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Wednesday, 16 April 2014
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Listen Meeran Waliyon Ke Imam-Alhaaj Muhammad Owais Raza Qadri


Dua Sejoli (Dewa 19)

Usap air matamu
Yang menetes di pipimu
Ku pastikan semuanya
Akan baik-baik saja

Bila kau terus pandangi
Langit tinggi di angkasa
Tak kan ada habisnya
S'gala hasrat di dunia

Hawa tercipta di dunia
Untuk menemani sang Adam
Begitu juga dirimu
Tercipta tuk temani aku

Renungkan sejenak...
Arti hadirku di sini
Jangan pernah ingkari
Dirimu adalah Wanita

(*)Harusnya dirimu menjadi
Perhiasan sangkar maduku
Walaupun kadang diriku
Bertekuk lutut di hadapanmu...

Kembali ke Reff

Kembali ke:(*),Reff(3x)

Bukalah pintu jiwamu
Dengar bisikan sanubari
Semua adalah isyarat
Isyarat dari Sang Pencipta

i dont wanna hurt you (prince johnny feat d nice)

i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love D NICE love is one only thing that's you can't ever touch the way you give me your tongue baby you make me blush when i looking into your eyes hun you can see i'm fallin love yeah! yeah! lanmou ke'm gen pou ou son lanmou enkomprab chak jou lide'm sou ou viv san ou m'pa kwè m'ap kapab se ou ki tout pou mwen e se ou ki bay viv sans se ou ki gen kontwòl mwen e poumwen son rekompans BONDYE ka banm bèl ti madanm bote tout fanm marye avè'w depi lontan se sa'm te genyen kòm planm wè sim ta blese'w bb m' pap t'ap gen padon BONDYE m'ap toujou nan pye'w ou se sèl sen m' ka adore ou se sèl fanm ki plase nan vi'm tou avè'w mwen janm m' ka fè avni'm tou m'pa kwè lòt jan m'ka toumante lespri'm tou sa se love queen san lajan ou paka achte (REF)---PRINCE JOHNNY i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love & D NICE pa gen etap , ki pèse nan vi'm sou pa, sou lage nan vi'm se tach ou,ki rete nan vi'm sa se kè'm m'ap ba'w ou dwe kwè m'avè'w pou pa koute les ennemi(es) n'ap blow formul kise ban'm m'ap ba'w tout se louvri kò'w drog pa'm nan baby gen lè, se lè mwen fin goute'w grog pa'm nan swetty se nan gòj mwen m'ap mezire'w han! ou se baton vyeyès mwen bèl déesse mwen bèl nègès mwen pou tout tan m'ap viv se ou pou ki kontwole, tansyon tès mwen fò'w gen rezon des saisons lady pou di'm ke w'ale pap janm gen saison ni rezon avè'w destine'm trase sa se sweet love pou sa'm pap janm pòv pou ou'm dwe plis chòv i don't wanna hurt you baby girl what s'up the way you touch me lady you break my heart han! baby you break my heat (REF)---PRINCE JOHNNY i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love i just wanna hug you i don't wanna hurt you i'm ready got no time, for stories can i be the one, you calling funny funny and i hope you understand pregnant my heat with by kissing my baby i just wanna kiss you i just wanna kiss you i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love ou prince johnny yeah man d nice all ladies know yeah that's love that's love T.R.F

La Raza (Kid Frost)

(Verse 1)

Quihubo aquí estoy and I'm soy Kid Frost
Yo soy jefe matón yes the Big Boss
A pocos lowly
Is for da balas
I'm puttin' in your face and U won't say 'Nada'
Vatos cholos you call as what you will
You say we are assessins si U wanna kill
Is it my brother be a nastyboy and go
Si en da street hold all betters
Chicanos and a brand I proud
Guantes chingazos simon se desquitan
Rigth now in the dirt
What's da matter? Are you afraid, you gonna get hurt?
I'm with my homeboys, --- my camaradas
Keepin' back my millaje, y pa mi no vale nada
Yo soy chingón ese
Like Al Caponne ese
Controlo a todos solo never try to swept me
Some of you don't know what's happenin' que pasa
Now for you, give me, wait...
Cuz this is for La Raza...

