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Wednesday, 23 April 2014
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Sleepy (The Ataris)

It's frivolous, it's pointless,
I'm waiting here in line.
I'd buy a cup of coffee
but I just wanna kill some time.
I'm watching you,
now, I'm staring at you.
I figure that you notice,
but you really don't have a clue. (a clue)
Time sure does fly
when you're just a lonely boy,
Waiting for someone to come along
and ruin your fun.
Sitting all alone with that quiet smile
on your face.
I pretend I'm not interested
by staring off into space.
Why did I act like I didn't even care?
Now I wish that you could only be there.
A game of cat and mouse that curiosity has
just call it pointless...call it what you will.

Summer '79 (The Ataris)

Our last day of summer, 1979. Gotta live it up one time before it's over, we well make history tonight.

Out at the drive in, all of our closest friends will be sneaking in. You'll be spending you'r whole night trying everything you can to get that girl to notice you.

"We Are The Champions" playing loud on the radio station. Evryone sing along with these anthems of our generation. Cruising down pacific coast highway, pull the top down crawl into the backseat. Let's creat anthems of our own tonight.

Down at the roller rink all the cool kids crowding around the air hockey table.
"Hey my best friend likes you!" I hear you shout as me as you go skateing by.

Sneak out of you'r window darling, lets live like outlaws honey. We'll never look back.

Climb out on this rooftop and stare at the city lights below us. Thise world belongs to us tonight. The kids will keep raging on and they aint ever gonna stop.

In Spite Of The World (The Ataris)

I woke up from this dream to find that I was sleeping
So I went back to sleep and I dreamed I was awake.
I locked myself inside but you were on the outside
I stood outside and watched but I couldn't let you in.
Maybe you could see inside yourself.

Wrote a letter to myself, but I couldn't bare to send it.
So I tore it up and wrote a letter to a friend.

If only you could know that growing up means letting go
Maybe then you'd grow up by yourself.

I'm growing up again...
I'm learning to accept that all good things must come to an end.
I'm growing up again...
I'm trying to understand what it's like
To let go of a friend.

Carnage (The Ataris)

You came clearer than ever before
You did what no one else can
Just never follow up when I'm awake
Because I'd hurt you. You'd hurt me too.

You are a dream. This is the longest time I've been with someone
There's no explaining, no escaping
You are for real and nothing will ever come between us
There's no need to look to deep
I'll just never go to sleep

I felt your body as I remember
Put me to shame when I was through
I put you down inside myself
But you manage to do it. You always do

Did you know you missed the point of dreaming
When you said you needed more and more
You ended up with less

This time I have you with me
I pulled you out when I got up
I beat your pretty face
I will make this one real

Everything wet; pillow with tears
Sheets with sweat. I'm tired
Do it when I'm here

What These Bitches Want From A Nigga (DMX)

[DMX] Uhh..[Sisqo] DMX, Sisqo[DMX] Yo.. what these bitches want from a nigga?
[Sisqo] Dru Hill, yaknahmsayin?[DMX] What these bitches want from a nigga?
[Sisqo] HmmmMMMMMM (Ruff Ryders) DMX break em off
[DMX] What these bitches want from a nigga?[Sisqo] Break em off, some..[DMX]

Aiyyo!! Dog, I meet bitches, discrete bitches
Street bitches, slash, Cocoa Puff sweet bitches (WHAT?)
Make you wanna eat bitches, but not me
Y'all niggaz eat off the plate all you want but not D (UHH)
I ** with these hoes from a distanceThe instant they start to catch feelings
I start to stealin they shitthen I'm out just like a thief in the night
I sink my teeth in to bite
You thinkin life, I'm thinkin more like - whassup tonight?
Come on ma, you know I got a wife
and even though that pussy tight I'm not gon' jeapordize my life (aight?)
So what is it you want from a nigga? (WHAT?)
I gave you, you gave me - BITCH, I blazed you, you blazed me (c'mon)
Nothin more, nothin less, but you at my door
willin to confess that it's the best you ever tested
Better than all the rest, I'm like, "Aight girlfriend, hold up
I gave you, what you gave me Boo, a nut (f'real)

"Chorus: Sisqo
What these bitches want from a nigga? What you want.. (what you want)
What these bitches want from a nigga? Really want..
What these bitches want from a nigga? I've been keepin you up on it
Bling bling'n, on that jewelry girl I bought it
What these bitches want from a nigga? Aiyyo, tell me what you want from me
Baby tell me what you want from me! (So what you want?)[DMX]

