sometimes,, wanna, dream, realitycompetition?, send, southif, they're, gonna, drownput, hose, their, mouthdo, pass, 'go', straight, helli, smell, hook, mark, knopfler, shangri-la, trouble, travis, tritt, play, guitar, from, nine, half, past, one.i`m, just, trying, livi`n, watching, everybody, else, having, fun.well, dont, miss, much, happens, dancehall, floormercy, look, walked, through, doorwell, hello, t-r-o-u-b-l-etell, world, you`re, doi`n, a-l-o-n-eyeah, hey, double, o-k-i-n-gwell, t-r-o-u-b-l-ei, bitty, baby, when, papa, skidsmama, time, tryi`n, raise, kidsshe, told, stare, `cause, impoliteshe, best, could, raiseme, rightcause, mama, never, `bout, nothing, y-o-ubet, musta, been, another, looki`n, honey, tohey, t-r-o-u-b-l-ewell, sweet, talki`n, **y, walkin`n, honky, tonki`n, babythe, are, love, women, hate, yaremindi`n, them, everything, they`re, bemay, beginning, three`cause, ain`t, ready, y-o-ui, yeahhey, t-r-o-u-b-l-e, travis, tritt, anymore, romanticide, bachman, t., bachmananother, grand, surpriseyour, rapier, cut, sizeyou, your, timelooking, ways, thorn, sideit's, d¨¦j¨¤, more, timewhoever, said, take, chinwhoever, always, winhas, seen, sorry, state, victim, againmy, atom, bombthis, last, you'll, wrongso, listen, speaki, can't, forever, turning, cheekyour, whipping, boy's, speakchorusi've, paid, bills, cleaned, closet, slammed, front, door, tighti, believe, ever, thoughtthis, would, work, rightchoruswhoever, kneesgive, ground, pleasehas, lonely, miserya, bachman, music, markie, twoyou're, listenin, groovin, soundsof, diabolical, energetical, b-i-zemmezah-a-rrrah-kand, goes, djthe, cutmaster, cuts, faster, thanc-double-oh-l, vdrumroll, v[verse, one]it's, different, sound, airit's, shots, fire**s, therea, noise, pleasurea, sample, record, four, measureadults, think, headachethey, hard, piece, cakethey, must, buggin, sockswhy, human, beatboxcause, back, days, there, block, partiesa, his, equipment, start, theselive, performances, tricksa, dj's, mixit, proven, fact, universal, languagefrom, long, island, verrezano, bridgewe, awards, served, millionsthe, years, killin, 'emthey, it's, yearall, sudden, later, "i, music"[chorus:, cool, scratches, music", over, over]cool, give, drum, roll[verse, two]i, hip-hop, progressedwith, groups, finessewe, east, west, coast, nameswe, part, didn't, we'd, flameswe, stick, together, onebut, same, still, funcause, lose, musicwhen, keep, itthis, lesson, s-k, bizcause, nobody, tell, iseveryone, thought, phasebut, continue, muse, amazeit, gives, people, chance, show, true, talentsinstead, submittin, crime, violencepeople, s-k-bis, until, infinity?as, makin, beatsyou, sayin, music"[chorus]cool, three]this, ending, conclusion, kapiche?of, masterpieceabout, countin, chickens, before, hatchedrecollatin, somethin, matchthey're, creatin, sounds, beinwhether, american, europeanor, even, coasti'd, thank, save, mostdon't, diss, each, other, who's, betterjust, togetherwith, rhyme, techniques, cutsand, crazy, ambitious, gutsand, buyin, thanks, supportcause, wasn't, fall, shortas, there's, radio, cars, jeepsyou, know, hear?[chorus]what, what?, what?yo, hear?i, scratch, mo', time!yo, hear?yo, paul, wha-what, godfather, ain't, hear?, markie, sleeps, bandwagon, epmd, [pmd], what's, double?, [erick, sermon], whole, customers, made., rapping, field, took, wrong, trade., you'd, better, grip, lips, the..., [p], twice, [e], man?, saying?, step, year, check, hardy, mystery, were, solve, understand, involved, here's, clue, ghetto, master, blaster, who, causes, disaster, number, up?, figured, boss, help, sucker, duck, three, cause, epmd, mc's, bragging, tagging, snagging, biter, tries, imitate, strike, demonstrate, does, n-o, pulls, card, flow, blow, without, want, battle?, g-o, repeat, blast, boomer, future, feel, free, scream, "ho", "yo", suits, while, bass, booming, face, glooming, saying, assuming, only, many, jealous, fellow, "yep", cooler, "hmmm", gluing, butt, krazy, glue, roll, into, party, five-o, book, investigation, biters, columbo, pushing, some, info, exchange, jumbo, find, rambo, commando, know?, knew, jack-ified, afro, rock, rhymes, catch, bite, style, confused, dazed, amused, sweating, because, used, crowd, around, chicken, heads, volume, swaying, "who, brother?", playing, felt, kinda, happy, trip, laugh, energy's, tradition, dissing, position, perfect, condition, stop, hissing, homeboy, talk, slaying, devastate, scene, feet, moving, dancing, machine, yeah, wild, groove, beat, room, distraction, controlling, keeps, scratching, strictly, master, master, silkk, shit, whatlets, mother**erschorusmaster, bullshitwhat, x4master, anit, joke, should, toldi, write, goldmaster, bullshit, thats, sayinstraight, endo, layinits, house, punks, restand, mother**er, bestback, funnow, gettin, 1hardcore, jams, dope, fiend, beatsman, punk, meanchorusmaster, pahh, once, againfrom, south, kickin, calii, spot, gold, chain, beaper, ballimy, main, intension, paidforget, fame, **s, headlike, issi, kissi, risso, jock, hoebates, pissitemothers, leaving, kids, middle, nizzightrunnin, those, hollerbut, **, dizzolarsbut, mess, pressin, luckcute, shoot, luber, rapper, **chorusmaster, pfrom, hood, aint, gangbangera, slangeri, left, home, started, bitchinnow, livin, rags, richeshoes, moneybrothers, corners, bossed, dummiesi, cant, drive, dogin, copsyoung, girls, jump, sellin, cockmy, brother, nintendonow, game, endoour, vetim, bet**in, hella, nervego, sesame, birdor, dukes, someor, your**chewed, bubble, gumchorusmaster, pahhhive, ruling, since, younger, daysthem, c's, shivering, sharper, than, razorbladecontrol, shark, oceansubsitising, genie, posionmy, hitbut, cops, legitthe, limit, mafia, sceneand, screamchorusmaster, pyeah, here, chillin, k-lou, studios, away, lyrics, albums, artists, mp3, concerts, lyric, video, downloadMp3, Music, Download, Lyrics, Concerts, Tickets, Live, Video, DVD, Free, Dicography, Mpeg, Buy, Song, Band, Artist, Album, Tracks, Collection, 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Friday, 18 April 2014
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Listen Chamak Cham Cham - K. J. Yesudas