This for La Raza, Raza... (x 2)

(Verse 2)

The form to I'm speakin' is not descaro
Y sabes que loco? Yo soy muy malo
Tu no sabes nada y yo vienes haloh
Beginin' in the head to many times with the palos
Still you are trying to act cool, with that shit no
It's so cool, I'm the cool, you are culo
Is just the big we can takin' and ever
... you're the lava
Your own barrio isn't backin' wa
Be just lookin' your**
And call to your prover
And so I'm lookin' aleft es lo que pasa...
he he... yeah... this is for La Raza...
Raza, raza...

(Verse 3)

Crusin' en la calle, I hate for the bolo
No want to go with me, so I have to go solo
And when I go out alone... attack
I touch all that cheladas when I don't wanna absttrack
Everytime that I pack my piss, I pull all that quick
All the nazis desease
Just like a song when the 18 bullet
Got my finger on a triker, I'm not afraid to pull it
If this bara had a not say 'mafiosos'
When you pull it away, no seas stupid, eres baboso
Si en then don't you know what's happenin' que pasa... yeah...

This is for La Raza...
Raza... (x 2)

Dirty Dirty East (Outlandish)

Okay this one
Goes out to all the people living a dirty life style
You know what I'm saying

Dirty dirty east
Y'all mean south
Naah east playa

Dirty dirty east
Sure it aint south
Naah east playa
Still got love for the south though
North, west & east coast
Bang y'all heads to this beat fool
Gon' ride in the night while we popping them collars

[Rap verse 1 (Lenny)]

Soy montuno cien por ciento
Una guitarra es lo que tengo
Cada manana estoy contento
Cada noche le canto al viento
El cantar de los cantores
Hace llorar a los mayores
Yo te regalo mis canciones
Remedio a los dolores
De oriente a occidente
Gente vamos ya
Del sur al norte
Mis guajiros a gozar
A si que oye como va
Mi ritmo
Ponte tu a bailar
Es outland


I'm highlander hundred per cent
A guitar is the only thing I have
Every morning I'm so happy
Coz every night I sing to the wind
The song of folksingers
Make the grown cry
I give you my songs
As a remedy to the pain
From Orient to Occident
People come on now
From the south to the north
My guajiros lets get lose
Now listen how it goes
My rhythm
Get up and get your groove on
This is outland


Well it's the dirty dirty east y'all
That's my peeps y'all
Watch the beast
If you don't belly that**he gon' get ya fast

Dirty dirty east
Where's the meat y'all
Watch the grill
We gon' get our eat on

[Rap verse 2 (Waqas)]

Pass that bread I'm starving y'all
Can I borrow your bird and make a call
Dirty east life style baby you know
Im that Beduin thug that's running the show
No cash flow still having blast,
Shaking my**not forgetting my path
My desert caddie cruising streets
I don't pimp hoes I pimp sheep
Pass that waterpipe
I want my high tonight
Life is hard out of sight
Struggle on make it tight
Hey girlfriend can I have some water
At the well I caught her
9 sons and a daughter we share
Making it clear from the dirty dirty


Oye com ova
La raza
Ponte tu a bailar
It's outland


[Rap verse 3 (Isam)]

My moms chose my wife
Got it all arranged
I love my mommy cuz she takes care of everything
Without her everyday journey to and from the well
There wouldn't be no water whole village would be looking hell
Enough bragging she got me a pretty girl
You don't need to work
Just help my moms in the kitchen world
And every second year we'll make a baby or baby twins
Don't worry girl ya know my mom's gon' baby-sit
Never depend on me, it depends on my family
That's how we do it's gangsta, how it always be
You don't know me but ey!... we got a whole life's
Under the family tree, eating dates in moonlight
You to me is like what water is to sea ya know
I take it that my moms already told you about the gold
So let me put this henna on ya hand and do the vow
Oh tell ya pops not to worry, I threw in the cow


All my thug moros let me hear you say oye oye
And to the sisters if you with me holla uy uy


Ill Kebab (Outlandish)

Why you treating me so wrong
When all I try to be is so strong
Don't want me to maintain
Please stop messing with my brain, my baby

Yeah yeah yeah
Let's get it on
To the early morn'
Yeah yeah yeah
Let's break it down
Baby, break it down

