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Sunday, 20 August 2017
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Listen Negaraku - Lagu Kebangsaan Malaysia, National Anthem


National Myth (Against Me!)

All your glorious battles, what did they amount to, what did they prove? All for your pride of country, all for your sacred democracy, rival national myths. All for your rich ancestry of warmongers, you hailed as heroes. Don't believe in your jingoistic pride, that fuels your imperialistic genocide.

When all I cry for is Anarchy.
When all I plea for is to be free.
Their slavery will never get the best of me.
Their restrictions will never imprison me.
Their poisons will never disable me.
Love is the force that binds me.

A better world will emerge out of the blood and carnage of the past. Considering tens of millions lost their lives in conflict, is that too much to ask? Wars of religion, nationalism, made all the more devastating by advances in perverted science. Led the innocent to early deaths, soldiers to shallow graves. How can you sleep at night?

When all I cry for is to be free.
When all I plea for is Anarchy.
Their slavery will never get the best of me.
Their restrictions will never imprison me.
Their poisons will never disable me.
Love is the force that drives me.
Hatred will never overtake me.

UK Visa Versa (MC Lars)

Hey England... let's kick it.

Cops without guns and the NME.
Should I watch the BBC or should I watch the BBC?
Look at these crazy coins, is this Lord of the Rings?
Pounds and pence and Princes and Queens?
Flipside experience, well not really.
More familiar than Russia or Chile.
Up for cricket or squash, or the London zoo?
Look, you hate George Bush and we do too.
Fab music scene, though, UK bands are ace,
And you guys are the most polite of the human race.
Fish and chips, crumpets, bangers and mash,
Shakespeare, Donne, Sid Vicious and the Clash.
You love our movies, we kind of like yours.
We love the way you talk, "please help help us in these wars."
You stopped staying "fab," we stopped saying "groovy,"
Our Scotland is Canada; you saw the South Park movie.

I love England and visa versa,
American perspective in these Visa verses.
Tea time? Jolly good! Caffeine rush.
Look, a red a phone booth and a double-decker bus.

I love you England, so let's both ignore
The Boston Tea Party, and that silly East Coast war.
Oxford, London, and Guildford too,
Rockin' your P.A.'s when I come to visit you.

The Florida incident? Democracy at work,
But we've still got love for your boy Edmund Burke.
If it weren't for us, you'd be speaking German,
But then we gave you Hanson and Pee Wee Herman.
You gave us the Beatles, and you gave us the Who
We gave you Kris Kross and Vanilla Ice too.
You gave us "Chicken Run" and the Teletubies,
We gave you McDonald's and got you chubby.
You think we're all Trailer Trash obnoxious and noisy.
But that's just Springer, Ricki Lake, and Boise.
We're friendly and fake and proud of our nation,
Overweight, wasting gas, hedonic civilization.
We're sue-happy mad overworked compulsive winners,
Strong facade but insecure, just think Seymour Skinner.
We're obsessed with image, old age and fat,
Technology, death, and our dogs and cats,
The superbowl, shopping, S.U.V.'s and money,
Santa Claus, hygiene and the Easter Bunny.
But bigger is better and we love our T.V.
From L.A. to Boston, to Nashville, Tennessee.
And yes 1/4 of Americans own guns
In case you come back to punish your sons.
But Mother Britain listen, there's still a tie that binds us,
The U.S. isn't perfect, you don't have to remind us.


Communion And The Oracle (Symphony X)

All we know, now has come undone
Balance lost between the Moon and Sun
Hear out prayers - Keepers of the Skies
Upon us all - let your wisdom shine

Losing faith as the madness prevails
in us all we are searching for a reason,
a need to calm the storm
In our sails - let your winds be strong

Breathe the air around you
The oceans fill your veins and winds
embrace your heart
Feel the change within you
The Sun and Moon align - The Grand
Design awaits a new start

From the skies, looking down on you
Through the clouds tainted crystal blue
"Such advancement, yet lacking the
so unaware of your earthly roles"