Tränen Der Sehnsucht (Part 1+2) (Lacrimosa)

Ein Kind dieser Erde legt sich schlafen
Es war ein Tag der nackten Angst
Wie oft fiel es zu Boden?
Wie oft lachte es aus Schmerz?
Wie oft schrie es sich an?
Und war längst taub
Verletzter Seele, letzter Schmerz
Verstandesangst der Liebe Tränen der Stille - Masken im Gesicht
Lichter werfen Schatten und halten es im Licht
Und es steht hier - das Kind
Mit Tränen im Gesicht
Lichter werfen Schatten und halten es im Licht

Die Nacht gebahr ihr jüngstes Kind
Ein Traum der Liebe seiner Sehnsucht
Ein Traum der Augen - nicht der Hände
Ein Traum zum träumen - nicht zum leben
Doch die Augen des Kindes kannten keine Schönheit
Sie waren des Staunens viel zu schwach
Und der Morgensonne erstes Licht
Den Sonnenstrahl, den sah es nicht
Der Morgen tagte nicht für das Kind
Denn am Morgen war es blind
Seine Hände aber wurden alt
Und blieben unberührt

Tränen der Stille - Masken im Gesicht
Lichter werfen Schatten und halten es im Licht
Verführt sich zu erklären, während es zerbricht
Tränen der Sehnsucht - Masken im Gesicht
Und es steht hier - das Kind
Mit Tränen im Gesicht
Tränen der Sehnsucht
Tränen der Sehnsucht

Kelch Der Liebe (Lacrimosa)

Mein Körper taucht ins Leben
Und mein Geist schwimmt hinterher
Das Herz ist mir mein Kompass
und die Liebe mein Horizont
Jene Worte sind wie Stürme
Jene Blicke eine raue See
Oft verschlucken mich die Wellen
Doch besiegen sie mich nie!
Und wer fragt nach mir und wer will mich hören?
Und wer sieht mich an und wer spricht zu mir?

