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Friday, 20 October 2017
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Listen Hisham Abbas - 99 Names Of Allah


Ethereal Guest (Barathrum)

Creation of ethereal atmosphere by my ritual
Hidden force of the nature is now guest of mine
I... feel... the... ancient... power... in... the... air
Circle on the ground
Seal drawn into it
I stand in the middle
Of the sign
I... feel... the... ancient... power... in... the... air
(In the name of satan)
Open wide the gates of hell
And come forth from the abyss
Open wide the gates
(In the name of satan)
Open wide the gates of hell
To greet me as your brother
And friend of hell
I salute you, my ethereal guest!

Scapegoat (Fad Gadget)

Fool's the name
Sitting target for the ghouls to cane
Mention me then spit on the ground
A shameless game
Fortune's found its place for me in a pit of pain
I've been kicked out every household
Now they

Blame me (Don't blame me)
Silently (So silent)
Scapegoat, shame on you

Love me dear
And be prepared to live a life of morbid fear
A soulless life of solitude
In exile here
Better still to keep your own Utopia
You can have that dream come true

Blame me (Don't blame me)
Silently (So silent)
Scapegoat, shame on you

(Altijd is Kortjakje ziek
Midden in de week maar zondags niet
zondags gaat zij naar de kerk
met een boek vol zilverwerk)

Seven Years (Cowboy Junkies)

Haven't seen the sun for seven days
November's got her nails dug in deep
Haven't seen my son for seven years
and the chances are we'll never again meet

If truth be told I don't even know his name
If truth be told he doesn't even know my name

I spend my spare time with my rosary beads
although I never learnt to pray
but you don't need the light
and it's best to pretend
that you've seen the errors of your ways

The darkness in here
is as heavy as a judgement
This darkness, heavy as a judgement

My dreams are now filled with Gilead trees
and other sights that I've never seen
They used to be filled
with the fears of tomorrow
and the horror that it might bring

His eyes felt to me
as cold as a stone mason's chisel
His eyes fell on me, cold
like a stone mason's chisel

Strange how a mind can always recall
what the senses eagerly leave behind
I can remember his face, rage,
disgust and distaste
but to my fear I have grown blind

Memories are just dead men making trouble
this memory is just a dead man making trouble

All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down (Hank Williams Jr.)

All my rowdy friends have settled down
And they seem to be more in
To laid back songs
Nobody wants to get drunk
And get loud
Everybody just wants to go back home

I myself have seen my wilder days
And I have seen my name
At the top of the page
But I need to find a friend
Just to run around
But nobody wants to get high on the town
And all my rowdy friends have settled down

And I think I know what my father meant
When he sang about a lost highway
And 'ol George Jones
I'm glad to see us
Finally getting straight
And Waylon's staying home
And loving Jessie more these days
And nobody wants to get drunk and get loud
And all my rowdy friends have settled down

And the hangovers hurt more than they used too
And cornbread and iced tea's
Took the place of pills and 90 proof
And it seems like none of us
Do things quite like we used to do
And nobody wants to get high on the town
And all my rowdy friends have settled down

And I think I know what my father meant
When he sang about a lost highway
And Johnny Cash don't act like he did
Back in '68
And Kris he is a movie star
And he's moved off to LA
And nobody wants to get drunk and get loud
And all my rowdy friends have settled down

Yeah me and my rowdy friends
Just routed on down

Born To Boogie (Hank Williams Jr.)

Well my momma met my daddy down in Alabama They tied the knot so here I am.
Born on the bayou on the Texas Line Loved Louisanana and raised on Jabalaya.
Now before I could walk I had a guitar in my hand by the time I could talk I had my own band,
went on the road when I was eight years old when I turned fifteen I was stealing the show.
Money to burn and the girls were pretty it didn't take me long to learn that I was born to boogie.

When I was eighteen I went to Hollywood I met Elvis, Marilyn and Johnny B. Goode,
Got my guitar painted in the California sun a red caddilac having to much fun.
Now we were playing them halls and jammin' then until they moved me on over to M.G.M.
They said this is the boy we've been telling you about, he lit a cigar and stuck his hand out.
He said son have we got a deal for you gonna make you a star give you fifty thousand too.
I told him my Momma didn't raise no fool.
I'll take your money, I'll make you a movie But I can tell ya' right now I am born to boogie.

Well my name is Bocephus I drink whiskey by the gallon and I never back down and I love a good challenge
what I do now is what I did then I like to get down with all my rowdy friends.
Now I can be sweet and I can be mean I still got my hat and I still wear my jeans
My shades are chromo my guitar is steal if you think I won't then believe me I will
Get down on you baby because I ain't no rookie I was put here to party and I was born to boogie

The Blues Man (Hank Williams Jr.)

