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Thursday, 19 October 2017
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Listen Talib Hussain Dard بیٹھی جیواں


Eternalists (Talib Kweli & Hi Tek)

Now here we go
Here we go (come on come on)
Now here we go
Here we go (come on come on)

[Talib Kweli]
Stay strong this ain't for the faint hearted
My name's honored cause my style is insane retarded
Remain hottest from St. Marks to St. Thomas
Take game farther than the put-put planes charted
The same artist who smoke rainforest and bang hardest
My brain smartest break a nigga like a lame promise
All city like train bombers
Check out the pictures we painted (yeah)
More colorful than Kelis **
Your skills is least debated and your album least awaited
Even Big Tigger wouldn't let you in "The Basement"
Face it y'all niggas face down with your legs kicking
They call your momma Roy Jones cause she raise chicken
You're "Down for the Count" like Rah Digga I'm straight spittin
Make pigeons say, "Uh uh, no they didn't!"
Yes we did so god bless the kid yo
I got my own so I never stress his no

In this journey you're the journal I'm the journalist
Am I eternal.. or an eternalist?
Soon as we showed up I sensed nervousness
As soon as we rolled up y'all niggas burn to this

Here we go
Come on
Yeah yeah (yeahhh)
Yeah yeah (yeah yeah come on)
Yeah yeah
Come on come on

[Talib Kweli]
Yo we send this bullet straight towards your brain
We taking over like Moors in Spain there's more to gain
Runaways get aboard the train (come on)
You can't ignore the pain (no)
When it come down like the pouring rain
Caught the Train of Thought it clanked across the raw terrain
The cold weather break your spirit like a water main
I looked in your eyes and I saw the shame
Y'all don't know that our greatness came before the chains
No you can't imagine a future where this all can change
If one of us ain't free then we all to blame
So we attack each other fighting project wars and thang
It's all the same across the board we fall for game
You wanna see through that shit then you can call my name
Kweli I chop it up like raw cocaine
I drop gems at top ten, I'm not for the fame
You wanna test and I bet you get wrecked like lost planes

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

And there it is (yeah)
Yeah yeah (yeah yeah)
Come on
Yeah yeah (yeah yeah)
Yeah yeah (yeah yeah)
Yo yo yo
Say whaaat? Say what, say what, say what

[Talib Kweli]
I rock for the purists and I rock for the players
I rock for the fellas and I rock for the ladies (come on)
I rock for the elders and I rock for the babies (yeah)
I rhyme to the sirens that cry in the night (yeah)
Live on the mic even though I've been dying to write (yeah)
Since the days of flying a kite and ridin my bike (come on)
Open my eyes and keep the prize within my line of sight (yeah)
Now cats drop out of school to get fiends high on a pipe (word)
Seem like that's the ghetto way of tryin to fight
The system thats based on trying to stop you from shinning your light
We dying in spite of getting rich
That's why I rhyme like a battle emcee
Battling the tragedies and fallacies
That be killing niggas quicker than infant mortality
They acting like whats going on now is distant reality
Behaving so casually that they become a casualty
Plus they don't wanna battle me anyway
They try to walk away but they stumble like Macy Gray
Cats hit the tunnel to rumble and say, "Hey DJ!"
Make me wonder why they call Sunday the lazy day

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

Check me out

yeah yeah
yeah yeah
yeah yeah (fades)

Some Kind Of Wonderful (Talib Kweli & Hi Tek)

What's next?
These chicken neck MCs get me vexed
My rhymes be blowin' up chat rooms all over the internet
And causin' collisions on the highway of information
And then I head back to my prior engagement
In the nation of Brooklyn
Land of Trinis, Haitians, Jamaicans and Bejans
It's amazin' how lickin' shots is the proper representation
Soon they gonna need wack MC reservations
Cause I endanger the mother**ers, they needin' preservation
Carry 'em home on the top of a truck like a trophy
Niggas still sleepin' like I'm Jay Z in the video for Hawaiian Sophie
It's cool I stay low key, keep a low pro
Come out crushin' shit just for fun like Co Flow
Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo here we go
Ridin' on the sound waves out your stereo
In the procession to your burial
Callin' Hi Tek little Leon the professional
I got the special flow listenin' to estero
Puffin' vegetables and now I'm red to go
The illest rhyme animal like Chuck
Burn leech niggas like salt when i lay in the cut
Think you about to blow when you continue to suck
The shit I've been through
Make me run up in your venue like What!
I snatch the mic and ask the crowd what are y'all waitin' for?
They say nothin' but that fat shit
I got you, say no more i laid the law and all them
Crab rappers played the floor I called them out
A couple of them steeped up and I ate 'em raw
Some more wack niggas tried to spray the door but had no aim
Later for them corn balls
On the way out smacked them in they face with a methaphor
For better or for worse you better call the nurse
Before I send a cleaner and he get to your hospital room first

