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Sunday, 20 April 2014
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Listen Jab naukri milegi to kya hoga


Can't C Me (2Pac)

[Featuring George Clinton]
Intro: George Clinton
The blind stares
of a million pairs of eyes
lookin' hard but won't realize
that they will never see
the P
(You must be goin' blind)
Verse One: 2Pac
give me my money in stacks
and lace my bitches with 9 figures
real niggas fingers on nickle plated 9 triggas
Must see my enemies defeated
i'm cashin'
while they coughed up and weeded
open fire
now them niggas bleedin'
see me in flesh
and test
and get your chest blown
straight out tha west, don't get blown
my adversaries cry like ho's
open and shut like doors
is you a friend or foe ?
nigga you ain't know ?
they got me stressed out on Death Row
i've seen money
but baby I got to gets mo'
you scream and go
and I ain't stopin'
till i'm well paid
bails paid
now nigga, look what hell made
visions of cops and sirens
niggas open fire
buncha Thug Life niggas on tha rise
until I die
ask me why i'm a Boss Playa gettin' high
and when i'm rollin' by
Niggas Can't C Me
Chorus: George Clinton
The stares of a million pairs of eyes
and you'll never realize
You can't C Me..
Verse Two: 2Pac
Been getten worried that these square mutha**ers with nerves
sayin they can get with us
but picture me gettin' served
My own mama say i'm thuged out
my shit be bumpin out tha record store
as if it was a drug house
my lyrics bang like a Crip or Blood
nigga what ?
It ain't nothin but a party when we thug
and there I was
a young nigga with heart
ain't had shit to loose
pullin' my pistol on them fools
you know the rules
D-R-E you got me heated
my words like a penatentary dick
hittin' bitches where it's most needed
money and weed
Alazay and Hennesse
To my Thug niggas in lock down
witness me
bail on these ho's in floss mode
tha life of a Boss Playa
** what ya thought tho'
my enemies deceased
die like a bitch
when my album hit tha streetz
Niggas Can't C Me
Niggas Can't C Me
Chorus: George Clinton
Which way did he go George
Which way did he go
Which way did he go
Which way did he go
Verse Three: 2Pac
You niggas made a mistake
you shoulda never put my rhymes with Dre
them Thug niggas have arrived and it's Judgement Day
Hey Homie if ya feel me
Tell them tricks that shot me
that they missed
they ain't killed me
I can make a mutha**er shake
rattle and roll
i'm full of liquor
thug nigga
quick to jab at them ho's
and I can make ya jelous niggas famous
** around with 2Pac and see how good a niggas aim is
i'm just a rich mutha**er from tha way
If this rappin' bring me money
then i'm rappin' till i'm paid
i'm getten green like i'm supposed to
Nigga, I holla at these ho's
and see how many I can go through
Look to the star
and visualize my debut
niggas know me, playa
I gotta stay true
don't be a dumb mutha**er
because it's crazy after dark
where the true Thug niggas see ya heart
Niggas Can't C Me....
Outro: 2Pac, George Clinton
(Yo, check this out, stay off his dick)
Niggas Can't C Me
(Right before your eyes, i'll disappear from here) You niggas Can't C
Me, hahah
(You Can't C Me) I know it's hard nigga, i'm all up in your face
But you still Can't C Me
(You Can't C Me) All up in your range, but niggas Can't C Me
(20/20 vision won't visualize) I'm in tha flesh baby, but you Can't C
(All tho' glasses won't help you realize) You blinded
You blinded
You Can't C Me
(You Can't C Me)
Thug Life baby
Don't believe everything you read
Alazay and weed (You Can't C Me)
(Right before your very eyes, You won't even visualize)
(You Can't C Me)
Dr. Dre all day, 2Pac
Niggas can't C Me, hahaha
I dedicate this, to you PUNK Mutha**ers hahaha
this ones for you big baby hahah
cause you bitch**niggas Can't C Me
Niggas Can't C Me
(You Can't C Me)
(See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil)
(You won't C Me)
(First C Me, Now ya don't)
(Wanna C Me, but ya won't)
(Come to C Me, but ya Can't)
(ooohhh, You Can't C Me)
(You Can't C Me)
(Right between your eyes, you'll never realize)
(Right before your eyes, you won't even realize)
(Visualize what you Can't C)

