, slick, rick}, that.., {"like.., like.."}, e's, word?, indeed, apollo, creed, pack, punch, crew, runs, brady, bunch, smoke, blunts, word, raw, fish, market, mics, spark, target, one-two, rush, crush, mission, church, group, commission, word-gifted, crowd, uplifted, yea, standin, tall, microphone, "for, y'all", station, participation, nation, forget, still, diesel, measles, chorus, _end, road_, wanye, rip, shreds, food, {*pulls, joint*}, inhale, k.d., posse, homegirls, rock, freaky, people, industry, seldom, whassup, eddie, murphy, reach, stars, reachin, mars, peace, those, human, beings, hehehehe, coliseums, "this, mother**in, house!!", run-d.m.c., pressure, freedom, beenie, intro, :, chuh, laugh, babylon, betta, loose, knows, sing, along, ting, bawling, chain, rastafarian, calling, beenie, 1:, miself, born, mammal, although, smart, jamal, spell, nuclear, weapon, greet, politician, bible, restore, short, condemnation, bout, christopher, columbus, discover, island, indian, roun, enslave, muslini, friend, tief, gold, diamond, steal, queen, wheh, england, build, pope, introduce, vatican, constantine, julius, aand, paul, expand, elie-zabeth, naah, stress, explanation, 2:, needle, kill, dragon, eagle, murda, defender, bwoi, slave, s**le, buss, inna, muscle, warn, east, warning, mark, beast, galong, caan, discease, breeze, weeping, wailing, nashing, teeth, judgement, certain, grave, grief, pelican, brief, speech, 3:, unnuh, ears, listen, lyrics, lieshah, prophet, elijah, used, spread, righteous, wasnt, could, haffi, baptist, meaning, these, mandela, far, prison, wall, malcolm, coppershot, marcus, garvey, rice, sell, business, follow, blessed, hip-hopera, bounty, killer, chorus:michael, jackson, brought, thrillerit, gun-man, hollarmack, guard, grilla, verse:, lauryn, hill, bounty, killer, gwan, mc's, babble, phenom, bomb, italions, asheba, balance, libra, rain, meteor, storms, forms, pillars, islam, rule, rest, who'll, takes, ofpurity, cess, pool, comprised, kingsand, queens, wearing, crowns, holiday, scepters, facing, mecca, makingrecords, raiding, biblio-techas, nectars, gods, thestreetapparel, path, narrow, bombin', onpharaoh, pour, sorrel, let's, plans, tommorow, cause, sodom, gommorah, refugees, second, wyclef, weel, jump, chest, punk, wellcome, distress, askel, fugees, tech., innami, youdistress, thewest, well, shots, window, waszorro, mexico, asked, father, pablo, isthis, paco, montego., that's, echo, thatis, nigger, moving, kilo, topuerto, rico, manifico, perico., clash, vagina, rapit, versus, mouse, preacher's, hym, reflection, coffin, oops, abstract, withgaps, figments, delt, incarceration., rival, idol, themstart, seek, survival, treat, themdetrimental, punks, fools., bridge:, bountyanother, dies, deth, refugee, camp, killer......, third, praz, through, temples, doom, managed, bloom, blossoms, necessary, nights, battle, deadlike, possums, mimimizing, losses, caution, maximum, stratiges, many, trip, which, magnum, haitian, shot, blame, jamaicans, yeah, yeah....., outro:, wyclefwell, torest, california, borderline, l., prazwell, stop., sperrstund, hans, moser, islangsam, wird, dunkel, cafã©haus.leere, sessel, stehen, umanond.man, merkt, deutlich, geschã¤ft, ausund, abendblatt, ausgespanntder, herr, ober, seit, jahren, hier, macht, jetzt, kassa.mã¼de, sein, schritt, wenn, oft, stammgast, stier, gibt, voll, diskretion, kredit.sperrstund, irgendeinmal, jedes, lokala, bissal, zu.sperrstund, rã¤umt, langsam, freu, ruh.mach, bitte, schã¶n, bekã¶mmsna, heit, scho, spã¤t, wos?ja, hehe, zeit, vergeht, schlieãŸlich, muss, auch, amoi, schlofn, gehn.dankeschã¶n.sperrstund, lokal, manch, dienst, ergrauten, pensionisten, als, gymnasiast, bedient.pã¤rchen, sich, ecken, kã¼ssten, wussten, dass, geborgen, sind.viele, menschen, sind, vorã¼ber, kommen, gehen, ohne, zahl.doch, heiãŸt, sicher, bald:„mein, lieber, nimm, abschied, fã¼r, allemal.