I gotta bad name
Being the bad man I am
Doing bad thangs
Hang around with
My bad friends, bad clan
Doing bad stuff
Me and you all the same
Time to get rough

Quien lo hizo no lo se
No fui yo, pero al final
La historia me absolverá
Porque no estuve yo en el lugar
De todos lados me disparan
Los malos hábitos se acaparan
A mis errores ellos me amarran
No solo tengo cosas malas
Soy humano igual que todos
No soy perfecto igual que todos
Vulnerable como todos
Quiero que me traten como a todos
Quien tiene la respuesta
Por que no comprendo lo que hacemos
En el fondo yo soy bueno
Quien lo hizo nunca sabremos

Who did it?
I don't know
It wasn't me, but at the end
The history will absolve me
Cuz I wasn't at the current place
From all sides I get blamed
And the bad habits can be monopolized
To my errors they attach me
Like if I only have bad things
I'm human, like everyone
Not perfect, like everyone
Vulnerable, like everyone
I just want to be treated like everyone
Who got the answer?
Cuz I don't get what we're doing
In the bottom, I'm good
And who did it, we'll never know


I'm feeling low so you know I got to go
I can't stay any more
No longer will I mourn
I feel the rain and the pain
Creeping under my skin
You ain't my friend cause
You haven't been where I've been
I've been places
Seen faces
Unsolved cases
Kids on streets with no shoelaces
So how the hell you gonna go off by telling me
It's gonna be alright
So please let me go
Islam B let 'em know


Boo be calling me
Like what ever she wants
As long as she don't call me home
Mamma wouldn't like that
Cuz that's a no no
So say my name is Mo
And let's do this happy hour on a low
See my real name be Muhammad
But nobody really has to know
But anuff's said and let's do this right
In your crib by the TV light
Get you real high screaming my name
Dreaming 'bout me while you´re doing your man
Thinking that I might come back to you
But I lied too
Played you cool
Girl, stop calling me
You better stop
See you did it
Just to get a rep

Baby Phife's Return (A Tribe Called Quest)

featuring Consequence

The mad man Malik makes MCs run for Milk of Magnesia
Maybe that'll ease ya
Master of this microphone mackin, master as in great
I'll have your brain goin in circles as my style tends to ovulate
I'm makin moves, never movies, that's why y'all MCs lose me
Retrace, won't, so your stubborn like groupies
Kid, you know my flava, tear this whole jam apart
** around and have your heart, like Jordan had Starks
While you playin hokey pokey, there's no time to be dokey
Cuz I come out to play every night like Charles Oakley
Dissin around with wack rhymin
You lose your grip from chalk climbin
Let me take this time to say R.I.P. to Phyllis Hyman
Who never got the props that she damn well deserved
But see me, you don't wanna see me, cuz all MCs are gettin served
The nerve, for you to even step to the Phifer
I'll bumrush your set and crush your whole cypher
Reserve, a spot for me in hip hop's hall of fame
Cuz rappin ain't no game, big up your head and maintain
Yeah, Queens forever in this piece crushin any beef
Ain't nuthin sweet, the bakery's across the **in street
Phife Dawg, swingin it back and forth just like Aaliyah
Makin moves on your heart like that trick Tamia
No doubt about it, I love hip hop to death
But yo Tip, bring in the chorus cuz I'm losin my breath

A, yo, you know the deal when the diggy Dawg is on the scene
We got the fiend bumpin straight from the borough Queens
You know the deal when the diggy Dawg is on the scene
We got the fiend bumpin straight from the borough Queens
You know the deal when the diggy Dawg is on the scene
You know the deal, ha, you know the deal