Praise this child and the words of her
A sacred gift - Magic of the Five will
bring you tranquillity
A new order of equality

Five senses come alive - Five reasons
thrive - Five nations unite - Unite as
Night and Day will find a way to keep
the Balance true
Let the Sky and Stars be your guide -
the destination is up to you

Raise our heads up to the Skies
Feel the essence of Time
Changing ways like the shifting tides
In the waves hear the Rhyme

"..unfortunately, not all were interested in the
Ways of Justice, and those of the Night
gathered to plot the elimination of the great
Law of One and the death of Ma'at. The
Atlantens harnessed the energy of the great
Crystals to create a weapon of immense power,
unaware that the power they possessed would
ultimately lead to thier downfall..."

While God Saves I Destroy (Private Line)

No no no no no!
Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind!
Welcome to our Babylon!
Five shots, two ludes for a daily grind!
Bodyguards with guardian angels
Small talk with relation to strangers
** Lord the new religion is me
I don't need a guide I've got my own reputation
I'm the captain of the lost generation
While God saves I destroy!
Oh oh oh oh!
Sing out another Sin city blues!
Let's celebrate the destruction!
This is my revelation I win you lose
Light my path I make my own destination
I'm the captain of the lost generation
While god saves I destroy!
Come on smell my breath of sin
Break the chains and set me free, set me free!
Now I've got a new destination, a full reputation
While God saves I destroy!
Knock 'em down into the third degree
True Believers you won't get me, you'll see!
This is my revelation, my youth nation
While God saves I destroy
Sing out another Sin city blues!

Bodyguards with guardian angels
What If God created the creation
Wonder why he didn't do a better job?
God saves, God saves, God saves
While God saves I destroy!

Tribulations (LCD Soundsystem)

Everybody makes mistakes,
but I feel alright when I come undone.
You're not not making me wait,
but it seems alright as long as somethings happening.

I try to make you late,
but you fight me out like a fire does.
You try making me late,
but it feels alright as long as somethings happening.

Get your payments from the nation,
for your trials and tribulations.

You try to make me wait,
you come around when it's come undone.
Everybody makes you late,
and it's never you, because you're always thinking. I try making you wait,
and you give me some like you give it good. Everybody makes mistakes,
but it seems it's mine that always keep on stingin'

Get your payments from the nation,
for your trial and tribulations. 2X

You try making me wait,
but you come undone, when you come undone. Everybody makes mistakes,
but it's always mine that seem to keep on stickin'.

Get your payments from the nation, for your trials and tribulations. 5X

Pretend I'm Human (Orange 9mm)

Body parts and torn thoughts held tight
By the snapped strings
Of a life an individuals course
Dreaming with the demons that take naps in my mind
Like a suicide ride, but the scenery blinds
Watch us evolve straight into a brick wall
Brains collide like tough guys
You can see it how we walk
Lean, push off
Lean, push off
Lean, push off
A million kings in New York

Pretend I'm Human

Witness riffs and useless gifts
Twist to console and council
Those who can't follow
Excused for their civilness
Egoist too proud to know which floor to kiss
Known to prey on minds stake out crimes
Based on lines that confine
Some are blind, some rewind
When you hear the that's about to hit you
You tell yourself half of the picture

Pretend I'm Human

Search for the definition in a suicide nation
Shock is obsolete like a killer with compassion
Rubber souls to feet bounce on city streets
It's electric justified narrow mind protected
Botched ideas, violent years, vacant tears
Most severe is the day when my hero dies
Look between my eyes for my vision
Hotter than the life I've been living

Pretend I'm Human

Outside My Life (Concentration Camp)