Und ich ? ich will nicht leben ohne Ziel!
Ein Leben ohne Liebe ist kein Leben!
Ich brauch kein Leben!
Ich brauch nur Dich!
Deinen Körper
Deine Seele -
und Dein Herz!

Dieser schöpft aus meiner Seele
Jener isst von meinem Geist
Mancher trinkt von meiner Liebe
Und viele ernten meine Kraft
Ich bin Mensch und brauche Liebe
doch was bleibt ist nur die Sehnsucht
Und die Worte die mich treffen
Doch die mir nicht einmal gelten

Und wer fragt nach mir und wer will mich hören?
Und wer sieht mich an und wer spricht zu mir?

Und ich ? ich will nicht leben ohne Ziel!
Ein Leben ohne Liebe ist kein Leben!
Ich brauch kein Leben!
Ich brauch nur Dich!
Deinen Körper
Deine Seele -
und Dein Herz!
Und wenn die Welt in Flammen steht
Und auch der letzte Mensch vergeht
Selbst wenn die Sonne sich zerbricht
Bleibt Dir der Liebe Licht

Nimm Du diesen Kelch
Mit dem Leben eines namenlosen Clowns
Eines ausgesperrten ? abgelehnten
Einer schattenreichen Lichtgestalt
Die ist nun der Kelch
Angefüllt mit der Liebe eines Clowns
Eines ausgesperrten ? abgelehnten
Eines schattenhaften Liebenden

O Wszystkim (Lzy)

Chowam Cię pod posuszkę
i śnię o tym co niby było.
Twój zapach, Twe myśli
i Twoja wielka miłość.
Twój pierścionek na mojej dłoni
błyszczy jak nigdy wcześniej.
Noc się kończy, samotność boli,
czy spotkam Cię jeszcze?

Chowam Cię pod poduszkę,
by nie śnić o tym co było.
Twój zapach, Twe myśli
i ta okłamana miłość.
Smak Twoich ust na moich ustach,
tak gorzki jak nigdy wcześniej.
Mówiłeś "na zawsze" a jednak opuszczasz,
nie ma Cię nawet we śnie.


Lecz nie budź mnie,
mogę nie istnieć,
wciąż kocham Cię!

Nie mów nigdy o nas my,
to tylko ja i tylko Ty!

Zapomnieć chcę,
o wszystkim...

Nasze gwiazdy pogasły,
noc bez siebie już mamy za sobą.
Lecz czas się wtedy zatrzymał,
pokój wciąż pachnie Tobą.
Już za późno bym mogła zapomnieć
i po co to wszystko było?
Zostało mi tylko wiele wspomnieć,
a dla Ciebie to nie była miłość!


I nie budź mnie,
mogę nie istnieć,
wciąż kocham Cię!

Nie mów nigdy o nas my,
to tylko ja i tylko Ty!

Zapomnieć chcę,
o wszystkim...

Ma Gueule (Johnny Hallyday)

Quoi ma gueule ?
Qu'est-ce qu'elle a ma gueule ?
Quelque chose qui ne va pas ?
Elle ne te revient pas ?
Oh je sais que tu n'as rien dit
C'est ton œil que je prends au mot
Souvent un seul regard suffit
Pour vous planter mieux qu'un couteau

Quoi, ma gueule ?
Qu'est-ce qu'elle a ma gueule ?
Si tu veux te la payer
Viens je rends la monnaie
T'as rien dit tu l'as déjà dit
On n'va pas y passer la nuit
Ma gueule et moi on est de sortie
On cherchait plutôt des amis

Quoi, ma gueule ?
Mais qu'est-ce qu'elle a ma gueule ?
Quoi, ma gueule ?
Qu'est ce qu'elle a ma gueule ?