Duur (Strings)

Duuuur Duuuuuuuur
Duuuur Duuuuuuuur
Duur se koi aaye
Kaheen chupke se woh dil me
samaa jaaye
Duuuur Duuuuuuuur
Duuuur Duuuuuuuur
Duur se koi aaye
Kaheen chupke se woh dil me
samaa jaaye
Duuuur Duuuuuuuur
Duuuur Duuuuuuuur

Dekhein Mujhe Jab Woh Aankhein
Me Kho Jaaoon
In aankhon ke raste
Me us ke dil me samaaon
Kuch keh naa paaon use me
Kuch sun naa paaon
Us ke bina mera jeevan
Jaise koi soona gaaon
Duuuur Duuuuuuuur (With Rhythm 1 in back)
Duuuur Duuuuuuuur (With Rhythm 1 in back)
Suraj ki kirno se bantaa hai
chehra tumhara
Ik yehi chehra
hai mera jeevan sahaara
aakhein teri meri nadiyaan
palkein kinara
laakhon dekhon me akela
hai mera yeh dil bechara
Duuuur Duuuuuuuur (With Rhythm 1 in back)
Duuuur Duuuuuuuur (With Rhythm 1 in back)
Duur se koi aaye
Kaheen chupke se woh dil me
samaa jaaye
Duuuur Duuuuuuuur (With Rhythm 1 in back)
Duuuur Duuuuuuuur (With Rhythm 1 in back)
Duuuur Duuuuuuuur (With Rhythm 1 in back)
Duuuur Duuuuuuuur (With Rhythm 1 in back)

Bent (Saafir The Saucee Nomad)

I've been down this corridor
Before you enter you have to bring
Back the creator of winter damn
Too late I'm spoiled I need the napalm
I got it I shot it in my left sector
Blew up the timing device on the reactor.
Time shifted I had to remold the floor
The foundation for creation mate's blend
The pleasure dome into another roam
A walk stalked nightly by the ogre
That's rarely sober. But there's no tracin
I see the place in the flow. I'm beyond dawn,
No I'm not in the lawn under pawns -
Don't rest, never possessed stagnate magnets.
I never pulled slits lips wit no braille skilled eyes -
Balls through eyesockets. I'm currently current
Currents of electricity; They can't get wit me
Invisible to the retina half - way reality part limbo.
A nervous laugh while ya climbin through windows,
Never spin ho's on merry-go-rounds,
Be the ground level for ghouls, schools of fish,
Victims on a hit list me like Geronimo on a pratt -
Tackle patt tacklin patterns addin in seasonings, flavor.
No false teeth for beef, catapulting fingers to light
Switches so you can see the real, I feel the tension
My sight twitches - I'm bent.

Second Scene: I'm the star in a step show
Around corners, the coroner's office;
Where my rep grows. I'm on some sort of drug
Like the President, it's evident that I'm noid,
A little bit of pizza - the riddle gets deeper.
I'm lookin for outs n ins, stolen isotonas,
The gloves, the bout begins three jabs on a transport
It's a sport for me to take another life on landing,
Branding wit a prattle prod designed by God.
It's my job to resign frauds,
The odd is against you got a degree in me,
So I know that I flow, credentials are essential -
It's blasphemy the type of shit they be askin me.
I don't feel the vibe, abstract art the veal
Doesn't heal this deprived stomach from a plummet.
Swinging on a duet with the bullet.
I never pull out for suspense - I'm on a bent mission.

Jack Cousteau couldn't take it no deeper -
I'm a resident in Davey Jones micro-locker
Holds the phone, foamin at the mouth:
Mad Dog, a taste, never had hog I'm droppin
The scrooge, makin fools hit the log - axe it.
I seen it beneath where the cowards hope
Trembled sleeper see if you can find the lost
Treasure through measures in bars - I'm bent.

