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Sunday, 20 April 2014
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Listen Moham Kondu Njan - Shesham Kaazhchayil(1983)


Mohammed Ali (Faithless)

If all you keep hearing it so long you will see me as
a super star and you'll have time to waste with your
minions and tink
I see your face in front of me,
Still grainy from that old black and white TV
My whole family silenced,
Watching you shape destiny with your 2 hands,
Faster than the eye can see.


You know what skinny little me started to struggle,
10 years old suddenly bold
Cause I resolved to live like my hero in the ring,
Be smart never give an inch,
No retreat when I'm wrapped up
Respect from teachers, Red Necks
And creatures who attack in a pack
Like incensed never seen the light not before or
Since a young prince
And I remain convinced of his invincibility
Athletic agility, virility,
Seen your free spirit for every through eternity stings
Like a bee Mr Muhammed Ali

I want you to know
You are the o-riginal (x2)

Your achievements defy belief from the belly
of the beast Rising like yeast,
My release from low self esteem
Came when I saw you rapping on my TV screen.
Float like a butterfly,
That describes my walk to school after fight night
I felt so cool cause I was at place too,
Love myself born slippy
Outta love for you,
And I knew that someday people would love me too.
None of that heckling about my black skin got through,
I would walk bare foot through hell for you,
It was how I felt back then I would still do for you,
So accept these humble words of praise,
And my gratitude for those glorious days
And your victorious ways,
Instilled in the young minds,
Skill sublime yours to mine!

I want to know who you are!
I want to know who you are!
I want to know who you are!

Brodels (311)

Ooh, you know we pepper you
With a sonic assault sidestepin' you
I cannot think of a better way
That we could celebrate freedom
Than make up a set of goals and cold beat 'em
See dumb verbal tags like audio spaghetti
Give a shout to the one they call Yeti
I bet he put the cabash on any foes whatsoever Like original brodel Trevor
Positive vibe merchant grandson of Lord Buckley
Scottish Ralston shows up if you're lucky
Ad Raspler the Swede, a friend indeed
He's keeping an eye on the other guy's greed These are 311 characters I dubbed everyone
The story ain't over but my rhyme is done

It was the year that I first touched ground
So I grabbed the microphone and I got down
Just like James Brown gather ‘round of our sight and sound
Pound for pound we throw down rather profound
I'll put you in another world, I can't hear you
Like having phone ** with a deaf girl
No doubt, we got the jams that'll smack ya
I penned three books of lyricsa; 2 for action, 1 for backup
'Cuz I'm a cold rockin' brother, got transistor tunes
And it feels real good to get close to you

The brodels is the nazz, and the nazz knows where it's at
The brodels is the nazz, who knows a cat who can feed a cat
The goal is to be a poet and a carpenter
To be one who loves, to be one who works
The nazz not something that can be given
The brodel is inside you, it comes from within

When I feel into the sea
When the world came and kissed me
Transformed my shit, told the shark I was a dolphin
Swam quick funny though
Piranhas chilled and laughed at
The way that I took off my polka dots on top of that
The whales know I'm quick, watch out
And I get funky fresh, as for the fishes, I'm lit luminous
I'm not nouveau techno, I glow like a glacial
In skin that swims faster than speed I am
I be dropped out of nothing I will return to nothing
Rotate my style, my rhyme, my way, magician of a rhythm
Lover of animals, damn, I wanna hear 'em
Aquatic my way, I got soul shape

Well I'm 6 foot 3 and like Mohammed Ali
I float like a butterfly and sting like poison ivy
Drive a ‘69 Lincoln, suicide doors
Around the town, I'm slinking fat subs of course We're the greatest show on earth
You know we turn it out daily
In and out of town like Barnum and Bailey
I know that is a simile, but I couldn't resist From Solomon Roadie for the PJ's
I don't think he'll be pissed
I eat a Cobb salad, smoked fish, duck, or clam chowder
Chill with Indica and Guinness
Steer clear of white powder
I run into my brother, give him a pound and a yodel
They know my word is bond, talkin' bout the brodels

The brodels is the nazz, and the nazz knows where it's at
The brodels is the nazz, who knows a cat who can feed a cat
The goal is to be a poet and a carpenter
To be one who loves, to be one who works
The nazz not something that can be given
The brodel is inside you it comes from within

And we're fresh, dude, just check my man P
He said, "I will not muddle my mind with impertinency"
Lost a lot in Vegas, plays a lot of Sega
Saw a phrase that he likes and put it on his leg And we're fresh dude just check my man D he said
Comin' in ruff and tuff, all systems are tweakin'
People all over the world, they must be thinkin'
All the shit that we kickin', our shoes must be stinkin'

