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Monday, 21 April 2014
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Listen Chinni chinni minni thilangunna - urumi


Caterpillar Crawl (The Moffatts)

Well, all the worms are ganging up down at the town hall
Working on plans for their annual ball
They've got all the bad apples that money can buy
For one last fling before becoming butterflies

Well, it's the caterpillar crawl
Yeah, it's the caterpillar crawl
They've got fat ones, skinny ones, short ones and tall
And they all come to do the caterpillar crawl

Well, there's fat, fast Freddie with all the right moves
And Slimy little Simon, he's a trailing ooze
Silly, skinny Minnie's out on the dance floor
Sally's working on an apple that's rotten to the core

Well, it's the caterpillar crawl
Yeah, it's the caterpillar crawl
They've got fat ones, skinny ones, short ones and tall
And they all come to do the caterpillar crawl

They get on their little bellies and they move real slow
Going round in circles, putting on a show
Cute little Kristin is the leader of the pack
While slow-crawling Calvin is bringing up the back

Well, it's the caterpillar crawl
Yeah, it's the caterpillar crawl
They've got fat ones, skinny ones, short ones and tall
And they all come to do the caterpillar crawl

Well, it's the caterpillar crawl
Yeah, it's the caterpillar crawl
They've got fat ones, skinny ones, short ones and tall
And they all come to do the caterpillar crawl

They all come to do the caterpillar crawl

Dirty The Moocher (Ol' Dirty Bastard)

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Ladies and gentlemen introducing Cab Calloway
Featuring the Dirt Dog
First things first man you're **in with the worst
I'll be stickin pins in your head like a **in nurse
I'll attack any nigga who slack in his mack
Come fully packed with the fat rugged stack
The heat is on I'm about to blow up the spot
All I wanna see is fire cause I'm makin shit hot
Like the blow between glocks, mad niggas I shot
Give a ** on a cop, conversate with a lock
Down at the chop-chop, 600th and Rock
Crazy as a fox tryin to rob Fort Knox
The DeNiro-Al Pachino war
Tryin to score mad dough like a million or more
For the illegal war that's all I saw
It's all about that knot in ya
I'm alone, I roll with 6 niggas with stones
Every hour tap my phone with embezzlement stones
Get a loan from the stocks because of my pops
Fifty bills in the pocks, Wu-Gambino got props

[Cab Calloway]
But Minnie had a heart as big as a whale
Hi-de-hi-de-hi-de-hi (Hi-de-hi-de-hi-de-hi)
Hoooooooooooooooooooooo (Hoooooooooooooooooooooo)
He-de-he-de-he-de-he (He-de-he-de-he-de-he)
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy (Heeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy)

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Elevator scheme with the scheme to catch CREAM
Some diamond rings, jewels all types of priceless things
Just in case you don't make it to the safe
Don't talk to Jakes or your whole shit be laced
Got a bomb bout ready to blow up shit
The White House nuh be quiet as a mouse
My job is hundred proof, better know the scoop
Got niggas undergrounds, in your walls, in your roofs
About made zoo, 6-6-6-6-2
Cause I'm goin all out with the supplies of Balu
I'm unstoppable, my six man team is unstoppable
Stickin my middle **in finger at you
Livin in America's **in **ed up
When I was young some say I had no sense
I rhymed all day until my throat got tense
And bought em by the cage from my lungs to my knees
In the winter I cough, all summer I sneeze
Ah-choo! Then I was sore, there was only one cure
Original rhymes wholesome in thought
Democratics are debatin wanna be the imitatin
But the knowledge that I'm givin positively stimulatin
I acknowledge any MC in a South Bronx town
South Proof Projects, did they really go down
Shit, I remember when I was 12 years old
I didn't know about frontin or playin a role
I thought I was slick, I fell harder than bricks
With my best lyrics and my uptown ticks
Prince start jackin in my baseball cap
I'm tellin many chit-chats step off my jockstrap
Approach this party other known as a jam
Lookin for my cousin Bam-Bam Sleepingham
>From front to back the jam was packed
Over there some dance, over there I just macked
I looked around then I started to walk
Heard an older woman's voice and a silly slang talk
The kid was nice for payin the price
And give weak MCs beneficial advice
Yes, beneficial meaning good for more
Frontin cause with the mamas would have loved to explore
Studied MC and changed lyrics around
Before I became a member of the lost and sound
My words I strung, I bettered my voice
Rollin over people known to be top choice