“sperrstund, langs, geht, brauchat, ruh.oba, oberauch, gehen.nojo, bitteschã¶n.sperrstund, lokalein, zu., hans, moser, confrontation, damian, marley, president, distinguished, delegates...h.i.m, selassie:, speaks, languagebunny, wailer, dialogue:since, beginning, modern, civilization/, generations, witnessed, inherited, conflicts, wars/, behold, marriage, supper, lamb, bridegroom, onto, bride/, shall, earth's, children, epression, mother, earth, honeymoon, peace., forever, eliminating, aspirations, lust, anguish, wars, rumors, wars...selah!vers:see, innocent, going, vapors, and/, propoganda, spreading, sunday, papers, superman, coulda, save, cape, cause/, red-a, blaze, ya/, gamble, youth, racehourse/, uniform, shave, razors/, clock, strike, amazed, churches, save...saviours/garvey, dialogue:can, it?, it!/damian, marley:boom, draw, government, out/, survive, crawling, collegues, sprawling, nearly, dead!/, medic, tranquilizer, stall, base!/, hearfrom, shout, week/, mistress, find, shoes/, wife, news, lately, starting, doubt/, searching!/, working, safe, about/, house, bagdad, waterhouse/, arouse/, sometime, spouse/, darker, stout/, guns, out!/, funds, week, bombs, tank, bombo, claatt!/, scotch, tape, senses, dumb, pound, round, chalice, out!/till, malice, war!, zimbabwe, berlin, blazin, burningball/loose, ball....dat, work...in, sleepin...dat, war/, wear, jheri, curl...in, pearl...in, drink, serve...in, nerves...in, wi', shirt...in, lift, skirt...in, disease, germs...in, sperms...in, stamina, preserve...in, fire, constantly, burn...in, red...it, red.garvey:if, cannot, prepared, it...then, die.you, cowards, imbosiles, nothings, nations, races, yourself, die.repeat, verse:see, save...saviours/damian, marley:hey!, fore, parents, sacrifice, enough/, sweat, syrup/, dany, revolution, erupt/, skys, kingston, lighting, up/, generation, rising, youths, days, sighting, biding, searchign, sign, us/, searching, truth, troops, behind, almighty, recruit, root/, roach, killing, boot/, done/, rastafari, design, tuff/, fight, tell-lie-vision, soldiers, police, wising, realizing, they're, there's, fighting, their, opening, eyes, demoralizing, nor, smiling, temper, tantrum, boiling, who.../, none/, controlling, young/, bring, down.../, bear, famine, fall/, london, dadeland, mall, virgin, bawl/, institute, preaching, researching, practice, rehearsing, learing, instigating, urging, always, alert, swerving, car/, bees, birds, freeks, nerds, curves, forward, reverse, redgarvey:if, die., damian, marley, welcome, jamrock, elektrirongiga, tallinnast, pã¤ã¤skã¼lla, real, kodanikud, reisijad!elektrirong, vã¤ljub, kolmandalt, teeltkell, minutit.atsile, sãµitma, pidin, kã¼lla, kokku, lepitud, sai.jookusga, jaama, jãµudsin, hilja, kassas, kã¤imata, jã¤i.akna, alla, platsi, sisse, sain, vãµtta, ajalehed, lahti, siis, lãµin.valjuhã¤ã¤ldi, ukse, kohal, ragisema, hakkas, hoolega, kuulama, jã¤in."kodanikud, reisijad!jã¤rgmine, peatus, lillekã¼la."kãµrvalpingil, istusid, auvã¤ã¤rsed, hã¤rrad, jutt, autohindadest, kã¤is.aga, otse, vastas, kaks, kena, neidu, pilk, neile, peatuma, jã¤i.istusid, kahekesi, kanged, kã¼lmadnagu, mã¤rkakski, sind.kavatsesin, alustada, nendega, juttu, valjuhã¤ã¤ldi, hoiatas, mind:"jã¤rgmine, tondi, ã¤rge, hã¼pake, libedale, platvormile!"valjuhã¤ã¤ldi, lãµpetas, lã¤ks, jã¤rsku, sã¼dames, kã¼lmaks, lãµi.rahvas, nihelema, taskutes, tuhnis, saatust, ootama, jã¤in.vajusin, kã¼hmu, tegin, magan, seisma, kãµrvale, jã¤i.kãµrva, ã¤ã¤res, kuulsin, valjuhã¤ã¤lset, juttu:"paren, pileti, davai."kodanikud, reisijad!, jã¤rgmine, hiiu.kodanikud, sisenege, vagunisse, vã¤ljuge, vagunist, ainult, uste, kaudu!juhtuski, nãµnda, viimased, rubladkontroler, endale, sain.aga, sest, rahast, polnudki, kahju, kaaslased, sain.sãµitsime, kolmekesi, puhusime, sãµit, meeldivaks, sai.rã¤ã¤gitud, ã¤ra, homme, saame, ã¼tles, nii."lãµpppeatus, pã¤ã¤skã¼la"nii, sãµitsin, elektrirongigaja, rahvas, kontroll, elektrironigaja, neiud, elektrirongiga., albums, artists, mp3, concerts, lyric, video, downloadMp3, Music, Download, Lyrics, Concerts, Tickets, Live, Video, 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Wednesday, 1 April 2015
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Listen Jossi (Yosef) Kassa- Misganaye: Ethiopian Spiritual (Christian) Song