Quoi, ma gueule ?
Qu'est ce qu'elle a ma gueule ?
Oui elle a une grande gueule
Oui elle me fait la gueule
Elle s'imagine que j'lui doit tout
Sans elle je n'aurais jamais plané
Sans elle je ne vaudrais pas un clou
Ma gueule a bien le droit de rêver

Quoi, ma gueule?
Qu'est-ce qu'elle a ma gueule?
De galères en galères
Elle a fait toutes mes guerres
Chaque nuit blanche chaque jour sombre
Chaque heure saignée y est ridée
Elle ne m'a pas lâché d'une ombre
Quand j'avais mal, même qu'elle pleurait

Quoi, ma gueule ?
Mais qu'est-ce qu'elle a ma gueule ?
Quoi, ma gueule ?
Qu'est-ce qu'elle a ma gueule ?

Quoi, ma gueule ?
Qu'est-ce qu'elle a ma gueule ?
Je m'en fous qu'elle soit belle
Au moins elle est fidèle

C'est pas comme une que je connais
Une qui me laisse crever tout seul
Mais je n'veux même pas en parler
Une qui se fout bien de ma gueule.

Boom, Like That (Mark Knopfler)

i'm going to san bernardino ring-a-ding-ding
milkshake mixers that's my thing, now
these guys bought a heap of my stuff
and i gotta see a good thing sure enough, now
or my name's not kroc that's kroc with a 'k'
like 'crocodile' but not spelled that way, yeah
it's dog eat dog rat eat rat
kroc-style boom, like that

the folks line up all down the street
and i'm seeing this girl devour her meat, now
and then i get it, wham as clear as day
my pulse begins to hammer and i hear a voice say:

these boys have got this down
oughtta be a one of these in every town
these boys have got the touch
it's clean as a whistle and it don't cost much
wham, bam you don't wait long
shake, fries patty, you're gone
and how about that friendly name?
heck, every little thing oughtta stay the same
or my name's not kroc that's kroc with a 'k'
like 'crocodile' but not spelled that way, now
it's dog eat dog rat eat rat
kroc-style boom, like that

you gentlemen ought to expand
you're going to need a helping hand, now
so, gentlemen well, what about me?
we'll make a little business history, now
or my name's not kroc call me ray
like 'crocodile' but not spelled that way, now
it's dog eat dog rat eat rat
kroc-style boom, like that

well we build it up and i buy 'em out
but, man they made me grind it out, now
they open up a new place flipping meat
so i do, too right across the street

i got the name i need the town
they sell up in the end and it all shuts down>
sometimes you gotta be an s.o.b.
you wanna make a dream reality
competition? send 'em south
if they're gonna drown
put a hose in their mouth
do not pass 'go' go straight to hell
i smell that meat hook smell

or my name's not kroc that's kroc with a 'k'
like 'crocodile' but not spelled that way, now
it's dog eat dog rat eat rat
kroc-style boom, like that

Trouble (Travis Tritt)

Well I play this old guitar from nine to half past one.
I`m just trying to make a livi`n watching everybody else having fun.
Well I dont miss much if it happens on a dancehall floor
Mercy, look what just walked through that door

Well hello T-R-O-U-B-L-E
Tell me what in the world you`re doi`n A-L-O-N-E
Yeah say hey good L double O-K-I-N-G
Well I smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E

I was a little bitty baby when my papa hit the skids
Mama had a time tryi`n to raise nine kids
She told me not to stare `cause it was impolite
She did the best she could to try to raiseme right

Cause mama never told me `bout nothing like Y-O-U
bet you`re mama musta been another good looki`n honey to
Hey good L double O-K-I-N-G
Well I smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Well a sweet talki`n, **y walkin`n, honky tonki`n baby
The men are gonna love ya and the women gonna hate ya
Remindi`n them of everything they`re never gonna be
May be the beginning of the world war three

`Cause the world ain`t ready for nothing like Y-O-U
I bet you`re mama musta been another good looki`n mama to, yeah
Hey say hey good L double O-K-I-N-G
Well I smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E

I smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Romanticide (Tal Bachman)

(T. Bachman)