Hi-de-hi-de-hi-de-hi (Hi-de-hi-de-hi-de-hi)
Ho-de-ho-de-ho-de-ho (Ho-de-ho-de-ho-de-ho)
He-de-he-de-hee-de-heeee (He-de-he-de-hee-de-heeee)
Hooooohhhoooooooooooooooooooooooo (Hooooohhhoooooooooooooooooooooooo)

Where I'm From (Cam'ron)

featuring Dutch Spade


I'm from where niggas get killed for running they mouth

I'm from where niggas get they weight up in front of they house

Cop coke strap it to the waist of they spouse

I don't think I'll ever know what all this hatin about

Got a deal I don't know what perpetrating about

Got big guns dog one pop and you out

Love women that suck and keep the nut in they mouth

While I lean back geeking how she loving my house

Let me tell you three things that the Dutch is about

'Cuzzi bubbles, grands, slow dick in yo mouth

And when u hear that (moan) he kicking you out

Hell naw I'm ain't no hater that's just what I'm about



They wanna flip me

Bounce me

Half and quarter ounce me

Try to speak my name out loud and mispronounce me

Hit me four five rubber grip me

Them hoes love me in a five but the dealer trying to six me

Dimes wanna twist me

Nah you can't kiss me

Go 'head with the mo' at the bar

You better Cris me

Baby blue 528 doing sixty

Cuttin' swiftly

Duckin' fifty

Hit my hoe crib for a nice dick suck and a quicky

Killa Cam, Dutch and the Spade flow sickly

The streets shifty

So I keep my tool

If yo**wanna live you better keep your cool



Yo, Yo,

Yo where I'm from they let the cartridge blast

Everybody smart in math

Loan sharks with cash

Running from the narks and task

Streets arts and craft ?