You Must Learn (remix) (Boogie Down Productions)

My man D Nice D Nice is in the booth
Workin harder than ever
D Nice is rockin the sound set tonight
We're not through I wanna drop a new style
Verse One:
It's calm yet wild the style that I speak
Just deal with facts and you will never get weak in the heart
In fact you'll start to illuminate
Knowledge to others in a song let me demonstrate
the force of knowledge knowledge reigned supreme
The ignorant is ripped to smithereens
What do you mean when you say I'm rebellious
Cause I don't accept everything that you're telling us
What are you selling us the creator dwell in us
I sit in your unknown class while you're failing us
I failed your class cause I ain't with your reasoning
You're tryin make me you by seasoning
Up my mind with see Jane run
See John walk in a hardcore New York
Come on now, that's like a chocolate cow
It doesn't exist no way, no how
It seems to me that in a school that's ebony
African history should be pumped up steadily, but it's not
and this has got to stop
See Spot run, run get Spot
Insulting to a Black mentality
A Black way of life or a jet Black family
So I include with one concern, that
You must learn
(Yo Kris) What?
Hold up D, hold up D
We gonna see if they really ready for this
Are y'all having fun tonight?
I said are y'all having fun tonight?
Verse Two:
I believe that if you're teaching history
Deal with straight up facts no mystery
Teach the student what needs to be taught
Cause Black and White kids both take shorts
When one doesn't know about the other ones' culture
Ignorance swoops down like a vulture
Cause you don't know that you ain't just a janitor
No one told you about Benjamin Banneker
A brilliant Black man that invented the almanac
Can't you see where KRS is coming at
With Elie Whitney, Haile Selassie
Granville Woods made the walkie talkie
Lewis Lattimer improved on Edison
Charles Drew did a lot for medicine
Garrett Morgan made the traffic lights
Harriett Tubman freed the slaves at night
Madame CJ Walker made a straightin comb
But you won't know this is you weren't shown
The point I'm gettin at it it might be harsh
Is we're just walkin' around brainwashed
So what I'm sayin is not to diss em man
We need the 89 school system
One that caters to a Black fratern because
You must learn
Whattup cameraman?
Let me here you say hoooo!!!!
We're not through with the ragga stuff
We're not through with the raggamuffin stuff yet man
Verse Three:
Akebulan is the original name
Of Africa now stripped of it's fame
It's good to note, that in ancient times
Egyptians developed all sciences of the mind
To the point where they ruled the planet
But Rome, Greece and Persia wasn't havin it
They attacked, and won the war
But it wasn't enough, they had to get to the core
Cause in that time it was Akebulan
That ruled religion, politics and man
In order to destroy the Egyptian race
They had to wipe the sciences, from off the face of the planet
So they proceeded to ban it
Then replace it with Christianity
And it's, been that way, all the way to today
Learn what we teach, hear what we say
But here comes the K-the-R-the-S-the-O-the-N-the-E
The BDP and we rhyme intelligently
Let me continue with Theodosyius
A Greek ruler not known to most of us
He in the fourth century A.D.
Calls the Egyptians fools you see
Two years later, Justinian rules
Six A.D., was it for schools
As a result, ignorance had swirled
Over Christian Europe and grateful Roman worlds
This went on for a thousand years
Of ignorance stupidity and tears
Now comes the seventeenth century hardness
Europe, began to come out of it's darkness
So J.F. Blumenbach, a German
Came out of nowhere and started confirming
White supremacy and men of colors
Before this time, all men were brothers
It was Johann, who went on to say
There are five different colors in the world today
That's caucasian, malayan, and mongolian
American-indian, and ethiopian
Yes, the ignorance gets scarier
He believed whites were superior
According to his idiotic fountain
The purest whites were from the Caucas mountains
J A Blofener, and H S Chamberlain
Both supported this outrageous racism
This went on to what the master race should be
And why they killed the Jews in Germany
Here is the reason why I'm so concerned
Because you, must, learn
We're not done, we're not done, we're not done
Check this out
Yeah yeah, the name of the new album of course
is Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip-Hop
Run out and get a copy at your nearest record store
Because Boogie Down Productions RULES!

Astronomical (K-Rino)

Ladies and gentleman what you are about to witness
is an experiment that will change the world
What we have lying here is what's known as a lyricist
As you can see the subject is completely subdued
He is at total physical and mental submission
The mechanism you see attached to his head is called a thought transferal device
It is activated by voice command
The subject has also been programmed to respond only to the sound of my voice
When I give the word the subject will automatically begin to release thoughts
One verse will instantly extract ever ounce of lyrical ability from his brain
rendering him a vegetable
Ok everyone stand back (I'm astronomical) Go
Rhymes designed to murder ya lines from the mind murderer
Time for blind massacre words be chasing after ya
I'm astronomical (I'm astronomical)

Unexpected disasters
Bastards testing the master
Blessing the masses with paragraphs that will blast ya to smithereens
The guillotine
That fell from the mezzanine
Just landed but started falling back in 1917
By whatever means, I'm a sever spleens
While I perfectly describe a thousand murders that I never seen
Your flow is comical mine is astronomical
Watch the phenomenal writer blow holes thru your abdominal
Then I'll plummet thru the sky like a loud comet
Lyrics make the sun bead thoughts that make a cloud vomit
Snitches lay next to shotgun shells
Once he dead man I promise you he not gon tell
For the hell I spiked the kool-aid with scorpion venom
If some alien's attacks don't run to me for help I probably sent 'em
To take me out you gonna need a few more hundred men
One thousand is my ranking on a scale from one to ten
I leave ya staff guessing in the lab stressing
Paragraph blessing here's a math lesson
Action, when I take your soul from you that's subtraction
When I split you in two halves then you a fraction
Fast or slow its best ya know not to test the flow, its [K-Rino]
I'm colder than a homeless Eskimo
I'm a potential mental patient
A science fictional manifestation of another mans imagination (ugh)