(I Know I Got) Skillz (Shaquille O'Neal)

featuring Def Jef

Intro (Shaq):

Yo Jef why don't you give me a hoopa beat or something something I can go
to the park to
yeah there you go allright I like that I like that
it sound dope

(Bust 'em in the eye Shaq)

Verse 1 (Shaq):

You wanna fight? come fight me
I'll hit ya with the "wa psh psh psh" see see
I get dirty after dark I'll treat like Speilberg
you get your**kicked in the park,
you don't beleive me, the proof is in the pudding,
little boy in the hood, way before Cuba Gooding,
I flip scrpits with the mad pa-style, freeze
music please,
I dribble rhymes like Basketball-ems,
people call me E.T.,
(what's that Shaq man?)
you better than Shaq-tack, fool, shut up liar,
I lean on the statue of liberty when I get tired,
than I'll punch you in the stomach, I don't give a heck,
(hey yo, why you bug a hooker like that?)
yo, she breated on my neck,
people walk around like yall, they got charred,
but I'm big like Gorilla, 6-7, large,
I kick rhymes like moduck-kwong you,
I smoke-smoke the mic-mic,
I Chech and Chong you,
you don't like Shaq, frankly I don't give a damn,
I know I got skills man, I know I got skills man,

Verse 2 (Def Jef):

suprise, look who's back,
not a prize from a ** jack,
look at that, it's Def Jef with the Shaq Attack,
flexin', I'll be crackin your back with the boom-boom-bap,
pass the mic over here, you ain't gon' want it back,
everybody said I got fat, yep, but so did my wallet,
still ripping rhymes and dropping bombs like Ali, Mohammed
do yourself a solid, don't flex, you go **,
you know the time, get the hard hat, the rolex,
the way I see, if I was wack like you I'd be at me,
the way I hold it down, you'd swear my name was Gravity,
Def Jef with the funk, Def Jef don't front, you know how the name is spelt,
I'm making it vital, my title, fool, break yourself,
attack the track like Shaq on a w** broad,
coming up with the hits, and I'm coming down with the backboard,
don't fake the funk, just make the sound's up from the trunk,
the reason your tape didn't hit the deck is because your hits don't bump,
so get back, ain't no hassle, cause you ain't holding nuthin,
keep sticking around, you get beat down like you stole something,
sleep on me and the Shaq and ??? your own???,
cause I know I got skills man, I know I got skills man,

Verse 3:

[Def Jef]
ah yeah, yall don't know nothing about this,
the Shaq man's in the arsenal,
what's up like that,
Double XL in the nine-ohs kid,
skills to make mills,
big up, Flava Unit, Funky Town, ya ??? large,
so check this out Shaq man, we gon' let this beat play right here, let all
the brothers and sister know.....

nah, nah, let me continue
I'm a be like D-Rock and see what's next on the menu,
mic-checka, the rim and rhyme wrecka,
rocks from here to Mecca,
boom s**-a-lak-a-lak-a,
I got a hand that'll rock ya cradle,
cream you like cheese, spread you on my bagle,
my Ford Explorer boomin' with the clumped-up funk,
all you jealous punks can't stop my dunks,
they're brand new like Heavy,
built like Chevy, Impala,
but Shaq's a smooth balla,
(yeah, but what about rhymin?)
I can hold my own,
knick-knack shaq-attack, give a dog a bone,
rhymin is like hoopin', I'm already a legend,
back in the days in the Fush-camp section,
used to kick rhymes like baby, baby, baby,
every once, every twice, three times a lady,
is what I listend to, riding with my moms,
how you like me now? I drop bombs,
when you see me, please tap my hands,
I know I got skills man, I know I got skills man

Outro (Shaq):
I'd like to give a shout-out to my boy Uzi, Def Jef, Little Swany, Meech,
Ron Mac, and my other cousin Ron,
this is another rough shot from the arsenal,
and you know what. booty rappers, stay booty,
ha-ha-ha, and we out,

ahhh ha ha ha ha,
ahhhhh ha ha ha ha,

KRS One (Sublime)

In school they never taught 'bout hamburgers or steak
Elijah Mohammed or the welfare state.
But I know.
And I know because of KRS ONE.
Yeah and I know
And I know because of KRS ONE.
Because he's droppin' droppin' droppin' science droppin history
With a whole leap of style and intelligency
Yes I know.
And I know because of KRS ONE
Yeah and I know
I know

