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Tuesday, 26 September 2017
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Listen Myanmar - God-S0ng - MyoGyi


Jigsaw Puzzle (Elvenking)

Take a look at the new rules of this game
Wicked laughters are feeding their fame
Hearing the cries from the empty shells
Unmoved they seem

Hungry for turmoil and wedges
Ivy-clad so that we can't see
One peace at a time they steal
Collecting memories

Notch up another victory
Upon our shoulders and true beliefs
With wheedling words they reign
So sweet is our decay

Raise your voice
Aim as high as they can't see
Now you can say:
"Speak your last word,
speak your last word!"

Born in the garden of overgrown madness
We still search what remains of our lives
Scattered pieces for their jigsaw puzzle
Swapping destinies

Whencesoever they derive their powers
Where all hopes are misled and repressed
Vowing to break from the hardest chains
Tearless they seem

Prophets of doom
Playing god, how does it feel?
The fate of Sky and Earth
Awaits their sentence too

Shattered we are
Sold and bought in the Merchants' fair
Beneath hard flesh it burns
Beware of our hate!

I Believe (Shadow Gallery)

Long ago a living story
Walked the whole world phrophesying
Told of days when the hand of God
Pulls away from the world
All hell starts breaking out
I see it clear
It pounds the cold into your life
It turns to gray what's black and white
I've torn their mask off
I can see them
What a bloody mess
That's our world!
My father's final moments
And I was there to catch his last breath
He spoke so eloquently
Listen boy the way it goes is soley
Up to you and you alone
To live your life in strength that's been passed on
Blood to blood.
So we come to a crossroad
I'm not sinking - do you see me?
I am standing where the strong of heart
Meet the wicked bad
Murals painted in the dungeons
Were the dreams that caused transforming
I am coming back to life again
Life again
A power's lifting me I journey to the light
Many secrets passed before my eyes
It's just a matter of time 'til new horizons will unfold
Tearing down the walls between us
Resurrect this poisoned world
Fore the hopes and dreams of all the land are blown into the sky
There are things worth more than money
You got to learn to hold them high
I believe - I believe
I've seen what comes of greed and money
I feel a growing call for action
We need changes now like never before
Never in this world
The more I think about it
I know a woman whoh just might set the course for me
Cause I believe
I believe in what she says
Sometimes this world is simply
Trembling - crumbling
Coming time to banish it for evermore
The time for final judgement's close at hand
Four horsemen mount on high
Wake up in the morning to the sound of children dying
The latest technology mesmerize them
Love strong enough that it can pull you from the fire now
What about you?
What about you?
I am alive!
It's just a matter of time 'til new horizons will unfold
Tearing down the walls between us
Resurrect this poisoned world
Fore the hopes and dreams of all the land are blown into the sky
There are things worth more than money
You got to learn to hold them high
I believe - I believe

Rex Irae (Requiem: Overture - Fourth Version) (Celtic Frost)

[INTRODUCTION: Rex Irae ...]
[DREAM ENCOUNTER:(King Wrath)(Dream Voice)]

You ...... have joined your father's feast
Those who saw: Essence or fall
Floods of dramatic silence
And words, from whom we don't know


Let me dream ...
Flee from false ...
I have tasted the weight of lust
My hands on the skein of height
... A pallid death
Mirage into dark
The horizons echo your glance
Following a detractive sleep
I am the wrath beneath the heavens
The downfall's monologue
Fallen into the vision of effect
Quiet as gods can be
(Joining the king's words)Orgies of fear
lnbreeding and death
I have walked Carthagia's sands
l've touched those buried walls
I am the ...
All mortal is love?
Remembrance has won
Breathing glorified innonce
Quiescence has died therefore
I am the ...


We stood before the portals of Babylon
And saw it's petrified fall
... Have seen your decline's symbols
But carried another life
We tasted the wine of Persepolis,
As mute as our era's breath
Death was never a fragment of
Exalting fantasy ...


This last region - Last of fire
Orgasmic cries - Tears and words
Wrath and strenght - Oh, gods! For you!
Before the throne ... - Death


Fright and praise
A faded light
Intimate rests my book
Unwritten what seems true
I am the ...
Art of might!
You remaining king
Take your predesessor's hand
You son of my Jade gift ...
I am the ...

Cockroaches (Nailbomb)

It would be the best
Everyone could go to hell
Turn into yourslf
Always someone else

Don't need sympathy
Smile it's nothing but teeth
I'll keep my integrity
Even if I have to sleep on the street

Look around what are you doing
You think god's inside you
Telling people what to do
You don't know who are you

Repeat VI

Don't need sympathy
Smile it's nothing but teeth

Remorse Is For The Dead (Lamb Of God)

The dirty lord of the manor surveys his filthy domain
Too many nights raising hell worked a little all too well.
Constructed a monument to denial and excess
Sunk so low, crawled so far back there's nowhere left to regress.
If these walls could talk, they would tell a horror story
Never-ending winter, violence and infidelity
Shadows fall through broken panes
Careless words that are filled with hate
Just enough to keep it together, never enough to make it work.
All the tongues here are forked.
We are a hailstorm of broken glass, follow the path of least expectance.
A huge stinking pile of sick, pile it higher and higher.
Light the match, start the fire.
Level this place and take us with it.
Surroundings are irate.
Crack of dawn brings naught but pain.
Resentment steadily grows.
Laughing in teh gallows.
Full throttle determined to fail, pedal to the metal asleep at the wheel.
We are the lucky ones, welcome home.
Poisoned nerves and a bloody antidote
Violence is not an aberration, it's a rule.
Dying beyond the pale.
Your beatings will continue until my morale improves.
I don't hate you, I'm just romving an enemy.
Remorse is for the dead, my enemy.
Remorse is for the dead

Joy (Against Me!)