Feel The Vibe (Frankie Cutlass)

[Featuring Rampage Doo Wop And Heltah Skeltah]
** all you niggas makin' minimal wages
Yo I'm proud and on the street like my name was Larry Davis
The brown skinned brother with the shelltoe flavas
People talkin shit it's yo' next door neighbours
About me n' KRS
Who rocks the best
Niggas wanna picket sign and protest
From Hempstead to Westbury
I'm 3 platinum LPs
Take off them Stobalees
Now who's the truckas
Boy Scout and Frankie Cutlass
Flipmode is da squad we brings da ruckus
** all you crab mutha**as
Yo I'm criminal minded
Boy Scout been let out the cage
I'm on the loose
I'm in the Flatbush town
It's goin down
I still got my tre and my 4 pound
Warriors come out and play
I'm in the Bronco with O.J.
I'm comin' back around your way
Yo watch me sweep the nation if you black or caucausian
I'm nice with mine
Leavin the microphone blazin
From here to the projects
I'm droppin brothas all over the land
Like Tokyo did Japan
Let me take a stand
I'm the million dollar man
Ay yo, shit hits the fan
Doo Wop:
Ay yo, live from New York where niggas shoot to kill
Cutlass, bring da ruckus and ya looses ill
Keep it goin' by, I keep flowin' the same
And get open like the pussy on mystic rain
Showin no shame cuz my name maintain
The cocaine weight rawest nigga on tape
CDs we bump by the key
Plus the LP
Is guaranteed lactose free
Ay yo we got the yajo
Frankie, Beverley and Maze
Will leave the crowd in a daze before we let go
Wop rock the Echo
Unlimited gear with the Fubu
Catch me politickin' with Premier and The GURU
I be stickin' chicken like the colonel, Nocturnal
CD number 6 in my whip
Bounce is the squad that'll Flip
You niggas talk shit then abandon ship
All that lip but you can't back it
Fagot niggas get they wig splattered
Battered, rappers
Livin' in the shelter
When they felt the
Wrath of Doo Wop, Rampage and Heltah Skeltah
Chorus: Rock
Ay Yo who them headz keep the party live?
Ruck, Rock, Ramp, Doo Wop Feel the Vibe
Frankie Cutlass
Y'all can't touch this, we live
We keep the party live
C'mon Feel the Vibe
(repeat 2X)
Hey Ho (Voice Cracks)
Here we go, better yet, here we come
Tawl Sean and Jab the bum
Call him Bummy Jedab
Smash dat his**quick fast
1/45th blast
And make one drop and 10 more get whiplash
I be the T-A-W-L
Bringin' the trouble to
Couples who rap off track
Ya wack so I'm rubbin' you
Off the map with my gat black so I'm snubbin' you
Dubbin' you
The wackest nigga on the universe
You be the first to witness lyrical techniques I disperse
(Rock)Until the day we die
(both)Heltah Skeltah let the brainz burst
We cooool
But not that cool like September
Spring to Winter
I be turnin y'all Battlecats to Kringer
Contenders, he bend ya, then send ya to the
R-U-C-K-U-S when blessed off of buddah
I troop the terain maintain my composure
I fold ya, holdin' my sose then screamin' Eshkoshkah
So um
Raise yo hand if you sure Rock'll smell ya
And if ya ready for the war scream Heltah Skeltah
(Ruck)Heltah Skeltah
Ruck n' Rock flip till we got it locked
If not, we make it hotter than the glocks in lye spots bitch

Deadly Venomz (Tupac Shakur Featuring Treach, Apache & Live Squad)

[Yeah hehehahaha, we goin platinum nigga! Plaahahatinum.]

Yeah, you got the Live Squad in this mother**er
We got my nigga Treach from Naughty by Nature in this mother**er
My nigga Apache up in this mother**er

Verse One: Tupac

My Mossberg goes boom, gimme room, can I catch it
Talkin quick and then I vic just tryin to keep from gettin blasted
I had enough I put a hit upon them bastards
Boo-yaa! Turned a snitch into a casket
Now they after me, prowling for a niggaz bucks
Time to see, who's the G, with the bigger nuts
Buck buck, big up and livin reckless
Niggaz with a death wish step in with a Tec and I'll wet this
Yeah this shit is hyper
Two to one I'm writing representing and I'm striking like a viper
Huh, I got my mind made up, I got my nine
Ring the alarm, and strong arm must run
Some niggaz need to feel me with a passion
I'm old fashioned, run up on me nigga and get blasted
With five deadly venomz

(Yeah 'Pac, ** that, still hittin em up with
that old deadly shit. Aiyyo Treach where you at?
Step up and hit they**up with the wickedness.)