Hmm. This is unusual
The process has been successfully completed; however
he seems To have more brain power than we anticipated
This monitor indicates that we can [otentially extract one more
which will double the amount of skill we are trying to extract
I'm about to attempt go into his mind and gather one more. Go

My raps will shatter anatomical compositions to shrapnel
Twist you up horizontally, vertically, and diagonal
I'm the scary one, paragraph killer copied by everyone
Rappers mangled so bad it turned vultures to vegetarians
I'm laced with flows so sharp each word places
Five slashes like a blade that made faces look like K-Swiss
I flame throw, you maintain the same flow
In cloud battles I make colored blood stains drip out of the rainbow
My life get to the point where it don't matter what you spice with
I'm immune to stab wounds he kept jugging me till the knife quit
I was foreseen by an Ethiopian queen
Not in the past but in the future 3017
I'm a live threat that survived seven hundred twenty five threats
You witnessing a prelude the real me hasn't arrived yet (ugh uh)
My rough courses are taught by unseen forces
In a cold cave with a witch, two leprechauns, and a sorceress
I transcend, concentrate ya levels no man been standing
With a cello on my chin playing mentally with my hands in
When he slept all you heard was mad screams
Cuz he was dreaming that he kept waking up from bad dreams
And each dream contained a hundred more dreams with different scenes
Prolonging paralysis with multiplied recurring themes
And I do it smooth
My epilogues making the music move
Twist your brain up with my hand and mash it back up like a Rubix Cube
Historical my eloquence is categorical
Travel thru portals the immortal metaphorical oracle
Made provisions to purchase ammunition and construct criticism
And slaughter kitchens where I mass produce apparitions

Rhymes designed to murder ya lines from the mind murderer
Time for blind massacre words be chasing after ya
I'm astronomical (I'm astronomical)

I can't breathe. This wasn't supposed to happen
He somehow reversed the effects of the procedure
Ha ha ha ha ha ha (*K-Rino laughing*)

[Hook] - 2X

Tomb Of The Boom (Outkast)

Big Boi]
Just so you all know what time it is
It's your homeboy
Straight from the A-T
I ain't even goin say the mother** rest
You know
We talk about it all day long baby
We fin'a break you off with some brand new shit

This rap game lovely
Konkrete play a part cause the Feds want to bug me
Athletes want to be rappers, shawty, trust me
Bending corners in the Benz
Ridin like a bucket, nigga ** it
I know some hoes slutty
I optioned a bitch off like a nigga playin rugby
I done seen a ghetto meal, little buddy, trust me
Jump European, came clean through customs, no questions
Perpetrators in the booth, rappin lame like they drug related
It made me sick to my stomach, lost a two and had a baby
You don't grind, you be lying
She'll be castrated, Lorena Bobitt maybe

[Big Boi]
Tomb after tomb
Boom, boom after boom
Serving up emotion once you deep inside the tomb
From embryo to newborn, you can feel me in the womb
Cool, ooh, that's cool

[Lil' Brotha]
You see, I cock back glocks, got more pull than slang shots
Hit G spots by givin hoes back shots
I'm a young country boy, long socks with flip flops
But I pull up on your block in the 500 Benz drop
Konkrete, Aquemini, we takin this here to the top
Bust like balloons, who gives a damn if it goes pop
You say it's hot, well let me turn it up another notch
To all my real niggaz, won't you pump this out your Speakerbo**
** the cops, we makin noise and we won't stop
Bump, bump, there goes the boom and it's goin drop
Old school, big shoes, nigga, no socks
We keep tools, see fools, bullets will flock

[Big Gipp]
They call me Mr. Ravioli, Mr. Scrotum, Mr. Poke Em with the Noodle
Mr. Cockerspanielle in Your Poodle, after school tutor
Roto Rooter, addicted to follies
Like brown collies, stay soft fro
Swimming in the fallopian of an Ethiopian
Talking a different language, RBI fly wide
Come to me now, 84 hard, 84 soft wit me now
Beautiful ladies, they want to walk wit me now, talk wit me now
Push a glock for me now, sale cock for me now
Fight a bitch, hit her in the eye for me now
See you when I see you, now out wit me now

[Big Boi]
Tomb after tomb
Boom, boom after boom
Serving up emotion once you deep inside the tomb
From embryo to newborn, you can feel me in the womb
Cool, ooh, that's cool