All's quiet, except for this song.
So maybe while I'm not together I can feel like I'm not alone.
And somewhere off in the distance, rapidly advancing, is an onslaught of sorts.
Young sirens wail with a skewed sense of glory.
And the lions in the cages roar at the memory of flight.

And there's a joy, a joy in all I can see.
A joy, in every possibility.

And all around this is a great, great feeling.
American rockets red-glared our most
disgusting triumph.
And in passing I am asked "Do you believe in a God?",
I shrug off the answer and continue to get high in this terror of no explanation.
I am looking for a faith.
My panic is an only reason.

And there's a joy, a joy in all I can see.
A joy, in every possibility.

Confessional (Lamb Of God)

Intrinsic rot. Traces of future. Your past will rise haunting you again.
Tounging the glue stamp seal of your fold.
Cased in forests of black steel rod.
Vines of nerve float downstream. Sections of horror.
This is something you must never do again.
Falling spiral down. You know not what you are looking for but it will find you anyway.
I've confessed this disease to you. Handed you a key to control.
Fuel for your malicious intent.
Punish me for my failure. Dissect my faith. Twisting my trust.
Never, no more, I'm alone

Sly (The Cat Empire)

If frisy hair was a metaphor
for festival time
then this woman is a goddess
of that festival shrine, met her
- at a jam
in that garden of sorts
I must confess god bless
some impure thoughts
“show us the money”
was the call of the night
but no money could have bought
even a piece of her pride, there might
have been a sea of people
I don’t know, because
all I could see
was how this woman she glowed so

-Aeh it’s a pleasure to meet you
ya look like one incredible creature
wanna treat you fine
lets dance and grind
get so funk-inflicted it’s a crime
you’re divine you’re sublime
and well you blow my mind

She caterpillar so good
that all the greeks go “killa”
break and enter take ya like a glass of milk
then “spill ya”
saw her coming what a scene
what I mean is
she got that ** coffee beam
but she tastes like vanilla
well alright she ignite
when we hit the floor
like the vroom on a V8 super commodore
now if it makes a good story
well it’s just worthwhile
with her’s like dealing stories
in that sprinkla style and so

-Aeh it’s a pleasure to meet you
ya look like one incredible creature
wanna treat you fine
lets dance and grind
get so funk-inflicted it’s a crime
you’re divine you’re sublime
and well you blow my mind

Riders Of The Apocalypse (1349)

I ride on burning wings
With a blazing demon
We paint the night sky red
With the blood of god's angels
We piss on the tormented souls
Of religious believers
We **the Virgin Mary
To create an Anti-Christ

This is the war of angels
This is the war of demons
This is the war of heaven
This is the war of hell

Burning angels falling
(Their) corpses littering the ground
We crush the pearly gates
Burn all heaven down
We quench the sun
And burn the moon
Remove Jehova
And welcome Emptiness


Walk through the valley of death
Smell the stench of decay
As the war is ending
They will curse this day

On this day Death walks the earth
Reaping all mandkind

As the sky burns we march forward
Crushing, tormenting and raping the
Hunt down all survivors, living in fear
We ride with death so no one is
What once were will never be again
(Because) the horseman of death
brings the world to an end!

No Matter What You Do (Al B. Sure! And Diana Ross)

Yeah hey I never thought I'd feel this way
(...Al don't play with me now...)
Please...can you take the hurt away? (...Al!)

My love for you is a bottomless well
For your tears and your fears
...And I do love you!

No matter what you do I'll love you (yeah) all the same
I said no matter, no matter what you do
I'll love you (oh) all the same, all the same

If we take our time I know you'll be mine
If we were to share our love would always be there
No matter what you do

If you decide to go then we will never know
But if...if you'll stay our love would find a way, a way
Oh no, I love you

Chorus (repeat)

Do you love me?
Let me know, don't keep it inside let it show!
If you and I were meant to be
In your dreams you'd see the things that I see
No matter what you do

If you don't want me (...I want you) Just tell me honestly
You know I can't take this pain
So please hold me now and whisper my name (...Diana!)
Hold me, oh I just want you to hold me (...like this?)
I love you!

Chorus (repeat)

No matter what you do, no matter
For evermore
For evermore
For evermore
For evermore (I love you, I love you!)

Ooh baby, baby what we're doing, what we're doing
Who we fooling, fooling
Let's stop hiding, no more hiding
From the feelings that we feel inside, yeah
I love you!

I never thought I'd feel this way
(Na na na na na na na na)
I just want you to hold me
Alright you've got to stop playing with me now

If you're serious there no more fooling around (...okay)
No hiding (...alright we won't hide then)
Just show your feelings
(...you know I've always wanted to do that)

God bless the day that you came
How do I know you came for me?
(Yeah now matter, yeah no matter)
But you're gonna' feel it baby I'm young and strong
A love that lasts so long


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