Verse Two: Treach

We come to hit you with a sock full of Brooklyn
to the Onyx of your nose, punk is funky like skunk blunts
Stunk like funk cunt
I come to take you on a war rough and rugged route
And if another doubts I blow your **in mother out
And that's the street scarred style
I shout I'm-de-MC-wit-de-nasty-mouf, and kick the bitch out
Sue me? I pay the lawyer for ya oh boy yeah
Plus my style's ten to twenty **in pounds more
I take you quicker than a picture of a punk ya pickin shit
pickin pockets with a razor stoppin Russian rockets
Not shoplift, I'm liftin shop
Once you sound hot, cause if you ain't a perfect ten
my sign is stop!
It's twenty mother-crooked-**in styles in em
Like women I did em I'm in for deadly ready venom

Verse Three: Live Squad

Yeah, as I take a puff I get rough, Big Mad
To put it on, can't none come tougher see
I'm down with the sound of the Squad hard, boom!
Breakin em down, I make em see their doom
Coming straight from the dome where I roam it's a job to
rob and steal and runnin from the coppers
Who hold a, boulder, turn the gun controller
Started from a punk now to be a high roller
Youngest, reckless, crazy, disaster
Mac-11 blaster, and I run faster
Than a lot of cops I can't be stopped till my head gets popped
A lot of **in bodies will drop
It's a disaster, I'm coming for the blood splatter
I make you scatter, leavin trails of brains and bladders
Blowin em out the frame with no shame
Game tight, drop a body then get out of sight
Count my loot after I shoot, leave my kicks up and it's
something I don't wanna do, somethin that I never did
I try to get him, I think I hit em, I lit him
He's out! A poison, a deadly venom

(Yeah Mad, ** that! You know how we do.
Know what I'm sayin? Squad in effect, YG'z in effect.
Now you know a nigga like me gotta represent)

Verse Four: Live Squad

Once again, back to rip shit, quick on the flip tip
The psycho, represent the real to take the mic flow
Deadly, rock a head G, check the melody
Niggaz can't touch me when I wreckin G you better flee
Cause I'm gifted with a jab and a forty-four Mag
So nigga flip or take a trip in a body bag
Uhh, boom you slipped up, now you're zipped up
Yeah one more statistic, fronted and got ripped up
No joke, you be yolk, no matter how it sound
We're taking over eight niggaz back to the stomping grounds
Line em up single file, dome runnin in em
A nigga hit em with the venom, the fourth deadly venom

(Nigga, yaknowhatI'msayin? ** that!
I told you, we takin over, yo 'Pac.)

Verse Five: 2Pac

Five deadly venomz verse five be the livest
Strugglin and strive, keep a nine in my waistline
Take mine, you better bury me, G
Punk**niggaz don't even worry me, see
I got a glock that say 'Pac run the block
** the cops cause my gauge gets me... PAID
As I sit and reminesce about the old days
Hugging on my AK, ** getting played, hey
I say niggaz need to get they mind right
Until they do I pop a clip and grip my nine tight
Now it's on everday could be my last day
That's why I blast on they**as I past let the glass spray
First you had a mouth full of fronts
Now you're mouth's full of chunks, Pac's out puffin blunts
Deadly venomz

(Hahaha, yeah pass that shit over here.
Apache bout to clean shit up.)

Verse Six: Apache

Throw up your middle finger! Start the track for the maniac
Only thing I'm givin out is black donuts and dirty backs
Let me tell how you rough I get
I pop shit behind your back get in your face and pop the same shit
You can't get in because my gate's bigger I'ma snake nigga
My act guards me so hard I pull the **in trigger
I'm a section to clinch your porch is like a pinch
Test a rhyme I'll knock your hairline back an inch
**in up pooh-butts, cut em like cold cuts
Choke em with my boot lace, then leave em hangin like old nuts
Clip up and move out, time to get em

T.Y.S.O.N. (Breeze)