Another grand surprise
Your rapier wit cut me down to size
You love to pass your time
Looking for ways to play the thorn in my side
It's d¨¦j¨¤ vu one more time

Whoever said to take it on the chin
Whoever said that good guys always win
Has never seen the sorry state I'm in
A victim of romanticide again

My little atom bomb
This is the last time you'll do me wrong
So listen when I speak
I can't go on forever turning my cheek
Your whipping boy's about to speak


I've paid my bills and cleaned out my closet,
Slammed the front door tight
I can't believe that I ever thought
This all would work out right


Whoever said to get down on your knees
Give your ground, or try your best to please
Has never seen my lonely misery
A victim of romanticide, that's me

I Hear Music (Biz Markie)

One two, one two
You're listenin to the grand groovin sounds
Of the diabolical energetical B-I-Z
And this goes out to my DJ
The cutmaster that no one cuts faster than
C-double-oh-L V
Drumroll V

[Verse One]
It's a different kind of sound that's in the air
It's not shots, fire**s, or a car that's there
A little different noise for your listenin pleasure
A sample from a record that's a four bar measure
Adults think this music is just a big headache
They think all this hard work, is just a piece of cake
They must be buggin, right out of they socks
Why don't they get up and try to do, the human beatbox
Cause back in the days when there was just block parties
A DJ would set up his equipment, and start these
live performances, and DJ tricks
A lot of different DJ's was on the mix
It is a proven fact, music is a universal language
From the tip of Long Island to the Verrezano Bridge
We won awards and served them by the millions
The more more years go by, the more we be killin 'em
They said it's just a fad, it will never last a year
All of a sudden, ten years later - "I hear music"

[Chorus: Cool V scratches "I hear music" over and over]

Cool V, give me a drum roll

[Verse Two]
I can't believe how hip-hop has progressed
With more and more groups that have finesse
We have groups on the East and West coast with different names
We all play a part if we didn't we'd go in flames
We all got to stick together as one
But at the same time, still have fun
Cause you don't wanna lose the love for the music
When you have it keep it, and make use of it
This is a lesson from the S-K Biz
Cause nobody else is gonna tell you like it is
Everyone thought that rap was just a phase
But it still continue, to muse and amaze
It gives people chance to show they true talents
Instead of submittin to the crime and violence
People said to me the S-K-B
Is rap gonna stay until infinity?
As long as me and V be makin up the beats
You will hear people sayin - "I hear music"


Cool V, give me a drum roll

[Verse Three]
This is the ending, conclusion, kapiche?
Of this new hip-hop masterpiece
About people countin chickens before they're hatched
Recollatin on somethin that they can't match
They're creatin sounds of a hip-hop human bein
Whether you're American or European
Or even if you're from the West or East coast
I'd like to thank all of you, save the most
Don't diss each other by sayin who's better
Just do it the best way, and stick together
With different rhyme techniques and DJ cuts
And be crazy ambitious, and have a lot of guts
And the people buyin, thanks for your support
Cause if it wasn't for you, we'd all fall short
As long as there's radio, cars and jeeps
You know what you will hear?


What, what? What, what what what what?
Yo V, yo yo what what what what what what what you hear?
I can't hear you man, scratch it up one mo' time!
Yo what you hear?
Yo Paul Sea, yo yo, what wha-what you hear?
Yo Godfather D, I ain't hear what he said, what you hear?

Get Off The Bandwagon (EPMD)

Ayo what's up E Double?

[Erick Sermon]
Yo whole thing man got a lot of customers out there man trying
to get paid off what we made.

Ayo rapping ain't your field you took the wrong trade. So you'd
better get a grip on them lips and get off the...