Come on I start to laugh

Cause I almost caught the case with Rich Parker**

Now a nigga paid out

suede couch

I'm into hooded things

Bitch butt be way out

These cats be Hecliff

When I come around they play mouse

Mickey and Minnie

Jerry from Tom

Heavy in arms

In front of bam bam

Hanna Barbara lover

Collar big

Cotton candy blue gators polishment

Y'all in astonishment looking for acknowledgment

We pour it on 'em

Meet a snitch throw wall off on em

Any repercussions make sure my seeds bubble

If you ain't hear me on clue I said I see double

Guns double tecks

Hoes double **

Accountant handle my money but I double check

Bubble lex

Ain't too much more I care about

Liquor store and the Bronx old warehouse

Clear it out

L's with my liquor

Sounds sew a helluva whisper

Gas-ing up a hoe tell her you miss her

Dealing with the old timers was a helluva listener

Business sale a few differ

Nigga pelican slippers

Mommy is senseless

Get my moola I'm conscientious

Tell Medi she buy me benzes

Pour favor

Harlem mamma poor

We fell off but back on nigga time to ball

Hung 45th and Lennox

3 piece suit bean pies the final call

Gun up in the spinal cord

I got no time for y'all

We 8 digets you play frigate

Killa don't cook he blaze biscuits

Around us straight midgets

Jewels we keep frozen

Y'all keep dozing

The wolf in sheeps clothes and

Streets buzzing V dozen

Bitches calling me husband

Saying we ** when we wasn't

Lying on her coochie

I'm dyin for a hoochie

With an iron for a boobie

Casino style diamonds in the doopey

But Killa keep running to the timing of a groupie

But need work

Plate of a kind

If ya dope ain't 8 or a 9

Don't waste up my time

You racing for shine

Only way you be around mother** paper boy

If you quit your job and go be a paper boy

Cars swoop buck fifty

Gun shoot buck fifty

Bear facts ? buck fifty

Air Max buck fifty

Only New York nigga to ** with me

On her period blood sticky

Same night flood missy

Play Toronto like Doug Christy

** Christy

Louie the 13

Slugs with me

Gimme head

Yo Quero kin chi blunt to my head

But my day is Friday

Toast for my bread

Niggas try to stick together like they Smokey and Craig

In real life Nia think I'm "Long" and throw me the head

Blood On Da Rug Pt. 2 (Brotha Lynch Hung)

Left his blood on da rug,evidence,could have been mine and his so i been stressed out eva since,left him on the concrete with his head split,found out where I live by this,by this punk bitch,knowin its bout to crack like an indo sack im hella **ed up,so with the heat i commense a peak out the window,waitin,run out the indo,shakin niggas like barry sanders cuz they weak,they weak,hella weak

And I'm at my peak when I'm buckin at my enemy its like ten of me,choppin down trees twistin up leaves bout to make niggas bleed,off the hook like a fish with his lip cut,get away got away rip gut,hit em up with enough lead stuff to turn em into a magnet,body in da dragnet,keep my dickies saggin blue flaggin,body draggin down the street to the end of the creek and seatful you seatin,creepin through da grass,the gardens they call it,and i be draggin on a garcia vega with the green flava neighbahood make a break a duece four,** a ho,a lot a niggas dont know,but its lose a ho gain a ho,so bruise a ho whos ta know,youll need to follow me up,leave your body in the back of an '84 cut all chopped up,look through my window at night and you can get glass in your eye after that your**gonna die screamin and thas no lie,you'll be passin me by every night until i come out wit the minni mac and attack like a pit bull off that dumb shit you pulled


Nigga I know gotta roll like dough blow da whole east side into smitherines leavin all the bloody river streams,you niggas didn't give a ** bout me,so i left you stranded on the titanic don't panic you just need some **in heat,**in wit me nigga it's like **in your momma nigga it's right in front of your face nigga it's drama makin your space takin your place nigga you weak weak as ** motha**a duck rap your cut tryin to get away from me and my AP let me know when you had enough,cleanin up these streets gettin rid of these hos and foes,you can see me in my blue clothes sittin on trus and vo's,waitin,see me on the street and you aint got nothin to say to me but ** you wit two dicks and a four fifth,smoke you like a bomb its suckin blood from my moms tits thas how sick I got that gangsta disease I be lovin to bring em to they knees make me nut like semen,see men like a demon,when I red beam em, seen em,with the AP eatin up human beings


Dem niggas that want to empty out my chest plate i hit em wit fury and make em go sickly from the snake bite,a parasite,you aint tight,try to ** wit a nigga to get right end up in the pit bull fight,trust me my trusty heat is rusty waitin for the scene to get dusty and all you see is just me,standin like the last man standin but i aint no bruce willis,manic depressin from wrestless I'm a hog about my juice feel it,when i plug you wit the tech,ghetto chef,cuttin niggas up like david caresse welcome to your own death when the phonk was on your nigga crept like a spida denied her of a life,then nutted all up inside her,i kiss the bitches and made em switches,get you for all your riches,in the back yard im diggin ditches tend to act hard and get your lip split,my weapon got the chrome dip like scottie pippen im dippin from long range hit up with part of the game


It's Not Me It's You (Prozzak)

I recall the way that Stephanie said to me callously
It's not me it's you

And I remember just how Julianne held my hand headline ran
It's not me it's you

Seems the old equation's holding true one from two equals blue and nice guy's always lose

First we're stuck like glue
Then you say we're through
All that you can tell me is that
It's not me it's you
Hey, it's not me it's you

Na Na Na...