What you wanna do? I'm runnin' through your front line
Your whole plan is catcha tan in my sunshine
One time 'cause it's some kinda wonderful
Don't stand there lookin' stupid, what you wanna do?

I'll take your style and embarras it with
Words beautifully written like Arabic
Got niggas on the run 'cause the fire like chariot
Introduce pen skills to ill deliveries and married it
Put it in your face like big gats and carried it like Harriet
Various crews tried to bury us
But we shut 'em down like Sagiterious with
That wack shit money you can't be serious
You niggas is hilarious actresses
Runnin around the club pissy like ghetto matresses
That's why I smack these kids back to reality
And how it be in actuality
With ready to battle MCs who skip the **in' formailties
We spark it in any club or meat market
Sweet artists don't come on the block they become street targets
If you want it I got it, come get it I'm with it
Your career will be shorter than a midget
And the world will know who did it
I smack up these ho**MCs like a gorilla pimp
You comin' out the box like a gimp, money you still a wimp
My shit blow out filaments and light fixtures
With the right mixture of words used as colors
To paint the right picture
Graphic masterpieces your whole shit is smashed to pieces
Make you look at your man who rhyme and be like, "you not nasty like he is"
Believe this when you see this, and don't ** with
Me either, 'cuz you'll be down where my feet is
Curled up in the fetus
Cryin' from the kicks, watch when I flip
People gonna be buyin' my shit like fiends dyin' for a hit, so...


Good To You (Talib Kweli)

Kweli: (Woman's Voice)

Yea (yeaaah)
Come on

Yo Yo
Ayo my silent moments, loud as the crack of thunder
My hunger is like the crocodile that'll jack the hunter
It ain't commercial or underground, its true cause I
(wanna be good to you)

Call it skill, call it game, call it glow, call my name
Like the lord, all in vein, screaming like you all in pain
Treat it like a drug, all up in ya vain cause (wanna be good to you)

[Verse 1]
We make the squares dance, and get the do like dotsey
Y'all niggas roll with pussy-cats like Josey
All spoiled rotten like ghetto groceries yo
I clutch the mic like ya grandma clutch her rosary yo
Swooping the industry, like a bird to prey
My stanza's got stamina, ya verses lack vertebrae
I heard them say I was a conscious rapper
But I'm a monster when I hafta smack the shit out of a nonsense actor
Using my 'hands solo' and I don't need chewy
Over your head like Yamulke's and Koofies yo
I write screen gems, yall niggas act in 'B' movies, type of niggas proud to be groupies
Followers in the herd running over the cliff, I'm the
Buffalo soldier, smoke ya like a dreadlock rasta
blowing the spliff, loading a clip to spit high
Like you holding blow in a stolen whip, rolling the strip
Looking to hit cops, now that's a 4 alarm
Black queen falling on my arms, you could call it charm
Mater fact call it what you want, its up to you bro
(wanna be good to you)

Chorus (1x)

[Verse 2]
How many niggas ever been in love
How many niggas really think they thugs
And can't think without the drink and drugs
How many niggas can't get in with hats and sneakers on
Say '** security' and get inside and keep them on
How many niggas think that gats make em weak or strong
Can't do for self and wanna snatch the plate you eating on
That don't take heart, slave nigga play ya part
I'd rather jump over board nigga, face the sharks
We stay doing it, later for the conversation
Hammers is cocked and waiting, niggas is not debating
We ain't got the patience You found popping shit
Come in to town just to run you down like poppa ditch
And dig a proper ditch, you lying like a politician
Your proposition meets opposition like contradictions
Get out my house, you ain't no real representative
I make it happen, you ain't official, you tentative
Niggas is sensitive, see how they catching feelings
It's so hot, the sweat rise it'll wet the ceiling
Barracuda, Spitkickin' nigga that's the crew (wanna be good to you)

