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Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Listen Jossi (Yosef) Kassa- Misganaye: Ethiopian Spiritual (Christian) Song


The Hood (Ruff Ryders)

[Featuring Beanie Seagal InfraRed NuChild Drag On]

Shit this shit right here...is for the thugs in the street
Do yall here me?
Shit and this shit right here...will get you mugged in the street

[Beanie Seagal]
Beanie Segal hit hard and I'll wire ya jaw
Trademark niggas eyes give them perminant scars
Twist backwards never catch me rollin' cigars
Only cock and blow dro out of perservative jars
On the block serving like I never heard of the law
Cops hit the spot ** it, mad bro to bar
** crack, flip powder, I aint takin' a loss
Plus if I get snatched, its less time for the song
I was been known to stroll the block, hold the glock
Blow dro, pick up doe, reload the spot
I'm the shit with crushed ice and some arm and hammer
I'm the reason why smokers steal car antenna's
I get bricks, so you know I make big nicks
the size of Chiclets, that make you pricks sick
While you try to profit, i just flip quick
Ya niggas know my flow be sick, my doe be quick

Now when you wake up
I'm wiping the cold out your eys with the barrel of the gun
Holding your son, smoking Branson
Blowing smoke in your face, I want the ransom and some
His shit'll get the opposite of handsome
I mean I got to come clean
I've done bagged up and served every fiend MC in the feds magazine
I'm what y'all haven't seen
I swallow kerosene and piss out gassoline
Strike a match and burn the ** scene
I'm no joker - I could blow you in the smoke
and make your man a second hand smoker.
I'm so vulgar - I'm sendin' niggas straight back to their maker
Broke, with a PlayStation for a CD player, see me player?
I dont even play that shit
I just spit and have the whole hood sayin' my shit
Yall got a bible? Well pray in that shit
While I smoke a scripture, reload, niggas come to rip ya

Peep the illest shit that I ever wrote
Gun up in your mouth, hands around your throat
Choke nigga choke, I'm dope
Roll me up and smoke, on contact
Niggas react, and play me back
For doe, I'll murder ever nigga not on this track
I spit back, at any nigga claimin' he teflon
The best don? Be the next nigga get stepped on
A sick dude, type to ask God "You wanna battle?"
"I could care less, send me hell I like to travel"
After waxin' him, I wax you
Smack you, clap you, and thats two
Niggas I left lookin' like statues
I have to, bring it to these cowards that talk hard
Some jail shit? Never even walked through a junk yard
I thump hard
Make a nigga yell for crew quick
A true bitch, eat a nigga up like a chew-stick
Too rich, is what I plan to be in the 9-9
Its all mine, Fagots ride bench when its crunch time
So bump mine, make a nigga lean off the opium
You ethiopian
Willie niggas, we scoping 'em, and roping 'em
Do a nigga Rosewood style
Hangin' by his weak picture, callin' his moms and his child

Its Mysonne, lefty, gun up in the right palm
Poppin' niggas in their sleep so they die calm
Kill or be killed, thats the that I'm on
Its desparoto style, shooting at them side arm
I'm bomb, see I'm dope like heroin
And my guns got scopes, so they zero in
From here on in, know I fear no men
And muther** shootin' five, here go ten
Know that if you start a problem, there's no end
You tough? Fight death and be a hero then
Niggas call me Poppiseed, I'll pop your seed
And move bricks on the block thats too hot to breath
I'm a real type of nigga, that cock and squeeze
Y'all them second guess fagots, that cock and freeze
So I ** with real niggas, like The Lox and D
And yall niggas got problems, just watch and see