[Talking (deep voice]
Welcome to the concentration camp
Maxminelli (voices in the background) J von
C loc Young Bleed Leetyme
Na na i can lay low for a G lay low for a meal
My mind is at my control if I say so then he will
I got some thangs in mind the situation at hand
I'm a sick man down with the program
I'm anybody understand my plan then they can feel what i felt
We mad at the world, ** being anythang else
We bringing paper to the table, we taking joyful in stride
It ain't as easy to survive as it is to die right
Ebony queen on my side when I'm shining
Niggas looking at me like I don't belong where I'm residing
He who beholds the tightest game shall prevail
Through hard times and saphire dreams aiming to fail
Stale as dirty down to your last pants and shirt
How the ** life feeling neglected and hurt
Though we know not what we do, we still do what it takes
Until the truth is revealed, these fake niggas seem real
Still sealing they faith, and making injured reserved
Something that they expereinced, no longer something they heard of
But you'll hear about it quick
Cause everybody talk shit
Loud fo' publication
Maintaining reputation
(Chorus 1)
Outside my life in rhyme, outside the world
No matter how fast we grow we still boys and girls (tryin to figure
Tryin to figure where the love when it ain't none left
Now what the ** we gone do with ourself
(Chorus 2)
On the outside my life in rhyme, outside the world
No matter how fast we grow we still boys and girls (tryin to figure
Tryin to figure where the love when it ain't none left
Now what the ** we gone do with ourself (Uh Huh)
[Young Bleed]
I suggest you focus on tomorrow, with a third eye view
See the game for what it is, then its all on you
I stand true for what I do for life and love and legacy
Tryin the life I live, never like my destiny
I'm tryin to be forever free
Some niggas will never be
Steadily stackin up confedi, playin with weapons
Runnin through the ghetto ask no questios tell no lies, ain't no
alabis huggin
And the devil in disguise
We visualize the same dream with cream
Through the sick team
Shinin like diamonds comin down in southern clean (hittin side ways)
Slowly watchin the world go 'round
Ain't a thang popa on the low down
Prepared for the showdown
The future holds nothing else left but confrontation
And conversation runnin nation
Over music and melodies mashin out in the glass hoe
Bailin with felons, ready to blast though
Nigga, ha ha see it through my eyes, try to feel my fury and flame
Just for playin ghetto games
And life goes on and on
Flipin till the break of dawn
Hustlin, tryin to get it before its gone
(Chrous 1)
Wait a minute, all my in-laws gated
The way I hold my composure in suicidal situations is scary
Legendary, like the lone ranger, with a fist full of dollars
Malitious intent
You heaven sent
So follow me to a world where thugs no longer die young
But yet make millions sellin street game to avoid number one
This shit ain't funny no more, bitches done gave the game up
It ain't quick money no more, the feds done **ed my name up
Throwin up, frome the hennesy and fat sacks of weed
Tryin to regain my sanity, **in with bleed
Greed, invy, and lust are common ghetto problems but
In gats i trust so playa I'm to solve quick
(Chorus 1)
(Chorus 2)

Y'All Don't Wanna (Capone N Noreaga)

Why they don't get a nigga like me
to sing the national anthem or nuttin?
{*laughs*} It's nothin!

Nokio! (Flame, Nokio)
CNN, the best group that ever lived
Best blowin **in group that ever lived in rap
Hundred percent real stories, we speak truth
Yo, tell 'em how your life is son
How your life is yo?

My life is nuttin like a sitcom, you see I sip Dom
I rock Jor-dan's, and can't stand Pip-pen's
Bases loaded, coach want me to bunt
but I'ma go for the homer and cock the pump
I was the kid in the hood your moms ain't want you with
Now I'm rich, tell your moms one-two click
Since a young one, I love heaven and love hell
Escobar style, I'll build my own jail
The America's, 'merica's, favorite thug
to sell cocaine, America's, favorite drugs
Me and 'Pone like the military, we train niggaz
and the hoes don't **, they just brain niggaz
CNN, focus on us, we coco-nuts
We throw our gang signs up, (?) wit us
Set up a congregation, so I can orally speak
I orally, have ** cause my aura(?) is deep, it go

[Chorus: Capone-N-Noreaga]
{Pone} Y'all don't wanna ** with us
CNN out for them pesos
Y'all don't wanna bust with us
Niggaz better move when we say so
{Nore} What's this I hear?
{Pone} CNN ain't real?!
{Nore} What's this I hear?
{Pone} CNN is wack?!
{Nore} What's this I hear?
{Pone} CNN won't kill?!
{Nore} Now what's this I hear?
{Pone} CNN ain't back?!