Take a look in the future, I'd ask who'd ya
Heard beat me - wrong, somebody fooled ya
They never riff or cause me to panic
Or make me resort to my old time antics
Refuse to lose, I'm always winnin, see, I'll
Never duck you in a battle of freestyle
So hit the highway and just truck on
Sucker duck, you're stuck on, now get the ** on
Beat, you can't be under, so low, I'm a solo
S-o-l-o, you gotta show and prove on the strength
Cause ain't nobody hittin like Tyson, I'm goin the length
I'm The Young Son Of No One in rap
Like the man I mentioned two lines back
Never duck or weave, just believe I never run
Cause I been crowned The Young Son Of No One

(I'm not only a fighter, I'm a poet, I'm a prophet
I'm the resurrector, I'm the savior of the boxing world
If it wasn't for me the game would be dead)
(- Let me see you close your mouth and just keep it closed
- Well you know that's impossible
- No, no, no, no...)

Stop keepin me back, suckers are steadily chasin me
Controls my goal and soul is how I'm livin, see
My step is kept, so let me rule the industry
The top of hip-hop where rap is takin me
Promotional hype, yeah, that's why I wrote this
You claim I owe you this, so then promote this
Cut the sation, my talent you're wastin
Front on this, man, you must be basin
Tyson hits hard, the kid is hittin harder
I'm good at what I do, Pooh's my sparring partner
Throwin cuts, stabs, hooks, jabs, bolos
It's not many, if any, who can throw those
Tyson is a adjective to describe the kid
Admit it you can do or done what I did
My gameplan is printed, it ended in round one
Yo yo, another KO for The Young Son Of No One

(I'm young
I'm handsome
I'm fast
I'm pretty
and can't possibly be beaten)
(And can't possibly be beaten)
(It is true that I do a lot of talk
and everything I say I mean to back it up)

T-Y-S-O-N, let the lesson begin
Killin at will and can still get fresher when
The beat is kinda hype in sweat I'm soakin in
No jokin, D, start chokin em
Every fight is a fluke, that's how I'm takin em
You might damage a dome but I'm breakin em
Just like Tyson performance is flawless
Goin the round, beatin you down, clown
The Young Son Of No One means that I'm the son of none
The fight is over before I even throw one
My attitude is rude so listen to every word up
Lose to another dude, that's undheard of
Don't call me a psycho cause I didn't bite no
Beats are not weak cause they're kinda like hype, yo
I'm back on the rise, are you surprised?
I know you thought I'd run
From now on, call me The Young Son Of No One

(What percentage of the fans you feel will be coming)
(What percentage of the fans you feel will be coming)
(- What percentage of the fans you feel will be coming to see him
and what percentage do you feel will be coming to see you?
- Well 100% will be coming to see me
but 99% will come to see me get beaten
- Do you really feel that way?
- Because they think I talk too much)
(Because they think I talk too much)
(Because they think I talk too much)
(Because they think I talk too much)
(Because they think I talk too much)
(- I got these)
- And they represent...
- These represent dynamite
- There ya go)

(An unheard of thing)

(- He's young
He's handsome
- They know it!
- He's a poet, a prophet
and many people believe he'll be the next heavyweight champion of the world)
(And many people believe he'll be the next heavyweight champion of the world)
(Because they think I talk too much)
(Because they think I talk too much)
(Because they think I talk too much)
(Because they think I talk)
(Because they think I talk)
(Because they think I talk too much)

Kong Hydnes Haug (Windir)

Yst i ran mektige Norafjorn, frao gudn Nor si ti.
Yst i Lomeldi,
heimsta Slind vart 'a pao Hydneshaugen i ran sista helfti ao ra fjera aorhondra lakt ain haug f?r ain windir.
Ai mannalaonge kjista ao stain so alder breste.
I kjistao ve hass h?gre sia ait laongsverd laog, ai spenna ao br?ns kappao hass hildt,
Ve fotendn to lairka me bisk.
Utaf? kjistao ve venstre gavlvaiggj, to spjut laog klar, h?ve vendt mot vest.
Alt ti feri...
Men i f?rra aorhondra ottao b?rja, uvitande menn me hoga f? jor,
r?dde vekk fjortan aorhondra sjilefri i trihondra b?re me stain.
Uvitande dai va om ottao, gudadn sitt raseri skapte.
Dan ivigvarande ottao so framleis herska haimst i Slind dan dag i dag.
Dar e ai bysle stemning, ait m?rke follt ao kjainsle,
guda so kan ta frao reg da ain traingje meste, ait sinnelag.
Framleis ha maonge otta f?r ? ferdast m?dlo Saoknardalr ? Laikvangir itte kvelda fitabil.
Kong Hydnes haug...