Because we don't want to pay money to hear the same old sounds.
Watch him, he'll take hip-hop to a higher ground.
And I know
(How do I know?)
And I know because of KRS-ONE.
Yeah, and I know
And I know because

And I know
And I know because of KRS-ONE.
And I know
And I know

Constantinople (Al Stewart)

Across the western world
The fights are going down
The gypsy armies of the evening
Have lit their fires across
The nether side of town
They will not pass this way again
So here in the night
Leave your home it's time for running
Out of the light

I see the hosts of Mohammed coming
The Holy Sister bars her doors against the East
Her house has stood too long divided
The uninvited guests are breaking up the feast
She may not bid them leave again
So here in the night
Leave your home it's time for running
Out of the light

I see the hosts of Mohammed coming
I dreamed I stood like this before
And I'm sure the words that I heard then
Were much the same
It's just an old Greek tragedy they're acting here
Held over by po**r acclaim
So here in the night
Leave your home it's time for running
Out of the light
I see the hosts of Mohammed coming

D'rugs 2 (Cam'ron)

I'm back on the street wit' heat, oh glorious hood
Only two months in, Damn my lawyers good
Ten bricks and a body that's lickin rich
Tell the DA, fly **in' witnesses
Sittin' in the cell, I could just vomit
That's word to Elaja Mohammed, became wiser the prophet
Gods not I, I time my guy, I don't hate to see the boys
(Why)cuz the tapes can be destroyed
They on the beat walkin, in my socks searchin me
It's not hurtin me, most cops work for me
Yo where Qweed, what up ma huh what
where D at, damn yo we need that
Yo yo, my earnin' in question, I'm burnin' and sweatin'
You knowin' jail turn me depressant, I ain't learnin my lesson
You just a dumb spouse, I ain't gone run him out
I know where to find D rugs over Un's house

Get the ** off me, I'm goin to Un house
Get the ** off me

Verse 2:
Yo, I knocked on the door, yo yo how it's lookin Un
You seen d rugs, yeah I was cookin him
I ran to the kitchen, Oh my God damn look at him
What's the problem with him Un, yo he lookin slim
What you ain't feed him right, what's wrong he ain't eatin right
You **in wit' him that's why you sneezin' right
What you mean duke, wit' d rugs ya**will get a mean tooth
You lookin like a fiend to
But he made me cheddar, I'll take him to the death wit' me
He felt the same, so the nigga left wit me
Now we back, and dealin' in hoods
Reunited and it feel so good
Fiends comin thru in fleeces and sweaters,
Increasin my cheddar Happy just to see us together
Now we round up new click, competition too sick
D rugs left blue six, woooo shit

Verse 3:
It's like I'm born to rock on the block, still clockin
Me and D rugs hug but they still watchin, Lil hot chick
She said man keep them mills poppin,
The only way to keep you in they got to kill Cochran
But he mixed business and pleasure he get to me
And I'm a Geto Boy my mind playin tricks on me
Optional, ay yo he still ** wit ya moms
Naw man that's impossible, Yo I heard she left the hospital
So I stepped to 'em both, needless to lie
My mother told me naw Cam chill he was prescribed
She got to take him twice a day to keep her alive
And I'm sittin' here shocked yo, rain don't stop yo
What's that the lots yo, who that the cops yo
Female Tahoe, connect wit the Brosco
** a hard case, I'm from a mob race
Why does this **in' feel like the end of Scarface
I'mma sucha sober, flip d rugs up to smell the odor
Told him, he **ed us over
Then popped girl, to my mother, told her I love her
Plugged her, now only God can judge her
Now after this tragedy, d rugs laughed at me
He was here way before, and he'll be here after me
Now here come the cops and the whole **in' calvary
Snorted d rugs and had them niggaz blast at me

You can't kill me, I'm a **in killa you can't kill me

Union (Black Eyed Peas)

(One for all, one for all)
(It's all it's all for one)
Let's start a union, calling every human
It's one for all and all for one
Let's live in unison, calling every citizen
It's one for all and all for one

We don't want war- can't take no more
It's drastic time for sure
We need a antidant and a cure
Coz do you really think Mohammed got a problem with Jehovah
We don't want war – imagine if any prophet was alive
In current days amongst you and I
You think they'd view life like you and I do
Or would they sit and contemplate on why
Do we live this way, act and behave this way
We still live in primitive today
Coz the peace in the destination of war can't be the way
There's no way, so people just be 'em wanna be a man
Realise that you can't change the world by changing yourself
And understand that we're all just the same
So when I count to three let's change