Whoo! (yeaahh)
Come on
Low ride

[Verse 3]
Niggas be claiming shit, find a gangsta movie, put
they name in it, biting like there ain't no shame in it
You the hardest on the beat, I'm the fire that you playing with
You a artist from the street, I'll give you the blood to paint it with
So yeah I'm positive, I'm positive I'm the best
Spit bullets to split ya vest and deposit them in ya chest
Dark is the flesh on my bones, calling Brooklyn home
Hang up on niggas like 'I want you to meet my nigga tone', word
Leave me alone like Michael Jackson
Or there'll be more than butterflies in your stomach
waiting to see what happens
You see me out, know that my crew is flawless
So called gangstas need more security than the Rawkus office
Yo, I thought you bust ya gun
You just a big joke, thinking you a Big Pun
Yo, Kayne this is the big one (wanna be good to you)
me and my niggas having big fun

Bridge (1x)

Chorus (1x)

Come on,
BK and
BX and
Q boro and
Manhattan and
Harlem niggas and
Long Island
Wanna be good to you you you come on! (wanna be good to you)
The whole world rocking
Yo the whole world rocking
Ayo uhh

New And Improved (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

Fukin' safe fukin' you knows it, innit

It's time to kick it once more from the boys who toke draw
Don't mess with us clarts cos we're fukin' hardcore
You thought the chain were ill, now we're fukin' much sicker
These tunes'll need more than a parental warning sticker

Ben Wa Balls is back, and as mad as can be
He'll break your fukin' face like Mo-hammed Ah-li
But let's talk about me, Adam Hussain
One of the maddest looking fu'kers from the Goldie Lookin' Chain

'Don't Blame the Chain' really started the ignition
Now ever fu'ker gives us the deserved recognition
The chain are back again like we said before
You know the crew who likes to smoke the fuk'n draw

We've been quiet for a while and now we're fuk'n back
Trying to shag the birds but escape the fuk'n clap
We're sick as fcuk and ryer now
The kings of 'Port hip hop so take a fuk'n bow

So if you wanna go, then bring on the action
But you don't wanna Goldie Lookin' Chain reaction

Hussain's ripping it up, Y2K style plus two, innit

Like Lillets, or Always Ultra with Wings, we're the Goldie Lookin' Chain and we're running things
Like Lillets, or Always Ultra with Wings, we're New and Improved and we're running things

This time shit's real so let me kick the fuk'n facts
With rhymes and beats so tight they'll bring you to climax
We're the hip hop kings of the P - O - R - T
Like I say clarts, we're the G L C

Benwaballs composed us some new tunes for the millenium
Xain lays the tracks and 2 Hats start the rebellion
We're fu'ked in the end but really must maintain
We're better than Vanilla Ice, we're the Goldie Lookin' Chain

Ha ha! Fuk'n Adam Hussain here aka Benny Blanco here. Clart, if you needs the fuk'n draw, you come and fuk'n sees me, innit, right? Fuk'n knows it.

This is the time so let the shit rhyme
We're the GLC and fcuked in the mind
Benwaballs skits, crazy as can be
He'll fcuk you up and down n worse than Bruce fuk'n Lee

Some clarts get birds with the muscles they can flex
But Xain gets tit-tosss spinning his decks
2000AD couldn't give a toss
As long as he gets to see the girlie's pantie-moss

Like Lillets, or Always Ultra with Wings, we're the Goldie Lookin' Chain and we're running things
Like Lillets, or Always Ultra with Wings, we're New and Improved and we're running things

This new bad-ass shit will give you a fukin' thrill
Crank up the fukin' bass and take a drive down Pil
When we started up, people thought we we're taking the piss
But we've evolved like a butterfly from a chrysalis

They've been out of the country, now for a while
Missing the fresh tunes and the fukin' free-style
Our cocks are bigger than sticks of salami
Cos we're the generals of this 'Port hip hop army

Listen to this shit and copy one after one
By this time next year it'll go platinum
Get smoked up clart, in a fuk'n haze
And demand our shit over fuk'n TJs

Oi clart, don't forget my fukin' four pack of stella and fukin' rizlas, innit, alright?