Yo, I give you every part of my life, from my paralyzed finger
to the foul death of my moms, the slug and the length of my arm
I'm "The Answer" like Allen I.
Who runs sick like cancer on the Island, I
I'm the first that ever loc'ed on a Nok' track
CNN back, like #5 Jordan's purple and black
We spazzed on purpose, ** tryin to sit in a cat'
I erase drama and talk, memories in my rap
It's kinda hard to rap on radio while I sit in the box
All I could think was money, send a few flicks to my pops
I give the street life my all, stripes and scars
Nights was hard, felt I had a right to rob
Now I spit righteous bars, ** livin like the stars
Give me a hood crib and a Chrysler Dodge
Cause I'm just like y'all, my kicks scuff like y'all
I still get harassed and searched up like y'all


Yo, imagine us cowards
You still live with mommy, still get allowance
I chase Henny, bubblin ounces
I returned off a short stretch, stuck in the mountains
What's this I hear huh? This is my year
'Pone shit kosher you think not? I give you my ear
Now listen closer I was born, and I'ma die here
Listen soldier, I rap and keep one in the holster
Nigga you front, and I'ma pop one in your shoulder

Yo raise the partition, cock guns with ammunition
Knock you out position, and have your little hoe missin
Niggaz get locked up, I spread my love
Yo they leave God-Body but they come home Blood
Balloon bags full of weed, yo I send you those
and it's all about my niggaz, won't mention hoes
Keep it tight on all four corners, warrant search
Po'-po' and C.O.'s they all get merked, it go

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

Yeah, it's like this
Collaboration, CNN gangsta shit
with my nigga Nokio on the beats
On the boards, **in shit up y'all, yeah
He on the boards, **in shit up y'all
Huh, a hit record, got a hit record, written all over the track
Aiyyo it got a hit record all over the track
Yeah hit record, written all over the track.

Communication (Black Eyed Peas)

An introduction to a rapid ray
Will explode like grenade
Check the medical aid
'Cause the way that we parade the fade
Any MC that claims that they can be
Tend the mic when we strike precisely
We freak the level with the funk from the inner
Heaven, give me inner, black as I present a
Flock a rhyme that rock you off an**
Powerful, power flows that'll leave your soul paralyzed
Yo, I respect that you be G-in (...in)
It's the return of MC-in (...in)
Yo, thank God for the season (...on)
And don't be tryin to think about a reason
'Cause there is no reason for you to front
We create cuts to give you what you want
Activate communication for the whole
Shocking your mind with rhymes
Doin it like what AP (Like this here)
Rockin it like what AP (Like this here)
Flippin it like what AP (Like this here)
Doin it like what AP (Like this here, yeah)
We do it upside down (8x)
Can I get a "Ha" from my brothers that be chillin downtown
"Ho" for the people that be in it what we do
"Yo" check it out 'cause we black and positive
I suck in negative from you
I got many rhymes format from the back of the brain
Interluding with the powerful matter scatter your frame
You fallin (Yo) check out what we do
We be all in on the microphone never stallin
Rhythm is my ride for the voyage of the mind
Exclusive rhyme patting us for what we design
I am my own Picasso when I roll
Rhyming is my art for my heart and soul
We positive when MC-in (...in)
Break bounce with the new blend (...end)
Original 'til the end (...end)
Sittin it all for no reason
They fell off at the attempt to elevate
They try to duplicate the art we create
So activate communication for the world
Shocking your mind with rhymes
Doin it like what Will (Like this here)
Rockin it like what Will (Like this here)
Shockin em like what Will (Like this here)
Rockin it like what Will (Yo, yo, it's like this here, yeah)
We do it upside down (8x)
We goin worldwide, across the nation
Now that we've activated our communication
Wantin demonstration, ask the activator
Before one more walk-a-meter, funky motivator
And I be the Will, APL from the Phil
We contain the hipnotical skill that'll kill
You dealin with the G-R-E-A-T
Black Eyed Peas guy, hella in a G
'Cause we holler in an energetic motion
With the potion I supply
Applyin to the beat that Alligator you combine
With me and my crew incredibly and super spectacular
With the rhyme one two
One two to the beat (Hop)
You can't defeat
BEP's production always complete
With this sounds activate online
And I'm on time to motivate your mind
Well I respect that you be G-in (...in)
It's the return of MC-in (...in)
Yo, thank God for the season (...on)
Sittin there off of no reason
We do it upside down (8x)