Ill Street Blues (Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo)

Aw yeah word up word to mother. Here comes G. Rap with another one y'all.
We going to swing it like this...

I'm right in front of my front steps thinking of a plan
Looking like Raggedy Ann no dough in hand kicking a can
Thinking of a plot to pull some bank in
Because I'm dead and stinking
Soles on my shoes winking t shirt is shrinking
Soon I see some ties and my eyes open wide quick
Who's that with you, chick? Bill Blass my sidekick
What's up, black? Give his hand a smack
Up pulls a Cadillac, yo baby we'll be back
Jumped right on inside, not too many people saw us
Thinking about who gotta get robbed because the mob got a job for us
The drove us down to the sober section
Of town where the clowns don't be paying for protection
The want us to send a message to Jimmy the bartender
Lend a friend the money next you're ripping off his car fenders
He's coming up short cause he snorts
Coke, dope, nope, and hope he don't get caught
He owes some Benjamin Franklins, every last bit of em
But Jimmy's pockets are empty, so now we gotta get rid of him
But Jimmy's wife is with him and they don't want to involve her
Hopped out the back seat they gave me a revolver
Blass, you distract him while I go and w** him
Entered through the back side of the bar and then attacked him
He's screaming for his life, reaching for his wife
Shot him in the back of the head and shanked him with a knife
And that goes for anybody who's gotta pay they dues
You lose, cause I got the Ill Street Blues

You lose, cause I got the Ill Street Blues (repeat 4x)

Suckers I clobber, because my town is full of cops and robbers
You're not promised tomorrow in this Little Shop of Horrors
So I got to get with the business of hit quick
Moneygrip's pocket's looking thick so I stick Slick
Hold it right here, hands in the air, I know you got the loot
Or better yet, face down on the ground, empty your pockets troop
Hit the deck I got the Tech right on your neck
And I expect to make a buck to heck with a traveller's check
But if a vic' tries to choke me
I'll have to smoke him like I'm Smokey the Bear, so okie dokie
Goodbye, or bon voyage, have a good journey
Don't even try begging for your life, that don't concern me
So to the next weasel that freezes
Your begging and your pleases only getting your closer to meeting Jesus
Yeah, I shake a schmuck just to make a buck
Then I break a duck and if the duck gotta get bucked then I don't give a **
Hyper as a sniper piping niggas like a plumber
Cold vicking and sticking up the ones that run the numbers
Or even a bigger score, the lady in the liquor store
Go inside and kick in the door, pull her then I'm stickin her for
Money or your life, honey hurry and choose
You lose, because I got the Ill Street Blues


Extra extra read all about it in the papers
The boss tried to **us, so we tossed him off the skyscraper
Because he pulled some other people to try and hit us
Get us, but none of them did us, he must be trying to kid us
But that's dead, I'll thank God in the red, 'cross the bread borders
So nobody can short us, he fled down to headquarters
Ready to put some work in, we're not a lazy crew, we'll do a job or two
But yo, the man can't even stick me with some Crazy Glue
Ready to tore him even more because she saw him
We took out all the lookouts in the front and kicked his door in
What's up snake, why'd you violate?
Because I'm a hossa (What's that?)
Yo, that's a pig that don't fly straight
Getting ready to jab him, I grabbed him by the necktie
Homie tried to get fly, and swing I gave him a decked eye
You know the evil that men do, hell is where the men go
We snatched him by his hands and feet and threw him out the window
Up, up, and away cause I don't play, clown
Buck, buck, buck, take that with you on the way down
I'm hoping you got springs and wings on your shoes
But you lose, because I got the Ill Street Blues


Holocaust (Silkworm) (RZA)

featuring Dr. Doom Ghostface Killah Holocaust Ms. Roxy

[Holocaust (Ms. Roxy)]
(Bobby Digital) Wu Tang Killer Bees
(Its all about Bobby I'm floatin in your galaxy)