Got no time for grand philosophy
I barely keep my head above the tide
I got this mortgage, got three kids at school
What you're saying is the truth, but really troubles me inside
I'd change the world if I could change my mind
If I could live beyond my fears
Exchanging unity for all my insecurity
Exchanging laughter for my tears


I don't know, y'all, we in a real deposition
In the midst of all this negative condition
Divided by beliefs, different sink and religion
Why do we keep missing the point in our mission?
Why do we keep killing each other, what's the reason?
God made us all equal in his vision
I wish that I could make music as a religion
Then we could harmonise together in this mission
Listen, I know it's really hard to make changes
But two of us could help rearrange this curse
Utilising all the power in our voices
Together we will unite and make the right choice
And fight for education, save the next generation
Come together as one
I don't understand why it's never been done
So let's change on the count of one

It takes one, just one
And then one follows the other one
And then another follows the other one
Next thing you know you got a billion
People doing some wonderful things
People doing some powerful things
Let's change and do some powerful things
Unity could be a wonderful thing


The Pressure (A Tribe Called Quest)



In this American metropolis filled with MC's
A Tribe Called Quest came to drop jewels wit' ease
Plus make you party, we do this music thing for everybody
Black, White, Latino and Asian, we cold raisin'
The stakes of hip-hop to a new plateau
To bridge gaps in generations for future plantations
A god-fearin' folk cos we all from the yolk
Of one breed, one seed, to good goals we proceed
Nowadays I strive to be a very good influence
Even though not too long ago I was a truant
Now I'm droppin' it on this and many broad topics
From man's obsession with money to holy prophets
Like Mohammed, yo, you know the scene is so freaky
Enemies they denounce me and my own try to sweep me
Now I got hip-hop acts posin' like fat cats
Lex and a Rolex, Moet and a top hat
But what about your contract, slick? Is you proper?
It's time we turned the tables of this hip-hop fable
I be strivin yo', tryna bang these joints out my skillet
And fulfil it, think about these kids, we can't kill it


Now every dog has his day, but eff that, it's my year
All you gat pullin' MC's could never come near
All that bogus type chatter, please put it to rest
It's the Phifer from Quest leavin' venues a mess
So I even start to (Rap) when you know you have no (Haps)
Wit' your simpleton (Lyrics), your light-hearted (Act)
Step back, me no have no time for dat
I'm blowin' up the spot for all you ras clot idi-ots
In a world where you have like a zillion MC's
Ninety percent of all you suckers have filthy LPs
Bitch this, trick that, come on, act like you know
I be that up north MC who never chose to play the down-low
(His name is Phife Dawg) I label myself as The Boss (True dat)
Same height as Little Vicious, yet I'm shorter than Kriss Kross
Queens representation, son, you know how we do
While Light' and Sha, they represent BK to the fullest
I be the sidekick to The Abstract, so get ready for combat
Yo, what about about them biters? Errr! Me not like that
My motto is to wreck shop, I do it on the non-stop
Come on party people, you must give me my props
Cos y'all know good and damn well that the style has been mastered
So head for the border you peasy-haired bastards
Before I start to put it on ya, come on now, must I warn ya?
Queens is in the house so all MC's go hold their corner


We feelin' pressures in here
You know we feelin' pressures
Feelin' pressures in here
You know we feelin' pressures
We gotta stand clear
Jus' gotta stand clear
Gotta gotta stand clear of the pressure
The what?

If I Had You (Dire Straits)

Oo-ooo if I had you, yeah the things that I could do
Honey, if I had you

Now I could sing like an angel, fly just like a bird
Sing you the best love song you ever heard.
I could be a poet like Mohammed Ali,
Float like a butterfly, sting just like a, just like a bee.

Mmm, ooo, if I had you, ahhh the things that I could do
If I had you.

Now I'd go get your name tattooed on my chest,
Well it'd just say 'my baby, my baby, she's the best.'
I could be your Superman, you could be my Lois Lane
I could be a Tarzan, you could be my sweet Jane - if you wanted to.

Mmm if I had you, ah the things that I could do
If I had you.

Yeah one more time...

Ooo if I had, only had you, Yeah the things that I could do,

Oh boy
Only if I had you.

So come on dance with me baby, don't let me go.
Yeah dance with me baby, don't let me go.
Baby don't let me, don't let me
Don't let me go, oh no...