There was Brenda, LaTisha, Linda, Felicia (okay)
Dawn, LeShaun, Ines, and Alicia (ooh)Teresa, Monica, Sharron, Nicki (uh-huh)
Lisa, Veronica, Karen, Vicky (damn)
Cookies, well I met her in a ice cream parlor (aight?)
Tonya, Diane, Lori and Carla (okay)
Marina (uhh) Selena (uhh) Katrina (uhh) Sabrina (uhh)
About three Kim's (WHAT?) LaToya, and Tina (WHOO!)
Shelley, Bridget, Kathy, Rasheeda (uh-huh)Kelly, Nicole, Angel, Juanita (damn!)
Stacy, Tracie, Rohna, and Ronda (WHAT?)
Donna, Ulanda (WHAT?) Tawana, and Wanda (WHAT?)
were all treated fairly but yet and still
bitches is on some other shit now that I'm **in wit Dru Hill
But I'ma keep it real (WHAT?)What the ** you want from a nigga? (c'mon)
What the ** you want from a nigga? (c'mon)Chorus (w/ minor variations)[DMX]

Aiyyo, I think about when a nigga didn't have (YEAH)
and a nigga told a joke, and the bitches didn't laugh
See now I do the math, I see if you got this
and this and this to some cats, that nigga's the shit (aight?)
And that's all they **in with, but see these bitches don't know
If these bitches ain't for real, these bitches don't go
Knock on door, no show, I'm sleep tryin to creep
wit yo' best friend, put it in, dig deep[Sisqo - singing over dub chorus]

X let me talk to em for a minuteOooohhh I know I know it's so hard to be
a victim of my realityHeard you callin me names, said I was trife
One thing you gotta know, I'ma be a nigga for life
Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh yeahhhhOahahohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Chorus 2X (w/ Sisqo ad-libs)

Zui Chang De Dian Yin (We Five)

wo men de kai shi
shi hen chang de dian ying
fang ying le san nian
wo piao dou hai liu zhe
bing shang de ba lei
nao hai zhong hai zai xuan zhuan
wang zhe ni
man man wang ji ni

mung long de shi jian
wo men liu le duo yuan
bing dao hua de juan
juan qi le shei gai bian
ru guo zai chong lai
hui bu hui shao xian lang bei
ai shi bu shi bu kai kou cai zhen gui

zai gei wo liang fen zhong
rang wo ba ji yi jie cheng bing
bie rong hua le yan lei
ni zhuang dou hua le
yao wo zen me ji de
qi dao ni jiang wo wang le ba
qi dao ni jiang wo wang le ba
ni shuo ni hui ku
bu shi yin wei zai hu

repeat # * *

Low Life Mutha**as (Poison Clan)

(Intro from "Freddy's Dead")
(Dolemite: "Yeah there's these two low life mutha**as ...")

Verse 1
[Debonaire] Check it out it's the Poison Clan
Debonaire Drugz and the Money Man
Low life niggas you see the Clan
And say that it figures
You can pull my file and see I
Talk about hoes and shit that's wild
'Cause I don't give a god damn
Bein' that ghetto hood that I am
Gamblin' for bread; my Smif-n-Wessun
Beats any spread
You can't play me like Atari
Mother**ers tryin' to will be sorry
'Cause Debonaire's far from a sucker
Another low-life mother**er
[JT Money] Mack-Daddy, another name for pimp
Worried 'bout nothin', just struttin' with a gangsta limp
Since the youth, had dreams of riches
Makin' money by pimpin' bitches
Parents hate me around their daughters
Knowin' their kids sell for quarters
And I don't pay any more
'Cause that's all she's worth to me, the low-life whore
I mean, she's makin' me rich
And only God knows I love a bitch
Who keeps me strong in the game
Pimp your little sister, won't feel shame
I go bitch-berserk, 'cause if your mother's
On my dick, I'll put the bitch to work

Verse 2
[Debonaire] It's a jack, so get against the wall
And stop lookin' for a cop to call
'Cause if you do so much as twitch
You'll end up somewhere in a ditch
'Cause I'm like that; you ain't heard?
Mother**ers had to spread the word
This kid, I once shot him
'Cause his Cadillac had too much bottom
That's a good enough reason
To me, any season is shootin' season
For a wild mother**er
Debonaire's never gettin' played like a sucker
Niggas know that I go get thugs,
And come back shootin' buck-shots and slugs
[JT Money] Yeah, mother**ers fear me
But most be even scared to come near me
They know I'm stampedin', leavin'
a bitch unconscious and bleedin'
Puttin' bitches on the 'ave
And when a nigga see a bitch, you say he gotta have
But he will pay to ** MY bitch
That's when I get my percentage, which
Keeps a nigga like me eatin' shrimp
And makin' JT a mother**in' pimp!