I'm the kid with the unlaced boots, but'll lace you
Leave a hole in your facial, the size of a bagel
All my bullets hit, never graze you
If you never was shit, I'ma promise you this
I'ma front page you, I'ma young'n
The first one there, and the last one to get to running
Unless you tell me the cops coming
Cuz I like to feel assed out, so when they trap me I blast out
I'm quiet my gun gotta bad mouth
I wake up with the mad south
You know how many chinks and jews
Drag's done dragged out, on a cash route?
Cuz when I walk in, stop the talking
I dont give a ** if its a nigga with a walkman
I'ma put him in a coffin
Soon as I step in
I'm runnin' up on the nigga with the thick lens
I'm tryin to get the benz with the thick rims
Double R, soon half of us'll goto jail
The rest? The studio, 16 bars to post bail

Freedom (Beenie Man)

Intro :
Chuh (laugh)
Babylon yuh betta turn wi loose
God knows, turn wi loose now
Sing along, a little song
An guh a ting like

Freedom, for some I am bawling
Babylon yuh pull di chain from mi han
Mi still under yuh Babylon system
God knows, Freedom for some I am bawling
Oh Selassie I, rastafarian calling
Beenie Man a sing a ting

Verse 1:
From the day mi know miself, man a born of mammal
Although yuh smart, dem sen yuh guh a Jamal
Teach yuh how fi spell gun and nuclear weapon
How fi spell politics and greet politician
Nowhere in the Bible where those words come from
Dem restore wi name an class us as African
When con is a short name for condemnation
I nuh know bout di I, I a true Ethiopian
Christopher Columbus, bout him discover island
Discover what when him come spot the Indian
An a him tun roun an all enslave black man
Muslini an him friend dem tief the gold and all di diamond
Who steal wi name, check the queen wheh deh a England
A she build the pope and introduce vatican
From Constantine, Julius aand all Pope John
Now dem reach Paul i wonder if dem want to expand
Queen Elie-zabeth, all she is a next one
Well mi naah guh too stress me just a look a explanation
This is the word from the black man


Verse 2:
I say man a true needle kill the dragon and eagle
Murda di pope wheh a defender of evil
Long time dem bwoi deh a pressure black people
Have wi like a slave under chain and s**le
Now wi buss out inna muscle
Well a long time mi deh warn dem fi look to the east
Warning to the dragon and the mark of the beast
Mek dem a galong suh like dem caan tun discease
Call on the Selassie wheh a blow all di breeze
Weeping wailing, nashing of teeth
God judgement, is only certain man see it
Pope Constantine inna him grave an all a grief
This is no Pelican brief
My Speech


Verse 3:
People, well unnuh clean out yuh ears an listen to mi lyrics
Yuh nuh hear bout di Lieshah di ball head prophet
Word of Elijah, di man used to spread it
John di most righteous man yet still wasnt a prophet
He could not be God, dem haffi tun him inna baptist
This is the meaning of ma lyrics in these times
Mandela come an try it
Well him never reach far, prison wall di man face it
Malcolm X try an a coppershot end it
All try and dem beat it an kill it
Marcus Garvey try, a fi rice dem sell it
Only we inna di music business can stop it
Follow Beenie Man and all live it


Astronomical (K-Rino)

Ladies and gentleman what you are about to witness
is an experiment that will change the world
What we have lying here is what's known as a lyricist
As you can see the subject is completely subdued
He is at total physical and mental submission
The mechanism you see attached to his head is called a thought transferal device
It is activated by voice command
The subject has also been programmed to respond only to the sound of my voice
When I give the word the subject will automatically begin to release thoughts
One verse will instantly extract ever ounce of lyrical ability from his brain
rendering him a vegetable
Ok everyone stand back (I'm astronomical) Go
Rhymes designed to murder ya lines from the mind murderer
Time for blind massacre words be chasing after ya
I'm astronomical (I'm astronomical)