[P] Ayo yo yo I be the P twice E M D
[E] I be the E double E in the place to be
[P] Ayo what up E man we in there man?
[E] You know we in there, trying to get paid, know what I'm saying?
[P] Yo, we gotta step out hard this year
[E] Pee check this out, this is how it's going down

[Erick Sermon]
There was a Hardy Boy mystery you were trying to solve
Can't understand why you got involved
Here's a clue, try the ghetto master blaster
Now think who causes disaster
Clue number two, you give up?
I figured, it was K La Boss on the cut
He had help, sucker duck, now that's clue number three
You wrong, cause it was EPMD

MC's, get off the bandwagon
I'm not bragging, but tagging
And snagging the biter that tries to imitate
Time to go on strike and demonstrate
On the fo, that does not N-O
That if he pulls my card, I'm good to flow
Toe to toe, blow to blow, without H2O
Ayo, you want to battle? I'm good to G-O

Get off the bandwagon (Repeat 2x)

[Erick Sermon]
This ain't a blast from the past, it's a boomer from the future
Feel free to scream "Ho" or "Yo" if it suits you
While the bass is booming and your face is glooming
Saying the E double E is def, you're not assuming
They're only one of many that think a jealous fellow
Say "yep" then step cause I'm cooler

Say "Hmmm" now you're through, you're how not who
Before I'm gluing that butt like Krazy Glue
I roll into the party as if I was Five-O
Book investigation biters like Columbo
Pushing rap for some info in exchange for a jumbo
And when I find a sucker it's time to play Rambo
Or play Commando, you know?
I knew it was the sucker with the New Jack-ified afro
We rock rhymes then we we run em a while
Sucker MC's catch on, then they bite our style
They're confused, dazed, and amused
Sweating and thing because their rhymes are used
Seen us in the crowd then they own their cost
They run around like a chicken with their heads cut off

Get off the bandwagon (Repeat 2x)

[Erick Sermon]
While my volume was swaying, you were saying
"Who was that brother?" while the record was playing
I felt kinda happy like an ego trip
I had to laugh cause my energy's tip
My tradition is dissing in this position
And right about now I'm in perfect condition
And don't get mad, and don't stop hissing
Don't say nothing homeboy just listen

No talk or playing, sucker MC's I be slaying
Get off the bandwagon, you know what I'm saying?
I devastate the hip-hop scene
Keep the feet moving like a dancing machine
E got my back (yeah) K La Boss on the scratch
You wild on the groove with the beat on wax
I'm in my own world, no room for distraction
Controlling MC's while La Boss keeps scratching

Get off the bandwagon (Repeat 2x)

What's Up With That (Master P)

((Master P))
Yo, Silkk man pass me a 40 you ready to do this shit or what
Lets show these mother**ers

Master P dont take no bullshit
What up with that x4

((Master P))
I anit no joke and the TRU should be told
I write some rhymes and this shit go gold
Master P dont take no bullshit, thats what they sayin
straight to the top, endo they layin
Its time to house the set, and put some some punks to rest
and let you mother**er know that im the best
back in the days I used to lie for fun
now im gettin and im number 1
hardcore jams, and dope fiend beats
man I never sell out punk that just mean


((Master P))
ahh once again
from the south now im kickin it in cali
I spot a gold chain, a beaper, and some balli
my main intension is to get paid
forget fame I write some shit that **s with you head
like Issi, kissi, risso, get off my jock your little his hoe
bates heads out for the pissite
mothers leaving kids in the middle of the nizzight
runnin those kids just holler
but the dope man dont give a **, hes all about the dizzolars
but if you mess with me, you pressin you luck
cute la shoot luber im a rapper that dont give a **


((Master P))
from the hood, but you know I aint a gangbanger
a straight, could never be a slanger
I left home because mom started bitchin
now im gettin pid livin from the rags to the riches
hoes only out for the money
brothers on the corners gettin bossed like dummies
I cant drive through the hood without dogin the cops
young girls used to jump, roll now they sellin cock
my brother used to play nintendo
now the only game is to sell that endo
our house the set like a vet
im the new kid on the block, you bet
**in with P you got a hella of nerve
go back to sesame street, you look like big bird
or put your dukes up punk if you want some
or get your**chewed like bubble gum


((Master P))
Ive been ruling the mic ever since my younger days
them C's start shivering, cause im sharper than a razorblade
control the crowd like a shark in the ocean
subsitising my rhymes like a genie posion
my dj g scratch gives him a hit
but the cops cant catch P cause im legit
the no limit mafia, is on the hip-hop scene
and if you down with master p, let me hear you scream


((Master P))
yeah we out here chillin in K-Lou studios


Song: Chamak Cham Cham Chamke hain Artist: K. J. Yesudas.

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