It's not me it's you

I can see the day that Minnie-Mae walked away heard her say
It's not me it's you
And how could I forget how Caroline's name was signed dotted line
It's not me it's you

Share the blame I do
Relationships take two
But all that you can tell me is that
It's not me it's you

Hey, it's not me it's you
Na Na Na...
It's not me it's you
Na Na Na...
It's not me it's you

Minnie, if we don't make it out of this thing I want you to know that I really did love you

"I know Simon it's just that..."

Isn't life a game of touch and go
Girls talk high boys talk low
It's not me it's you

Voices ring and echo psycho-show memories flow
Now sing low
It's not me it's you

Prophecy came true
Message coming through
Click on ICQ
Parting words of love denied are...

It's not me it's you...

Flashback (Tha Alkaholiks)

The Baby Bubbas in the house
We came here to party, so get up everybody (repeat 4X)
Well my name is J-Ro I came to rock the world
And my name is Lil Tone I got all the girls
In the place to be is Devastating E
And Exhibit on the mic so viciously
The Baby Bubbas in the house (repeat 2X)
I say sticks and stones may break my bones
But this gat sure nuff will kill ya
And if you're messin with Tone then you will see
On the street is where I'll leave ya
I say I don't play games when I play that thang
You make a move get up and to the boogie the bang
Cause I'm a, Superfly on the microphone
And you can tell by now I got it goin on
See I wear my Adidas shoes real real tight
Just so I can do my windmills right
I'm fresh out the box, baby can you dig it
Funky def rhyme comin straight from Exhibit
See we came here, to rock the world
I broke out the sheen and refreshed my curl
See I hip, hop, never will I stop
Protect and serve you like Robocop
Well my name is E in the place to be
I like to drink cold old, forties
Drink until my stomach is numb
And talk about tall big ever-rum
Rappin on the mic like he's the man
With this break I'm Superman
Lookin like Kurtis Blow's song
Singin dum-diddy-dum-diddy-diddy-dum-dum
Well I'm the king of romace, don't stop to rock
GIrl I can't dance, but I can pop-lock
I wanna freak freak, I'm so unique
Get your panties wet every time I speak
Well you spell my name with a J-R-O
I'm a hip-hop professional
Sippin rum and coke straight out my cup
Yo E-Swift won't you cut it on up?
Ayy DJ, aiyyy DJ
Yo what's the name of this song, man, what's the name of this song?
Flashback, always coming right and exact
Flashback, and you know we could never be wack
Flashback, Baby Bubbas comin right at you
Flashback, Lil Tone, what cha gonna do
Well I was walkin down the street it was sunny and hot
I saw my **y girl drinkin on a soda pop
I said, "Uh baby doll, you got it goin on
You make me feel warm like butter on popcorn
A **y chocolate, you're sweet like a cookie
Why don't you play rookie, so we can go boogie?"
A hoochie coochie, a inny minny monny
My rhymes stay shinin like gold on a diamond
Some can chill let me tell my grin
Cause I was there the first day when pimpin began
Because Uffy told Duffy, and Duffy told me
Then I told it to the Mack then they make the movie
Well I was standin on the corner talkin to myself
I said self, you rhyme like no one else
Well you the rapper man's rapper, dressed fresh and dapper
Everybody knows you do the funky hand clapper
Remember that party down on eighty-fifth
You best believe man you was shootin the gift
So I bought myself a forty and some candy too
Slapped myself out and started doin the do
Thanksgiving I went to mom's house
Cookin that pork and I seen the mouse
Shit wasn't right, I lost my appetitie
She made me stick my black**there all night
I was stuck, she didn't give a **
I found that I was shit out of luck
And my stomach had a big-ass loll
So I drunk some Pepto-Bismol
To the hip to the hop you just don't stop
On the microphone is where I rock
Sucker MC's talkin all that stuff
Party people let me hear you say rahhhh
See I rap real strong, remove you like a tumor
You're nothin but cum on the sole of my Puma
You know I'm def, ladies say I'm fresh
See I rock the crowd til there's no one left
I'm slick like oil, I'm rollin in my caddy
I make the females scream, "Hey Cad Daddy!
What's up with you? The Baby Bubba crew?"
We kick it on Electric Avenue
So all the girls know I'm colder than the freezer
Exhibit in the house party people I'ma Libra
My name is Lil Tone and I'm good to go
And my zodiac sign baby is a Leo
My name is Devestate rock from dawn to dust
My zodiac sign is Aquarius
G-G-Gemini is my zodiac sign
I rock the house party at the drop of a dime
Baby Bubba's on the mic, E-Swift's on the cut
So get up out your seat and shake your butt
The Baby Bubba's (repeat 3X)
Yes, everybody put your headphones on
Sit down sit down yes calm down
The question was, what is an Alkaholik?
A Alkaholik is this
Some people take their first drink of alcohol
They like it, or they don't
They come back tot, or they stay away
You listen to hip-hop for the first time, you like it or you don't
You either come back or you stay way
You come back to Tha Alkaholiks, liquid flows, every time baby
So get it right, get it right mother**er!
The Liks is in the house for ninety-five, keepin it live
Yes yes, all the hip-hoppers say yes yes
And remember this, you cannot escape the power of the T's
And on that note, we gonna take it to another level
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha *urrp* excuse me