Unexpected disasters
Bastards testing the master
Blessing the masses with paragraphs that will blast ya to smithereens
The guillotine
That fell from the mezzanine
Just landed but started falling back in 1917
By whatever means, I'm a sever spleens
While I perfectly describe a thousand murders that I never seen
Your flow is comical mine is astronomical
Watch the phenomenal writer blow holes thru your abdominal
Then I'll plummet thru the sky like a loud comet
Lyrics make the sun bead thoughts that make a cloud vomit
Snitches lay next to shotgun shells
Once he dead man I promise you he not gon tell
For the hell I spiked the kool-aid with scorpion venom
If some alien's attacks don't run to me for help I probably sent 'em
To take me out you gonna need a few more hundred men
One thousand is my ranking on a scale from one to ten
I leave ya staff guessing in the lab stressing
Paragraph blessing here's a math lesson
Action, when I take your soul from you that's subtraction
When I split you in two halves then you a fraction
Fast or slow its best ya know not to test the flow, its [K-Rino]
I'm colder than a homeless Eskimo
I'm a potential mental patient
A science fictional manifestation of another mans imagination (ugh)

Hmm. This is unusual
The process has been successfully completed; however
he seems To have more brain power than we anticipated
This monitor indicates that we can [otentially extract one more
which will double the amount of skill we are trying to extract
I'm about to attempt go into his mind and gather one more. Go

My raps will shatter anatomical compositions to shrapnel
Twist you up horizontally, vertically, and diagonal
I'm the scary one, paragraph killer copied by everyone
Rappers mangled so bad it turned vultures to vegetarians
I'm laced with flows so sharp each word places
Five slashes like a blade that made faces look like K-Swiss
I flame throw, you maintain the same flow
In cloud battles I make colored blood stains drip out of the rainbow
My life get to the point where it don't matter what you spice with
I'm immune to stab wounds he kept jugging me till the knife quit
I was foreseen by an Ethiopian queen
Not in the past but in the future 3017
I'm a live threat that survived seven hundred twenty five threats
You witnessing a prelude the real me hasn't arrived yet (ugh uh)
My rough courses are taught by unseen forces
In a cold cave with a witch, two leprechauns, and a sorceress
I transcend, concentrate ya levels no man been standing
With a cello on my chin playing mentally with my hands in
When he slept all you heard was mad screams
Cuz he was dreaming that he kept waking up from bad dreams
And each dream contained a hundred more dreams with different scenes
Prolonging paralysis with multiplied recurring themes
And I do it smooth
My epilogues making the music move
Twist your brain up with my hand and mash it back up like a Rubix Cube
Historical my eloquence is categorical
Travel thru portals the immortal metaphorical oracle
Made provisions to purchase ammunition and construct criticism
And slaughter kitchens where I mass produce apparitions

Rhymes designed to murder ya lines from the mind murderer
Time for blind massacre words be chasing after ya
I'm astronomical (I'm astronomical)

I can't breathe. This wasn't supposed to happen
He somehow reversed the effects of the procedure
Ha ha ha ha ha ha (*K-Rino laughing*)

[Hook] - 2X

Beschaafde Tango (Robert Long)

Kent u dat je koopt gehaast iets bij de supermarkt,
't is niet zo druk dus één kassiere zit al klaar.
Maar bij de kassa's staat een heer en die legt zoveel pakjes neer,
dat het wel lijkt of ie inslaat voor een jaar.
En net als alles is geteld,
is er gebrek aan wisselgeld,
dus de kassiere weggesneld,
en jij kunt wachten tot je smelt.
Dan zou je toch wel even graag heel beschaafd, willen zeggen;

Hee, hoerenjager donder op,
met je verlopen pooierskop,
met je pokdalige gezicht,
bezopen patser,
vieze nicht,
infantiele impotente ouwe piel.

Kent u dat je staat te wachten op het stadsvervoer,
er staat een rij maar jij sluit netjes achteraan.
En na een lang en koud kwartier dan komt de bus in het vizier,
en jij als laatste wilt dan net naar binnen gaan.
De bus puilt uit maar 't kan noch net,
je denkt wel dat je het nog redt,
dan komt een dame in korset,
die voorkruipt en jou buiten zet.
Dan zou je toch wel even graag heel beschaafd, willen zeggen;

Verrotte gore ouwe snol,
jij uitgescheten kouwe drol,
je bent een vieze loopse hond,
je kop is net een blote kont,
verlepte sloerie,
lijpe trut,
portiek hoer, slet,
spinazie kut.