I'm just a singer
Natural born guitar ringer
Kind of a clinger
To sad 'ol songs

I'm not a walk behind
I'm a new note finder
But my names a reminder
Of a blue's man thats already gone

So I started drinking
Took things that messed up my thinking
I was surely sinking
When you came along
I was alone in the hot lights
Not too much left inside
But she changed all that one night
When she sang me this song

Hey baby I love you
Hey baby I need you
Hey baby you ain't got to prove to me
You're some kind of macho man
You wasted so much of your life
Running through the dark night
Let me shine some love light
Down on the blues man

I got so sick from speeding
All the stuff they said I was needing
If I was to keep pleasing
All of my fans

I got cuffed on dirt roads
I got sued over no shows
But you came and took all that old load
Down off this blues man

Hey baby I love you too
Hey baby I need you
Hey baby I do get tired
Of this traveling band
I'm thirty years old now
Nights would be cold now
If you had'nt't stuck it out
With this blues man

I'm thirty years old now
Nights sure would be cold now
If you hadn't hung around
With this blues man

Call To Arms (The Ordinary Boys)

We're overrated, uneducated
It's not easy being so liberated
So isolated, it's complicated
Being loved or being hated
And nothing feels quite as real
As when you're hanging from the ceiling like an imbecile
In the name of peace, love and unity

We came, we conquered, we were outnumbered
One for all we will never fumble
Take a tumble, in the rumble
But all for one we will never crumble

No one knows where to go
After bumping in the rough ... blow by blow (?)
In the name of peace, love and unity

But what have done wrong
We're only standing and sing our songs
But it don't have to be for you boys
Not unless you sing along
But what have done wrong
We're only standing and sing our songs
But this is not a call to arms boy
Not unless you sing along

We get together in any weather
We've come to the end of our tether
We will endeavour the same as ever
To stand for no shit whatsoever

We can fight to get it right
Bumping in the rough is not a pretty sight
In the name of peace love and unity

But what have done wrong
We're only standing and sing our songs
But it don't have to be for you boys
Not unless you sing along
But what have done wrong
We're only standing and sing our songs
But this is not a call to arms boy
Not unless you sing along

And nothing feels quite as real
As when you're hanging from the ceiling like an imbecile
In the name of peace, love and unity

But what have done wrong
We're only standing and sing our songs
But this is not a call to arms boy
Not unless you sing along

I Don't Want You No More (TRU)

featuring Mr. Serv On

[Silkk The Shocker]
Look for real you need to stop calling me with that bullshit.
Somebody tryin to make money make it happen.
When you get your shit together you can hollar at me.

Now I don't know why you keep playing all these childish games
You older then me so why the ** you keep playing
Not the chick I thought I'd see thought you would be
I know that's you cause your number keeps showing up on my caller I.D.
I can't even go on the road without you all on my shoulder
Talkin bout giving an autograph to a chick you like,
why you talkin to them hoes
Like all that extra buggin
If you trippin you can leave
cause you know that I don't need all that extra luggage
Just leave, pack your shit up, aww ** all that extra hugging
I can, because that's why I got all these extra cousins
I'm a thug and I stay thugging
I hold grudges, that's why I never ever talk to my ex in public
Now we supposed to be just friends, now you getting all possessive
All agressive, I'm like chick, just pause for a second
See that's why I was kinda scared to hit the skin
Cause I'll be mad as **, I come back, you left and hit the Benz
You say you got pictures of this chick who I was walking with
Talking with, now you on some old stalking shit
Now first place I don't want you, I talk to you to get close to your friends
You know what, I gotta short temper, you just getting close to the end
Now what


He don't want you no more
Cause I never let you do the things that you think that you'll do
He'll be out the door
Cause he see's that your the kind of girl that shows up to no good

Man, this girl crazy.
What, what.

Now when I first met ya I told ya that I had a girl
But you overlooked that, all you seen was diamonds and pearls
You wanted a nigga in the spotlight with money and shit
So you can run and tell your girls you my honey and shit
Looking for the finer things but I'm just **ing you up
You keep on calling, huh, but I keep hanging you up
Your girl told my nigga that we getting engaged
I felt played, I didn't know that you was sick in the head
To fall in love with a thug and now you hating my boo
You should have listened to your friends and don't ** with TRU
And I was just a little horny and you looked so good
With your pretty face and**made me wish I could
** you and your girl if yall down with that
I told you that I was a dogg and you was cool with that
So dry your eyes, I'm out the door and quit sweating my show
I told ya, like a man, I don't want you no more


[Mr. Serv-On]
Say boo, it ain't like you was with me when I was serving fiends
So I don't owe you shit, right now turn in your jersey, you ain't on my team
So what, got tired of scratching on my S
It wasn't like that when you was at my hotel biting on my chest
When I met you you was still breathing for another
I let you wear my tank, excuse the first couple of calls to my baby's mother
Now it's am I married or do I have a woman
You was never mines in the first place so why the hell you fussing
I hear our names going big in the beauty salons and nail shops
I told ya, keep it between us or we gotta never stop
But you couldn't keep your mouth closed
So guess what, take all your paper boo and make your way to the door
See me, I ain't with that he see or she saw her with me shit
So if you see me don't play me like no bitch
So when it come up to this and I'm goin do what I gotta do
I'm a take it to mines so stay TRU, what you wanna do

