
He banded the Adan in Arabic, he denied Muslim sister from obeying Allah (SWT) by abandoning the Hijab
All Islamic calendars and holidays were canceled
Yes brothers and sisters
he changes the Arabic alphabet to Latin
By doing so he made sure the next generation will be lost and have no connection to their Islamic roots
as they can not read or write all the Islamic culture that was recorded
This Islamic system sent by the Creator of alameen went from the application in life to be in museums for people to go and see in turkeyIn 1924
Our state was demolished
Hundred years of planning And their plans were accomplished
Kafirs broke our bond
Contaminated our knowledge
Better listen up
because you won't learn this in college
Beginning of the end
and the divisions began
Step by step
they divided our lands
in 1921 saudi arabia & iran next year egypt &
In 32 iraq
In 1945
jordan indonesia
Lebonen & syria
Two years later
The division of India
the Muslims took a stand
and demanded
the ruling of Islam
so they gave them pakistan
but it was only an illusion a false resolution
far from the solution
In 1948 The Jews establish their
israeli state

In 1901 the kufar went to Sultan Abdull Hamid the II and offered to pay tremendous amount of money to the Islamic State for Palestine. Sultan Abdull Hamid the II replied:
I am not going to give one inch of Palestine to the jews as Palestine is not mine give but it belongs to the Ummah and Ummah have shed blood to defend this land but if one day the Islamic State falls apart then you can have Palestine for free but as long as I am alive I would rather have my flesh be cut up then cut out Palestine from the Muslim land I will not allow any carving up while we are alive!!!!!

In 1960's
somolia & nigaria
kuwait & algeria
In 1964 Came the PLO
yasar arafat
The us scarecrow
a great declined
In 1969
When the west was training Muslims scholars for hire
Jews were setting
Al-Aqsa mosque on fire!
Let us recall 1970
For those who don't remember
That was the year
That we had black September
The king of jorden
& yaser arafat
Began their plot
Shot after shot
Muslim blood spilled
As innocent Muslims were killed
Communism attacked
but Muslims fought back

The sincere Mujahideen of Afghanistan fought and pushed back the Russians
and then They started to fight among themselves
Khomaine became in power with the promise of ruling and raising the Ummah to a level of dignity
But his promise never went through soon after iran and iraq went to war
And millions of innocent Muslims died for 10 years Muslims killing Muslims
Over what!!!??? What else !!! the agenda of the west!!! at the end there were no resolution
Today iran is very much open to democracy and reformation
and the Muslims in iraq continue to suffer .
SubhanAllah! . where is the Amir of the Ummah??!!!! ..

Another decade gone
But we still don't have Islam
Take a look at the gulf
And the killings of sadam
Over million Muslims died
But no one answered their cries
In the 1990's
The Muslim genocide

Bring back Islam!
Bring back Islam!
Bring back Islam!
Bring back Islam!

It s year 2000
And nothing has changed
Past generation has aged
Let us write the next page
It s time for us to change
It s up to you & me
Either we make history
or we become history


Raja Nadeem Akhtar And Raja Qamar Islam Pothwari Shair.

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