Three Little Pigs (Green Jelly)

Three Little Pigs
Green Jelly

Why don't you, sit right back,
and I, I may tell you, a tale.
A tale of three, little pigs,

Well the first little piggy, well he was kinda hip.
He spent most of his days, just a dreamin of the city.
And then one day, he bought a guitar.
He moved to Hollywood, to become a star.
But, living on the farm, he knew nothing of the city.
Built his house out of straw, what a pity.
And then one day, jammin on some chords,
along came the wolf, knocking on his door.

Little Pig, Little Pig, let me in.
Little Pig, Little Pig, let me in.
Well I'm huffin, I'm puffin, I'll blow your house in.
Huffin, puffin, blow your house in.
Huffin, puffin, blow your house in.
Huffin and a puffin and I'll blow your house in!!!

Well the second little piggy, well he was kinda stoked.
He spent most of his time just a ganga smokin.
Huffin and a puffin down on Venice Beach.
Getting paid money for religious speech.
He built his shelter from what he garbage picked.
Mostly made up of old cans and sticks.
Then one day he was cranking out Bob Marley,
and along came the Wolf on his big bad Harley.


Well the third little piggy, the grade A student.
His daddy was a rock star, named Pig Nugent.
Earned his Masters Degree, from Harvard College.
Built his house from his architect knowledge.
A tri-level mansion, Hollywood Hills.
Daddy's rock stardom, paid for the bills.
And then one day came the old house smasher


Well the big bad Wolf,
well he huffed, and he puffed, all that he could.
And low and behold the little piggy's house stood.
"IT'S MADE OUT OF CONCRETE!" the little piggy shouted.
The wolf just frowned, as he pouted.
So they called nine-eleven, like any piggy would.
The sent out RAMBO, just as fast, as they could.



Well the wolf fell dead as you can plainly see.
So thats to end the story, for you and me.
If you still give a listen, you just may, here a big wolf or little piggy

(Chorus [a little different] )

" And the moral of the story is, ' A band with no talent can easily amuse
idiots, with a stupid, puppet show."