[Supa Nate]
I will never fall off, I haul off heavy weight
** wit me dog, I chop you up like Norman Bates
I'm true to this shit, I ain't new to this shit
Over a million sold on strictly weed and bricks
Flammable like gasoline when I'm lit up
I prefer my liquor dark and a mean white slut
It's over for you, cavern**rapper, get out the game
You can fool the record labels but not the street fame
I just tell it how I see it nigga, fact is fact
The first verse I ever wrote, I got a Platinum plaque
I've been to hell and back so nigga give me my props
Konkrete and Big Boi beatin through your Speakerbo**

[Big Boi]
Tomb after tomb
Boom, boom after boom
Serving up emotion once you deep inside the tomb
From embryo to newborn, you can feel me in the womb
Cool, ooh, that's cool

Ludacris, yeah I keep a glock in case you like to leak alot
Meanwhile, crank the volume knob up on my Speakerbo**
Get the ** on the ground
Is just a phase you might hear strolling through the A-Town
They don't believe I will stab them in the abdomen
From College Park, Georgia to College Park, Maryland
So put your fist up boy, you wanna romp
You can Bankhead Bounce or get Eastside Stomped
Thinking way back before I got mine
Putting bullet holes through neighborhood stop signs
It's my adrenaline, yes, ladies and gentleman
A hundred though, bitch, diamonds shimmerin
Catch me with a sack of dro, reaching for the strap below
I'm with some nasty hoes, eating pistachios
Y'all driving Subarus, stuck in your cubicles
I'm stuck in the air with weed crumbs under my cuticles

[Big Boi]
Tomb after tomb
Boom, boom after boom
Serving up emotion once you deep inside the tomb
From embryo to newborn, you can feel me in the womb
Cool, ooh, that's cool

[Big Boi]
Fourth and goal
Should I take the three point field goal for the score or should I roll
Around and take the ball up the middle up the gut, the what, the hole
Cranium overload, overthrowed
Now we got seven more points on the board, fa sho
B-I-G B-O-I, me oh my, I think he's blessing me
Excelling in harmonious melody, boy we got the recipe
Like Ragu, it's in there, giving you some of the best of me
Player, pimp, ganster, poet
We goin spit it, we goin show it to your ass
"You're a champion" were my dad's last words before he passed
But I know one day we will once more cross paths
They say "Big Boi, can you pull it off without your nigga Dre"
I say "people, stop the madness cause me and Dre be okay"
OutKast, Cell Therapy to cell division
We jus tsplit it down the middle so you can see both the visions
Been spittin it damn near ten years, why the ** would be be quittin
**, nigga

Ethiopians Live It Out  (Burning Spear)

One a dem come
They couldn't live it out
Two a dem come
They couldn't live it out
Three a dem come
They couldn't live it out
Four a dem come
They couldn't live it out

Ethiopians live it out
Ethiopians live it out
Ethiopians live it out
Ethiopians live it out

Oh, chiney men come
They couldn't live it out
Coolie men come
They couldn't live it out
Syrian come
They couldn't live it out
White men come
They couldn't live it out

Ethiopians live it out
Oh we dweet
Ethiopians live it out
Oh forever
Ethiopians live it out...

Do It Up (Erick Sermon)

[Erick Sermon]
Check it out
I pull up to your bumper with somethin funky
Yeah somethin stronger than brass monkey
With the flavor I be kickin dope
Like my horoscope a Sagittarius no joke
Word the rappin dynamite quick to blow like Mike
Who am I? (E.D.) Right right
Can you believe it even Stevie Wonder couldn't see it
I'm catchin wreck so beat it
Yo I contour my lines to freak a funky rhyme
to fit you like a pair of Calvin Kleins
Mad brother with distinction, keep the girls blinkin
and have the homeboys thinkin
I'm the man of hour, of the hour
I found He-Man, jacked him for his power (gimme that)
Now I carry a sword, attached by a live cord
Oh my lord!

Chorus: Erick Sermon (repeat 4X)

Watch me do it up like this.. {"like this.." -> Slick Rick}
Watch me do it up like that.. {"like.. like.."}

[Erick Sermon]
Yeah, E's real dope (word?) Yes indeed
No one can stop me, ask Apollo Creed
I pack a punch cause my crew runs deep
like the Brady Bunch, and we all smoke the blunts
(Word em up now) I get raw, raw like a fish market
Mics I spark it, with the funky target
You must trust me, and stop tryin to bug me
with the one-two, before I rush you and crush you
I'm on a mission, like a church group called Commission
Word-gifted, keep the crowd uplifted (yea yea)
E Double, a nigga standin tall
Rockin the microphone "for all of y'all"
Word up, live on your station
Gettin mad crowd participation, when I'm rockin the nation
Don't forget, I'm still cock diesel
Hoes be on me like the measles


[Erick Sermon]
Oh no it's the _End of the Road_
Oh my God like Wanye, today was a good day
Word, ooh yah, I rip the mic to shreds
Enough lyrical food to keep the Ethiopians fed
Word em up {*pulls on a joint*} I inhale
from the K.D. Posse, two of my homegirls
When I rock the mic and get freaky and nasty
People in the industry seldom ask me
Whassup, whassup, whassup
wit you E, ask Eddie Murphy (yea yea)
Don't forget, to reach for the stars
Cause I'm past that, I'm reachin for Mars, so
peace to all those true human beings
Hehehehe, I see you in the coliseums


"This is MY MOTHER**IN HOUSE!!" -> Run of Run-D.M.C.
"This is MY MOTHER**IN HOUSE!!" -> Run of Run-D.M.C.
"This is MY MOTHER**IN HOUSE!!" -> Run of Run-D.M.C.
"This is MY MOTHER**IN HOUSE!!" -> Run of Run-D.M.C.