Kent u dat mevrouw, mijnheer u koopt een nieuwe fiets,
want auto rijden in het weekend wordt te duur.
Het is een gezond en wijs besluit dus zondagsochtends rijdt u uit,
om te genieten van de zon en de natuur.
Dat is jaren niet gebeurd,
u ruikt hoe heerlijk alles geurt,
daar komt een brommer aangescheurd,
die jullie haast de weg af sleurt.
Dan zou je toch wel even graag heel beschaaft, willen zeggen:

Hee, vuile klootzak, parasiet,
krijg toch de pleuris stuk verdriet,
en ook de tyfus kale neet,
hee kanker lijer lik m'n reet,
lang harig tuig, stuk onbenul,
syfilis lijer,

Ethiopians Live It Out  (Burning Spear)

One a dem come
They couldn't live it out
Two a dem come
They couldn't live it out
Three a dem come
They couldn't live it out
Four a dem come
They couldn't live it out

Ethiopians live it out
Ethiopians live it out
Ethiopians live it out
Ethiopians live it out

Oh, chiney men come
They couldn't live it out
Coolie men come
They couldn't live it out
Syrian come
They couldn't live it out
White men come
They couldn't live it out

Ethiopians live it out
Oh we dweet
Ethiopians live it out
Oh forever
Ethiopians live it out...

Don't Interrupt The Sorrow (Joni Mitchell)

Don't interrupt the sorrow
Darn right
In flames our prophet witches
Be polite
A room full of glasses
He says "Your notches liberation doll"
And he chains me with that serpent
To that Ethiopian wall

Anima rising
Queen of Queens
Wash my guilt of Eden
Wash and balance me
Anima rising
Uprising in me tonight
She's a vengeful little goddess
With an ancient crown to fight

Truth goes up in vapors
The steeples lean
Winds of change patriarchs
Snug in your bible belt dreams
God goes up the chimney
Like childhood Santa Claus
The good slaves love the good book
A rebel loves a cause

I'm leaving on the 1:15
You're darn right
Since I was seventeen
I've had no one over me
He says "Anima rising-
So what-
Petrified wood process
Tall timber down to rock!"

Don't interrupt the sorrow
Darn right
He says "We walked on the moon
You be polite."
Don't let up the sorrow
Death and birth and death and birth
He says "Bring that bottle kindly
And I'll pad your purse-
I've got a head full of quandary
And a mighty, mighty, thirst."

Seventeen glasses
Rhine wine
Milk of the Madonna
He don't let up the sorrow
He lies and he cheats
It takes a heart like Mary's these days
When your man gets weak

Hip-Hopera (Bounty Killer)

Intro, Chorus:

Michael Jackson brought you Thriller

It made all the gun-man hollar

Mack 11 guard your grilla

First verse: Lauryn Hill, Bounty Killer

( Lauryn )

Why you gwan, watch out for Babylon, MC's babble on and on I phenom,

bomb like Ethiopians, not Italions, Queen Asheba, balance like a Libra,

rain like meteor storms, that change forms like the pillars of Islam,

make the best rule, and ** the rest who'll, it takes one drop of

purity to clean the cess pool, the next crew, will be comprised of kings

and queens wearing crowns and holiday scepters, facing Mecca, making

records, raiding biblio-techas, I sip nectars with gods in the

streetapparel, keep the path straight and narrow while we bombin' on

Pharaoh, so Bounty Killer pour the sorrel let's make plans for tommorow,

( Bounty Killer )

Cause if it's down a Sodom and Gommorah Refugees we nah go so


Second verse: Bounty Killer, Wyclef

( Bounty Killer )

So talk weel if you vex, try and jump in a mi chest, you Mr. Punk, well

come and do your next best, mi end you distress, mi lay you to rest,

askel 45, Fugees dem tech. Well talk well if you vex, try and jump inna

mi chest, you Mr. Punk, well come and do your next best, mi end you

distress, mi lay you to rest, rappers from the east and rappers from the

west, well

( Wyclef )

Yo, five years old I heard shots out the window, I thought that it was

Zorro, driving in from Mexico, I asked my father Pablo who the hell is

this Paco, he said It's Bounty Killer, He's driving in from Montego.