I see all this mad shit, every fcukin' day
Stretching from the gear to Pil and Allway(?)
People say we're nuts and that needs addressing
I ain't messing, clarts, this shit's got me fuk'n stressing

I ain't confessin'
to whether I smokes the fuk'n resin
But still impressin the girlies when they see me
Bouncing down the road in my low ride capri

With Lloyd Ganja in the back and Maindee Lee
Fuk with us and you'll be in the obituaries
Cos every fu'cker knows we're the GLC

Yeah, that's right, it's Adam Hussain he back and this time he's pissed off. Fuk'n you knows it. Big respect to Benny Blanco. In the house tonight.

Fuk'n knows it, that's right. Adam Hussain. Fuk'n there, in your fuk'n face. Listen to the fuk'n tunes. You fuk'n knows it, leisurewearer!

The Blast (Talib Kweli & Hi Tek)

Let me, let me practice.. hehehe, ehehe
Talib.. T'Kwi, Kweli - I can't say it!
That's wack..

[Talib Kweli] (Vinia Mojica)
Yeah, you pronounce my name (Kweli), any questions?
I bring many blessings with my man Hi-Tek and he from the Natti (Natti)
We make the sky crack, feel the fly track,
get your hands up like a hijack
Fist in the air for (Kweli), keep 'em there like
Natural mystic or smoke when they spliffs lit
It's a revolutionary (party), they ask me what I'm writin for
I'm writin to show you what we fightin for
Say Taleeb or Talib (Kweli), if it's hard try spellin it phonetically
If not then just let it be like Nina Simone,
you probably (ably) don't listen B
Even when we suffer loses I account the victory
Sometimes it's far and between I'm sad to say
it got my brain crowded like sunset on a Saturday
I know my son wept 'cause his dad's away
Stop cryin be strong for your momma is what I had to say

[Chorus 1]
To my little man named Amani (mani)
Start the party, my crew hot feel these two shots
Like the blast from a double barrel shottie (shottie)
It's got to be, your man Hi-Tek and Kweli
Who make you rock your body (body)
Start the party, my crew hot feel these two shots
Like the blast from a double barrel shottie (shottie)
It's got to be, your man Hi-Tek and Kweli

I remember when it all started
Back in the day when me and moms first parted
Hi-Tek from the beginnin I stayed advanced
A young chameleon, adapt to any circumstance
Peep game nigga never been a lazy nigga
Stayed on my hustle concentrate to get the paper bigger
Stay focused, while other cats stay hopeless
While niggas stay high I stay lower
Stacking my chips to get a foreclosure
This shit ain't over..
Going for the gusto, keep getting that provo
It's Hi-Tek (and Kweli) on the track like Flo Jo
Bet you ain't even know I had flow though

[Chorus 2]
Yo, make you rock your body (body)
Start the party, my crew hot feel these two shots
Like the blast from a double barrel shottie (shottie)
It's got to be, your man Hi-Tek and Kweli

[repeat 3x]
Keep on dancing, ya gotta keep on dancing
{Overlapping} oh oh ohhhhhh, yeah yeahhhhhhh

Keep on dancing, ya gotta keep on dancing..

Wrecked Up (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

.....Quick, get his wallet, we're off down the fukin' Spar, c'mon!
Quick...draw on his face, man, draw on his face, clart.
Get his willy out, get it, man, take a photo and send it to fukin' Woman's Own, haaa....
Leave it, man...i'm fukin' wrecked!

Ben Wa Balls came round and smoked loads of draw
Next thing I know, he's asleep on the floor
What's goin' on? I just had a bong
I feels light headed, this can't last for long

If you can't take the blow then I think you better leave
I think you better know and you better believe
This kid's serious, I gotta go home
I look really mashed, I'm as white as a bone
I'm all mashed up just like Eddie Kid
I can't move my arms and i feel like a flid

Look at you, clart, you're in a right fukin' state
I can't believe you just chucked up over my mate
I told you not to have that last fukin' hit
And your leisuresuit smells of fukin' shit
Get out the house and fuk off home
You stupid twat, that was a pure skunk cone

It's not clever to get wrecked and have shit dripping out of your ass

Now my name's P Xain and I smoke for Britain
But I smoked a bud and now I'm trippin'
I feel fukin' wicked like Terry Wogan
Like Crocodile Dundee 2's Paul Hogan