Freedom (Beenie Man)

Intro :
Chuh (laugh)
Babylon yuh betta turn wi loose
God knows, turn wi loose now
Sing along, a little song
An guh a ting like

Freedom, for some I am bawling
Babylon yuh pull di chain from mi han
Mi still under yuh Babylon system
God knows, Freedom for some I am bawling
Oh Selassie I, rastafarian calling
Beenie Man a sing a ting

Verse 1:
From the day mi know miself, man a born of mammal
Although yuh smart, dem sen yuh guh a Jamal
Teach yuh how fi spell gun and nuclear weapon
How fi spell politics and greet politician
Nowhere in the Bible where those words come from
Dem restore wi name an class us as African
When con is a short name for condemnation
I nuh know bout di I, I a true Ethiopian
Christopher Columbus, bout him discover island
Discover what when him come spot the Indian
An a him tun roun an all enslave black man
Muslini an him friend dem tief the gold and all di diamond
Who steal wi name, check the queen wheh deh a England
A she build the pope and introduce vatican
From Constantine, Julius aand all Pope John
Now dem reach Paul i wonder if dem want to expand
Queen Elie-zabeth, all she is a next one
Well mi naah guh too stress me just a look a explanation
This is the word from the black man


Verse 2:
I say man a true needle kill the dragon and eagle
Murda di pope wheh a defender of evil
Long time dem bwoi deh a pressure black people
Have wi like a slave under chain and s**le
Now wi buss out inna muscle
Well a long time mi deh warn dem fi look to the east
Warning to the dragon and the mark of the beast
Mek dem a galong suh like dem caan tun discease
Call on the Selassie wheh a blow all di breeze
Weeping wailing, nashing of teeth
God judgement, is only certain man see it
Pope Constantine inna him grave an all a grief
This is no Pelican brief
My Speech


Verse 3:
People, well unnuh clean out yuh ears an listen to mi lyrics
Yuh nuh hear bout di Lieshah di ball head prophet
Word of Elijah, di man used to spread it
John di most righteous man yet still wasnt a prophet
He could not be God, dem haffi tun him inna baptist
This is the meaning of ma lyrics in these times
Mandela come an try it
Well him never reach far, prison wall di man face it
Malcolm X try an a coppershot end it
All try and dem beat it an kill it
Marcus Garvey try, a fi rice dem sell it
Only we inna di music business can stop it
Follow Beenie Man and all live it


Hip-Hopera (Bounty Killer)

Intro, Chorus:

Michael Jackson brought you Thriller

It made all the gun-man hollar

Mack 11 guard your grilla

First verse: Lauryn Hill, Bounty Killer

( Lauryn )

Why you gwan, watch out for Babylon, MC's babble on and on I phenom,

bomb like Ethiopians, not Italions, Queen Asheba, balance like a Libra,

rain like meteor storms, that change forms like the pillars of Islam,

make the best rule, and ** the rest who'll, it takes one drop of

purity to clean the cess pool, the next crew, will be comprised of kings

and queens wearing crowns and holiday scepters, facing Mecca, making

records, raiding biblio-techas, I sip nectars with gods in the

streetapparel, keep the path straight and narrow while we bombin' on

Pharaoh, so Bounty Killer pour the sorrel let's make plans for tommorow,

( Bounty Killer )

Cause if it's down a Sodom and Gommorah Refugees we nah go so


Second verse: Bounty Killer, Wyclef

( Bounty Killer )

So talk weel if you vex, try and jump in a mi chest, you Mr. Punk, well

come and do your next best, mi end you distress, mi lay you to rest,

askel 45, Fugees dem tech. Well talk well if you vex, try and jump inna

mi chest, you Mr. Punk, well come and do your next best, mi end you

distress, mi lay you to rest, rappers from the east and rappers from the

west, well

( Wyclef )

Yo, five years old I heard shots out the window, I thought that it was

Zorro, driving in from Mexico, I asked my father Pablo who the hell is

this Paco, he said It's Bounty Killer, He's driving in from Montego.

( Bounty Killer )

That's when shots start to echo from yah so and from deh so, well that

is the life of a nigger from the ghetto, moving 40 kilo, from here to

Puerto Rico, smoke my manifico, but i never do perico.

( Wyclef )

Yo, this is a sound clash, you ain't fit for the job, you're vagina,

and you're making my cock hard, you wanna rap, here's presents, go rap

it in a box, you versus me is like a mouse versus a ox, Wyclef,

preacher's son, I sing a hym the lights get dim, reflection of the end,

is your face facing a coffin, oops, to abstract so you kill me with

gaps, figments of your imagination, you never delt with incarceration.