You fallin down a endless tunnel of doom reality
Grahically my killer bee family stings the galaxy
Insanity titanium stomach devourin guiness
My flesh is solid stone despite my outer appearance
Still deceases kill viruses, planets and racial creatures
Made MC's sprout tumors so bad, lost facial features
Waste your peoples, left out in the rain, fountains of pain
Eighty shots to the mouth and the brain, shoutin my name
Holocaust, black man, lose vains, littered with thorns
Back-smack you so hard, all your seeds will be formed deformed
Swarm dorms, sting birds, fling verbs like mean curbs
Strike three, mics flee, I infect em with green germs, ringworm
Cuz I'm filthy and guilty, dastardly, mastery
My felony melody has to be a bastards masterpiece
Stop graftin me, chump-ass niggaz eyein me, temp me
I'll break it simply, I'm horrifyingly empty
Spittin darts on the tip of a glacier used for my hide-out
Rock crush or german suplex, watch spines slide out the side route
Forearm bash with twenty jabs on the ave. or your lab, get stabbed in bloody
While, I'm sippin herbal teas, verbal bees plant fertile seeds
Bitches leave with broke backs, swollen palms and purple knees
Circle thieves like vultures in deserts rest on a cactus
Got oscar nominee MC's stuck to my hatchet
Drastic, indescribable pain, I injure bars
While, Bobby's throwin razor CD's like ninja stars


Yo, yo, yo, dropped down a man-hole, yo, I rap ammo
Blows out your candle, check, yo
Dropped down a man-hole, I rap ammo
Blows out your candle, have Wu-Tang tagged up on your tombstone by Jandel
Release the info, 4-4 increase your heart tempo
Scared your ass, you jumped through a closed window
To a hundred beats per a second, my mic's secret weapon
Infertiate your style to that of Led Zeplin
Encyclopedia Brittanica, Hanna Barbera, world of superest incher
Couldn't give a proper word on the scripture of my manner
You're just a flicker to my inferno, we burn for eternal
MC's delight - popcorn, we poppin every curnel
Jot us in your journal, we hot like a thermal
nuclear explosion, under my control of your country
My technique, he vocabulary freak
Recite for state, my divine is like Dante's Peak
At most, you'll be trapped off in PatMoss
Get smacked in the back of your neck with the black toast
King Cobra, back blew back and bare foot
On the roof dusted out, waitin for carriers
Poppin like Orville Redd'n Bocker or Betty Crocker
The pop secret is the fourty-five glock popper
Control men like rats thats controlled by Ben or Willis
American Express privelages, blood spillage
We got more balls then village
Star-spangled banner, soldier stand up
Cobra commander, stop the propaganda
Thirty shot banana clip, full-loaded, radar scanners get decoded
Digital warfare torments your head, eye's bloated
Nexus floated, poison darts quoted
American eagle stingin up blue Beetle Bailey
on the wine mixed with Hennessey daily
Keep thee scaly, Israeli niggaz from the clan
We bide the omish that'll harness the promised land

[Dr. Doom]
Yo, yo, yo, you can't escape from the Dr. of Doom
My lyrics bloom on bafoons and take flight like witches brooms
That full moon on all you dumb-dumbs
Watch your filthy rise away like soap scum
The war-lord swingin flamin swords just like a shogun
of the darkness, my scriptures cause arches like flamin archmen
My killer bee sting remains accurate like a marksman
So, tape with caution, we attack like black martians
Corner of the market, by usin digital strategies
Reefer sparks my acid battery, yall niggaz flatter me
With all that tough talk, I drop bombs like Mookie Blaylock
>From the outside or the inside, create intense rides
When my pen glides all MC's will get they heads flied
For talkin shit, lyrics always strike throughout my dungeon pit
Killer bees must reign supreme throughout the continent
We conquered it, mother **ers