I'm fukin' mashed, I needs to go home
I feels fukin' wrecked and I'm white like a bone
I gotta lie down, I gotta do it soon
If I don't do it fast then I'm gonna puke in the room

I smokes loads of weed, I'm on my fukin' knees
All I need now is a quarter pounder with cheese!
I needs to put my jacket on and get my trouser suit
But I can't pick up my trainers coz I've been sniffing glue

I've been smokin' a bong for far too fukin' long
Coz after a while, I feels like a mong
So pack that chong and give me a hit
Hussain's tracksuit never smells of dog shit
I smoked half a pound of Li-Ganga's fukin' gear
So go fuk yourself if you says that I'm a queer
Give me a phone coz I'm going fukin' numb
I gotta get back or my nan will start to moan
So see you boys soon, laters clarts
I'm off to pull some Newport fukin' tarts

Shout to your neighbours, shout to the ravers
Shout to the people who do loads of favours
For you, and the GLC crew
Safe as fuk, you knows it

Time to go home, son
Fukin' time for the taxi to come
I said this kid's right, I gotta get home
I feels really mashed, I'm white as a bone
I gotta get out but I can't fukin' move
Shit, that draw's strong, I've bust my groove

Shout out to Carl from Risca, he knows he's safe, He knows the score coz you knows he sells me the fukin' draw

G-G-G-Goldie lookin' chain

Goldie lookin' chain

Respect to all the people who've got a bit mashed in the past and dirtied themselves and had to go and clean themselves up

Chahoonga Mein Tujhe (Mohd. Rafi)

Chahoonga Mein Tujhe, Saanjh Sawere,
Phir Bhi Kabhi Ab, Naam Ko Tere,
Awaaz, Main Na Doonga...

Dekh Mujhe, Sab Hai Pata,
Sunta Hai Tu, Man Ki Sada,
Mitwa...Mere Yaar, Tujhko Baar Baar,
Awaaz Main Na Doonga...

Dard Bhi Tu, Chain Bhi Tu,
Daras Bhi Tu, Nain Bhi Tu,
Mitwa...Mere Yaar, Tujhko Baar Baar,
Awaaz Main Na Doonga...

Chahoonga Mein Tujhe, Saanjh Sawere,
Phir Bhi Kabhi Ab, Naam Ko Tere,
Awaaz, Main Na Doonga...

--ContriButed By Adnan.I.M

Love Language (Reflection Eternal)

[Talib Kweli]
Yo, we're going to have the word love
In many different languages
Translated all through the track.
So, whenever you hear the word love
Know that, it's going to be in a different language
The language of love cannot be translated, yo

Love is blind, you just see bright light
You up in the club feelin' the night life, lookin' for the right type
Blood rushing to your heart making it beat
When she swept you off your feet and made it complete
You know the plan you had to conquer the world
Thinking you Scarface, looking for that perfect girl
And now you found her
Started with romantic, then got to frantic
Then things thats normally small become gigantic
Now y'all sinking like the Titanic here come the panic
When Im with you like a habit without you I cant stand it
It's tragic when you wonder when you lost that magic
Without understanding that you never had it try to grab it
In the bed can't get a nut off, communication cut off
Getting mad cause you turned or wondering where she shut off
Constantly comparing you to someone in my past
We don't smile anymore, and we argue over cash
Advance to that physical shit
See what happens if you keep talkin
See what happens if you lay a finger on me motherf...
Yo, see what I'm sayin'
It's like one big mind game that everybody playin' and
Niggas say bitches is trife, bitches say niggas is
We just don't understand our fundamental differences
I'm still learning though, actually
I just do what come naturally, naturally, naturally


[Talib Kweli]
Women thrive on emotions, men refuse to acknowledge
So when we arguin' nobody win
Words get in the way time and again
Sticks and stones break your bones words break your heart
Whether you in touch with that part or not say "word"
Words are weapons for the revolutionary
Used for evil make the situation very scary
Word up, but love is brave
It flies in the face of fear
Yo, wherever you want to go love'll take you there
Let's go, you know a flower that grow in the ghetto
Know more about survival than the one from fresh meadows
It got love for the sun, that's where I'm coming from
Spit and it's smashing cause the love rockin' over drums
Word, I put my love into my music
If you with me then you love how I do it
If my heart you're livin' in your ocean I'm swimmin' in
Never drowning got me floatin' watching you in slow motion
Love potion overdosin' approachin'
The explosion of my senses everyday without your heart
Is like a sentence in jail
Trust I'll always be mentally free
You got the key to let it out I'll show you how it could be
Love,(you need that) it aint nothin' but a word
A chicken aint nothin' but a bird
Yo, yo, yo