( Bounty Killer )

Thought i heard you want to be my rival, askel 45 a it a idol, them

start war end no seek survival, Refugees we gonna treat them

detrimental, Punks, fools.

Bridge: Wyclef, Bounty

Another sound boy dies, slow deth, Refugee Camp, Bounty Killer......


Third verse: Praz, Wyclef, Praz, Bounty Killer

( Praz )

Through the temples of doom somehow we managed to bloom like blossoms,

by any means necessary said Malcolm, nights before battle we play dead

like possums, mimimizing our losses like caution to the maximum,

stratiges for the Refugees, how many mics do you trip, I say not to many

Yo, which man runs from my magnum,

Haitian shot a man

Them blame Jamaicans


( Bounty Killer )

Yeah, yeah yeah.....

Outro: Bounty Killer, Wyclef

Well talk well if you vex, try and jump in a mi chest, you Mr. Punk,

well come and do your next best, mi end you distress, mi lay you to

rest, askel 45, New York gun take, well talk if you vex, try and jump in

a mi chest, so Mr. Punk, well come and do your next best, mi end you

distress, mi lay you to rest, askel 45, California take, well, well

( Wyclef )

Bounty Killer on the borderline, Refugee camp, Wyclef, L. Boogie,

Prazwell and it don't stop.

Sperrstund Is (Hans Moser)

Sperrstund is
Langsam wird es dunkel im Caféhaus.
Leere Sessel stehen umanond.
Man merkt deutlich das Geschäft is eh aus
und das Abendblatt wird ausgespannt

Der Herr Ober, der seit Jahren hier ist,
macht jetzt Kassa.

Müde is sein Schritt,
und wenn wie so oft ein Stammgast Stier is,
gibt er ihm voll Diskretion Kredit.

Sperrstund is,
jo irgendeinmal, macht jedes Lokal
a bissal zu.
Sperrstund is,
man räumt langsam ab,
ahh i freu mi, hob a bissal Ruh.

Mach Sold, bitte schön, ge bekömms
Na na na, heit is scho spät wos?
Ja, so spät Herr, hehe,
die Zeit vergeht Herr,
schließlich muss ein Ober
auch amoi schlofn gehn.

Sperrstund is, jo irgendeinmal,
macht jedes Lokal ein bissal zu,
manch im Dienst ergrauten Pensionisten,
hab als Gymnasiast ich bedient.
Pärchen, die sich in den Ecken küssten,
wussten, dass sie hier geborgen sind.

Viele Menschen sind an mir vorüber,
und sie kommen, gehen, ohne Zahl.
Doch nun heißt es sicher bald:
„Mein Lieber, nimm jetzt Abschied,
ein für allemal.“

Sperrstund is,
jo irgendeinmal, macht jedes Lokal,
a bissal zu.
Sperrstund is,
man räumt langsam ab,
so langs no geht,
bitte i brauchat jo nur a bissal Ruh.

Oba es is scho spät Herr,
die Zeit vergeht Herr,
und schließlich muss ein Ober
auch amoi schlofn gehen.
Nojo, bitteschön.

Sperrstund is,
jo irgendeinmal macht jedes Lokal
ein bissal zu.

Confrontation (Damian Marley)

Mr. President, Distinguished Delegates...


Bunny Wailer Dialogue:

Since the beginning of modern civilization/ generations have witnessed and inherited the only conflicts of world wars/ but behold the marriage supper of the lamb and the bridegroom onto his bride/ then shall the earth's children know the true epression of ONE LOVE, then mother earth shall honeymoon in peace. Forever eliminating the aspirations, lust and anguish of wars and rumors of wars...SELAH!


See it deh know the innocent going up in vapors and/ propoganda spreading inna the sunday papers not even superman coulda save you with him cape cause/ Red-a judgement a blaze, blaze, ya/ and Babylon a gamble the youth dem life like racehourse/ and gi dem a uniform and shave dem head with razors/ and now the clock a strike war, don't be amazed cause/ inna dem churches tryin to save...saviours/

Garvey Dialogue:

Can we do it? We can do it, we shall do it!/

Damian Marley:

Boom, tell dem fe uh draw mi out when the world government inna falling out/ only few men survive crawling out/ run lef him collegues dem sprawling out/ NEARLY DEAD!/ medic haffi haul him out/ and give him two tranquilizer fi stall him out/ DEH PON BASE!/ can't get no calling out when him hearfrom the shout last week/ him mistress find a new shoes/ wife can't get no news and lately she starting to doubt/ SHE STILL SEARCHING!/ and the youth dem bawling out/ working hard not to let it all come out/ well it's not safe to go walk about/ a slaughter house from Bagdad to Waterhouse/ she start arouse/ sometime she want a spouse/ she start go out/ start beat a darker stout/ GUNS COME OUT!/ working people funds run out/ keep a show last week and no one come out/ BOMBS COME OUT!/ mi gas tank just run out/ BOMBO CLAATT!/ the scotch tape just run out/ WEED RUN OUT!/ yuh senses must dumb out/ mi have a pound round a back deh a gwan sun out/ NAH COME OUT!/ till the chalice bun out/ NAH COME OUT!/till the malice bun out/ A WAR! Zimbabwe to Berlin wall, blazin like a burningball/loose ball....dat no work...IN WAR, sleepin...dat now work...IN WAR/ can't wear jheri curl...IN WAR, no diamond and pearl...IN WAR/ can't drink weh a serve...IN BAR, gas we ** up yuh nerves...IN WAR/ shot wi' blood up yuh shirt...IN WAR, can't go lift up no skirt...IN WAR/ now disease and germs...IN WAR, can't go release your sperms...IN WAR/ stamina must preserve...IN WAR, fire constantly burn...IN WAR/ RED...IT RED...IT RED...IT RED...IT RED.