( Bounty Killer )

That's when shots start to echo from yah so and from deh so, well that

is the life of a nigger from the ghetto, moving 40 kilo, from here to

Puerto Rico, smoke my manifico, but i never do perico.

( Wyclef )

Yo, this is a sound clash, you ain't fit for the job, you're vagina,

and you're making my cock hard, you wanna rap, here's presents, go rap

it in a box, you versus me is like a mouse versus a ox, Wyclef,

preacher's son, I sing a hym the lights get dim, reflection of the end,

is your face facing a coffin, oops, to abstract so you kill me with

gaps, figments of your imagination, you never delt with incarceration.

( Bounty Killer )

Thought i heard you want to be my rival, askel 45 a it a idol, them

start war end no seek survival, Refugees we gonna treat them

detrimental, Punks, fools.

Bridge: Wyclef, Bounty

Another sound boy dies, slow deth, Refugee Camp, Bounty Killer......


Third verse: Praz, Wyclef, Praz, Bounty Killer

( Praz )

Through the temples of doom somehow we managed to bloom like blossoms,

by any means necessary said Malcolm, nights before battle we play dead

like possums, mimimizing our losses like caution to the maximum,

stratiges for the Refugees, how many mics do you trip, I say not to many

Yo, which man runs from my magnum,

Haitian shot a man

Them blame Jamaicans


( Bounty Killer )

Yeah, yeah yeah.....

Outro: Bounty Killer, Wyclef

Well talk well if you vex, try and jump in a mi chest, you Mr. Punk,

well come and do your next best, mi end you distress, mi lay you to

rest, askel 45, New York gun take, well talk if you vex, try and jump in

a mi chest, so Mr. Punk, well come and do your next best, mi end you

distress, mi lay you to rest, askel 45, California take, well, well

( Wyclef )

Bounty Killer on the borderline, Refugee camp, Wyclef, L. Boogie,

Prazwell and it don't stop.

Weh Mi Belang (Mutabaruka)

west indian?
den a which country i belang?
chinese - china
indian - india
european - europe
west indian?
den a which country i belang
negro - black
but negroland no
nigga - stupid
but stupidland no
west yes
bui i nu indian
den a which country i belang?

i affe guh trace
my original place
try fe fine out
wa mi is all about
a come ya fram de east
dat i know
but in de east
there is no negro
dat i caa figga
west indian?
a which country i belang?


a rememba a land
weh man ack like man
dem use fe call wi

Elektrirongiga Tallinnast Pääskülla (Real)

Kodanikud reisijad!
Elektrirong Pääskülla väljub kolmandalt teelt
kell 23 ja 30 minutit.

Atsile Pääskülla sõitma pidin külla,
kokku nii lepitud sai.
Jookusga jaama ma jõudsin nii hilja,
kassas mul käimata jäi.
Akna alla platsi ma sisse sain võtta,
ajalehed lahti siis lõin.
Valjuhääldi ukse kohal ragisema hakkas,
hoolega kuulama jäin.

"Kodanikud reisijad!
Järgmine peatus Lilleküla."

Kõrvalpingil istusid auväärsed härrad,
jutt autohindadest käis.
Aga otse vastas mul kaks kena neidu,
pilk neile peatuma jäi.
Istusid kahekesi kanged ja külmad
nagu ei märkakski sind.
Kavatsesin alustada nendega juttu,
valjuhääldi hoiatas mind:

"Järgmine peatus Tondi,
kodanikud ärge hüpake libedale platvormile!"