Movement (Black Eyed Peas)

There's electricity in here
With enough watts to shock the southern hemisphere
I put a surge in your city with my lyrics in the air
Shock hazardous, take caution and beware
Of high bolts and killer hertz, lyrics will kill, they hurt
Blast those, my energy's converted to a rhyme
I maximize in no time
Electrify the sky and go way be over now, uh
Just an MC, I'm not your average MC
I do more than MC, that's what suckers envy, and E
And every movement contains concepts that ain't nobody doin
Come over these dramas or w**, and dirty
They tryin to call me, perform track quality
Give me some punts, 'cause you really muddy
You move slowly 'cause of no electricity
I got my shit on overflow
When I ever find you, my overload
Oh, overflow
I got my shit on overflow (Overflow)
The whole globe's gonna feel the effect of the
Movement (Movement)
Movement (Yo DC, London, Tokyo, feel the wrath of the)
Movement (Movement)
Movement (LA, help me turn it out, it's the)
Movement (Movement)
(We gonna keep your party jumpin while your heart is steady thumpin to
Movement (Movement)
We grip the pleasure from small things
Not from a Lex nor diamond rings
I just wanna crib in they studios set
Build my enterprise connection projects
Cover all angles and higher your aspects
Break more barriers than new concepts
'Cause what they can't stop me, no way
The time is now, we ain't got time to play
Hey, you, listen to what I got to say
Let's get together and form a parade
Just delete what you create over plates
Make sure it's measured the right way
With the right ingredients, construct more devient
Things to prosper for your brain to capture
Now what I'm after is to learn from all things
Building full swing, no strings
You got me thinking about things that I don't need to think about
You wanna change my appearance for the masters, scope me out
Undress me, then rearrange me
Yo I can't go for that (No...)
The whole globe's gonna feel the effect of the
Movement (Movement)
Movement (Yo DC, London, Tokyo, feel the wrath of the)
Movement (Movement)
Movement (C'mon, New York, help me turn it out, it's the)
Movement (Movement)
(We gonna keep your party jumpin while your heart is steady thumpin to
Movement (Movement)
Movement (Movement)
We got the
Movement (Movement)
Movement (Movement)
You gotta jump back, jump inside BEP music
Shake what your mama gave you, don't abuse
If you abuse it, come change the music
If it's the bomb, no need to diffuse it
Let us demonstrate the real court and nation
While we improvise, giving you time and sensation
Mastering the art of motivation
Musically we're in touch with our creation
Takin over land, and we takin over nation
Family reunite, cause for celebration
Gotta find us on your channel, find us on your station
We bring the movement of Black Eyed Peas-ilation
The whole globe's gonna feel the effect of the
Movement (Movement)
Movement (Yo DC, London, Tokyo, feel the wrath of the)
Movement (Movement)
Movement (C'mon, Japan, help me turn it out, it's the)
Movement (Movement)
(We gonna keep your party jumpin while your heart is steady thumpin to
Movement (Movement)
Movement (Movement)
We got the
Movement (Movement)
Movement (Movement)
That ole'
Movement (Movement)
Movement (Movement)


Negaraku Tanah tumpahnya darahku, Rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju, Rahmat bahagia Tuhan kurniakan, Raja kita selamat bertakhta, Rahmat bahagia Tuhan ...

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