if you cannot do it, if you are not prepared to do it...then you will die.
You race of cowards, you race of imbosiles, you race of good for nothings, if you cannot do what other men have done, what other nations have done, what other races have done, then you yourself shall die.

Repeat Verse:

See it deh know the innocent going up in vapors and/ propoganda spreading inna the sunday papers not even superman coulda save you with him cape cause/ Red-a judgement a blaze, blaze, ya/ and Babylon a gamble the youth dem life like racehourse/ and gi dem a uniform and shave dem head with razors/ and now the clock a strike war, don't be amazed cause/ inna dem churches tryin to save...saviours/

Damian Marley:

Hey! now wi fore parents sacrifice enough/ dem blood sweat and tears run like syrup/ any dany a revolution might erupt/ and they skys over kingston lighting up/ for the new generation rising up/ of youths now a days weh dem sighting up/ and through reasoning dem biding up/ searchign for the sign and the sign is us/ searching for the truth all you find is us/ searching for the troops still behind it's us/ the almighty we recruit and we come from the root/ we build like roach killing boot/ weh just can't done/ Rastafari design we tuff/ if a the fight for freedom, sign me up/ cause you Tell-Lie-Vision can't blind me up/ Soldiers and police dem wising up/ realizing they're no more right than us/ realizing there's no use fighting us,/ realizing their opening their eyes to see the same demoralizing life as us/ so we nah tek talk nor smiling up/ cause the word temper tantrum boiling up/ and who.../ calling the shots and nah buss none/ controlling the mind of the young/ Bring Down.../ bear famine, no rain nah fall/ from London to Dadeland mall all the son of the virgin bawl/ institute of the church IN WAR/ preaching and researching WAR/ practice and rehearsing WAR/ teaching and dem learing WAR/ instigating and urging WAR/ always keep alert in WAR/ cause man wi jump out a swerving car/ now bees and birds IN WAR/ and the freeks and nerds IN WAR/ and the straight and curves IN WAR/ forward and reverse IN WAR/ RED...IT RED...IT RED...IT RED...IT RED


if you cannot do it, if you are not prepared to do it...then you will die.
You race of cowards, you race of imbosiles, you race of good for nothings, if you cannot do what other men have done, what other nations have done, what other races have done, then you yourself shall die.

Elektrirongiga Tallinnast Pääskülla (Real)

Kodanikud reisijad!
Elektrirong Pääskülla väljub kolmandalt teelt
kell 23 ja 30 minutit.

Atsile Pääskülla sõitma pidin külla,
kokku nii lepitud sai.
Jookusga jaama ma jõudsin nii hilja,
kassas mul käimata jäi.
Akna alla platsi ma sisse sain võtta,
ajalehed lahti siis lõin.
Valjuhääldi ukse kohal ragisema hakkas,
hoolega kuulama jäin.

"Kodanikud reisijad!
Järgmine peatus Lilleküla."

Kõrvalpingil istusid auväärsed härrad,
jutt autohindadest käis.
Aga otse vastas mul kaks kena neidu,
pilk neile peatuma jäi.
Istusid kahekesi kanged ja külmad
nagu ei märkakski sind.
Kavatsesin alustada nendega juttu,
valjuhääldi hoiatas mind:

"Järgmine peatus Tondi,
kodanikud ärge hüpake libedale platvormile!"

Valjuhääldi lõpetas, uks läks järsku lahti,
südames külmaks mul lõi.
Rahvas hakkas nihelema, taskutes tuhnis,
saatust ma ootama jäin.
Vajusin kühmu ja tegin, et magan,
seisma ta kõrvale jäi.
Kõrva ääres kuulsin siis valjuhäälset juttu:
"Paren pileti davai."

Kodanikud reisijad! Järgmine peatus Hiiu.
Kodanikud sisenege vagunisse ja väljuge vagunist ainult uste kaudu!

Juhtuski nõnda, et viimased rublad
kontroler endale sain.
Aga sest rahast mul polnudki kahju,
kaaslased endale sain.
Sõitsime kolmekesi, puhusime juttu,
sõit nõnda meeldivaks sai.
Räägitud sai ära siis, et homme saame kokku,
valjuhääldi ütles siis nii.

"Lõpppeatus Pääsküla"

Nii sõitsin ma elektrirongiga
ja rahvas ka elektrirongiga
ja kontroll ka elektrironiga
ja neiud ka elektrirongiga,
nii sõitsin ma elektrirongiga.


One of the best worship videos from Ethiopia by Jossi Kassa.

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