[Talib Kweli]
Some of you love that material bug
Love enter my life like a miracle and
It reciprocal that's why I'm feeling you love
We exibit our natural behavior
Like making love under the moon in Jamaica
Get you so hot you call the name of the creata
The morning we hop back into action again
Up on a wall love how the sun liking your skin
Remember when we explored the beach
Swam in the ocean and saw beneith
How the colors of the coral reef looked like the illest floral peice
That's what your beauty remind me of
It's hard to find a love like ours, taking it high above
Them other duns try to spit game but, I dont sweat it though
Know in my heart that we connected so I let it go
Now if they call you out your name and that's a different thing
Anything but Queen I'll go to war like a King
Your friends sweat you cause you aint got a band
But they dont understand
Some things is meant to stay between a woman and man
And they hate Griffey too so they try to get into it
Both you and me see through it so the way we flow is fluid
We speak the love language, they speak from pain and anguish
Some don't love theyselves so they perception is tainted
Out the joint like "shit he paying for you and missing the point
When you rubbed me into your skin just like an ointment..."
Is more than pillow talk, it can't be translated
But how to speak it, and become emancipated
It's a language

Universal love...


Love love love love, love, love (Repeated)

Bedsit (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

Dipper Nan
He's the Maggot,
He tucked me up-tight-shrewd-don't give a **,
The Maggot,
One in a million,
Trust my luck-I wish it was a billion.

Oh Dipper!

Dipper Nan

Give us two's up.

Dipper Nan
Oh son, haven't even skinned up,
You wanna have a word,
You are murdered,
Nine ounce habit,
You buy 1/2 quarters,
In his bedsit,
he'd wait you see.

Hello Dipper,
Do you wanna cuppa tea?

Dipper Nan
Safe, Mag, 2 sugars for me.

No problems son thats £2.50.

Dipper Nan
He's the Maggot,
He tucked me up-tight-shrewd-don't give a **,
The Maggot,
One in a million,
Trust my luck-I wish it was a billion.

Go to Maggot's bedsit-I use a special knock,
He takes ages to answer he's too busy polishing his cock,
Halves on a quarter-Maggot-What do you think?

I'll chip in a bit son but you'll have to buy some drink,

8 cans of lager and a bottle of wine,
He drinks all of his and then he drinks most of mine.

Dipper Nan
In his bedsit Maggot would make tea,
Smoke my draw-charge me £2.50,
What do you mean-you're gonna charge me?
For an horrible cup and some no-frills tea.

Oh Dipper,
This bedsit you see,
Cost me a fortune doesn't come for free,

Dipper Nan
Top end draw, when Maggot skins up.

Can I have a puff,
Can I have a line?, just an inch-er mind,

Dipper Nan
Inch bloody wide son ?
Your name's Dyson.

He's the Maggot,
He tucked me up-tight-shrewd-don't give a **,
The Maggot,
Took all my money,
Now he's in the glc think he's really funny.

Billy Webb
Maggoty boy, a right tight **er,
Sold me a paracetamol and said it was a pukka,

(Its a pukka!)

Billy Webb
He owes you a tenner,
But he gives you a fiver,
Got bare faced cheek just like Lady Godiva,
Limited seating,
He wants money for the heating,
Nothing comes for free,
This is Maggot's housekeeping.

All for me, none for you.

Billy Webb
I wanted a half but he gave me a Q.

Dipper Nan
He's the Maggot,
He tucked me up-tight-shrewd-don't give a **,
The Maggot,
One in a million,
Trust my luck-I wish it was a billion.

One man flat,
Retractable bed,
He's 7ft 4,
And let it be said,
Its tight in that flat,
But like the next of kin,
He'd even let you ** a bird in his wheely bin!
Charging power by the hour,
Trippin' in the kitchen,
Smokin' bongs in the shower,
Beware the Maggot-take heed I'm telling,
Cookin' up schemes on his baby belling.