Chorus till fade

Red Neck Pimp (Tela)

featuring Fancy Cow Lee

Girls in the club showin love
shakin their**in the club nigger what

(Fancy Cow Lee)
shit how bout all you got damn rootin tootin rap shootin son of a bitches
i'm out here to tell you my name is Fancy Cow Lee
and got dammit I don't like rap
but I like that got damn Teller
that got damn Teller know he got himself together
that damn sho nuff
reason why I like him
cause shit I can pretty much relate to him
shit I pimp hoes
all around the got damn county
shit I go around here to ah Truckers street
and get my money from Samanther and and and and old Tree Selmer
I go on down the block two and three down the road
and get the rest of my money from old ah Peggy Sue and Murle
and I come on back round before I hit the old farm
and collect the rest of my cheeze from old Desaco over there
and shit bout time I get through with all my freakin rounds
I got just about a hundred and twenty-two and thirteen cent
just enough to get me some treapin tards for Peggy
if yall don't know everything about pimpin
yall need to be tryin to holler at Teller
got damn Teller
he got his self together

Girls in the club showin love
shakin there**in the club nigger what
sho nuff
this is Fancy Cow Lee
and I'll be shootin round at yall at the bar got dammit
don't matter here like yall say it

Tru 2 Da Game (TRU)

Haaa uuuuggggghhhh
this is for all the G's ou there
we bout it bout it
and g ettes i ain't forget about y'all uuuugggghhhh
gold look like this here

today I have a half an ounce
tomorrow I'll have a key
and if you tryin' to get some ice cream
won't you call me or won't you beep me

Looked out the window
it must be the giggidy first of the month
cause everybody in the ghetto is smilin' and dressed up
Little kids havin' fun in my neighborhood
And fiends walkin' up, talkin' bout its all good
See I'm a G, ????? I got that 2 for 3
And y'all a know that I slang, that I-C-E
And everybody in the ghetto use nicknames
Like V-90, Master P, Boz, and Big Man
My little homies posted up
some hang, hang, and some slangin'
Others gang bangin'
I'm tryin' to make it out the hood with this gangsta rap
And stay TRU to the game, and put the town on the map
But haters hate me and niggas try to talk shit
Cause I done made, a dollar out of 15 cents
On the curb, posted up with them bouldas
And servin' fiends, A-1 yola
And still tryin' stay true with my frist meal
Cause in the ghetto, you got money, you might get killed
And stayin' TRU to the game, is a part of life
And if you don't player, you might lose your life

Tru 2 da game, Tru 2 da game
Ain't nothin' changed but my bank account
I'm still the same

[Silkk the Shocker]
Tryin' to have things major, they can't fade me
cash the chips like casino
Today I'm a keep it real, and chill, and get blitzed like Marino
My girl be fussin', she be tussin', constantly buggin'
Askin' me why I be hustlin'
I got money to make, so mother** it
I'm a keep it real, if it kills me
Y'all gonna feel me before I'm done
Ball till I have it all, I want the whole while
if not, I don't want none
Why I hang with the same ol' niggas
That's what they ask me
I be like, I'm the same ol' nigga
But 'stead, right now, I gets my sacks free
I gots to stay TRU fool, about my mother**in' mail
I'll be a rich**nigga, y'all gonna be visitin' me in the jail
I gots to ball, can't fall, gotta have things major
If you don't believe me, next year round this time
its Silkk up on his pager (then ask me)


[Big Ed]
Bustas can't see me, they blind
I claim TRU, I thought you knew
My foes catch elbows, cause I'm on em like a tattoo
Man I'm layin' low like the eyes of a danked out china man
Stayin' gangstafied
While I'm tryin' to make a million
But politicians run for office
They rather me bust a cap in a rat, cause they both gonna try and stop
Gangsta rap is what they call it
But I gots to come with the realness
So all my folks can feel this


[Mr. Serv-On]
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord that my momma will never weep
and let her live in peace and stop spendin' a hundred G's up in her sleep
When will it stop
I guess when they leave me lyin' on the block
With tears on my glock
A pocket full of lemon drops, laughin' at crooked cops
I guess I'm doin' what I gotta do
As long as I stay TRU, until they put me through
I know its a shame, things'll never change
I hope I live long enough to see my daughter spell my name
I'm TRU 2 Da Game


[Master P]
still the same
Master P, the whole TRU click (y'all gonna feel this)
TRU to the gizame (tru to da hood)
money can't change you, it just can make you
(never forget where i came from)
No Limit Records, Down South Hustlers (independent black owned)
and the West Coast Bad Boyz
and I told y'all, I can drop something anytime I want to
Y'all done realized by now, the haters done fell off
Cause they ain't TRU 2 da game
I could never forget where I came from
I'm from the ghetto
But I won't ever change
Cause I'm TRU 2 da game, believe that
Keepin' it real, keepin' it real
Never sell out, can never sell out
TRU 2 Da Gizame


My Favorite Version Of the 99 names Of Allah, Hisham Abbas Recites It So Beautifully, That It Makes It Easier To Memorise Masha'Allah Please Rate It! Give It 5!

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