The Cypher: Part 3 (Frankie Cutlass)

[Featuring Craig G Roxanne Shante BizMarkie Big Daddy Kane]
I don't care who's first or who's last
But I know that y'all better just drop this
at the dro dro drop of a dime ba baby
Crai Crai Craig G light up the mic
Craig Craig Craig Craig
Craig G light up the mic
Craig G light up the mic for The Symphony
Verse One: Craig G
Ahh Politics & Bullshit got me hectic
Let me show y'all new rappers how to do a posse record
Craig G-I, with the Frankie C
U-T-L-A-Double-S, MC's get trouble
best I flow with the the swiftness, never
However new MC's pulled the lever, my style's much better
Anyone can be a victim
Empty tracks I lick sick em
I flip em rip em and strip em of all of they pride
As I slide, in out of these states I stay great
What the G stand for, I'm slammin you and your
Whole staff, style, split an atom in half
East Coast West Coast, don't make me laugh!
The whole America feels my wrath, ahh!
It's like a terrier was on that ass, ahh, yeah!
Cause nine-six ain't about jack shit
** Versacci I'm like Rocky when I'm bustin yo' lip
Bust these metaphors for better or worse, my style burst
your grill into itty-bitty pieces as I release, my thesis
Uhh, Craig G, I believe that's me
Ninetenn-eighty-five til infinity, ahhh
Sha-sha, sha-sha, sha-sha, sha-sha
Shante! The baddest around
Verse Two: Roxanne Shante
Aiyyo, you're lost in the sauce, bitches still remain
Useless, but when I reign bitches can't sustain
the drama, word to momma bitch I leave you leakin
Roxanne Shante stay creepin
You sleepin but I stay armed, and dangerous
No matter what your name is, bitch I make you famous
A lot of bitches swear shit's sweet
But when I creep I'ma lace you from your head to your **in feet
Frankie Cutlass put me on so I'm back again
Ain't nothin changed it's still the same, ain't no smilin friend
I remember eighty-seven eighty-eight
I was the only one gettin weight from upstate
Gettin cake, Juice Crew All-Stars was my boys
Runnin round town baby makin mad noise
Backtrack turn back the page
Live on stage, wreckin niggaz at a early age
I was only fifteen thinkin big time
At the time blind all my eyes saw was goldmine
So all you fake Cristal sippin bitches
Here's a thirty-eight bitch, click it!
I didn't think so...
I be the BizMarkie
I be the BizMarkie
BizMarkie, aoooowwwwwww!
Verse Three: BizMarkie
Hey hey hey, I'm the eMmmaZah-A
I don't have a big mouth just a lot to say
So listen to my rhythm and rap display, OK
I rock the mic to the T-O-P
And every record that I make I make history
Like a-oh-oh-oh, WHASSUP ([Nobody Beats the Biz]) and, ah-one two
Is some of the things that I used to do, but
Right about now I got a different flow
I rock from New York City to Mexico
From England Australia back to Japan
They know I'm Mista Magic Cool with the mic in my hand
So, you know I got more rhymes than Mohammed Ali
That's why my name rings bells internationally
Never neglected well protected as an MC yet
I'm, super duper with the rhymes I invent
Big Daddy Kane, you know you're part of the staff
Get on the mic, get on the mic god damnit
Get on the mic on my behallllllllllllllllllllf, waaoooowowwww!!
The-the-the name Kane is superious to many people
Verse Four: Big Daddy Kane
Tell me what you see, and uhh, vectorize
When you, check your eyes, baby, recognize, it's the
Rawest chump to make the verse in the chorus pump
With rhymes skills to be retarded like Forrest Gump
Now feel the pain runnin through your chest area
Thoughts of the attack it got you fearin the
bodily abuse, that you phony niggaz makin me produce
Warfare put to use, ** all that, just turn me loose
Huh, and this is for those who don't know the half
I wanna see just how well you know your math
Now, in case a nigga wanna get out of line
Just tell me how many times does sixteen go into nine
See, a lot of you rappers like to front as if you're ruthless
But, when I'm around you make all kind of excuses
Like, I just remembered yo my niece need diapers kid
Plus I got homework bible-study all types of shit
Boo-yaka, any **in tune to ya
King Asiatic, tell me what we gonna do wit ya
One more thing, the next example one of you niggaz is bout to be it
Now close your eyes tight cause trust me you don't want to see it


Moham Kondu Njan - Shesham Kaazhchayil(1983) Lyrics - Konniyoor Bhas Music - Johnson Singer - S Janaki Direction - Balachandramenon Full Lyrics - Moham kondu...

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