Dipper Nan

He's the Maggot,
He tucked me up-tight-shrewd-don't give a **,
The Maggot,
Took all my money
Now hes in the GLC thinks hes really funny!

In the bedsit,
I hide my secret,
Wanking in a sailors costume,
thats where I keep it,
With all my treasures, the things I collect,
I steal your ** pants if you shit'em when you're wrecked
Please come and visit, but dont come again,
I dont like women and I **in' hate men,

Dipper Nan

Mushrooms on toast, his favourite treat,
Didnt wash his clothes, warts on his feet,
Had to move away, dont have to see him,
Hes a little shit, never stop the thieving.

He's the Maggot,
He tucked me up-tight-shrewd-don't give a **,
The Maggot,
One in a million,
Trust my luck-I wish it was a billion.

He's the Maggot,
He tucked me up-tight-shrewd-don't give a **,
The Maggot,
Took all my money
Now hes in the GLC thinks hes really funny!

In his bedsit Maggot would make tea,
Smoke my draw, charge me £2.50.

In his bedsit Maggot would make tea,
Smoke my draw, charge me £2.50.

In his bedsit Maggot would get high,
Use a Giro for his supply.

In his bedsit Maggot would get high,
Use a Giro for his supply.

Billy Webb

Threw Big Ben outta the window innit

Dipper Nan

Wicked! Knows It!

..hates Maggot

My... back me up out there

Maggot is a shit.

I want you all to know:

Mike Balls backs me up,
Eggsy backs me up,
2Hats backs me up,
Hussain backs me up,
Everybody backs me up,
Billy backs me up,
Xain backs me up,
The world will back me up.

Maggot ripped me off for years, years, and he still will rip me off.

He'll rip you off, hell rip all of you off.

** him off, wheel up, wheel off.

£70 a week I give him, in the snakepit.

Old School (Danger Doom)

[Talib Kweli]
One two three, in the place to be!
MF Doom, Talib Kweli, ah here we go
On born days, I used to blow out the candles; and every Saturday
watch cartoons 'til noon and then I'd switch to Ralph McDaniels
I was, makin up a miracle flow, over a cereal bowl
And a paused beat from my stereo
Rhymes stronger than Popeye with the spinach
Yeah I'm gangster like the frog on Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse
Maybe I'm trippin and it's just a cartoon to you
But I got chills when I heard how Doom flipped the Scooby Doo
And, I might be buggin but it seem to me
that cartoons be realer than reality TV
They inspire my decision to be open and listen
But folks got it all twisted, like a yoga position
Like, in order to spit it dope, you gotta have a criminal past
that's similar to the cast of Different Strokes
Me and my people break bread, sit and smoke
The conversation rich, but that depend on what you consider broke
I draw on anything for inspiration
A fond memory, a piece of paper, walls in a train station

[Chorus: Talib Kweli]
It's just that I'm old school like that, roll that rap over soul loops like that
It's just that I'm old school like that, roll that rap over soul loops like that
(I'm old school y'all, yes y'all, I keep it goin y'all, here we go)
It's just that I'm old school like that, roll that rap over soul loops like that
(I'm old school y'all, keep it goin y'all, keep it goin y'all)
It's just that I'm old school like that, roll that rap over soul loops like that
(Ah here we go, c'mon)

[MF Doom]
And we'll be right back after these messages
Fellas grab your nutsacs, chicks squeeze your breastesses
We ain't all that grown, it's still funny like
Goin to the store on your own with rainbow money
Since then had an insane flow sonny
Walkin to the corner rhymin in the rain, nose runny
Breakdancin maybe ten, bummy
is when Subroc would run up handspring Arabian somee!
Ooh wee, like a Hong Kong Phooey kick
Or a weekend afternoon, karate movie flick
Slept good, no justice, no peace
Woody kept it hoody, never discussed it with police
Shot the fair one nobody ran to get the gat
Or felt they had to put it up in they raps to set it fat
And since when lyrical skills had to do with killin a cat?
What type of chitlins is that?
The Super Villain as the bat, hide your tonic
Whoever willin to ride, provide raw chronic


[Talib] Yeah!


Legendary folk seraiki singer : Talib Hussain Dard طالب حسین درد sargodha chakwal talagang mianwali jhang joharabad qaidabad Naushehra multan kalar kahar ...

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