Big up pop Duke, that's where I caught my athleticism
My mama, no doubt, that's where I got my lyricism
My nana, that's where I got my spiritualism
As for Tip and Shah, they made me stop from smokin izm
Now, when I'm with some cheese, I be lettin off gism
Writin rhymes since Daddy Kane and Biz Mark was on Prism
I gotta brave heart like the one named Shirley Chisholm
As for my late twin, boy, I wish I was with him
Got the Lightro in the back talkin bout (come on, get him)
And when it comes to rhymes, no doubt, I flip em
Sucka MC in my path, hey main, I say we ship him
Money please, your rhymes are wack, say word, this geek is trippin
Just because my name is Phife, my man, I'm never slippin
I got the type of flave to have your**straight bitchin
For those who act cute, see I got them on mute
Have you walkin through your projects in your birthday suit
Cuz your style is off loot, so I played him like a flute
If youse a sucka MC, then it's you I rebuke
My style is, everday all day, similar to water
Crushin MCs as if my name was Sargent Slaughter
Keep shit hotter...than a sauna
Or better yet, the hormones on your Christian daughter
Hey, I tried to warn her
My sounds the type to kill, like the grill on Lauryn Hill
So all ya sucka MCs, y'all best go chill
Bout to go to Union Square so I can see my care bear
Singin good stuff in my ear, runnin fingers through my hair
Represent the Zulu Nation with illy rap creations
Just keep shit hotter than Death Row-Bad Boy confrontations
Chillin with Fudge Love because he represents the Haitians
Ya naw'mean

Word up
I just wanna big up everybody for supportin A Tribe Called Quest
Through the years
This be the fourth LP, you know what I'm sayin?
Tip, Shaheed and Phife, Beats, Rhymes and Life
Featuring my man, you know what I'm sayin, Consequence
192 is the area where we represent, for the ladies and gents, ha ha
You know what I'm sayin? Big up Shaheed Muhammad, that's my man
Christine, you know what I'm sayin, word life (fading out)
The Abstract Poetic, rockin this track
Bouncin it all over the place, in your face
You know what I'm sayin? My man Lightro...

Ushahidu (5forty2)

Mari dengar cerita budak-budak zaman sekarang 2x
Ada pakai jubah ada yang separuh terlanjang
Ada macam-macam kulit putih tukar hitam
Ikut suka hati apa peduli halal haram
Masa kecik2 cita2 jadik doctor
Bila besar jadik lupa jadik player jadik gangster
Apa kejadahnya ayah kelu tak berkata mak garu kepala
Masa depan huru hara
Orang bercinta dia pon gatal nak ikut
Bila maruah dah tergadai baru dada rasa semput
Ini kisah anak dara belum yang lagi pemuda(macam2 ada)
Sampai tak tau camne nak mula
Sekolah belum habis dah lagak macam dewasa
Islam hanya pada nama semua dia nak cuba
Boleh main cuba2,boleh main raba2
Main sama2,bila kena sama rasa
Tepuk dada tanya selera,tanya iman,tanya diri
Tanya kaki sapa bagi sampai kita boleh diri?
Aku Cuma cerita apa yang aku nampak
Ter**nglah kat korang nak terima ke tak

Budak zaman sekarang perangai pelik
Orang kata buruk dia pandang semua cantik
Tak serik,mane pergi rasa segan
Kalau kata org_______________(x pasti perkataannya)
Kuat manusia bergantung pada ilmu setakat tunjuk otai
Takde orang respek kat lu memang begitu
Dunia untuk orang bijak pandai2 hidup kalau taknak kene pijak
Cuba2 usha tengok2 sekeliling bukan tengok dinding tapi minah senget mata juling(juling?)
Dia bukan buta cumabuat2 tak nampak dia rasa seronok jadik budak rosak akhlak(iskh3)
Harga diri murah jual badan kat lelaki macam balak dia konpem ambik die buat bini
Sedarlah diri sedarlah dari mimpi2,apa hari2 ko mmg gelap takde pagi?
Konon pakai **i sebab laki suka tengok,kalau lawa takpe
Cuma lawa sikit dari MOMOK(uwek)
Pusingkan pandangan tengok **k benda baru,budak jadik player walau belum tumbuh bulu(bulu?)apa benda tu?
Khatam pon belum kering lagi dah pandai **k citer main sana main sini
Tukar pompuan hari2 bukan ke kau tu Muslim?
Nabi tak ajar kita tukar pompuan macam musim macam main game
Boleh buat sesuka hati cuba fikir balik kemana kite lepas mati
Tak payah kerek2 kita semua bukan hebat ingat atas sana ada kuasa lagi kuat