[Ghostface Killah]
Eh yo, the beat terminal, exquisite young coolie high production
Caught up in the hollow-head suction
Ten pogo sticks, two black-belts that break bricks
Diet coke meetin's with the rich
I'm faithfully married to rap
We've been engaged for twelve years
Tyson bite Holyfield ear
We love the sport, look out your window
Now see, pull up to say, yall be amazed me
Tony Starks, spaceship, ran by a daughter's cellar
Only man out, walked through hell
Dick swingin like shit went well
Call it the mighty Joe Young
Double-swirl slush, Wonder Woman, sapphire shit with the pearls
It looked real nice, yo, heavy on the gravy
Third, bag a secretary in the glaze, he tagged eighty words
From Whirl-winds to whirl-pools, see wise watch the earth spin
Sunny-dance with the serpent, who shot JJ and its my bone
The same nigga ridin the train, same nigga with his name on the jacket
Switch to chaseable, inhaled the bad bag of that Jason
Fell out twice in the basement
Straight up and down, yall

Undaground Rappa (Das EFX)

Yeah 1 2 1 2
Ha let you know how I do
Verse 1: Dray Skoob
Holy smokes cheerio chap I'm makin toe taps so watch the birdie
Now check it how I wreck it like a demolitian derby
wit the Books oops tutz I used to live on Bedford
but now I rocks the microphone and chill like Robert Redford
So bring it cos I can swing a kid like Reggie Jackson
I got the backs 'n' bones but now I needs some action
Aiyo you can call me Plato because my style is in there
and I'll dig in that anus, man, as if my name was 'swimwear'
See I rock a hoodie sweater, more wood than Woody Pecker
I twist it like an ankle, G, or maybe Chubby Checker
In LA I hit the chronic, I'm super like the Sonics
I jab you with the left and swing a hook without the phonics
Okey dokey, hocus pocus, I make the dopest MC call a timeout
Cos yo I rip the shit out when it's time to throw my rhyme out
I'm twisted, my flow'll make you dizzy like Gillespie
If ya test me I rip and flip ya script and then I jet-sy
Yo I be rippin it like I get busy, I gymnastics when my raps gets
I slams a punk like Jordan slams a dunk wit the basket
Ballsy, I got ya all three ???? so
** it what you heard, you need to get with what you're hearin yo
Down down down down
Make way for the undaground rappa
Down down down down
........undaground rappa
Down down down down
Make way for the undaground rappa
Down down down down
(*All I need is just a mic and a track*)
Verse 2: Dray, Skoob
Aiyo, my crew is top notch, I smell like sasquatch, that's why I rip
My crew be on the hustle plus we tighter than a zip lock
I freaks it vice-versa or maybe versa-vice-a
It really doesn't matter, kid, you're sleepin cos I'm nicer
I'm growin lime to a lemon to break inside your car
See when I be on the block I'm like that nigga Agent R
Cos when I talk, niggas listen, I rip til I drizz em
Perhaps Jack, I make you wanna clap to the rhythm
Well yo, I'm wicked, not Jimminy Cricket or Davy Crockett
Some niggas wanna rock it when they think that I'm block it
wit my grammar, cos yo I am a super flower
Ya best ta back the hell up when I swell up like a boa
constrictor, cos yo I rip tha mic in half, G
Even if I slowed up your couldn't pass me
Well hello there momma, you better be bringin the drama to a pause
like a comma or I'ma have to drop you like some drawers
So hey hey hey, you thought I was just another bat like JJ
cos I be usin a *?calender?* stupider dishin nay-nays
So what's the way I'm flippin like a double-header drinkin
I rolls two spliffs so now I guess I'm double jointed
Verse 3: Dray, Skoob
I be the devious, mischevious kid believe-me-est
Not the move to rip cos in a drip I freaks the sleaziest
Rappa-tight funk, punk I be rippin
Niggas know my name I got more game than Scottie Pippen
Yo I be kickin it to the optic, grins for-min when I'm knockin skins
on niggas who be clockin ends, oh next I guess I rock a Benz
But now I be em, niggas be like "Oh did ya see him?"
I'm creepy, I'm kooky and plus I make you scream
See I don't understand why niggas be wantin to do me
You don't arouse me kid, you're softer than that Cosby kid Rudy
Huxtable, I bust a fuse like turns on a drum pattern
That one rings around that ass, G, like Saturn


Jab naukri milegi to kya hoga starring Akshay Kumar from Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi.

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