Verse 3
[Debonaire] Debonaire's bad; the Devil's Dad
Goin' on like I'm mentally mad
See, I'm livin' like a villan
You can look at me and see I'm top billin'
I'm a goddamn player
A bitch ain't shit to me once I slay 'er
Once I get that ass,
Best believe that bitch is gettin' left in the low class
I know how to act
The bitch won't ever talk to me behind my back
'Cause if so, she'll end up wit'
Pictures on the milk-box for talkin' shit!
[JT Money] A low life nigga
After I ** a bitch, I egg her
But then a brother gets mad
But then I leave it up to the Devil's Dad
'Cause when niggas start to roll
Money gots to chill 'cause I'm on parole
Professional hit-man
Throwin' a blow no nigga can withstand
It gots me bent
Owin' me and not payin' every cent?
JT Money's something far from a sucker
Another low-life mother**er

Tam Lin (Mediaeval Baebes)

What gar's ye pu the rose Janet
What gars ye break the tree
I'll come and go by carter haugh
And ask me leave of thee.
He's ta'en her by the milk white hand
And by the grass green sleeve
He's ta'en her by the milk white hand
And by the grass green sleeve
He's ta'en her by the milk white hand
And by the grass green sleeve
And by the grass green sleeve
He's led her to the fairy ground
And spierd at her nae leave
He's led her to the fairy ground
And spierd at her nae leave
He's led her to the fairy ground
And spierd at her nae leave
He's led her to the fairy ground
A word I winna lie Janet
The truth to thee I'll tell
My father was a noble knight
And loved hunting well
And on a cold and frosty day
Down from my horse I fell
And on a cold and frosty day
Down from my horse I fell

Again (Boa)

Again (Konglish)
Heem up shi geu daen nah mahn ji kyuh boh
goh suh eet nae yo
Neul gah kkah oon geu guh ri ae suh geu ruh kae nah
Geu dae ae chin gool nae gah sarang haet dduhn
sah shil ah pae
Dah reun yae gin soh yohng up jji mahn

Geu rae yo geu daen waen ji geu dae ah pae jah shin up ssuh
Nahn duh wae myun hahn guhn ji mollah
Hah ji mahn nae ji nahn ee byul dwi roh dduh oh reun guhn
Nae gaen hahng sahng geu dae yuh ssuh yo

Ee gi juh gin nah reul yong suh hae jwuh yo (boh goh shi puh)
Heem ee deul myun hahng sahng nahn mahl haet jjyo (sarang hae yo)
Mit jjin ah nah yo nahn ddoh jah shin up ssuh doh mahng
chi goh shi puh jil ddaen
Neul gi uk hae yo nah reul ool li myun gin geu ri oom eul

Uh neu nahl noon dduh boh ni ah chim haet sahl deung ji goh suh
Nae ah peu roh wah eet neun geu dae goh mah wuh yo
Bi roh soh nae jin shil chaht kkae hae joon geu dae jung mahl
Ee moh deun gae kkoom eun ah ni jyo

*Heng bok hahn dae jah kkoo noon mool ee nah yo (boh goh shi puh)
Chah mah wuht dduhn geu ah peum mahn keum nahn (sarang hae yo)
Ji kyuh bwah jwuh yo geu daen mahl ahn hae doh nae gah
oon geu ah peum moh doo
Ee jeul soo eet kkae nahn ddoh sae rohp kkae noh ryuk hae yo

Sarang hae yo, sarang hahl kkae yo

Neul jwae in chuh rum nah neun mi ahn hahn mahm gah
yuh yah hah nah
Geu ruhn il up sseul kkuh yah choh rah hahn yahk sohk
jwuh yah hah nah bwah
Nah mahl hah jyah nah geu mahm nah hae ah ryuh bwah
Ah rah jwuh nae ji geum eun ee guht mahn ee chwae suhn ee
rahn guhl

Geu dae neu kki neun mahm ee hah nah neun goh baek
hae jool kkae yo
Nah geu dae reul bah rah boh goh eet neun ee soon gahn
Noon eul gahm kko ddeu neun geu ahn ae doh mah juh boh
goh peul mahn keum
Geu moh seup eul nahn won hae yo


Boh goh shi puh,sarang hae yo

Kilmeny (Mediaeval Baebes)

Kilmeny, Kilmeny, where have you been?
Lang hae we sought baith holt and dean;
By burn, by ford, by greenwood tree,
Yet you are halesome and fair to see.
Kilmeny look'd up wi' lovely grace,
But nae smile was seen on Kilmeny's face;
As still was her look, and as still was her e'e,
As the stillness that lay on the emerant lea,
Or the mist that sleeps on a waveless sea
Kilmeny had been where the cock never crew,
Where the rain never fell, and the wind never blew.
But it seemed as the harp of the sky had rung,
And the airs of heaven played round her tongue,
When she spoke of the lovely forms she had seen,
And a land where sin had never been;
A land of love and a land of light,
Withouten sun, or moon, or night;



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