Valjuhääldi lõpetas, uks läks järsku lahti,
südames külmaks mul lõi.
Rahvas hakkas nihelema, taskutes tuhnis,
saatust ma ootama jäin.
Vajusin kühmu ja tegin, et magan,
seisma ta kõrvale jäi.
Kõrva ääres kuulsin siis valjuhäälset juttu:
"Paren pileti davai."

Kodanikud reisijad! Järgmine peatus Hiiu.
Kodanikud sisenege vagunisse ja väljuge vagunist ainult uste kaudu!

Juhtuski nõnda, et viimased rublad
kontroler endale sain.
Aga sest rahast mul polnudki kahju,
kaaslased endale sain.
Sõitsime kolmekesi, puhusime juttu,
sõit nõnda meeldivaks sai.
Räägitud sai ära siis, et homme saame kokku,
valjuhääldi ütles siis nii.

"Lõpppeatus Pääsküla"

Nii sõitsin ma elektrirongiga
ja rahvas ka elektrirongiga
ja kontroll ka elektrironiga
ja neiud ka elektrirongiga,
nii sõitsin ma elektrirongiga.

I'll Take You There (Big Daddy Kane)

<Staple Singers: oh! Big Daddy!>

Hear ye, hear ye, from far and near
The one they call the Big Daddy Kane is here
To deliver a message to everyone everywhere
So listen up party people cause this you should hear
It's a story of a far-away atmosphere
That you will find very rare and far beyond compare
All is sincere and rather debonair
So let's all gather around, because...

<Hmm...yeah...I'll take you there...oh!> (x4)

Off to a place you thought was unreal
Where people of the world do know how to chill
Everything remains cool and calm where you are
And if you ask about crime, they all'll say, <Hah?!>
They wouldn't even know what you mean
Cause it's a different program, y'all know the routine
Where people work hard for a decent buck
And you can wear truck jewelry without being stuck
Never wondering whether your house is all right
So go leave your VCR on the porch overnight
And as for the people they all stand proud
Senior citizens party with the hip-hop crowd
You can hang at a jam till the break of dawn
And leave without your Bally shoes getting stepped on
Everyone walks around in their right mind and all
Because crack ain't nothing but a hole in the wall
So those who wish to live with glare and flair
There's a place that this can be done, and yo...

<Hmm...yeah...I'll take you there...oh!> (x4)

What I discovered may just only seem
As something that you find in your wildest dream
But! on the real tip, you will see
I'm not playing, what I'm saying is reality
There is a place people live with joy
That the next man cannot come along and destroy
No one faces problems, no one says sorry
And war ain't nothing but a game on Atari
This message also applies to other nations
Like Africa for instance, where there's starvation
But if you come with me, you're sure to see
Ethiopians can eat in Red Lobster for free
And people that you saw before that were poor
Will never ever see the situation no more
Cause in this world everyone's a millionaire
<Is there WIC?>
Are you sick?
And what the hell is welfare?
Fashions are smashing for all to flaunt
And we can get anything that we want
So don't think you can't afford expensive design
Because fresh Gucci wear is only $5.99
So come ye all and attend this affair
As we journey to the promised land, and...

<Hmm...yeah...I'll take you there...oh!> (x3)

Since I'm the type of guy that laughs and jokes
This may sound funny, but seriously folks
It's a shame that people today must live
In a world that's operating oh so negative
But I found a place designed especially for you
Where peace and harmony is everyone's culture
So let's all gather around before this world corrupts
And we don't even need Scotty to beam us up

<Hmm...yeah...I'll take you there...oh!> (x4)

<Big Daddy! Oh...hmm!> (x9)

<I'll take you there...all right> (x4)


One of the best worship videos from Ethiopia by Jossi Kassa.

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