From: "If you lived here, you'd be home now." <killyou@borg.com>

The Night That Minnie Timperley Died (Pulp)

"There's a light that shines on everything & everyone.
And it shines so bright - brighter even than the sun".
That's what Minnie thinks as she walks to meet her brother,
who is nearly two years older, on a Saturday night.
He's DJ-ing at some do on the edge of town on the night
that Minnie Timperley died.
It's such a beautiful world, you're such a beautiful girl.
So much that you want to try, the world wants to sleep with you tonight.
But Minnie, Minnie if I could I would give you the rest of my life.
How can a girl have ** with these pathetic teenage wrecks?
Football scarves, the girls drink halves & her brother's crying 'cos he has lost his decks.
Outside the air was cool, an older guy sitting in his car asked if Minnie needed a ride.
He thought he was still dangerous - paunchy, but dangerous -
on the night that Minnie Timperley died.
It's such a beautiful world, you're such a beautiful girl.
And he only did what he did 'cos you looked like one of his kids.
But Minnie, Minnie if I could I would give you the rest of my life.
Minnie. Oh, Minnie I can feel the pain. Oh yeah

Oh My Friend (Mickey J Meyer)

o my fren

o o oooo ooo oho oo oo oho oohoo oo o o oho.......

paadametupotunna.... payanamendaakina.......adugu tadabadutunna...thodu ranaa..
chinni edabaatainna.... kanta tadi pedutunna.....gunde prati layalonaa.... nenu lena.....

ontaraina...ootamaina...venta nadichee needa neeve.....
ooo my fnd...tadi kannulane tuduchina nesthamaaa....
o my fren..vodidudukulalo nilichina snehama....

o o oo oo oo oo oo o oo oho oho oo ho hoo hoo hoooohohohoo......

amma odiloo leni paasam....nesthamalle allukundii....
janmakantha teeriponi...mamathalenno panchuthondi....
meeru meeru nunchi mana sneha geetham.... era eralloki maare....
mohamatalee leni kala jaaruvare...

ontarainaa ootamaina venta nadichee needa neevee....

ooo my fnd... tadi kannulanee tudichina nesthamaa.....
ooo my fnd...odidudukulalo nilichina snehama....

vaana vasthee kaagithaalee...padavalayye gnapakaale...
ninnu chusthee chinna naati chinthalanni chentha vaale...
gilli kajja lenno ila penchukuntoo...
tullinthallo thele sneeham....modalo tudalo telipee mudi veedakunde...

ontaraina ootamaina...venta nadiche needa neeve....
oooo my fnd.....tadi kannulane tudichina nesthama....
ooo my fnd....odidudukulalo nilichina snehama...

Ormurin Langi (Tyr)

Viljið tær hoyra kvæði mítt,
viljið tær orðum trúgva,
um hann Ólav Trygvason,
hagar skal ríman snúgva.

Glymur dansur í høll,
Dans sláið ring
Glaðir ríða noregis menn
til Hildar ting.

Knørrur varð gjørdur á Noregis landi,
gott var í honum evni;
sjúti alin og fýra til
var kjølurin millum stevna.

Har kom maður á bergið oman
við sterkum boga í hendi:
"Jallurin av Ringaríki
hann meg higar sendi"

"Einar skalt tú nevna meg
væl kann boga spenna
Tambar eitur mín menski bogi,
ørvar drívur at renna"

"Hoyr tú tað, tú ungi maður
vilt tú við mær fara,
tú skalt verða mín ørvargarpur
Ormin at forsvara"

Gingu teir til strandar oman
ríkir menn og reystir
lunnar brustu og jørðin skalv
teir drógu knørr úr neysti

Einar spenti triðja sinni
Ætlar jall at raka
tá brast strongur av stáli stinna
í boganum tók at braka

Allir hoyrdu strongin springa
kongurin seg undrar
hvat er tað á mínum skipi
so ógvuliga dundrar

Svaraði Einar Tambarskelvir
kastar boga sín
Nú brast Noregi úr tínum hondum
kongurin harri mín

Nú skal lætta ljóðið av
eg kvøði ei longur á sinni
nú skal taka upp annan tátt
dreingir leggi í minnið


I was trying to play the song chinni chinni.. from the movie urumi.... :-) i dont know whether it is anywhere close... but... the happy part is that i attemp...

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