Jom tengok2 budak2 dekat sini perangai pelik diorang tambah sikit dengan perangai gedik
Dengan jersi besar rantai **k nak cecah lantai topi kasi senget pastu carut tunjuk otai
Pakai seluar besar pandang badan macam lidi tepi angkat sikit tayang bulu kaki tayang itu ini
Tunjuk semua perangai buruk memang teruk bila orang mula lagak beruk
Buat apa sebok2 dengan trend masa kini sanggup pakai mahal
Walau gadai itu ini berhabis duit Cuma sebab nak perhatian
Semua atas sebab nak diri diperhatikan
Inilah hakikat kita pentingkan luaran anugerah Tuhan lebih sekadar ucapan

Robbin Hood Theory (Gang Starr)

[Intro features Elijah Shabazz from Muhammad Mosque No. 7]
Peace Brother Elijah
Hey peace Guru how you doin?
I'm maintainin
Just been thinkin though man
about the situation for today's youth man the seeds man
What's your opinion on that?
Mmm that's strange I was thinkin the same thing
Somethin I read in the holy Qu'ran how it says
"Has thou seen him who belies religion?
That is one who is rough, to the orphan."
And no matter what we say our religion is
whether it's Islam, Christianity
Juddaism, Buddha-ism, Old School-ism or New School-ism
If we're not schooling the youth WITH wisdom
then the sins of the father will visit the children
And that's not keepin it real...
that's keepin it -- WRONG
Chorus: Guru
Now that we're gettin somewhere, you know we got to give back
For the youth is the future no doubt that's right and exact
Squeeze the juice out, of all the suckers power
And pour some back out, so as to water the flowers
This world is ours, that's why the demons are leary
It's our inheritance; this is my Robbin Hood Theory... Robbin Hood
Verse One: Guru
I seek Sun, deceive none, for each one must teach one
At least one must flow and show the structure, of freedom
It's me Dunn, cause petty things we don't need 'em
Let's focus to create somethin great, for all that sees them
They innocent, they know not what they face
while politicians save face genius minds lay to waste
If I wasn't kickin rhymes I'd be kickin down doors
Creatin social change and defendin the poor
The God's always been militant, and ready for war
We're gonna snatch up the ringleaders send em home in they drawers
But first where's the safe at? Let's make em show us
and tell em hurry up, give up the loot that they owe us
We bringin it back, around the way to our peeps
Cause times are way too deep, we know the Code of the Streets
Meet your defeat; this is my Robbin Hood Theory... my Robbin Hood
Verse Two: Guru
I floss my rhymes like dentals, my mental's presidential
from the wild ghetto districts to the plush resedential
Essential, would be the message that I send you
I meant to, elevate at every venue
Pops told me to pursue what is true, and nothing other
And nowadays I pave the way for troops of my young brothers
Necessary by all means, sort of like Malcolm
Before it's too late; I create, the best outcome
So I take this opportunity, yes to ruin the
Devilish forces **in up my black community
And we ain't doin no more interviews
til we get paid out the frame, like mother**in Donahue
We're taking over radio, and wack media
Cause systematically they gettin greedier and greedier
Conquering turfs with my ill organization
Takin out the man while we scan the information
You wanna rhyme you best to wait son
You can't even come near, if you ain't got our share
You front on us this year, consider yourself blown out of here
Yeah... by my Robbin Hood Theory
Verse Three: Guru
God is Universal, he is the Ruler Universal
For those who can't follow that spells GURU when in my circle
I see all sides of my culture...
Design my thoughts like a sculpture
And chumps they wanna get with me cause I'm another entity
I'm sent to be, leadin the army of the century
Mention me, and snakes will retreat, eventually...
... due to my Robbin Hood Theory

Yeh Hai Meri Kahani (Strings)

yeh hai meri kahani
khamosh zindagani
sannata keh raha hai
kyun zulm seh raha hai

ek dastaan purani
tanhayi ki zubani
her zakham khil raha hai
kuch mujh se keh raha hai

chubtay kantay yadoon ke daaman say chunta hoon
girti deewaron ke aanchal mai zinda hoon

bass yeh meri kahani
benishaan nishaani
ek darr beh raha hai
kuch mujh se keh raha hai

chubtay kaanten yadoon ke daaman se chunta hoon
girti deewaron ke aanchal mein zinda hoon

(john's Part)..

bajay pyaar ki shabnum mere gulistaan mein
baraste rehte hain har simt maut ke saye
siyahiyon se ulajh padti hain meri aankhein
koi nahi .. koi bhi nahi jo batlaye
kitni der ujalon ki raah dekhe
koi nahi hai koi bhi nahi
na pass na durr
yeh pyaar hai
dil ki dharkan
apni chahat ka jo ellan kiye jaati hai
zindagi hai jo jiye jaati hai
khoon k ghoont peay jaati hai
khwaab aankhon se siye jaati hai

ab na koi paas hai
phir bhi ehsaas hai
yahiaon mai uljhi padi
jeene ki ek aas hai
yadoon ka jungle yeh dil
kaanton se jal thal yeh dil

chubtay kaanten yadoon ke daaman se chunta hoon
girti deewaron ke aanchal mein zinda hoon

Buggin' Out (A Tribe Called Quest)

[Phife Dawg]
Yo, microphone check one two what is this
The five foot assassin with the ruffneck business
I float like gravity, never had a cavity
Got more rhymes than the Winans got family
No need to sweat Arsenio to gain some type of fame
No shame in my game cause I'll always be the same
Styles upon styles upon styles is what I have
You wanna diss the Phifer but you still don't know the half
I sport New Balance sneakers to avoid a narrow path
Messin round with this you catch ?the sizin of em?
I never half step cause I'm not a half stepper
Drink a lot of soda so they call me Dr. Pepper
Refuse to com-pete with BS competition
Your name ain't Special Ed so won't you Seckle With the Mission
I never walk the streets, think it's all about me
Even though deep in my heart, it really could be
I just try my best to like go all out
Some might even say yo shorty black you're buggin' out

Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh, uh!
Zulu Nation, brothers that's creation
Minds get flooded, ejaculation
right on the two inch tape
The Abstract poet incognito, runsss the cape
Not the best not the worst and occasionally I curse to get my
point across, so bust, the floss
As I go in betweeen, the grit and the dirt
Listen to the mission listen Miss as I do work, umm
as I crack the, monotone
Children of the jazz so, get your own
Smokin R&B cause they try to do me
or the best of the pack but they can't do rap
For it's Abstract, orig-inal
You can't get your own and that's, pitiful
I know I'd be the man if I cold yanked the plug
on R&B, but I can't and that's bugged

Buggin out, buggin out, buggin out you're buggin out (repeat 8X)

[Phife Dawg]
Yo when you bug out, you usually have a reason for the action
Sometimes you don't it's just for mere satisfaction
People be houndin, always surroundin
Pulsin, just like a migraine poundin
You don't really fret, you stay in your sense
?Comafied? your feeling, of absolute tense
You soar off to another world, deep in your mind
But people seem to take that, as being unkind
"Oh yo he's acting stank," really on a regal?
A man of the fame not a man of the people
Believe that if you wanna but I tell you this much
Riding on the train with no dough, sucks
Once again a case of your feet in my Nike's
If a crowd is in my realm I'm saying -- mic please
Hip-hop is living, can't yank the plug
if you do the result, will end up kind of bugged

Yo, I am not an invalid although I used to smoke the weed out
Ali Shaheed Muhammad used to say I had to be out
Schemin on the cookies with the crazy boomin back buns
Pushin on the real ?hardest? so we can have the big fun
When I left for Rosie I was Boulevard status
Battling a MC was when Tip was at his baddest
It was one MC after one MC
What the world could they be wanting see from little old me
Do I have the formula to save the world?
Or was it just because I used to swipe the women and all the girls
I'm the type of brother with the crazy extended hand kid
Dissed by all my brothers I was all up what my man did
Supposed to be my man but now I wonder cause you're feeble
I go out with the strongest and I seperate the evils
it's your brain against my mind, for those about to boot out
All you nasty critters even though you see I bug out

Buggin out, buggin out, buggin out you're buggin out (repeat 8X)


Meeran Waliyon Ke Imam beautiful MANQABAT read by Alhaaj Muhammad Owais Raza Qadri...SubhanAllah.. ..From the Khairaat Lene Agaye Mehfil Meeran Waliyon Ke Im...

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